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13th lesson on 3th June
From: Ursula H-M (Gast)Date: 04.06.2019, 21:22
Dear classmates,

Today it's my turn.
Here is my logbook entry of our last lesson.
First Thomas asked each of us how we spend Father's Day and the weekend.

Well, some of us went to a concert, others used the nice weather to hike or visited his friends and our teacher drove his bike to the Ellenbogen to the "Eisenacher Haus".

After that we checked Beate's logbook entry.
It was very detailed. She also gave us an explanation about the difference between puppets and dolls.
The lesson was over quickly, so we couldn't compare our homework.

We see you again on Wednesday 12.06.19 16:15

I wish each of us nice Withsun.
I hope I'll see you all healthly again.

Yours Ursula

1th lesson on 27th May
From: Beate Rümker (Gast)Date: 27.05.2019, 18:06
E-Mail: familie.ruemker@googlemail.com
Dear classmates,

Today it's my turn to write the logbook entry of our lesson today. First we looked together with our teacher Thomas at the timetable of our next lessons. We musn't forget they will start at 4:15 pm.
We have found in this context : The longer the days the faster the time is running!

The next topic was the election on Sunday. Everyone had to tell when and where he was voting. And there was also a special task for Udo: In the next lesson he'll have to report on all translations of 'Wahllokal' he found.

The next subject was Udo's holiday in Traben -Trarbach near Cochem at the Mosel. This area is known for the cultivation of tasty wine like Riesling.
Our Teacher told us he prepared a cycling tour on the Ascension Day to the "Rhönhäuschen" at the weekend.

Next we had a look on the logbook entry by Ursula Sch. . It was detailed and excelent as always. Waltraud got also a special task: She'll informate us about the polling stations in Breitungen and the different spellings of “youtube” in the next lesson.
We also dealt with a sentence of Evelin's logbook entry the week before (So that we continue enjoy learning ….
It was the day of special tasks. I'll have to speak next week about the difference between puppets and dolls.
As usual we compared our homework. We repeated also the word an phrases of Unit 9 in our textbook and learned with worksheet Unit 31 the different possibilities to use “have to” and “must”. We solved exercises 31.1 and 31.3. Exercises 31.2 and 31.4 are our homework.
So, I hope I didn't forget anything. And you don't forget the new time of beginning next week.

Have a nice time! I hope I'll see you all healthy next Monday.
Yours Beate

11th Lesson on 20th May
From: Ursula Schellenberger (Gast)Date: 21.05.2019, 17:14
11th lesson on 20th May

Dear classmates,

Weather was a great subject to start our lesson with on that day. In this connection Thomas explained the use of the words 'concern', 'regarding' and 'according'.

Then he told us that he had the laziest weekend he had ever had. His computer didn't work so that a lot of data were lost and he was busy with it all day. But some of the data he was able to rescue. How lucky!
Ursula H.-M. mentioned he should rather have taken part in the 'Rennsteiglauf'.
But this wouldn't have solved his big problem.

After that Thomas wanted to know what methods we use to listen to music. Some of us use youtube channel to listen to special music. Some other ones use a new technique like streaming(?), no idea what it is!
And some of us agree in using the „old“ radio or CD player.
Fact is that musical technique will change again and again!

As there are always made grammar mistakes during our talks Thomas used the chance to explain the position of adverbs of frequency in sentences.
According to this question - What were you doing when the rain started? - once more he explained the use of the progressive forms.

The logbook entry by Evelyn was our next topic. Logbook entries are always helpful for learning English because of the mistakes that must be corrected. There was one special sentence that caused us quite a headache. Finally I got the task to translate it until the next lesson. But Thomas posted a link that will be useful for it. Thank you!

In the last part of our lesson we checked our homework that included comparative for one thing and our report about a place we know well for another.
Elfie was impressed by New York, Waltraud liked Weimar, Edith described Krakau, Evelyn experienced Dresden, Beate spoke about Berlin, Ursula H.-M. liked the sights of Weimar, too, Rita gave a report on her last weekend and Ursula Sch. told her impressions on the Alps in Switzerland.

To avoid being bored this week here our homework for the next lesson:
On page 75 no. C, on page 76 no. A,B,C.

Looking forward to seeing you next Monday on the same place and at the same time (9 o'clock).

Have a nice week!

Yours Ursula Sch.

From: Evelin Schumann (Gast)Date: 16.05.2019, 08:16
E-Mail: schumann.evelin@gmail.com
Dear classmates,

On Wednesday we had a quite hard program. First everyone wanted to congratulate Thomas to his birthday and so we had the opportunity to drink a glass of sparling wine.
Thomas wanted to know how long we used to work and who is still working from us.

Then we admired Udo's logbook entry, short and diverting. The 3.item we took care of was the homework in unit 105 exercise 3.
Furthermore we tried to get on with the comparison unit 106. For this we solved exercises 1 and 4.

The exercises no. 2,3,5 are one part of our homework.
So that we continue enjoy learning Thomas started the work with the English book page 72 no. 3a,3b,4a and 4c and page 74 B2 and C.

Here you will find the second part of the homework (page 72: 4b, 4d).

I hope you will have a lot of fun with it!
See you on Monday at 9 o'clock.

Yours Evelin

9th lesson on 13th May
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 14.05.2019, 13:23
Dear friends of cultivated english conversation
Two times english lesson this week, as usul on Monday but on Wednesday as well.
Here's the Monday's brief summary.

- first we spoke about the last week's local and worldwide news
- personal activities was the next topic
- after that we discussed the last homework
- than there was an analysis of Edith's logbook entry
- this time we did a short break as well
- finally we dealt with worksheet no. 105 (It contains grammar rules and exercises to the subject "comparison")
- homework is no. 105.3 at the same place

see you tomorrow
bye yours Udo

8th lesson on 6th May
From: Edith Baier (Gast)Date: 07.05.2019, 18:06
Dear classmates,

Here is my logbook entry of our last lesson.
First we talked about the weather.The question was, is it normal for it to snow in May?
We remembered us that this often happened.
We talked short about the final exam in the last week. For some students it was to heavy. But there were also other opinions.The topic is difficult.

Then Thomas asked each of us what we had experienced in the last both weeks.This was very interesting,because each of us had different experiences.
Afterwards Thomas explained the correct application of "lend and borrow" and of "bring and take".
As in every lesson,we checked the last logbook entry.
Rita had written the entry very good.
Then we checked our homework.
The theme was: California - a superlative state.

In the lesson we treated the comparison of adjectives on page 71 and did some exercises.

Now to our homework to Monday 13th of May:
Page 71 no. 2c The superlative quiz and page 73
PRACTICE no. 1 Natural landmarks
no. 2 Places in a town or city
no. 5 Grammar: Comparatives and

We start again at 9 o'clock next Monday.
Fun on your homework and a nice week.

Yours Edith

7th lesson on 25th April
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 29.04.2019, 17:59
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello together,

It's just raining, good time to do the weekly logbook entry. Here it is.

As often we started our lesson with small talk. The subject we talked about were our Easter experiences. Because of the great weather some of us did a short journey, the others hiked to somewhere or else met relatives and friends at home. Our teacher for exampel did an extremly hiking tour on Rennsteig.

Then we had a look at the logbook entry of Waltraud. She tried hard but as always Thomas found some mistakes.
The next topic was our homework: "family tree". We had to solve exercises two and three at the so named worksheet. Finally we read and translated the text " Penguin Now" and solved task 6. With that we finished our light-hearted tour of April Fool`s jokes and besides we learned something about phrasal verbs, too.

No lesson without homework: read the text in our book on page 70 and solve nr1on page 71.
Remember, our next lesson will be on Monday 6th of May, at 9 o’clock!
Have a nice week!

Yours Rita

6th lesson on 15th april 2019
From: Waltraud (Gast)Date: 24.04.2019, 23:08
Dear classmates,
First I wish all of you happy and sunny Easter-days.
And now let's look back to our last English lesson. First we talked - like every week - about our last Weekend and the cold weather. the most interesting theme brought Evelyn. She was in Leipzig and there she had a very important mission. She was shopping with her daughter in law to-be. They were looking for a wedding Dress for the young woman. but it was difficult. The Bride couldn't decide which kind of dress she really likes - ashortone or a Long one. A white one should it be - that's clear. Oh yeah, that are problems. But Evelyn is very relaxed. She bought her Dress for the marriage of her son in June already some weeks ago. It's a nice long black dress. Ans I#m sure she will be a very good looking mother in law. And I#m also sure the bride will find the right dress for the most beautiful day in her life.

Now to the next topic of the lesson. We read some April-Hoaxes - About a left handed burger, a spagetthi-tree and About a simple trick to turn an black-and-white-TV into a colour ones.

But now seriously again. We repeated phrasal Verbs, adjectives and Adverbs and made some practicle exercises.

At the end of the lesson we talked about family relations. Thomas gave us a sheet with a familiy tree. Our homework are the exercises 2 und 3 at this sheet.

So and now enjoy the Easter-weekend with your Family and/or your friends.

See you on Thursday, 25th April, at 9 pm.

Best regards

5th lesson on 8 April 2019
From: Günter (Gast)Date: 11.04.2019, 09:22
Dear classmates

Here is my logbook entry of our last lesson.

Ute left our course because she has to care for her husband. He is ill. What a pity. We wish her a stressless time.

We checked Elfi's logbok entry. There were some little mistakes, but it wasn't a disaster.

The main content of this lesson was the repetition of phrasel verbs.

We read and translated "The glory of the garden-centre", written by Cilin Beaven. It was a very interesting story.

About the homework look at "April Fools", page 31, No. 3
and in our book page 65, No. 1-6 (exept No. 2).

Have a nice week. Until Monday at 9.00.

Yours Günter

4rd lesson on 1st April 2019
From: Elfi Lachmund (Gast)Date: 03.04.2019, 13:09

On Sunday the time was switched and so we were really awake on Monday morning.

First everyone reported about past weekend. Thomas described his bicycle tour through the Rhön.
Then he asked a student to read out Ursula’s logbook entry, it was without error.

After that Günter and Ursula correctly read the homework. Grammar was the next part we dealt with the worksheet 101.The adjectives and adverbs "well/fast/late, hard/hardly " The exercises 101.1, 101.3 and 101.5 we have completed.

A worksheet was us given by Thomas. On the back we found "Phrasal verbs in this article". Günter read out these verbs.

A homework assignment is to learn these phrasal verbs, and as a second homework we should do exercises 101.3 and 101.4 from worksheet 101.

I would like to remind you, that you print out "April Fools" and bring it to the next hour.

Have fun with homework
Yours, Elfi

3rd lesson on 25th March 2019
From: Ursula Schellenberger (Gast)Date: 27.03.2019, 12:14
E-Mail: ursche@gmx.de
Hello dear students,

Today it´s my turn again to summarize our last English lesson.

As usual our teacher Thomas started with a small talk in English about some subjects. For instance how we came to our lesson this day as there was a traffic jam in town.

Then Elfie talked about her car accident last week. Some other students let us know what they did at the last weekend because the weather was so fine and the temperature so high. In this connection our garden friends told about their start of the garden season.

Football was the next theme. Fortunately Evelyn is one of the football fans in our group and so she was able to answer Thomas´ questions about it. By the way, it was very interesting to learn where footballers get their high salaries from. Club fees seem to be a part of them. Günter knew that a club fee for a golf club is 20 000 € a year. You see, our English course is also good for uncovering mysteries.

After that we dealt with the logbook entry by Ursula H.-M. There were some little mistakes that we corrected together.

The next subject to deal with was our homework, the testpaper that we checked, and personal profiles that we read out.

The exercise nb. 4 on page 63 in our textbook describes an online language course. We had to match the 6 points in an advert with the explanation on the right and then we spoke about online courses.

Grammar was the last part of our lesson. It was about the use of adjectives and adverbs on the grammar sheet nb. 100 A. With exercise nb. 100.1 we finished our lesson.

Here is our homework: Please continue this subject and do exercises 100.2 to 100.4.

I´d like to remind you of the beginning of our lesson next Monday: It´ll start at 9 o´ clock a.m.

Have a nice week!
Yours, Ursula Sch.

2nd lesson on 18th March 2019
From: Ursula (Gast) (Gast)Date: 20.03.2019, 12:07
Dear classmates

This is my report from our last English lesson.
First we started with coffee, cake and sparkling wine. Günter celebrated his birthday.
Then we compared our homework in our textbook page 60 B and C.

After that we checked Udo's logbook entry. It was a very nice report.

Words and Phrases at page 61 was the next exercise. Thomas asked questions and we translated them.

Language learning at page 62 was the next topic.

At the end we works with worksheets Unit 140 / Phrasal verbs 4 on / off.
We read the text and solved the exercises.

I would like to point this out our homework comes as an e-mail attachment by Thomas.

I wish you a nice week
See you on Monday at 4.15 pm

Yours Ursula

1st lesson on 11th March 2019
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 13.03.2019, 12:14
Dear classmates,

This week it's my part to give you a short review to our last lesson.
Main topic is still chapter 7 in the coursebook.
It deals with vocabulary of food and drink in combination with using the Present perfect or Past simple.

But first we celebrated the last week's birthday children Beate and Günther traditionally with sparkling wine and cake.
Meanwhile we had a short chat about the current awful weather.
As usual we had a look on the logbook entry and spoke about the news.
We spoke about this and that and there was enough time to made some mistakes, too.

After that we solved some exercises from the textbook.
You'll find the current homework on page 60.
It's number B and C.
At the very end of the lesson, Thomas said: "It couldn't harm to have a look on page 61 in our textbook".

There, there is a short summary of the important words and phrases.

Have a nice week.
See you soon, yours Udo.

17 th lesson on 4th March 2019
From: Edith Baier (Gast) (Gast)Date: 05.03.2019, 08:19
E-Mail: buchholtz-ernst@t-online.de
Dear classmates,

Here is my report of our last English lesson.
We met for lesson on the Shrove Monday. Udo brought pancakes, a traditional Shrove Monday pastry.
Ursula donated coffee, tea and a glass of sparkling wine for each of us.

Then everyone told us how they experiensed the last week.
It was canival since Thursday last week.
After that we dealt with Beate`s logbook entry. There were hardly mistakes.

