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2017 VHS SM Thursday 18

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17th lesson on 16th May
From: Frank (Gast)Date: 17.05.2019, 20:36
Dear classmates and dear teacher Thomas.
Before I forget, I make my entry now.

First the interesting news:
We were 9 students and our teacher Thomas in our last lesson on Thursday. Teacher Thomas had his birthday. There was sparkling wine. Jens sang a birthday song. And we sang with him. Happy birthday Thomas. Olaf was not there again. Katja could not come too. She had a film date in Sülzfeld. I forgot what the name of the movie is. Alexander said that Katja plays in a beer garden scene.
We'll be 45 minutes longer next week. One lesson had failed. We'll do the others 45 minutes later.

Now the lesson events:
First Katrin's logbook entry was read out. Alexander did it. Then we checked the homework. For this we needed a lot of time. It was a lot of homework. For the last 20 minutes, we worked on pages 26.

Our new homework is: the dialogue on page 28 and the task 2a and b.

See you next week. We are together longer.

16th lesson on 9th May
From: Katrin (Gast)Date: 13.05.2019, 20:08
Dear classmates and dear teachter Thomas

In the last lesson we were 10 students and our teacher Thomas. Olaf was missing.
First we translated Heike's logbook entry and checked the homework.

We read and translated the dialouge on page 21.
Then we worked on page 22, 23, 24 and asked each other about personal information (name, address, mobile phone number, email address).

The homework for the next lesson is:

page 22/Starter (talk about a person)
page 23/2a (my personal profile)
page 24/2.

Until Thursday and best regards

15 th lesson on 25 th April
From: Heike (Gast)Date: 28.04.2019, 10:11
Dear classmates and teacher Thomas

We were 6 students and our teacher Thomas in the last lesson.

We talked about page 18 -Personal Details and E-Mail addresses.
We worked page 19 - The Airport, nr. 3-5a and Selfstudy nr. 1 and 3.

The homework for the next lesson is: page 20 nr. 2, 4 and page 21 At the Lost Property Office to listen and translated verbal.

The next lesson is on 9 th May, not 2 nd May.
Have a nice time. Heike

14th lesson on 11th April
From: Gabi (Gast)Date: 23.04.2019, 14:24
Dear classmates and dear teacher Thomas

At the last lesson, we were 10 students and our teacher Thomas.
Olaf could not again come again, he had a bisiniss appointment.

We started with the homework, compared and improved it. Then Jens read the logbook entry of Alexander. We worked on page 17 and solved the tasks.Then we talk about words and their emphasis, e.g article , museum, director.
On page 18 , we learned how to fill in the Landing Card and solved task 1 a. Page 24, we completed task 1.

Ramona read step 3 on page 25. It was about using Mr, Mrs, and Miss use.
There was no homework and nobody wanted to write the logbook entry.
We said goodbye and wished us a nice Ester.

I'm writing now the logbook entry, to remember of our last lesson.
I wish you all a nice time until the next lesson Gabi.

Hello Thomas
Can you please write my entry in our logbook ? I'm not at home.
I can not come to the next lesson. I'm on the road with friends. We walk along the Rennsteig.
Have a nice lesson.

13th lesson on 4th April 2019
From: Alex (Gast)Date: 10.04.2019, 22:17
Dear classmates and dear teacher Thomas
Our English school year will end soon.
We will have 8 lessons left.
What do you mean - we want to do a small celebration in a restaurant?
If yes - where?
You can think about it and we'll talk about it tomorrow.

In the previous lesson, we were 10 students and our teacher.
We discuss the logbook entry of Gabi and our homework.
After that we practiced subject pronouns.

The homework for the next lesson is: page 15 number 5b and the PDF of Thomas.

Best regards

12th lesson on 28th March 2019
From: Gabi (Gast)Date: 02.04.2019, 20:20
Dear classmates and dear teacher Thomas
There is my logbook entry from Thursday the 28 th of March.

Today,we were 10 students and the teacher Thomas. Olaf didn't come,he had an appointment at the fair in Erfurt.

The lesson started with the logbook entry of Eberhard.We read and translated it. He always makes it very good and next time it is his turn.

Then we checked the homework.Everyone wrote some sentence about himself and herself, the family, the hobbies or the home.

