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Dear students
From: Danny (Gast)Date: 20.11.2018 (Yesterday), 22:17
E-Mail: a.hirschleb83@web.de">da.hirschleb83@web.de
Hello together
The winter has begun. It is really icy and I hate this weather. This is my first entry in the new course. here are only men in contrast to the course on tuesday. There are only women and I. Now I will tell you what we done on Wednesday. At first I had to write a exam if I may stay here. I just passed. After that we made exercises to some and any. Than we had make quiz about geography. And our last task was to correct the sentences of a letter.
This is the end of my entry and we see us tomorrow.
I hope the weather will be better.

Kind regards

15th lesson on 7 November 2018
From: Mario (Gast)Date: 08.11.2018, 08:28
E-Mail: mario.witter@web.de
Short summary of our lesson from 7.11.2018.
Before we started to study grammar, Mark told us about his holiday in Taiwan.
Here we could learn how difficult it is when the suitcase disappears on the flight. We also found the harassment of monkeys during the bicycle tour funny. Afterwards we dealt with the homework. The focus was on the translation of words. The next step showed us that there were still gaps in our education - infinitive and past. In our exercises I would like to recall the word – false teeth.
Johann could work best yesterday when Thomas had not helped him. That was amazing and showed his efficiency.
Irregular verbs. It cannot harm us to repeat them again and again!
Homework Page 90 Numbers 1a and 1b

14th lesson on 24 October 2018
From: Thomas (Gast)Date: 24.10.2018, 19:33
We spoke a lot and worked with an old book:
Network Now A1 Starter.
We welcomed a new student. His name is EE and he comes from a nice village called SH.

Moreover we learned a lot about "something", anything" and "nothing"

Our homework: Check your email!
Don't forget: There's a public holiday next week.

See you in a fortnight.

13th lesson on 17th of october 2018
From: Ralph (Gast)Date: 23.10.2018, 17:09
We repeated the exercises from the previous lesson and talked about various topics. As a homework, the processing of the sheet is to be done, which was already sent by Whattsapp

12th lesson on 10th of Oktober 2018
From: elke schleicher (Gast)Date: 12.10.2018, 13:17
E-Mail: elkeschleiche@gmx.de
We talked about this and that. We read and translated the extra sheet : A day in my life €“ He has the key. Richard Hamilton has his own company. On his car stood: Hero, Locksmith, Domestic & Commercial Locks, Emergency Enrtry , Keysafes and a phone number . We got information about: learning curve, last resort and Sod's law.

We compared the homework on an extra sheet.

Homework: learn the new vocabulary from the worksheet.
Have a nice week

11th lesson on 26th of September 2018
From: Antje (Gast)Date: 09.10.2018, 21:49
Our bicycle specialists talked about their last bicycle tours longer than 20km.
We translated different sentences from German into English. We compared the homework. We read the extra sheet with will/shall 1 with explanations and solutions.
Our homework is on the extra sheet number 21.2 to 21.4.
The next course starts on 10th of October.

10th lesson on 5th September 2018
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 05.09.2018, 19:31
We compared the extra sheets on page 36 and 37.
We did some Grammar in our book on page 88.
Homework: page 89, No. 3 and 4

9th lesson on 29th of August 2018
From: Gunnar Ludwig (Gast)Date: 02.09.2018, 22:17
In the 9th lesson we talked about a small talk about the meaning "either and neither". Afterwards we talked about "moduls verb".
Afterwards we practiced 'Typical Errors of Learners with German as Mother tongue'.
Homework: extra sheet p.36 number 1a and 1b.
I wish you success

8th lesson on 15th of August 2018
From: Antje Walter (Gast)Date: 15.08.2018, 21:57
Today we were a little group. We had an interesting lesson with a lot of information about this and that. We listened to a phone call on PC and we wrote this text in our book.
Important: Our next lesson is on 29th of August in Sandgasse.

7th lesson on 27th of June
From: Gunnar Ludwig (Gast)Date: 29.07.2018, 19:06
On Wednesday was our last lesson before we go in our summer holidays. We made a little small talk and we spoke about the world championship and the success of the German team. Following this, on page 87, we performed exercises 2a to 4a.
Homework: Vocabulary exercises from the unit 5
After class we went for dinner in the restaurant zum Grünen Tor. Here we also met the actor Peter Sodann.
Nice summer holidays to all, until 18.08.2018 meet again.

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