In connection we checked our homework from page 55 no. 2a and 2c. The homework was no difficult and we have a lot of fun.
On pages 56 and 57 of out textbook we talked about the topic "Food and drink".
On page 57 is our first homework to solve, no.2 "Ordering food and drink" and no.3 "Problems in a restaurant".

On page 58 "Grammar" we have handled and solved the task under A1, A2, B1 and B2 in the lesson.

Our second homework can you find on page 58 letter C "Round up".
We wish father Waltraud a good time in South Africa.

For Ursula we cross our fingers for the upcoming operation.

Wish you all a good week.
See you again next Monday at 4.15 pm.

Best regards from Edith

16 th lesson on 18th February 2019
From: Beate Rümker (Gast)Date: 19.02.2019, 13:51
E-Mail: familie.ruemker@googlemail.com
Dear classmates,

Here is my report of our last English lesson. First each of us told how he spent the week and the weekend.
The weekend was very sunny with temperatures about ten degrees above zero. So anyone was outdoor for a walk or a stroll.

Then we dealt with Evelin´s logbook entry. There were almost no mistakes.

The next topic was the repetition of the worksheet Unit 139 "Phrasal verbs with out". In connection we compared the homework exersices 139.3 and 139.4.

This was grammar enough for all of us. So we finished the lesson with reading in our textbook at page 54. There we learned something about food, drink and baking.

Our homework are the exercises 2 a and 2 b at page 55.

I hope I will see you all next Monday at 4.15 pm. Wish you a nice and healthy week.

Best regards from Beate

15th lesson on 11th February 2019
From: Evelin Schumann (Gast)Date: 13.02.2019, 16:59
E-Mail: schumann.evelin@gmail.com
Dear classmates,

I'm sorry for the delay! But we were in Dresden on Thuesday and Wednesday. On Monday our report about the weekend was very short. Because of the bad weather nobody went for big walks. Thomas wanted to know whether we celebrate the Valentin's day and if we give presents to our partner.
Rita's logbook entry was our second assignement. There were only some little mistakes.

The main work was the story about "Miss Vivian" in Spotlight 2/15. It took a long time to read and translate it. So we had not much more time for the grammar. We took care of Phrasal Verbs with "out" in Unit 139 and filled in exercises No 139.1 and No 139.2.

No 139.3 and 139.4 shall be our homework.
Now I have to say Goodbye.
I hope you will have a nice week!
Our next appointment will be on Monday at 16.15.

That time you can sign in for the next course at Frau Seifert.
Yours Evelin

14th lesson on 4th February
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 06.02.2019, 16:22
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello together,

Today it's my turn to give you a look back on our last lesson.

First we dealed ourself with the logbook entry from Ute. In this connection our teacher explained the difference between: " few and little" or "a few and a little".

Then we checked the homework we original had to do for the week before: worksheet 138 no 138.2 and no 138.4. In addition we had to describe our neighbour in the opposite.

At last we compared the homework in our textbook page 51" Holiday accomodation". We solved the exercises A;B andC.

After a short break we turned our focus on an other subject: " Small talk"at page 52. At the end we repeated some words and phrases from Unit 6.

Attention,to learn them is a part of our homework for next week!
Furthermore Thomas gave us a new worksheet. In preparation of our next lesson, please take a look at pages 46 and 47.

Don't forget to look in your e-mail account.Thomas posted some material.
That's all for today.

See you next Monday at the same place and time.

Bye then

Yours Rita

13th lesson on 28 th January
From: Ute Mudra (Gast)Date: 31.01.2019, 21:05
13 th lesson on 28 th January

Hello dear classmates,

Her is my report oft the last English lesson. As always first we talked about our activities on last weekend.The weather was bad , it rained or snowed, the temperature was about the
freezing point. So we all were relaxing at home.
Next we read ´the report of Ursula. It was very good, but our teacher neverless found few small mistakes. Then we studied and translated the story „ After along wait“ about
Oliver Jamie. He is an owner of 30 restaurants around the world and sells further pans
und dishes too. Past that we started the grammar on the worksheet138 with the
Phrasal verbs2. We tried to fill in the exercises 138.1 and 138.2.
The exercises 138.2 and 138.4 are our homeworks , additionell still in our English book
on page 55 the section A,B, C.

Have a nice week and much fun with the homework !

Attention! The next lesson is very long. Think of food and drink !

Yours Ute.

12th lesson
From: Ursula Schellenberger (Gast)Date: 25.01.2019, 11:36
E-Mail: ursche@gmx.de
12th lesson on 21st January, 2019

Hello, dear classmates,

Here is my logbook entry of our lesson on last Monday. Let´s remember!

Because it was very cold with temperatures below zero during the last days we started with a small talk about the temperature in Schmalkalden and the surrounding area. We were astonished about the temperature differences.

We went on talking on some sports events at the last weekend and the results. Unfortunately there were only a few ones who were informed about it.
After that we checked Waltraud´s logbook entry. Well done! There weren´t any bad mistakes.

Then we checked our homework for that lesson that dealt with phrasal verbs. We had to complete some sentences and to fill in a noun or pronoun. The word order in this grammar construction
wasn´t quite clear yet and so Thomas had to explain it once more.

As we don´t like grammar so much our teacher continued the lesson with an article by a British writer in the journal „Spotlight“. In this text the author writes about personal electronic devices, for instance smartphones, iPads, iPods and similar ones and their extreme use nowadays. The names of them remind us of fruits. Therefore the writer sometimes writes ambiguously. And so some sentences weren´t easy to understand at once.

Last but not least we had to translate a test paper. As we didn´t finish it the last part of it will be our homework. We are to describe our neighbour from opposite (in our English lesson), not the place where we live how it is demanded in the paper.
And furthermore take a quick look at another article: „After a long wait“.
Have much fun with it!

Our next lesson will be on Monday, 28th January, at 4.15 pm.

Have a nice week!

Yours, Ursula Sch.

11th lesson on 14th January 2019
From: Waltraud (Gast)Date: 16.01.2019, 18:54
Hello dear classmates,
Hope you remember our last English lesson. If not I'll try now to give a short summery. But it may be I've also forgotten something since last Monday.
But I'll give my best.
We had to read two logbook entries, one from Edith and Elfie's. There were only some little mistakes. But that was no problem. A good way to learn is to learn from the mistakes.
Than we compared our homework. One exercise was how to use “since” and “for”. In addition we should describe our home. Udo began, but everybody had to tell us from their house, how long they've been lived there, is there a garden around or not and so on.

But there was also something new at the last lesson. New – okay, let's say a new repetition. The keyword is “phrasal verbs” and its a very difficult topic. Exercise, exercise, exercise is the slogan.
I think, you must feel it, you can't learn it like grammatical rule, you can't memorize.

Our homework is on worksheet Unit 137, no. 137.4.

Have a good week and a nice weekend until we see us again.

The next lesson on Monday, 21st January , starts at 16.15 pm.

Best regards

10th lesson on 7 January 2019
From: Elfi Lachmund (Gast)Date: 08.01.2019, 11:57
Hello dear friends,

Like every year, we started the first lesson in the New Year with the same procedure - Thomas sponsored sparkling wine.
Than all classmens reported about their christmas days and about their new year eve. We had not to exercise grammar. We read and translated a story from a worksheet,was given us by Thomas.
At the end we worked with a another worksheet and there were exercises to practise talking about sales,shopping and department stores.
Here is our homework for the next lesson. Textbook page 49 no.4 to 6.

Have a nice week, see you on Monday at 9:00 am.

9th lesson on 19 December 2018
From: Edith Baier (Gast) (Gast)Date: 21.12.2018, 15:28
E-Mail: buchholtz-ernst@t-online.de
Hello dear classmades,

here is my report on our last English lesson before the Christmas holidays.

There were cookies on the table and for each of us a small sip of sparkling wine.
Unfortunately, Beate was missing.We wish her all the best.

First we delt with idioms and how to translate them from German into English.
Thomas gave each of us five small cards with three translations of one German idioms.But only one translation was correct on each card.
We had to find out this one.We had much fun with it.

Then each of us told how we will celebrate Christmas. Are visitors coming or you are at home along? What will we eat for Christmas? Have we bought all the gifts already? What do we give to our children?

Afterwards we checked the logbook entry of Beate. It was okay.
Then we checked our homework.
Worksheet Unit 12 nr.12.1 and 12.2 .
The tasks nr.12.3 and 12.4 have been solved in the class.

At the end of the English lesson we dealt with the worksheet Unit 11 and the letters A,B,C and D.

As homework it makes sense to look at the worksheet again.
When do we use "since" and when do we use "for"?

I wish you Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year. Stay healthy and take care of yourself.

The next lesson will be on Monday 7th January 2019 at 9 am.

Best regards
Yours Edith

8th lesson on 10th December
From: Beate Rümker (Gast)Date: 11.12.2018, 14:55
Hello together,

Let me summerize our last English lesson.
First we dealt with Günter's logbook entry. It was short, concise and there were few mistakes.

Then we compared our homework and repeatet which things, machines and furniture you can find in the kitchen.

The next topic was "if-sentences" on worksheet unit 38. This was difficcult for some of us and me too.

At the end of the lesson we worked with worksheet unit 12. We made the exercises 12.1 and 12.2..
The rest is our homework.
I wish all a nice third Advent. And don't forget:
the next lesson will be on Wednesday
19th December at 9 am.

Best regards
Yours Beate

7th lesson on 3rd December 2018
From: Günter (Gast)Date: 08.12.2018, 10:34
Hello fans of our English course,

At this Monday we were only 7 students, four of us weren't present.
Everybody told what happend last weekend in the family or in the region.
Then we checkt our homework.
In this lesson we repeated Type I and II coditionals. Udo perfectly knew the rules of this.
Only the if-sentence is at the beginning a comma is following.
Don't forget the new homework No. 1b, 1c and 2a at page 46/47 in our book.

Have a nice 2nd Sunday of Advent.

We'll see on Manday at 9.00 a.m.


6th lesson on 28th November
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 28.11.2018, 16:53
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello dear classmates,

This is the short report of our last lesson.
First we started with coffee, cake and sparkling wine donated by Ute. She celebrated her birthday the day before. Then we checked our homework. Therefor we used the worksheet Thomas posted us. We had to translate sentences from German in to English and reverse.

After that we got an other worksheet. Some of us had to read the text;" Somewhere at sea". It wasn't difficult to understand the story. The first part of our homework for next Monday you can find on the reverse side of this worksheet: page 15, nr.: 1b " Build a dialouge"!

We continued our lesson by working with the textbook at page 43 and 44. But before that we exchanged our experiences with the local newspapers. Then we solved all exercises at the two pages.

And here the second part of homework: repeat and learn vocabulary at page 45!
Have fun with it!

See you next Monday at 9 o'clock.
Bye then, yours Rita

5th lesson on 20th November
From: Evelin Schumann (Gast)Date: 22.11.2018, 09:44
E-Mail: schumann.evelin@gmail.com
Hello dear friends,

Today it's my turn to report about our lesson on Tuesday.
Once again we had something to celebrate, Edith's birthday. There were coffee and cake and not even sparkling wine was missing.
In the first part we spoke about different topics. Waltraud told us from her holiday with her friend and

Thomas asked about our preparation for Christmas and New Year's Eve, There were some good ideas for Christmas presents and for good feasts. Furthermore Thomas wanted to know whether we liked winter or summer. After our discussion we reviewed Edith's logbook entry and then the homework.

Last but not least we completed a worksheet. We managed only the front page. The back page was assigned to complete at homework.

All classmates who did not attend this lesson will receive it by email from Thomas.
Our next meeting will be on Monday at 9 a clock.

Have a good weekend!
See you then on Monday.
Yours Evelin

4th lesson on 12th November
From: Edith (Gast)Date: 16.11.2018, 20:03
Hello dear classmates,

As usual a short review of our last lesson. At the beginning of our lesson we were only 6 classmates. Ursula from Steinbach-Hallenberg had an important appointment. Rita was visited by her son and his family.

Waltraud was traveling with her girl friend. Beate,Evelyn and Udo came later, they were stuck in traffic jam. Elfi told us about her holiday in South Africa. We listened to her with interest. We also learnd a few new words: boulder, penguin, ape,brewery.

Our homework for the last lesson was in the textbook on page 40 no.6
The theme was: Saying what happened ? Each one told us what special events he remembered. These were events that are not forgotten. Afterwards we dealt with the logbook entry of Ursula Sch. This was very detailed and as always without mistakes. The time goes fast.

Here is our homework for the next lesson. Textbook page 41 no. 3 to 6.
Have a nice weekend.

See you next Tuesday at 3.30 pm.

Yours Edith

3rd lesson on 5th November
From: Ursula Schellenberger (Gast)Date: 06.11.2018, 17:40
E-Mail: ursche@gmx.de
Hello dear classsmates,
Let me summarize what we dealt with in our last lesson.
Our teacher started with some words and their different pronunciation, for example tear (Träne) and tear (reißen), sword, Worcester, Reading (an English town) and some other ones. Every of our students who came a little bit later had to pronounce these words that were to be seen on the blackboard. But none of us succeeded in prounouncing all these words correctly.

After that we read and corrected the logbook entry by Ursula H.-M. It was short, but the most important facts were included.

As we have been practising past progressive and past simple for some weeks Thomas gave us some German sentences to translate into English with these grammar constructions. Besides we also practised the using of prepositions.
The homework on page 42 was checked afterwards.

The next exercise was more demanding for us. We listened to three short English stories and retold them in English (exercise at page 38, number 1d).

To practise the English everyday language we dealt with the On-Board Train Emergency Instructions and the following exercise below it. Additional to this subject was the next exercise on page 40 number 4a. We listened to a phone call and ticked the correct phrases.
There are a lot of everyday emergencies that can happen to you! Look at exercise number 5. Some of us told their experiences with such situations. Waltraud experienced a burning car during her holiday in Spain, Günther a car breakdown because of a defect ignition with his Trabi and Ursula Sch. also a car breakdown on a motorway almost at night.
To get to know other experiences with everyday emergencies by our classmates this will be our homework for the next lesson (number 6 on page 40). Write down your story!