With a listening task, we finished the page 13 in the book. Teacher Thomas surprised us again with a worksheet. It was about subject and object from of pronouns. We completed tasks 1, 2 and 4 on the worksheet. On the page 14 of the book, we translated the dialogue, listended to it and repeated the sentences.

The time was over.
Now the homework
Tasks 1 a and 1 b on the page 14

On the worksheet the tasks 3 and 5
I wish you a lot of fun with the homework

See you next Thursday,best regards Gabi

11th lesson on 21th March 2019
From: Eberhard Eck (Gast)Date: 24.03.2019, 19:17
E-Mail: eberhard.eck@eck-drehteile.de
Hello dear classmates and teacher Thomas !

In the last lesson we were 10 students,Heike was ill.
We compared the homework and improved my logbook entry from 14th March.
My mistake is in the sentence construction.Nobody is perfect.

We lerned the use this/that/these/those.
We completed the sentences on the work sheet papers .

For exmaple:
-Look at those birds
-Exuse me,is this seat free
-These plates are dirty
We use" this" (singular) for one object nearby.
We use "these"(plural) for many objects nearby.
We use "that" (singular) for one object in the distance.
We use "those"(plural) for many objects in the distance.

We worked an page 11 Nr.4 Grammar
and page 12.
We practiced the use of this/that/these and those.

We have following homework:
page 11 Nr.5a (5 sentences)
page 12 Nr.B2
Have a nice week and read my phon entry.

10th lesson on 14th March 2019
From: Eberhard Eck (Gast)Date: 17.03.2019, 11:38
E-Mail: eberhard.eck@eck-drehteile.de
Hello together !

I write this Logbook on Sunday morning.
The weather is cloudy and I have time.
In the last lesson we were 9 students.
Jens is in ´the mountains,he is skiing.
Come back healthy.
Olaf is still sick.Get well soon.

We compared a lot of homework.
My answer was of the question:
"What was the best thing in this course"-"We eat minced meat together,really good."-

We learned in Unit 6 many words and phrases,for example:
-Get well soon
-Thanks for everything
-Have a good journey
-You´re welcome
-Did you enjoy your stay.

In my opinion was the course A1 Starter important and fun.
We read successively in the new book A1 the section "Nice to meet you" and worked on the page 10 and 11.
We transladet the text on page 25 -"Anna´s from Canada"-.
We learned new words in the text.
They are standing in the glossary.

We don't have new homework.
That´s all for today.

Have a nice weekend.
Best regards from Eberhard.

9th lesson on 7th March 2019
From: Eberhard Eck (Gast)Date: 09.03.2019, 19:17
E-Mail: eberhard.eck@eck-drehteile.de
Hello dear classmates and teacher Thomas.

In the last lesson we were only 8 students.
Olaf and Gabi didn't come to the lesson,they are ill.
That's a pity that they weren't come. Get well soon.

Our homework was a report about a visit in a tourist attraction, somewhere in our country or in another country.
Everyone read his experience.
It was very interesting.
We had mistakes in the sentences,teacher Thomas improved.

We learned the use of "used to be.
For example:this house used to be a shop.
Then we read and translated the text page 120 and 121.

We got following homework:
page 118/3 and 5
page 121/logic puzzle
page 122/all tasks

Nice weekend,see you next lesson.

8th lesson on 28th February 2019
From: Eberhard Eck (Gast)Date: 02.03.2019, 17:47
E-Mail: eberhard.eck@eck.drehteile.de
Dear teacher and classmates,in the last lesson on 28th February we were 9 students and our teacher Thomas. Olaf is still ill.We wish him good recovery.

In the first part of the lesson wrote Brigitte vocabulery about clothes to the blackboard. The teacher helped us.
Afterwards we compared the homework,wrotes a short reply from Rob to Ken and translated the E-Mail to Helen.We wrote too a short E-Mail to our teacher.My E-Mail acted about the COC Skijumping in Brotterode last weekend.

We continued to practice,for example:
-We hat a lot of fun,the negation is
-We didn`t have a lot of fun.
-I did Yoga,the negation is
-I didn`t do Yoga. And so on.

In conclusion we heard the dialogue of page 117: New facts !
We should write one or two new facts about each topic.
We talked about the new information.

Our homework for the next lesson: Page 116/1a.
I say: Helau and wish you a good Carnival.

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