Last but not least Beate told us how she spent the bank holiday on 31st October. She went by tour bus and looked at some towns in the east of Germany like Templin, Boizenburg, Wittenberg and the Goitsch dam.
But the very last subject Thomas brought in: his hiking tour from Metzels via Wasungen to Schmalkalden. We spoke about the location of the Panoramaweg in Wasungen from where he postet a photo on Wednesday.

You see there was a lot to do during our lesson. My report can´t be shorter therefore.
Our next lesson will be on next Monday, 12nd November at 2.30 pm. And don´t forget: the next but one lesson will be on Tuesday, 20th November also at 3.30 pm.

Have a nice week!

Yours, Ursula Sch.

2nd lesson on 29th October
From: Ursula H-M (Gast)Date: 30.10.2018, 18:20
Hello dear classmates

0ur last lesson started with some vokabulary and with either, neither and both.
Then we checked Waltraud's logbook entry.
In bedween there was sparking wine from Evelin's birthday.
At the end of the lesson we compared our homework worksheet no 5 - Past simple -
We read the text and translated it.

Here our homework for the next lesson:
Textbook page 42 A1 A2 B1 B2 and C.

Have a nice week
See you next Monday at 2.30 pm

Yours Ursula

1th lesson on 22th October
From: Waltraud Nagel (Gast)Date: 24.10.2018, 17:59
Hello students,
Today it's my turn to do the logbook entry.
Last Monday we had the first lesson of our new course with our friendly English teacher. And really he was so friendly to donate good cooled sparkling wine for all of us. So we had a funny start into the next semester.

Some days before evelyn celebrated her birthday at home with family and friends. During she was talking about her party we were enjoying the selfmade cake she brought for us. The cake tasted delicous.

But we have also learned something in English. So we read in our book what's to do in an emergency case in a train. Then we repeated and practised some grammatical rules like past progressive and past simple.

Later we compared our homework.
Thomas asked what's easier for us: to translate from English into German or from German into English (or reverse?). Most of us meaned to translate English phrases in our native language is not so difficult.

So - and now to our new homework for the next lesson. Do all the exercices on worksheet no. 5 Past simple.

Have much fun.
See you next monday, October 29 (th) and think of it:
The lesson beginns at 14.30 pm (to 16.00 pm).

Have a nice time!

Best regards

17th lesson on 15th October
From: Elfi (Gast)Date: 16.10.2018, 13:38
Dear classmates,
We began our lesson with a glass of wine donated by Ursula and talking about the latest happenings. About the terrible accident on the "Wasserkuppe" whith a plane, about the "Kirmes" and about the football game Germany - Netherlands.
Then the work sheet ( Test Paper 3)was compared by us. It turned out that there were stll many questions and problems with the application of the the Present and Past. We still have to practice that.
Documents for practicing will be sent us by Thomas. To look at page 41 was recommended us by Thomas.

Have a nice week, see you on Monday.

Best regards

16th lesson on 8th October
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 10.10.2018, 16:43
Hi, folks!
As usual a short review to our previous lesson.
First we personally congratulated Ursula to her birthday.
This was the reason why she couldn't come last week.
Before we got started there was already a short break with coffee and cheesecake.
Well invigorated we checked Ute's logbook entry.
After that it got more difficult though.
The much-loved grammar practice followed.😕
We had to work out the worksheet number 43 for the second time.
Focus was the Passive in all it's possible variations.
We had to dealt therewith the rest of the whole lesson.
I'm really sure I haven't seen this worksheet for the very last time.😂
There is another worksheet "BFS Test Paper 3".
Filling out and bring along to the next lesson!
That's all for now.
I must hurry up. It's my mother in law's birthdays party tonight.
Have a nice time in the meantime.
Bye, yours Udo.

15th lesson on 1st October
From: Ute (Gast)Date: 05.10.2018, 13:14
Hello dear classmates,

Here is my short report of the last lesson. At first our teacher asked us of the football events in the last week. But we all are no football fans.
Rita only knew the results oft the different teams.
In this context we talked about the synonyms of football match visitors, poor example as spectators and hooligans.

At next we studied Beates` logbook entry. It was almost free of mistakes.

Then we read and translated the homework on p. 36. rnrnIn our English book of the“ Cultural differences.

In this text non-verbal gestures are described at could cause misunderstandings in different countries.rnrnNow we checked the grammar homework unit 42 and began the Part 42.4. rnrnThe rest of it is to do at home.

At last we studied the unit 43 and tried the section 43.4rnrnAnd now our homework : the grammar worksheet43.1 - 43.4

I hope you had a nice holiday yesterday.

Have a good time till our next lesson.
Yours Ute.

14th lesson on 24th october
From: Beate Rümker (Gast)Date: 27.09.2018, 15:56
E-Mail: familie.ruemker@googlemail.com
Hello dear classmates,
Here is my logbook entry of our lesson on 24th October. It was a very interesting lesson, because we made many different things.
Edith, Waltraud, Elfi and Ursula H.-M. reported of their holidays. So we could participate in their journeys to the Baltic Sea, Greece and the Dolomites.
Then we dealt with the excellent logbook entry of Ursula Sch.. I`m sure, you will have to correct more mistakes in my entry.
We also read in our textbook about journeys that changed travelling.
The highlight of our lesson was the work with the text of the Beatles-Song "Hey Jude". Günter gave everyone of us a copy and found out interesting background information. We even tried to sing the song.
At the end of the lesson we studied Unit 42 of the grammar worksheet and started solving exercise 42.3.
And here is our homework: Solve all exercises of unit 42 and part A, B, C on page 36 of our textbook.
I hope I see you all healthy next Monday.
Yours Beate

13th lesson on 17th September 2018
From: Ursula Schellenberger (Gast)Date: 20.09.2018, 15:34
E-Mail: ursche@gmx.de
Hello dear classmates,

Sorry, I kept you waiting for my logbook entry of our last lesson on Monday, September 17(th). I hope you could bear it! But here it is.

We started our lesson with vocabulary that resulted from the conversation. As some of our students had been on holidays and were back again Günther was asked to tell about it. He was in Constanz. The questioning was in details and so we even learned what he had had for breakfast.☺ Günter also told us some facts about the cleaning of the river Rhein. As suddenly his telephone was ringing with a special song of The Beatles he got the task to deliver the English text of that song for us to translate in our next lesson.

Then it was Ute`s turn. As she was also absent in our last lesson because she helped with the blood donation she told us what she had to do there. But not enough! We learned why donators go there to donate blood, how much blood they donate, how old they can or must be, if there are disqualifying factors and if they get something for the donation.
During the conversation we practised the Passive Voice because some sentences hadn`t been translated correctly.

Next we dealt with the logbook entry by Evelyn and worked through sentence by sentence. There were only a few mistakes that we all together corrected.
Last but not least we opened our textbooks on page 34 and worked out some exerecises that dealt with Past simple and the using of „much“ and „many“.

At last there is a homework again! ☻ Please read the text A, B and C on page 35 and do exercise number D!

Our next lesson will be on Monday, September 24(th) from 4.15 pm to 5.45 pm.
I´m looking forward to seeing you! Have a nice weekend!

Yours, Ursula Sch.

12th lesson on 10th September 2018
From: Evelin Schumann (Gast)Date: 12.09.2018, 10:01
E-Mail: schumann.evelin@gmail.com
Hello dear friends,

this week we were a very smal group on Monday. Half of our team was on holidays.
The greetings from Waltraud were our first task. Rita had to translate them. She did it perfectly.

Then we looked into the logbook entry. We thought that Waltraud mad some mistakes intentionally, so we had something to do. One problem we found was the handling with "bis". We know 4 possibilities "until", "by", "to" and "see you on",
Furthermore we spoke a bit about the news, such as the disappearance from Daniel Kueblboeck. So we encoutered some words, which we had forgotten (deliberately, intentionally, voluntarily).

The 3.topic we took care of was the homework on page 35 and unit 53: 3+4. A good opportunity for Thomas to check our vokabulary skills.
Because we were so few People Thomas didn't give us any homework.
I wish all classmates a wonderful week.
Yours Evelin

11th lesson on 3 september 2018
From: Waltraud Nagel (Gast)Date: 05.09.2018, 16:29
E-Mail: waltraud_nagel@web.de
Hello boys and girls ,

today I give you a summery of our last lesson und tomorrow I will fly with my husband to Greece, to Crete.
I hope you have a little bit of fun reading my logbook entry and you can learn something from my mistakes.

The last lesson was stressfull for us: two hours repetition of grammaticle rules.
We talked about verbs that are followed by -ing and about those verbs we had to use with ing and an infinitive form of a verb.
Our friendly Englisch teacher explained the rules and we had to do some exercises - following the slogan: Practise makes perfect. (oder: Uebung macht den Meister)

Our nice theacher Thomas was afraid we could forget what we've just learned. And so he decided to give us some homeworks for practice.
And this is what you have to do until the next lesson on monday, 10th September 2018, at 16.15 pm:

worksheet unit 53, No. 53.3. and 53.4.
and in our network book page 32, no. 5a.

So, that's all for the day.

Best regards

yours Waltraud
(swimming in the sea, eating greek food and drinking greek wine, walking and reading books sitting among the shades of the olive trees

10th lesson on 29 August 2018
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 29.08.2018, 16:24
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello dear students,
here a short summary of our last lesson. There were three highlights:
First: Elfi donated two bottels of sparkling wine because of her start as a new member in our group.
Second: We spoke about the last logbook entry by Edith and improved our grammar from this point view.
Third: Everybody gave a more or less long report about their holiday experiences. Time past quickly. If you are interested to do some homework ( little joke) please look in your e-mail box. There you find some material our teacher posted us. Please print it, bring it next week but solve exercise 53,1 and 54,1. I`m sure you`ll have fun with it!
See you next Monday at half past three in the afternoon.

Bye then, yours Rita

9th lesson on 20th Aug 2018
From: Edith Baier (Gast) (Gast)Date: 21.08.2018, 13:13
E-Mail: buchholtz-ernst@t-online.de
Hello dear classmates,

here is my logbook entry about the last lesson.

The summer holidays are over. The time of learning starts again. For the first English hour after the holidays, our group met at Weidebrunner Gasse 13 in SM. Almost all of our English course is known for this beautiful old house. We thank Rita very much, because she makes it possible for us to meet from time to time.

We were very happy to welcome Elfi Lachmund as a guest in our group. Maybe she likes us and she becomes a member of our group. She is welcome.
Since our guest wants to know for sure who we are.

Thomas asked that we tell about us. In a few words told Evelyn, Ute, Rita, Ursula Holland-Merten, Edith, Günter and Udo from their lives. Where were we born, where did we go to school, which career path did we go? We also reported on our private life situation. When did we retire? What are our hobbies?

Over tea, coffee and teabags, we experienced a very informative English lesson in a very relaxed atmosphere. We practiced talking outdoors (??) and with the help of Thomas we made better mistakes.
I wish you all a good week.

I wish our sick and prevented classmates a speedy recovery.

I´m looking forward to seeing you again on Monday, the 27th of August in the VHS.

Best regards from Edith

8th lesson on 25th June 2018
From: Günter (Gast)Date: 26.07.2018, 14:32
It was the last lesson before summer holiday.
As some class mates already were in holiday, so they spoke about theirs experiences as travellers.

The next lesson will be on Monday, 20th July 2018
at 9:00 am on Weidebrunner Gasse 13. (according Thomas's information the date will be changed to afternoon)

Homework: page 31, No. 4 and page 33, No. 1 - 6.

For all: have a nice summer time


7th lesson on Monday, 18th June 2018
From: Edith Baier (Gast) (Gast)Date: 19.06.2018, 14:06
E-Mail: buchholtz-ernst@t-online.de
Hello dear classmate,

Here is my logbook entry about the last lesson.Our classmates Ursula 2nd ,Evelyn, Kerstin and Guenter were missing.
At the beginning,we repeated what is right or wrong in the English language.
I think I write it down.
to be or not to be
have worked or worked
have worked - immer noch oder gerade beendet
= present perfect
worked - gestern, zuletzt
= simple past

from or of
ly or not ly

at or in or to
too or (not) either

A: I can swim - I can`t swim
B: I can swim, too - I can`t swim either

So I can`t - Neither can I
Me too - Me neither

from: woher
of : wessen (Genitiv)
example: The name of the town
The letter from Amerika

example: usually
I usually work on Friday.
He`s a usual man.
He`s usual.

example : am
I'm a slow driver.
I'm slow.
I drive slowly.

We take "at or in" if we can ask "Wo?". A place
We take "to" if we can "wohin". A direction

Then we talked about Ursula's logbook entry.
After that Thomas gave us worksheets,which we completed.
Nr.: 2 with the headline:

"Please complete the table with the right simple present from" and
No.: 3 with the headline: " Fill in the right answer".

You can find our homework in the textbook on page 31 no. 3 a and no .3 b as well as on worksheet no. 1 with the headline:
"Please translate into English or German".

Our last lesson before the summer holidays will be on Monday, 25th June at 4.15 pm.

Have a nice week.

Yours Edith

6th lesson on Monday, 11th June 2018
From: Ursula H-M (Gast)Date: 12.06.2018, 15:30
Hello dear students

Our last lesson started with the question:
What did you do last weekend?

Beate was to a street party, Waltraud have visited her sister in Weimar und
Edith was to a concert in Herges-H.
Rita told about her holiday in Bayern and Ute was to the medieval marked at the castle.
Then we spoke about the logbook entry from Ursula Sch.
We lerned from Ute, who lives in the houses on the "Steinernen Wiese"

The next topic were the currently news in the world.
At the end we compared the homework
worksheets 5.2 and 5.3.
Our next lesson will be on Monday 18th June 4.15

Have all a good time

5th lesson on Monday, 4th June 2018
From: Ursula Schellenberger (Gast)Date: 05.06.2018, 18:57
E-Mail: ursche@gmx.de

Hello dear classmates,
here is my summary of our last English lesson on Monday. As usual we met in the floor of the building of the district administration and told each other the last experiences we had.

Some students were back from their holidays and had a lot to talk. Our teacher has had to wait for us in the classroom for some minutes. Sorry, Thomas! As always he started the lesson with the questioning. First we told about the holidays. Beate and I spent some time on the Baltic Sea, Beate in Kühlungsborn and I in Kolobrzeg (Kolberg) in Poland. As my journey was combined with a health resort we spoke about some health insurance companies and how they support the treatments. Kerstin as a specialist gave us some information about the insurance company she works for.

Another subject of our talk was typical family names in Steinbach-Hallenberg, Schmalkalden and some surrounding villages. Then we spoke about some houses in the street "Steinerne Wiese". As we didn`t have exact knowledge about the houses' history Ute got the "thankful" task to deal with it and give a lecture about these houses in our next lesson.

Thomas told us his funny or exciting experience with a phone company and its dubious efforts to sell contracts to users. On this occation he gave us a warning never to enter into a contract with phone companies without beeing well informed on the conditions. Other subjects we discussed, concerned the strawberry and cherry harvest and as usual on Monday the Tatort thriller. Unfortunately only 4 students watched this film.
So it was a short discussion on it.

Then we worked through a helpful list with the vocabulary on feelings, that Ute had printed for all students. Thank you, Ute! After that we dealt with the loogbook entry written by Waltdraut. In this connection Thomas drawed our attention to the difference between the words „to lie“ (liegen) and „to lay“ (legen).

Last but not least we repeated grammar, especially Past simple with the help of worksheets.

You can find our homework on the worksheet number 5,2 and 5,3.

And don`t forget: Our next lesson will be on Monday, 11th June at 4.15 pm. Have a nice week!
Yours, Ursula 2nd

4th lesson on 28 May 2018
From: Waltraud Nagel (Gast)Date: 31.05.2018, 16:57
E-Mail: waltraud_nagel@web.de
Hello dear classmates,

today it's my first time to report about our lesson. The last lesson was full of repetition of grammatic rules and the use auf prepositions. It was very interesting for me because I'd forgotten so much.
But there was also enough time to talk about our last weekend - or about holiday like Edith did. She was at Lake Constance, visited Insel Mainau, was in Austria and Switzerland and so she saw many beautiful and important places. She told about her experiences.

Ute went to the market last Saturday und bought some plants for her garden.
Last but not least Rita told us a funny story about her own "lack of memory" or better about her forgetfulness.
Three times she had to go into the city by bike to buy something. First time she had forgotten the key oft the bike lock and so she drove back home to get it. Back in the city again she missed her wallet. It was still laying at home. So she went back again and startet her tour the third time. I think all of us know such situations.

Hope we have all things we need when our next lesson beginns in Monday 4th june at 9 am.

Have a nice weekend!

3rd lesson on 22 May 2018
From: Evelin Schumann (Gast)Date: 22.05.2018, 19:16
E-Mail: schumann.evelin@gmail.com
Hello dear classmates,

It"s my turn to report about our lesson. Since today our group has a new member. His name is Günter. You're welcome Günter!

The first highlight was the royal marriage in London. Especially Ute was very good informed. Most of us found Megan's dress marvelous, beautiful and unpretentious. Harry was wearing a gala-uniform.

The next topic was the long weekend. Everyone gave a short summary of their Whitsun.
Thomas hiked on Brocken, Udo visited his daughter, Waltraud was at her daughter too and Ute stayed at home and enjoyed the view from her terrace. Only Ursula had to work in her pension. Two classmates were in holiday: Edith in Mersburg on Lake Constance and Ursula in Kolberg, Poland.

After this issue we took care of the homework. We enumerated our activities under the heading Leisure, Family, Household and Personal hygiene and estimated how much time we spend on each of those activities.
The last point was the logbook entry from Beate. Thomas found some little mistakes- as always. Unfortunately Beate had an appointment. So she couldn't tgo with us to Eiskönig. Thomas invited us because his birthday. What a yummy end of this English lesson.

Our next meeting will be on Monday 28th May at 15:45.
I wish you a nice week! Yours Evelin

second lesson on 14th May
From: Beate Rümker (Gast)Date: 16.05.2018, 13:49
E-Mail: familie.ruemker@googlemail.com
Hello dear students
Here is a short summary of our last lesson.
The main topic was how we spent Ascension Day and the long weekend after that day.
Our teacher asked each of us what they did. Ursula, the 2nd was on the Ellenbogen and Rita on the Gläser. Udo celebrated Men's Day on the Maienluft. Kerstin went on a bicycle tour around Trusetal and Waltraud relaxed in her garden. Evelin was at a birthday party that weekend and so on.
I had brought a written description of the activities for several days. We had guests and so there was much to report. We corrected the mistakes in my report together.
We spoke about Rita's incisive logbook entry after that. The time pasted too fast. We couldn't compare the homework anymore. So we'll have to do it in our next lesson.
Only Ursula the 2nd has to prepare an elaboration about reflexive verbs after her holidays.
So; that was all.
I'm looking forward to seeing you all after Whitsun.
Yours Beate

1st lesson on 7th May
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 10.05.2018, 16:12
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello together,

here is the weekly report of our first lesson in the new course.

First we welcomed three new students in our group: Christa from Steinbach- Hallenberg, Waltraud from Breitungen and Kerstin from Trusetal. I'm sure they will enrich our conversation course!
And so it wasn't really a surprise that we had to introduce each other. Beate spoke about Evelyn, Udo about Edith and so on. Then our teacher had a lot of questions to our experiences during the last (English- free) weeks. Edith prepared herself in writing and so everyone translated a part of her text into German.Then we translated the extensive logbook entry of Ursula 2nd and checked the homework.

By the way, here is the homework for our next lesson: textbook page 28 nr.:A read / nr.: B, C and D please fill in!

Have fun with it but if you do it don't lose your " work-life balance".

Bye then, Rita

18th lesson on 26th March
From: Ursula Schellenberger (Gast)Date: 31.03.2018, 19:03
E-Mail: ursche@gmx.de
Hello dear classmates,

today it's my turn again to summarize our last Monday lesson. It was the last lesson of the course before we'll start a new one on 7th May.

First we spoke about the weather and its caprioles but especially about the sunny days at the last weekend. Our teacher wanted to know which of us started the garden season. Ute and Udo couldn't bear it an so they started working in their gardens. As Thomas went on a long hike and came on his way back via Wasungen he asked Udo some questions about this small town. Then he wanted to know how we spent the last weekend. After that we spoke about our plans at Easter.

The logbook entry that was done by Ute was our next subject. As we started a new chapter about our hobbies in our last but one lesson we should write down some sentences about it as homeweork. Everybody of us read out their report and so we learnt a lot about our classmates' freetime activities. It was very interesting and informative.

We went on with some expercises on the worksheets 14 and 16. These exercises dealt with present continuouse and present simple. This topic was continued by exercises 4 on page 23, and 3 on page 25 and exercises A1, A2, B1, B2 and B3 on page 26 of our English book. Then we listened to a tape and answered the questions in exercise 5 on page 25. In exercise 5b we put the lines in the right order and in exercise 5d we practised a dialogue about a meeting with a partner.

Exercise 4 dealt with the word order in questions. In exercise 5 we assigned the words "yes" or "no" to the right sentence. You see, we had a lot to do!

All students of our course are keen on continuing their English studies in a new course. And so our teacher made us happy with a new homework: exercises 6 and 7 on page 25 an all exercises on page 27. Our new course will start on 7th May at 9 o' clock. Let's keep in touch by WhatsApp or otherwise.
I wish you a nice time by then and our teacher wonderful holidays!

Yours, Ursula Sch.

17th lesson on 19th March
From: From: Ute Mudra (Gast)Date: 21.03.2018, 14:18
E-Mail: r.u.mudra@gmx.de">dr.u.mudra@gmx.de
Hello dear classmates
Our last lesson was a total normal one, whithout coffee,
cake and sparkling wine. At first our teacher asked the
students how they spended the last weekend.
At this weekend the weather was very cold and sturmy,
forgotten was the spring,. An icy wind blow through the
streets.So the most of us stayed at home. Only Rita
had to go with her dog outside and our teacher was
too in the nature. Then we spoke about the last
weekend TV programm .At the next we read the
worksheet nr.17 and asked the questions.
Then we read”free time” in our textbook page 22
and talked on it.We listened to a conversation
about the new word “upcycling”.It means :
From old to new ! This isn`t unknown for us from
the old GDR.
Now our homework is in the textbook page 23 nr.3
and on the worksheet Unit 18 page 14 nr.16.A short report
of your day from get up until to the noon or longer.

Have a nice time with a better weather !
Attention! Our next lesson is beginning at 9 o`clock.

Yours Ute

16th lesson on 12th March
From: Ursula H-M (Gast)Date: 13.03.2018, 12:30
In our last lesson we could welcome Beate. She was return from her holiday, who she celebrated her wedding day and her birthday.
She brought self-made cake and we drank coffee and sparkling wine.
Then Thomas started a test from worksheet Unit 43.
What we have don at the weekend, was our teachers next question.
Some said that they attended events.
Next topic was the logbook-entry. We read the text and improved mistakes.
Now we compared our homework exercise Unit 57, and we read in the textbook page 19 "Job interviews" and solved the question page 20.
The new homework: check your E-mail
This was the report from our last lesson.
Have a nice time.
See you on Monday


14th lesson on 5th March
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 07.03.2018, 17:00
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello and welcome to a next logbook entry.Let me summerize what we have done in our last lesson.
Because of her birthday Ursula 2nd served us a tasty Swedish apple cake and coffee. Thank you ones more for that.
Then we started our regular small talk with a special men topic: cars!!! Thomas and Udo discussed about car wash and wheel change. After that we changed the subjekt and spoke about town traffic: how to come from A to B in Schmalkalden ( by bus , bicycle, car or by foot).In addition Thomas tested us in vocabulary. Then we checked the homework: sheetwork 43.3.
This is the homework for our next lesson: textbook, page 19 read and nr.:B / sheetwork Unit 57 nr.:2+3.

Bye then, Rita

13th lesson on 26th February
From: Ursula Schellenberger (Gast)Date: 27.02.2018, 18:22
E-Mail: ursche@gmx.de
Hello dear classmates,
let me summarize what we have done in our last English lesson. First our teacher Thomas wanted to know where Ursula`s (Ho.-Me.) surname comes from and if there´s a familiy tree. So we had a short talk about family names. Then Thomas started a talk about the Olympic Games and especially about ice hockey. After that he wanted to know who had seen the last Tatort - thriller and if it is worth watching. I began to tell how the film started and which persons were involved. Unfortunately for Thomas I told who the murderer was. No suspense any more! Sorry! Then Edith told us that she had her hair cut last saturday. And this was our next topic: A talk about women`s visit to a hairdresser`s. Thomas learnt that a woman needs on average (with waiting time) about 3 hours. What a waste of time - might has been his thought! Udo noticed that he needs only 20 minutes including washing. Another difference between men and women! Then we told about the first school day and how the girls wore their hair at that time, long or short. Udo was asked to remember which concert he visited last. This question led to a talk about the band Dire Straits and their songs. After that our teacher read Rita`s loogbook entry. It was perfect! Then we dealt with our homework. The vocabulary refered to our jobs and the grammar to the simple present. The worksheet was a real challenge and therefore we practised the use of too, either, neither and negative sentences.
The homework for our next lesson you will find on a worksheet too: unit 43, exercises 43.3 to 43.5.
The next lesson will be on Monday, 5th March at 4.15 p.m.
I wish you a nice and interesting week and a wonderful weekend.
See you later!
Yours Ursula Sch.

12th lesson on 22th February
From: Rita (Gast)Date: 25.02.2018, 09:29
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Logbook the third attempt, better late than never!

Hello together,

here the short comment to our last lesson. The main topics in our conversation company were: the Olympic Games, memories of our own wedding, thoughts to our best and worst jobs. It was a good mixture at all. On the side poor Udo had to translate the whole logbook entry by Beate. Hi did a good job. Then we checked the homework and refreshed some Grammar: The Present simple. Our homework for tomorrow I`ve already posted in our WhatsApp community. See you Monday afternoon.

By then, yours Rita

11th lesson on 19th February
From: Beate (Gast)Date: 19.02.2018, 21:39
Hello classmates,
I'm the first logbook writer in our English Week. Remember with me what we did in our English course today.
First we noticed that our classmate Udo had the day before his birthday. And none of us thought of it and none of our group congratulated him with WhatsApp. Shame on us. Of course we made up the congratulations and wished him the best. Udo baked a delicious cake for us despite our failure and he also had coffee for us.
Of course we worked again to improve our English skills.
First we spoke about the Olympics in South Korea and the results of our athletes . Then everyone told how he spent the weekend. We also spoke about our homework. We worked out profiles of Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steven Spielberg . So we learned a lot of interesting things.
Then we repeated with our teacher Thomas the English words for family members and relatives and wrote the family tree of Asif.
Our homework for Thursday is reading page 14 and 15 of our textbook and the exercises 1c and 1d on page 15.
I'm looking forward to see you all on Thursday and I hope Ute and Ursula are well again.
Best regards
Yours Beate

10th lesson on 15th February
From: Evelin (Gast)Date: 18.02.2018, 09:57
Dear classmates,
Today it's my turn to report about our last English lesson.
First, Beate gave us a very interesting feature about Valentinsday.
Then, Thomas asked Udo about the carnival in Wasungen.
Everyone told what he saw and heard about the Olympic Games.
The next topic was the housework (page 8 and 9).
The grammar part was very difficult. We repeated the verbs "be" and "have" with all their tenses. For that we made the tasks on page 10.
Rita read the text on page 11 and we were surprised who scored best on the survey. The housework for this week is topic �B� on page 11.
Our next date is on Monday the 19th at 16:15.
But we have �English week�, so that we�re going to meet on Thursday too.
I wish you all a nice weekend!
Yours Evelin

9th lesson on 8th February
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 10.02.2018, 11:25
E-Mail: udo_info@gmx.de
Hi guys, I won the jackpot last lesson.😂
So, I'm the logbook author this time.
What took place on previous Thursday?
As usual we spoke about our activities last week .
Main topic was the weather and the trips into winter wonderland.
The good news is that the sun is back again.🌞
Then we were reading out the calendar sheets.
After that it was time for a break!
We were spoiled by Ute with self-made cookies and real coffee.
Thank heaven!
We didn't have drinking the dire brew from the automatic coffee maker.
Furthermore we checked the homework and solved some exercises from the textbook.
The new homework is No.4b, 4c on p. 8 and the total p. 9.
Now I have to hurry up, because the carnival parade begins soon.
Till next Thursday!
Bye for now, yours Udo🙂

8th lesson on 1st February
From: Edith Baier (Gast) (Gast)Date: 02.02.2018, 18:19
E-Mail: buchholtz-ernst@t-online.de
Hello dear classmates,
Here is my report from our lesson yesterday.
Again we enjoyed the beautiful view of our town Schmalkalden. For some of us, the names of neighberhoods and streets were unknown.
At the beginning of our lesson Thomas checked some vocabulary words.That is important to us.
Then we read the report about the last lesson in our logbook. The report was very detailed, thank you, Ursula, the 2nd.

After that we checked our homework. All our classmates had read and translated the texts on pages 102 and 103.
The story on page 102 was very interesting and we experienced matches that we did not know.
We learned a lot from the content of page 103 .

Thomas asked us for many new vocabulary words and expressions. Thomas asked questions about the text and we answered it.

Then we have read some funny calendar sheets (Jokes).
With the exercise on page 104 "Test yourself 3" we shot down the textbook "English network 3 .
We started working in the new textbook "Network Refresh Now A 2 ". The exercise on page 6 nr. 1 b was solved in class our lesson.

Thomas again explained the importance of the helpers: have, be, do,will .
At the end of the lesson we did exercises according to the motto: What do you know about your classmates ?

For the next lesson we have got homework.
Our homework is in the new textbook on page 7 nr.2 and nr.3
Our next lesson will be Thursday, February 8th at half past three p.m.
See you than, have a good time !

Yours Edith

7th lesson on 25th January
From: Ursula Schellenberger (Gast)Date: 29.01.2018, 17:53
E-Mail: ursche@gmx.de
Hello dear classmates,

I'd like to give you a short summary on our last lesson. That lesson took place in a room we hadn`t seen yet before. We were very surprised at the wonderful view out of the big windows. As we didn`t exactly know some of the buildings we saw from this perspective we speculated on what buildings that could be. At the beginning of the lesson I gave my report on the last few weeks because we hadn`t had enough time in the last lesson. When it was my turn to tell about it time was over. After that we had a talk about the weather. A short time ago there was a very stormy day that caused damage.

Then we answered a lot of Thomas’ questions in order to practise the English language. Thomas taught us several new words or expressions during the individual talks. Especially interesting was Edith`s information on a kitchen utensil named Quick Chef. Later She sent photos on it by WhatsApp because we couldn’t imagine this kitchen wonder.
Thomas asked Edith for the recipe about potato fritters. After that we checked our homework of the last two lessons. There were many tasks to be done. They concerned grammar, role play and a story in English.

For the next lesson we`ve got homework, too: first a story on page 102 to read and translate and second the tasks on page 103.

Our next lesson will be on Thursday, February 1st at half past three p.m.
See you then, have a good time!
Yours, Ursula 2nd

6th lesson on January 8th
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 11.01.2018, 17:05
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Dear students,
here the short report of our first lesson in 2018.
First we welcomed the New Year by drinking sparkling wine donated by our teacher Thomas. Thank you! Than everybody had to tell his experiences around Chrismas and New Year eves. Time past quickly, so unfortunelity Ursula couldn`t tell us anything about her Christmas time.
Our next lesson will be on Thursday,25th at half past three.
Homework: textbook page 107 read/ page 101 nr.: 2/ page 100 nr.: 6
Wish all of you a good time,
Yours Rita

5th lesson on 18th December
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 08.01.2018, 13:13
Our last lesson took place in Cafe Endter this time. We were invited by Edith as it was her birthday before. Thanks Edith!
We discussed some Christmas customs from our childhood and now and read some jokes.
Happy new year to everybody!

4th lesson on 20th November
From: Evelin Schumann (Gast)Date: 21.11.2017, 16:02
E-Mail: schumann.evelin@gmail.com
Dear classmates
Yesterday we met in Weidebrunner Gasse in the half-timbered-frame-house. Before we came, Rita had excellently prepared the meeting. The room was warm and the coffee was almost done. Everyone got the translation of the flyer of the house from her.
At first we congratulated Edith to her birthday and drunk a glass of sparkling wine to her health. Then we had a lot of fun with the reports about the last three weeks. Everyone talked about some events in this time.
The second part was to translate and repeat the logbook entry from Ursula.
Our next appointment is in Café Endter in Schmalkalden on 18th of December at 4 pm.
Beginning with the new year we will not meet in the morning on Mondays anymore. We will probably get a new time in afternoon. Thomas will tell us next time. He gave us two sheets with exercises for homework. The ones who were not at the meeting will get these tasks via email.
I hope you will have some good days !
Yours Evelin

3rd lesson on 1(st) November, 2017
From: Ursula Schellenberger (Gast)Date: 03.11.2017, 12:05
E-Mail: ursche@gmx.de
Hello dear classmates,
today it`s my turn to write the report on our last lesson.

On this occasion I want to tell you and our teacher Thomas that I enjoy practising English together with you. There`s a pleasant atmosphere in this course and this has made it easier for me to join.
I told you that I haven`t spoken the English language for more than 30 years. I have forgotten so much and therefore I was very excited in my first lesson. But all of you had been very kindly. Thank you!

But now let`s remember our last lesson on Wednesday.
We started with a talk about a big event in our town on Tuesday. There had been celebrated the 500th anniversary of the reformationrnin the church and on the market place. Some of our students had taken part in the service and in the event on the market after that. And some of them had listened to a concert in the afternoon.

In the next part of our lesson we read the report that had been written into the logbook by Beate.
Our lesson continued with the reports on the last weekend experiences of every one of us.

During break we celebrated Rita`s birthday with sparkling wine, coffee and cake. By the way, it`s a nice tradition!

We used the last part of our lesson for translating the leaflet about the half-timbered experience house in Weidebrunner Gasse 13 in Schmalkalden.

Rita had diligently prepared the translation so that we could go through sentence for sentence. As the german text hadn`t been clear or unequivocal (unmissverständlich) it took us a lot of time to translate some sentences so that English speaking tourists can unterstand them. Some Words are difficult to translate because they are very special from architecture. But we finised it! Rita has got the task to write the translation once more with all corrections or changes. rnOur next lesson will be in the half-timbered house in Weidebrunner Gasse 13 on November 20th at 4 p.m.

I´m looking forward to it. Have a good time by then!

Yours Ursula 2nd

Second lesson on 23 October
From: Beate Rümker (Gast)Date: 24.10.2017, 19:13
E-Mail: familie.ruemker@googlemail.com
Hello dear classmates,

remember with me our last English lesson.
We had a nice time. Evelin and Ursula had their birthday in October. We congratulated and wished them luck and much health. We drank a glas of sparkling wine and ate the good tasting cake, they had baked.

But we also did something to improve our English skills. First everyone told what he has done last week and the weekend. Our teacher Thomas reported about his long hike through the Rhön and the Thüringen Forst.

After a short break we read the text on page 97 in our textbook and translated him. Then we listened a call from Donna in the Staates. She phoned Mike in England. We had to answered the questions on page 96 number 4 about this call.
For some of us it was hard to unterstand everything. I think we still have to practice that.
And hurray, the teacher forget the homework.

Glad to see you all next Wednesday

Yours Beate

1st lesson on 16th October
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 19.10.2017, 11:28
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello dear students,

this isthe first short report in our new course.
First we welcomed a new member, Ursula Schellenberg. So everybody had to introduce themselves. Actually it takes us the whole time of our lesson. At the end Thomas gave us some interesting impressions of his trip to Thailand. The homework is .. to look forward to our next lesson. Have a nice time... yours Rita.

From: Evelin Schumann (Gast)Date: 30.05.2017, 12:50
E-Mail: schumann.evelin@gmail.com
Today we spoke about our experiences on mans day in the beginning. Then Thomas asked whether we use hand written or digital adress servicee. While we learned we drank a glas of sparkling wine. The next point was the homework (Part 3 - Dialogue page 15 and the last part of Nr. 4 page 13) After the break we read the story"Enjoy jour flight" page 10,11 and completed Nr. 2b. I hope you all have a nice summer and we will see each other in October!
Yours Evelin

11th lesson on 22.05.
From: Edith Baier (Gast)Date: 22.05.2017, 20:17
E-Mail: e.buchholtz@t-online.de
Hallo dear classmates,
here is the report about our last lesson.
I visited the Luthertown Wittenberg last week.
I showed some pictures of the artist´s panorama art work Yadegar Asisi.
Because Thomas had birthday, we drank a glas of sparkling wine on his health. rn
We got to know a lot of new vocabulary.
Then we report on what we had done last weekend.
On Saturday was a wine festival took place on the Old Market of Schmalkalden.
On Sunday, many people greeted the arrival of the Luther movement.
There were many prominent guests and celebrated with the visitors a cheerful church service.
Some of us were there too.
Then we checked our homework. We had a poem to complete.
After break we practised some tasks on worksheets.
Finaly Thomas gave us the homework: worksheet, page 15, nr.: 1b Build a dialogue and on page 13, nr.: 4, questions 18 to 25 are to be completed.
However we`ll have our last lesson on Monday May`29th.
Best regards to all of you.
Beate, I wish you a relaxing holiday and all classmates have a nice summer.

Yours Edith

10th lesson on 15th May
From: Beate Rümker (Gast)Date: 17.05.2017, 14:02
E-Mail: familie.ruemker@googlemail.com
Hello classmates,
remember with me of the last English lesson. It
was a great time, because we had a lot to celebrate. Our English teacher Thomas had that day his birthday and our classmate Ute and her
husband celebrated their golden wedding the weekend before.
First we drank a glas of sparkling wine to the good of the jubilars. Then each of us read an English joke and translate it. After that special English humor everyone told how he spent the weekend.
In the break we drank coffee and ate the cake Utes husband had baked. The cake was very
In the week before our teacher gaves us a homework and after the break we had to read this text about a murder in the mountains. Then we answered to a lot of questions what happened there.
At the end of the lesson Thomas gaves us our homework: We had to build a poem of given words and groups of words.
On Thuesday we saw us already again to a very interesting guide-tour: "Were Luther quaralled and suffered."

Glad to see you all next Monday. Then I have holidays! Year!!!
Yours Beate

9th lesson on 12th May
From: Rita (Gast)Date: 11.05.2017, 11:17
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello together

here is the summery of our last lesson. In addition I`ll give you an outlook for next week. As always we started our lesson by reading and translating some more or less interesting English jokes. We are amazed for British humour always again.Then we talked about topics like weekend on May 1st and family events like confirmation and " youth- orders" in our past. After break we practised some tasks on worksheets. Finaly Thomas gave us the homework: worksheet, page 4-5, nr.: 2a/ 2b. At the end of our lesson we had to say goodbye to Quafae. She has to finish the course because of her holiday next week. Later on she has to work on Monday. We`ll miss her much!

However we`ll have our next lesson on Monday, May`15th. Unfortunelity I can`t say anything for our guide-tour on Tuesday. The receptionist of the tourist- niformation wasn`t able to give me any clear information until now. But it works and I´m confident.
Enjoy to see you soon!

Bye, Rita

8th lesson on 24th April
From: Ute (Gast)Date: 26.04.2017, 21:51
E-Mail: r.u.mudra@gmx.de">dr.u.mudra@gmx.de
Hello classmates !

Past two weeks Easter holidays we met again in the new rooms of the VHS in the Landratsamt. Our course room is on the 4th floor (original in German the 3rd.)
From there we have a wonderful view until the Werratal bridge.
On this day ( 4.24 ) Sibylle had birthday. We congratulated her and sangrn “ Happy birthday “. We drank sparkling wine and ate strawberry cake which she had brought.

At first our teacher distributed calendar sheets to reading and translating.

Than he asked us how everyone splent the Easter holidays. Some of us travelled to west and east of Germany, the other celebrated with their family and relatives at home. Our teacher wandered with his son and grandchild to the Wasserkuppe. But everywhere the weather was cool and rainy. The Easter meal mainly consisted of lamb, green beans and dumplings or of salmon with potatoes and asparagus or salad. Only Ouafae took part on a barbecue with salad party.

Later we checked the homework on page 98 nr.2 At last Rita gave us an overview about expressive words how great or fantastic. We were excited about this. Than the lesson was finished and our teacher forgot to give homework us! Yeah !

Have a good time until the next lesson on 8th May !

7th lesson on 3rd April
From: Ouafae (Gast)Date: 03.04.2017, 19:09
E-Mail: wafae.raschi@t-online.de
Hello dear classmates,
The summary of our last lesson:

First, our teacher asked everyone questions regarding last weekend than he gave us calendarsheets to read . We took break at 10: 30 to drink coffee witch Rita brought, afterwards, we corrected the homewok ex. 4 p 95 , we moved on the page 96 , everyone talked about his favourite TV, how many hours a week does he or she watch TV. Finally, we corrected execices Unit 9 present tenses for the future 19.1, 19.4.

Homework p 98 Ex. 2
I wish you a nice Easter.

6th lesson on 27th March
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 30.03.2017, 07:43
E-Mail: udo_info@gmx.de
Hello classmates,
here is a short report about the last lesson.
First we spoke about how everybody spent the last weekend.
Finally, spring is coming💐.
The weather is extraordinary beautiful and because of that all Bavarians in the beer garden again.🍺
But we have to improve our English language skills.
We checked the homework and did some exercises with the textbook.
Grammar rules of future was the main topic.
We did lots of things like speaking practice, reading exercises or language exercises.
The homework this week is:
Page 95 number 4 plus the worksheet you have got by email.
To our next lesson we are at "police station" for the last time.😕
Wish you a nice WE with the best weather ever.
See you on Monday, yours Udo the best coffee cook a.D.☕️

5th lesson on 20th march
From: Sibylle (Gast)Date: 21.03.2017, 15:05
E-Mail: sibylle.hoffmann@gmx.de
Hello together,
our last lesson was also a very long lesson and I would like to give you a brief summary of it. First we talked about different topics. Then Evelyn corrected the logbook entry of Edith. Both did it very well and Thomas gave Edith mark 2+. After that we compared our homework. In addition we learned the different possibilities how to use the future in English: will-future, going to future, present progressive and simple present. We practised that on page 92 and had to find out the future events in the dialogue between Donna and Mike. Everyone had to say sentences in the future. We also listened to a dialogue about radio newsflash. It was not so difficult to understand and so we could solve the tasks 3 and 3a. Thomas gave us calendar sheets; we learned new vocabulary and laughed about the jokes. But then we needed a break. Udo had already prepared the coffee for us. He is the best. After the break Thomas gave us a very interesting topic: the internet. We discussed about online banking, make purchases and pay on the internet and work with the computer. Maybe we can speak next sometimes about younger and older people who play every day on the computer. Then we solved the tasks on page 93/4b, 6 and 7. At last Rita read the text on page 94 about present progressive and we did the exercises on page 94 and 95/ 5.
And here is our homework for the next week: page 93/5
Write down three or more warnings you would give people in one of this situation. Have fun with it.
Have a nice week
yours Sibylle

4d lesson on 13th march
From: Edith Baier (Gast)Date: 13.03.2017, 17:28
E-Mail: e.buchholtz@t-online.de
Hello dear classmates,
here is the overview of our last English hour.
We sincerely hope that Ursula is back with us at the next English hour.
As in the last lesson, each of us has read a joke.
We were amazed at the English humor.
Thomas asked us questions on varions topics, which we should answer.
The aim of these exercises is to speak a lot. This is very good, but I find it very difficult to speak.
Before and after the coffee break we worked with our textbook.
We repeated rules of grammar and checked our homework.
In this lesson, too, a hearing test was conducted to help us understand the language better.
The homework for the next lesson can be found on page 94 nr. 2 and page 95 nr. 3.
I wish you a good week and look forward to seeing you again at 8.30 o`clock Monday, March 20th.
Your Edith

3d lesson on 6th March
From: Beate Rümker (Gast)Date: 08.03.2017, 10:02
E-Mail: familie.ruemker@googlemail.com
Hello together
,here is the summery of our last lesson. It was the first "XXL"-lesson and that was very hard. But our teacher mixed the topics very good. It was interesting and we learned a lot.
First he gaves everybody a calendarsheet with an english joke and we must translate it.
Then we drank a glas of sparkling wine, because the 6th of March was my birthday. I had to tell, how I will celebrate this day.
We also talked about the spring and springflowers and what sorts of plants we have in our garden.

After a break with coffee, cookies and sweets we compared the homework and continued the work with grammar. We learned comparison 2 and 3 in our worksheets and made many exercises with various comperatives. It was hard work and very difficult.

The homework for next week is textbook page 91 Nr. 4 and 5
I wish all a nice week!

Yours Beate

2nd lesson on 20th February
From: Evelin (Gast)Date: 27.02.2017, 14:17
Today it’s my turn to report about our last English class. At first, Udo talked about the carnival in Wasungen and Sybille and Edith reported about Viernau. Sybille took care of a pleasant atmosphere by bringing delicious little cakes. After that, we listened to a joke from each classmate. After the break, we moved on to grammar unit 105 and 106 and did exercises 105.1 and 106.4. Our homework for next Monday is exercise 105.2 and 105.3.
Have a nice week (and for those of us having a cold: get well soon)!

1st lesson on 20th February
From: Ursula (Gast) (Gast)Date: 21.02.2017, 13:34
Hello together

We started a new 42 lesson course today!

Here is a short report about our last lesson.
First we spoken about weather.
Then we read and translated different jokes. we have learned a lot of new words.
In the break we ate cakes and drank sparking wine at Udos birthday.
Thanks Udo and congratulation.
After break we checked our homework textbook page 88. We read and translated the text too.
At the end Thomas explained us the increase of adverbes.
And here the homework for next week: Textbook page 91 / 3 and checked the E-Mail too.

Have all a nice week

14th lesson on13th February
From: Rita (Gast)Date: 13.02.2017, 17:10
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello dear colleagues,

here is a overview about our last lesson. First we read and tryed to understand different jokes, our teacher gave us on a piece of paper. After that we talked about our life with cars. Thomas had a lot of questions for this topic.So we realized that older weman don't like it to drive long distances, like in holiday.
After break,with coffee and biscuites, we compared our homework: " Looking for a receptionist". Everyone had to read its own dialog.And this is the homework for next Monday: to read all text at textbook, page 88.
We are going to start a new section of learning English next week. You can find the whole timetable at our Whats app commuunity. Hope to see you all again then.

Bye, yours Rita

The summary
From: Ouafae (Gast)Date: 08.02.2017, 16:56
E-Mail: wafae.raschi@t-online.de
Hello dear classmates,

The summary of our lesson on Monday 06 February. In the first, we started by correcting the homework ( description of yourself) then translated the text James Coburn s school for butlers p: 83 and the texts unit 5: languages und cultures p: 85 into German .We move on the page 86 , listened to the dialogue Teleworking and answered questions .
Finaly, Rita has had a suggestion: More time for oral : classmates are expected to talk to each other about different everyday topics, It s good idea! It helps to improve our spoken.
Homework: 1 p: 84, 4- Role-play p: 86.
See you Monday
Yours Ouafae

12th lesson on 30th January
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 01.02.2017, 12:00
E-Mail: Udo_info@gmx.de
Good morning classmates !

So, let's look back at our last lesson.
The bad news first. Jörg have to leave the course because he haven't got any time.
He's job-related really busy now. What a pity.
Unfortunately there are only two men in the course now, our teacher and me.
So, "all men who want to learn perfect english are Welcome".
"English training in relaxed atmosphere with guaranty of sucsess"
I should earn money with PR-campaigns.😂
Okay, what have we done last lesson?
First wie spoke about our activities at the past weekend.
Next we checked the homework.
It was a bit tricky because there were some possibilities to solve the exercises.
Then we worked with the textbook.
Main topic was working world especially employers and employees.
Furthermore we translated a conversation, that we heard before, into German.
Homework: page 82 number 5a, read the article "... School of butlers"
See you on Monday, bye-bye, yours Udo🙂

11th lesson on 23th January
From: Edith Baier (Gast)Date: 24.01.2017, 10:43
E-Mail: e.buchholtz@t-online.de
From: Edith (Gast) Date: 24.1.2017

Hello dear classmates,

This is the report on our lesson today.
First we checked our homework from page 80 nr. 2 and nr. 3.
Then we started to work with EXERCISES Unit 9 nr. 9.1, nr.9.2, nr. 9.4 and Unit 10 nr. 10.1 and nr. 10.3.
We worked hard and we learnt a lot.
After break in the second part of the lesson we worked on our textbook page 81 nr.4 and nr.5.
At the end of the English lesson we wrote a dictation.
We heart of a woman with a unusual job. She is a boxer.
Please checked your emails. Thomas gave us the homework.
I wish your a nice week.
Se you next Monday.

Yours Edith

10th lesson on 16th January
From: Ute (Gast)Date: 18.01.2017, 19:56
Dear classmates,

today I dry to write about our 10th lesson in -01-16. On this day all pupils were there.
First we talked about the homework lesson12 with the grammar “needn`t and don`t need to.
Then we began the new lesson : Unusual jobs on the page seventy-eight.We spoke about the waiting people how long they were been in the waiting room at the doctor`s. All the next we listened to an interview of Donna Ashby with a waiting woman works as boxer.
In the breakfast we drank sparkling wine because our coffee was finished.
Then Udo read two short stories to us : the first about a cemetry for pets how hamster, cats,dogs and crocodiles; the second about “Father Christmas “.

Our homework is on the page eighty nr.2 and on the page eighty-one nr.3 in our textbook

additional from our teacher the lesson Unit 9 and 10.
Have a nice week

9th lesson on 9th January
From: Rita (Gast)Date: 12.01.2017, 16:16
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello dear students,

this is the summary of our first lesson in 2017. First we welcomed the New Year by drinking a beaker of sparkling wine. Then we started a small talk about our experiences at Christmas and New Years Eve. The talk last a hour. After that we compared the homework, textbook page 77 nr.: 3 and 4. Time for a break and the tasty " Tree cake", sponsored by Edith. Thank you so much!
In the second part of the lesson we prasctised a lot of grammar, for example how to use " must"," mustn`t" and " needn`t" such as " for" and " since". When we had finished that everybody`s head were thumping. This is the homework : worksheed, page 25, nr.: 12.4
" " 65, nr.: 32.2
Good luck, see you next Monday!

Yours Rita

8th lesson on 19th Dezember
From: Sibylle (Gast)Date: 20.12.2016, 10:36
E-Mail: sibylle.hoffmann@gmx.de
Hello together ,
our last English lesson in 2016 was a history lesson.
And it was a very special one.
We visited the old half timbered house in Weidebrunner alley 13 in Schmalkalden. We got lots of new information about the house. It is one of the five oldest houses in Thuringia, it was built in 1369. The history of the building is much preserved and still visible.
And who made it possible?
Our classmate Rita. She works in the society who takes care of it.
She's guided us through the house.
We acted English tourists. And so she had to speak in English.
And I must say she did it very well!!!
After that we had a little Christmas party in a nice room in the upper floor. Rita, thank you so much for everything.
I'm looking forward to see you in 2017. Have a nice Christmas time and a Happy New Year.
Bye yours Sibylle

7th lesson on 12th of december
From: Evelin Schumann (Gast)Date: 12.12.2016, 13:55
Dear classmates
Today we worked very hard and we learnt a lot. First of all we controlled our homework: some classmates read the formal letter from page 69 and then we read the text on page 71 about special days in Britain and in America. Secondly, we continued with a story about India on page 106. We read it and translated it. We did the same with the text about nurses in Britain on page 85. Our last task was the dialog on page 74. After reading it, we repeated the present perfect with since and for in 2a and 3 on page 75. The homework will be number 3 and 4 on page 77. Our next meeting is going to be on Weidebrunner Gasse at 9:30. I’m looking forward to see you all at our „christmasparty“!

Best regards,

6th lesson on 5th december
From: Beate Rümker (Gast)Date: 05.12.2016, 18:06
E-Mail: familie.ruemker@googlemail.com
Hello dear classmates,
This is the report on our lesson today.
First we spoke about Udo and his new dog. He couldn't come, because he must take care of him. Then everybody told, what he was doing last weekend.
We checked our homework and learned something about writing messages and letters.
We also made a knowledge quiz about UK and USA.
Our homework for next Monday: Page 69/ 3 and read the special report about turkey dinners in Britain and America.
I hope, I'll see you all next week.
Best regards

5th lesson on 30th November
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 30.11.2016, 16:59
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello all together,

what happened in our last lesson? First Sybille gave us full information about her race to the USA. She told us a lot interesting things about nature, culture and the way of life in the south west of the USA. After that the other members of our group told what they were doing last weekend. Some of them visited Chrismas markets or other events.
Then we started to work with our book and checked the homework. In addition we read the text " Ethnic groups" at page 67 and practised listening study at page 68, nr.:2/3.
After break we made a role play; page 68, nr.:4.There for we had to work with a partner. The subjekt was to talk about a recent public event.
And here comes the homework: page 72, nr.: 1,2 and 3. Have fun with it. See you next Monday.
Bye Rita

4th lesson on 20th November
From: Sibylle (Gast)Date: 23.11.2016, 18:42
E-Mail: sibylle.hoffmann@gmx.de
Dear classmates,
this is the summary of our last lesson. First Edith invited us to a glass of champagne and some biscuits. Thank you so much. Then Thomas has done smalltalk with everybody. The talk turned around different subjects like football or the election in the USA. In addition we compared our homework and solved the tasks on page 63/ 5 and page 64/ 1, 2. After that we worked with a partner and discussed with him about living abroad.
Lastly Thomas gave us the homework: Please read the text on page 65 “An American in Britain” and then try the tasks on page 66 number 1 and 3.
Have a nice week
Bye Sibylle

3nd lesson on 14th November
From: Ursula (Gast)Date: 15.11.2016, 17:08
E-Mail: ursula.holland.merten@gmail.com
Hello dear students,
This is the summery of our last lesson.
First we welcomed a new classmate.
Then we checked our homework.
Subsequently we spoken about singular and plural on our worksheet.
After the break, we worked with the textbook and solved some exercise page 61/3c/4.
Our homework for the next lesson: page 62/2/3 und 4.
A good week

2nd lesson on 07-11-16
From: Edith Baier (Gast)Date: 08.11.2016, 18:02
E-Mail: e.buchholtz@t-online.de
Hello dear English students,
this is the summery of our last lesson.
We welcomed two new members in our cours.
Last week it was Rita`s birthday. We congratulated her. Rita broght champaign and cake for us. Then we checked the homework on our worksheet.
After a short break we also worked with the textbook and solved some exercises.
This is the homework for the next lesson:
Worksheed, unit 6 nr. 6.2
Workbook, p.60 nr. 2a,3b
Best regards

1st lesson on 24th October
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 26.10.2016, 12:06
E-Mail: Udo_info@gmx.de
Hello colleagues !
What was happened in the last lesson?
First we welcomed our new classmate Ute.
She introduced herself and so did we.
Than we spoke about summertime, our holidays and so on.
We refreshed some grammar rules, especially passive sentences.
After a short break we also worked with the textbook and solved some
exercises, too.
Next Monday is a public holiday, so we are going to meet on Monday 07-11-16.
Check your e-mail where you can find the homework.
See you soon, yours Udo👍🙂

13th lesson on 27th April
From: rita dellit (Gast)Date: 27.04.2016, 11:17
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Dear students,
unfortunately it’s the last logbook entry. What happened in our lesson on Monday?
First we gave our best wishes to Sybille. She celebrated her birthday the day before.
So we all drank a glass of sparkling wine to her health……..and then Thomas started the
lesson. We compared the homework, our teacher posted us: “ put words in the
right order”. Then Thomas “ annoyed” us with Grammar all around the clock! We read and
spoke about Passive1 and Passive2 and did some exercises. That’s life! Fortunately we made a break and Sybille served us her tasty cake. Thank you, Sybille!!!
And here is the homework for next Monday: worksheet, nr. 43.4 ! Have fun with it!
Don’t forget, on Monday the 2nd we’ll meet us on the market place of Schmalkalden, at 9.00 a.m. We are going to have a sight- seeing tour by Miss Werner, you know.
Then we’ll finished our tour in a small restaurant behind the church.
Hope to see you all together on Monday and may be in autumn,too when Thomas is going to start a new English lesson?
Best wishes

12th lesson on 18thApril
From: Edith Baier (Gast)Date: 19.04.2016, 16:22
E-Mail: e.buchholtz@t-online.de
Hallo, dear students,
here is the report our last lesson. Our lesson began again to 8.30pm. We were only 5 students. Each of us told them what he hat doon last weekend. Our teacher asked about our planes on Ascension Day and at Whitsun. Everybody of us will be traveling on this days. We have on page 55 looked at the pictures in the textbook. which pictures belongs to which country. The dialog on page 56 we read and translated. Than we have a lot to learn about the Cathedral St.John in Manhattan. Finally, we have written a dictation. Sigrid was the writter. She was very good. For me it was difficult.
A good day!
Best regards

From: Sigrid (Gast)
From: 10th lesson on 11th April (Gast)Date: 14.04.2016, 23:06
E-Mail: schafts@gmx.de
Hallo, dear students,
here is the report our last lesson.
Everybody told about the two last weeks, Easter-Party and Easter-Holliday.
Jörg told the sight-seeing-tour in New York.
Mario waked up our interest in Island. Other students made a walking-tour with friends, the family or grandchildren. Then we solved the puzzle: How to say it. We heard the differences between house-minding and house-sitters. Two students discussed together and choosed for one from three house-sitters. They gave informations about themselves.

Good dreams Sigrid

9th lesson on 4th April
From: Sibylle (Gast)Date: 07.04.2016, 10:42
E-Mail: sibylle.hoffmann@gmx.de
Dear classmates,
here is a little summery of our lesson after Easter break.
First we had a talk about our activities during the Easter holidays, the weather, the best time to change tires and much more.
Following we read and translated the letter on page 50, which Donna read to her mother about her flat- hunting experience. In addition we solved task 2a and 3 on the same page.
Then we repeated the examples “If I do....and If I did”, worksheet unit 38, and compared our homework 38.3.
Donna wrote five articles about garden gnomes (page 51). They were very interesting and we learnt a lot about collecting them, kidnapping gnomes, the emotional relation between people and their garden gnomes, the Garden Gnome Liberation Front and the first record of garden gnomes. Last of all we solved tasks 2 and 3 on page 52.
Our homework for next Monday: page 52/1
Have fun with it.
So long Sibylle

8th lesson on 23rd March
From: rita dellit (Gast)Date: 23.03.2016, 14:10
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello dear English students,
this is the summary of our last lesson. First we talked about different subjects
like traffic problems in Wasungen, trip to New York, plans for Easter and so on.
Then we checked the homework on our worksheet, Thomas posted us. We also compared the tasks in our book, page 49.
After that we had to do a lot of grammar. So we repeated examples of “ if- sentences”, type 1 and type 2. Finally we had a break with a cup of coffee. If we didn’t have the coffee we wouldn’t be concentrated for the rest of our lesson. At last we listened a phone talk and had to answer some questions about it.
This is the homework for the next lesson:
Worksheet,unit 38/ nr. 38.3
Workbook, p.50/ nr.2 “ A letter”
Attention please, our next lesson will be on Monday, 4th April.
All readers Happy Easter!
Yours Rita

7th lesson on 14th March
From: Ursula (Gast)Date: 16.03.2016, 13:38
E-Mail: ursula.holland.merten@gmail.com
Hello togheter,
In our last lesson we talked about as we spent our weekend.
For example worked Udo in his garden, he has a little hothouse, and Rita was in Leipzig to a class reunion.
Then we have checked us homework.
After that we solved the task page 114 / 117 “A invitation with a partner”.
Past break we repeated grammar page 48 and solved the task N0 2.
At the end we wrote a dictation.
Please checked your E-Mail.
Our homework for next Monday: page 49 / 3 and 4.
See you soon

6th lesson on 29th February
From: From Sigrid (Gast) (Gast)Date: 29.02.2016, 18:33
E-Mail: schafts@gmx.de
Hallo students,
this is the combination our last lesson. We reported about our adventures from the weekend, the "Drei Gleichen", "Hohe Geba", "Children Book Museum" at Troisdorf " and recovery from an exciting week. We learned, how we use "have something done". Our teacher controled exercises 46.1,2,3. We heared and answered to "Mike's house" and "Other people do the work!"
Homework: Page45/2 and 3; page 31 part5/4.

Bye Sigrid

5rd lesson on 22th February
From: Edith (Gast)Date: 23.02.2016, 14:38
E-Mail: e.buchholtz@t-online.de
Hello and welcome to today`s. Logbook entry.
Dear students, this is the short report of our last lesson. It is the 5th week in our studies. Only Mario wasn`t here, he is in Marocco. On Saturday, last week it was Udo`s birthday. We congratulated him. Udo brought champaign and cooked for us. First we compared our homework from page 40 nr. 1,2 and 3. We started with a description of the pictures on page 41. We learned much about the luxury Midland-Hotel. In the next text about the hotel there are a lot of words which come from French. At the end of the lesson we wrote an dictation. I think, my dictation was very bad. Thomas sent us our homework. See you next Monday.
Yours Edith

4rd lesson on 15th February
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 17.02.2016, 10:46
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello and welcome to today`s logbook entry. What`s happened in our last lesson? First Thomas has done small talk with everybody. The talk turned around subjects like a boring or no boring weekend and travelling to New Yourk, Marokko and Wiesbaden. In addition we setteled the question in which fairytale the wolf falled in to a well. Then we compared our homework and carried out task 3a, at page 37. Short before break our very best coffee cooker between Wasungen,Geisa and Rio did his job ... and he did abselutly good!!! After break we compared facts and figures of the USA with them of Germany and learnd something about Dallas and its skyline. By the way -Dallas, everybody had much memories of the so named doku-soap in tv and we had a lot to laugh about it. But then the laughter sticked in our throat - Thomas gave us the homework: page 40 nr. 1, 2 and yes nr. 3, too! Have fun with it! See you next Monday,

Yours Rita

3rd lesson on 11th February
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 13.02.2016, 09:46
E-Mail: Udo_info@gmx.de
Hello together, Udo is here!

And now a little summary of our previous lesson.
We met extracurricular on Thursday last week.
You know, it was carnival in the metropolises of the whole world.
(for example Wasungen , Geisa, ..... Rio de Janeiro🌴🌞
First we spoke about our activities on these foolish days.
But it seems better to keep these details secret.😇
After that we checked the homework .
We had to practise a Role-play.
It was about entertaining visitors from abroad.
In addition we battled through some grammar rules like Auxiliary verbs, Question tags and so on.
Also we worked with the textbook .
Puh, lots of work...
Well, it couldn't harm to watch a video in the next lesson once again.
The new homework is on page 37, please solve number 2.
Next lesson is already on Monday, short time for relaxation .
Have a nice weekend !
Bye-bye yours Udo

2nd Lesson 3rd January
From: From Sigrid (Gast) (Gast)Date: 03.02.2016, 18:56
E-Mail: schafts@gmx.de
Hallo students,
we have since today our 8th student and the new course beginns.
First the teacher answered our questions about auxiliary verbs. Than the new student (name? her name is Edith - teacher says) talked about her family. We reported about our most lovable activitys and our popular cultural activitys. I reported about historical monuments and caves near SM and Thuringia "Barbarossahöhle". Wereturned auxiliary verbs Unit51. We bought a new coffee-maker.The coffee is wonderful why Udo is the best cook.

Next lesson 11th February,

Homework page36,4 and Unit51.4.
Good night

1st lesson on 25th January 2016
From: Sibylle (Gast)Date: 26.01.2016, 13:39
E-Mail: sibylle.hoffmann@gmx.de
Hello everyone,

The first lesson in our new course was a difficult grammar lesson.
Thomas taught us how to use „so“ and „neither“: „so“ for a positive
statement and „neither“ for a negative statement. Then we practised
this with our neighbours in a dialogue about evening and weekend
courses for a local college. Our next task was exercise 3 on page 32.
After that we read and translated three articles written by Donna, who
had interviewed people with unusual hobbies. We discussed her ideas
and spoke about our hobbies. Lastly, we solved tasks 2 and 3 on page
Our homework for the next week is : page 34 number 1 and 4.
Don't forget 5 € for our new coffeemachine!
Have a nice week
Bye Sibylle

23rdl lesson 18th January 2016
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 18.01.2016, 16:12
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Dear students, this is the short report of our last lesson.
First we greeted a new member in our centre, Mario Witter. He introduced himself and told us something to his person. So did we. Thomas also had a lot of special questions to everybody. Time passed quickly until break.
In the second part of the lesson we repeated some different points of grammer, for instance: subject/ object questions.Then we compared our homework, textbook page 31; nr.:4. We finished our lesson on page 32 with number 1 and 2.
You know it was the last lesson of this course.Next week we are going to start a new one. Hope I`ll see you again on Monday,25th January at the same place and much vigour.
Best wishes!
Bye Rita

22th lesson 11.01.16
From: Ursula (Gast) (Gast)Date: 13.01.2016, 17:27
Hello together
On the lesson bevor last one we checked our homework Unit 49 and solved the question No 49.3 and No. 4.
After the break we completed the sentences page 29 No 4 and 5 in the textbook.
In No 5a we talked about Films, Stars and Videos.
Finally we solved the task of page 30/31 No 1 and 2.
The homework for our last lesson: page 31 No 4
I wish a nice week
Bye Ursula

From: Sigrid (Gast)
From: The first Engiish lesson in 2016 (Gast)Date: 04.01.2016, 19:24
E-Mail: schafts@gmx.de
Dear students.
The new year has begun. We wished each other much luck. We told about our Christmas Days and New Year's Eve. Our teacher spoiled us with champagne.
After that we learned language study- the order subject,verb, object in questions.

Homework 49.1and49.2
See you in two weeks.


Our last English lesson in 2015
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 17.12.2015, 10:02
E-Mail: Udo_info@gmx.de
Hello together !

We've managed. The last english lesson in 2015 is history.
And it was a very special one.
Ourselves were allowed to visit the old half timbered house in Weidebrunner alley in Schmalkalden.
It was so instructively and we got lots of new information.
And who made it possible?
Our classmate Rita who works in the society to care for this.
She's guided us through the house.
We acted english tourists. And so she had to speek in English.
And I must say she did it very well!!!
After that we were sitting in a nice room of this house.
Certainly we had a little chritmas party to.
I'm looking forward to see you in 2016.
Bye yours Udo

19th lesson on 30-11-15
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 01.12.2015, 15:06
E-Mail: Udo_info@gmx.de
What happened in the last lesson?
First we spoke about the pevious weekend and current topics.
After that Rita reported on her trip to Erfurt.
There was a prize giving ceremony at state chancellery.
Then we checked our homework.
We also spoke about the winter weather and the travel chaos on
first Sunday in Advent.
In addition we practiced irregular verbs.
You know we got an abstract of the brochure "break".
There is the new homework on page 24.
Please solve number 4.

Bye, see you on Monday 14-12-15 , 9.30 a.m.
on Weidebrunner street 13

19th lesson on 30-11-15
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 01.12.2015, 15:00
E-Mail: Udo_info@gmx.de
You know we got a abstract of the brochure "break".

18th lesson on 23rd November
From: Sibylle (Gast)Date: 24.11.2015, 20:17
E-Mail: sibylle.hoffmann@gmx.de
Dear students,
here is a brief summary..
First we read Sigrid's new comments of our last lesson. We spoke about her mistakes and learnt
many new words. Then we drank sparkling wine, because Sibylle got a granddaughter. The next part was speaking about different topics. At the break Rita invited us for delicious cakes and coffee.. Thank you!
In addition we listened the text on page 106 and we tried to read it correctly and expressively. At last Thomas gave us twelve sentences or words from this text and we translated them. It was not easy for us.
Here is our homework for the next week: page 24 number 3a
Antje, we hope we'll see you at our next lesson.
I wish you a nice first advent. See you next week in health and good spirits.

From: Sigrid (Gast)
From: 17th lesson on 9th November (Gast)Date: 12.11.2015, 16:22
E-Mail: schafts@gmx.de
Hello, students,

I report on our last lesson. We spoke about our adventures, observations the landscape, our purchases and restfuls cycle-way through valleys and footpaths in the last 14 days. Than we controled the homework fetched back pronouns. We breakfasted onion gateau and drank new wine from this years winegrowing.

Homework: Read the history 'Sixty years' page 106!

The teacher sent still not yet his homework.
Until 23th November

16th lesson on 26th October
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 28.10.2015, 09:41
E-Mail: Udo_info@gmx.de
Hello classmates,
Here is a short report about the last lesson.
At first we spoke about how anybody of us spent the last weekend.
One would imagine it's a easy thing.
But Speaking without notes is always a big challenge for everyone of us.
Then we checked the homework.
Primarily we had to clear up some missunderstandings.
After that we worked with our textbook.
That was easier because it's made for students.📖🙂
Then we need a time out really urgently.☕️☕️☕️
Finally we wrote a dictation.
Don't forget : 02.11. day off school !!!
We meet again on Monday 09th of November.
Checked your email , there you can find the homework !
Have a nice time.
Bye for now! Yours Udo!

15th lesson on 19th october
From: Ursula (Gast)Date: 21.10.2015, 10:21
Hello together

In our last lesson we first checked the
homework page 24 No. 2 "The flea market".
We repeated and translated the text.
In No. 2a and No. 2b decided we us for
correct and incorrect sentenses and words.
After the break we worked with Grammar-Reflexive pronouns page 26.
Complement on a Reflexive pronouns is
our homework for next lesson on page 27
I wish a nice week
Bye Ursula

From: Sigrid Schaft
From: 10th lesson on 14th october (Gast)Date: 15.10.2015, 13:53
E-Mail: schafts@gmx.de
Hello dear students,
I write about our last lesson. All students readed the phone call Stuart Lancaster and Donna. Our teacher corrected some grammatic mistakes. Than we heard the interview with Stuart Lancaster. He gave some good advices for passengers in the airterminal, for the right behaviar in the plane and the correct way at the airport.
Our homework page24: The flea market, Comprehension, Vocabulary.
A good weekend, a laborious homework!
Your Sigrid

13th lesson on 12th october
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 12.10.2015, 12:45
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
Hello together,here is my report about our last lesson.First we talked about our weekends or getawaysand drank champagne on Ursula's Birthday. In the break we ate homemade apple pie.Then we want to compare the homework.That was not so easy. Everyone had the dialogue a bit different. We translation is why the task again and will check the homework on the next Wednesday. Our next lesson will be on Wednesday, 14th at 9!
Have a nice time, see you on Wednesday

12th lesson on 29th September
From: Rita (Gast)Date: 30.09.2015, 15:19
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello together,
here the summery of our last lesson. First we translated the logbook entry of Sybille. Then we compared our homework ( textbook, page 20, nr.:3) After that we made the listening task at the same page. We had to decide, that people like or dislike it to drive the underground. After break we saw a funny film. It`s story played in a lost-and-found-office. In addition we learned, how to use Present perfect and/ or Simple past.
Here the homework for the next lesson: textbook page 22, nr.:3
Attention! Our next lesson will be on Monday,12th and then on Wednesday, 14th!

Have a nice time; until then

Yours Rita

11th lesson on 21st Septemner
From: Sibylle (Gast)Date: 22.09.2015, 10:37
E-Mail: sibylle.hoffmann@gmx.de
Dear English students,
here is my report about our last lesson.
In our speaking part we talked about different topics, for examble the new project of Jörg's company, our meals and the news in our hometowns. Then we read and translated an article by Donna Ashby (page 19). We listened to four people talking about how they commute to work in London (page 18 number 3). It was difficult for us to understand what they said, so we heart it three times and translated it also. Our next task was page 18 number 4. We wrote new words about kind of transport in our personal dictionary. At last we compared our homework at page 20 number 1.
And here is our homework for the next lesson: page 20 / 3
Don't forget: Our next lesson is on Tuesday, 9.00 am

Dear Antje, we wish you all the best and hope we'll see you very soon.

Have a nice time

I found a poem by William Butler Yeats

HAD I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

From: Sigrid Schaft
From: 10th lesson on 14th September (Gast)Date: 16.09.2015, 14:37
E-Mail: schafts@gmx.de
Good morning. It's almost six o'clock am. We checked our homeworks when we use -ing. We read The London to Brighton Car Run and learned the application of clock and date. Our teacher showed us pictures our SM-sight seeing tour and aerialviews from SM.
Homework:Read "Poems on the Underground" page19 and solve the puzzle page 20/1.

See you soon! Sigrid

9rd lesson on 7th September
From: Ursula (Gast)Date: 08.09.2015, 12:44
Hello together
This is a short summary of our first lesson after school holidays. All, exept Friede and Antje, were there.
Dear Antje, we wish you good recovery and hope to see again soon.

First each of us told about his holiday trip.
After break we repeated and translated the text Unit 53 Verb + -ing (enjoy doing/stop doing etc.)
Than we solved the exercises 53.3.rnWe wanted to know - what is a Gerundium?
Thomas has it detailed declared on the board.
And now our homework for the next lesson: page 18 nr. 2
Unit 53 exercises 53.4
A change in the timetable: on the 28.09.15 no lessen but on the 29.09.15
Until next Monday than
Bye Ursula

8th lesson on 29th June
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 30.06.2015, 22:18
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Dear students,

Thomas wanted to have a long report - here it is: We met to our last lesson before the summer break for a guided city tour on Monday, 29th June, 9 o'clock at the market place of Schmalkalden. Our guide, Mrs. Werner, showed us some of the most important historical buildings of the town, for example: Town Hall and St. George's Church. We had a view at the former Reformed School at Kirchhof 2.

In addition we saw the houses where Melanchton ( Steingasse) and Luther (Lutherplatz) lived during their residence in the town.
We were very imperessed because of so much nice half timbred facades of the late medivial road network of the town.
Mrs. Werner also told us a lot about the history and some famous celebrities who visited the town in earlier centuries, such as Landgravine Elisabeth (Saint Elisabeth), the counts of Henneberg, Landgrave Phillipp of Hessen, M. Luther, Melanchton, Bugenhagen.
Latters visited the town because of the Reformation in the 16th century.

The town's name is closely linked to the events surrounding M. Luther's Reformation.

In addition we heared something about Schmalcaldic League, a union of German Protestant princes and free imperial and Hanseatic cities, founded in Schmalkalden between December 1530 to January 1531.

Finally we visited the Hessenhof/ Neumarkt: It's famous for a reproduction of the depicition of the " Yvein legend" after" Hartmann von der Aue", founded in a former cellar. Here we finished our city tour and the more comfortable part started.

Therefore Andrea invited us to a cup of coffee and some cakes opposite her "Fair Trade- shop", Gillersgasse. Thank you, Andrea!!!

In the end she gave us the possibility to have a view into her shop and the "Zinnfiguren Museum". In addition she showed some of us her own small house at the Kirchhof, too. What a surprise to see, how to live in such a small house.

Congratulatons to all of you keeping on reading this text!!!

Wish you somne happy summer days, don't forget speaking practise!

See you in September.

Yours Rita

From: Sigrid Schaft
From: 7th lesson on 22th June (Gast)Date: 22.06.2015, 20:24
E-Mail: schafts@gmx.de
Hello dear students,

the summary of our today's lesson. We spoke about our last holidays. Then we reported the way from home to the VHS SM. Half an hour long we corrected the homework.

Two nice days!
Yours Sigrid

6th lesson on 5th June
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 07.06.2015, 17:20
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello together,

here is the report of our last lesson. First Thomas held a conversation with us. He wanted to know, how we spent our last two weeks. Especially Jörg gave us an interesting insight into his job and his trip to Cannes / France, where a new sculpture of his company was auctioned.

But also Andrea and Friede spoke about their experiences.For example: " Medivial moonshine market" in Schmalkalden, the school system in Germany and how to have a visit from children and grandchildren.
Time went by so quickly and we had a break.

Then we started to work with our textbook, page 103: " Friday the 13th".
We listened to the story, read it in different parts and at last we had to translate it.

But no, it wasn't enough, not at all.
Our teacher asked each of us for vocabulary, too.
Then we compared our homework page 12, No. 2 and page 13 No. 6.
We finished our lesson with a task by Speaking practise.

Here are the dates for the next lessons until the summer break:

- June 22nd
- June 24th
- June 29th( last time

Oh what a pity!!
There is no homework for the next lesson.

But attention, may be that Thomas is going to post us something by e-mail!?

Next week Udo, Sigrid; Sybille and I will be on holiday.
Seems as if it will be a private lesson for the others.

See you the week after next.
Have a good time!

Yours Rita

5th lesson on 18th May
From: Sigrid Schaft (Gast)Date: 22.05.2015, 07:36
E-Mail: schafts@gmx.de
Hello dear students,
We described in the lesson about our pleasures on the Ascension Day and the following weekend. It was quite a few ,I didn't can remember at all things. Antje walked around the city, Ursula went to Tambach Dietharz,Andrea visited the theatre in Meiningen and she roaredwith laughter about "Der Geizige".Sigrid watched the 'Geschwister Weisheit' and the Botanic Garden in Wasungen. Udo worked in family garden. Frieda and Rita had a nice dream about beautiful things.
Homework: page13/Before...;p.12/no.2;read p.105
e-mail from teacher.
A cheerful Whitsun Sigrid

4rd lesson on 11th May
From: Antje (Gast)Date: 12.05.2015, 07:18
E-Mail: antjeendter@t-online.de
Hello everybody,
here is a short summary of our last lesson. First we spoke about our experience with the Landesgartenschau, the events, the prices etc. Andrea told us about the piano concert on Sunday and her visit to Lilo Wanders.
Then we checked the homework to the relative clauses which Thomas had sent per email. We read the rules and compared the exercises. It was not so difficult. A short vocabulary test followed.
After that we worked with the textbook on page 11, nr. 3a, 3b and 4. Then we made a play: first Thomas and afterwards each of us described an object or a person and the others had to advise what he means. It was very funny!
The homework: Textbook on page 11, nr. 4a and page 13, nr. 6.
And…this gives pleasure: Think up yourself a thing which we should guess and describe it!
I’m very curious to see whether we can guess everything!
Have a god time. See you!

3rd lesson on 27th April
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 02.05.2015, 09:48
E-Mail: Udo_info@gmx.de

Late but not to late, I hope.
Here is a short summary of our last lesson.
First we congratulated our birthday girl Sibyl.
As usual we had a cake and a small drink in our break.
It tasted very well.
Of course we also hard worked .
First we spoke about current good or bad news.
Rita, one of our classmates was being on TV.
There was a report about the horticultural show in Schmalkalden and Rita was an actress in that movie.
Nobody knew that before.
Then we've checked the homework.
Known vocabulary were repeated and new ones were explained.
Main theme of the hour was the using of relative pronouns.
To this, we solved some tasks from our textbook.
Don't forget checking your e-mails.
Our timetable was changed by Thomas.
The new homework comes as an e-mail attachment by Thomas.
Next lesson is on the eleventh of May.
Bye-bye Udo.

2nd lesson on 22th April 2015
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 22.04.2015, 15:44
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Dear students

let`s have a look at our last lesson. This Monday we started to work with the new book: " English Network 3". But even before that, our teacher asked us a lot about our expiriences between Easter and now. Each of us told some interesting things, happend in this time. By the way we learned a lot of new words, too.

After break we solved some tasks in our book, page 121: " The past simple". They served for revision. Then we started unit1 " Getting around". First we had to translate the text" Arrivals" and then we read it in different parts.

At last we spoke about different words in the text, American and English use for the same thing.

This is the homework for next Monday: textbook, page 10,number 2b / page 123, number 14 and page 124, number 15.rn

Have a nice week!
Yours Rita

First lesson on 30th March 2015
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 04.04.2015, 10:39
E-Mail: Udo_info@gmx.de

Dear colleagues,

what happened the last class hour?
We have finished our course network2. and have started the new one.
So we worked in the meantime with a text of the brochure "break network 2".
Comparing the solutions, reading and speaking needed lots of time.
Quickly time was past.
Next time we need to use our new new textbook.(network 3)
In preparation we should read the text "arrivals" on page 10.
It can't hurt to take a look at page 108 or 120.
There are some interesting information for example grammar check or Word skills.
Our next meeting is on the 20th of April.

Have a nice Xmas (Easter)😋⛄️☔️
Bye, bye Udo

24th lesson on 23rd March 2015
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 30.03.2015, 10:24
This was our last lesson.
We start anew on 30th March at 9 am.

23 rd lesson on 16th March 2015
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 18.03.2015, 17:19
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Dear students,
here`s a short view back to our last lesson. At first a surprise - we had to change the room, from upper floor to ground floor. After we started the lesson, there was the next surprise - Udo opened a bottle of sparkling wine because of his birthday a few weeks ago.
Then we started to work. First we repeated a lot of Question Tags. After that, we compared our homework. Before break we listened a conversation and then we were supposed to decide: " agree or disagree". During break the third surprise happened- Udo performed an own baked cake on a table!!! All you can eat....! Thank you Udo, for all delicious things !!! But the show must go on and we carried on working. We reat a long text about " Canterbury Road 29" and its inhabitants. Our next part had been to occupy ourself with some tasks to the text.
At last our homework for next Monday: texbook, page 106, read.

Wish all of you a succesful week!

22 nd lesson on 9 th March 2015
From: Sibylle (Gast)Date: 11.03.2015, 09:59
E-Mail: sibylle.hoffmann@gmx.de
Hello together,

it was our first lesson in the new building after a break of two weeks.
At first Thomas asked all of us about our enterprises during this time. Then we compared our homework "before you go on". We heard the song from Doris Day "Que sera, sera", translated it and spoke about the ideas behind these lines. It was very interesting to hear from everybody if it might be possible to influence our future.
After our talk we worked with our neighbour on page 96 exercise 2a. We also heard a conversation between Tanja and her parents and Tanja and Sean on the ferry. Antje told us why Tanja chanched her mind about Dublin.
Last of all we discovered Ireland, not really-only in the book. We read and translated the texts about the coastline, the music, the writers, the whiskey and the rural live of Ireland.
And here is our homework for the next lesson: page 98/ 1, 2, 3.
Don't forget that our next lesson is on Tuesday at 9 o'clock.

Have all a nice week

Dear students,
From: 21th lesson on 16th February 201 (Gast)Date: 16.02.2015, 19:08
E-Mail: schafts@gmx.de
Today is carnival, Monday before Lent. Thatswhy we ate pancakes and drank champagne from Ursula and Udo. Ms. Seyferth told the end of the house VHS-SM. The next lesson 9th March 9.00 in the Police House the overnext lesson isn't 16th, is the 17th march. We learnt the question tags, The teacher checked homeworks. We said our agreeing and disagreeing about some things. Homework page 95-Before you go on... Thank you very much Antje cleaning cups, coffee-maker... Hellau Sigrid

20th lesson on 9th February 2015
From: Friede.R (Gast)Date: 13.02.2015, 16:16
Dear friends,

I have to write about our last lesson.
But I had to do a lot of other things this week.
Today is Friday and I’ve forgotten too much.

We’ve got to know the question tags
and we’II get know more in the homework on
page 95 no.3 and in the two papers attached by the teachers email.
have a good time!

19th lesson on 2nd February 2015
From: Antje Endter (Gast)Date: 03.02.2015, 07:30
E-Mail: antjeendter@t-online.de
Dear English friends,

I’m going to summarize our last lesson.
Fist we discussed and translated Udo's logbook entry to the previews lesson. After that we chatted about these and those, for example about the depth of snow in our villages or my holiday in Antholz last week.

Then it became serious! We checked the homework and solved all the exercises on the pages 90 and 91 in the textbook. Besides we worked on page 88 and we got to know Kath and Rob's family closer.

Here is the homework: textbook on page 91, nr. 5 - The family!
Finally: Good luck to Jörg by his big business in Big Apple!
Have all a nice week, see you Monday!

18th lesson on 26th January 2015
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 27.01.2015, 14:35
E-Mail: Udo_info@gmx.de
Hello colleagues,
this is just a short note to bring you up to date.
we spoke about the previous logbook entry written by Rita
someone had to retranslate it from german to english language
it was a bit tricky because our teacher added one or two things
we checked and corrected the last homework
someone translated the text on page 88 with the headline "Kath's future"
after that everyone had to read it aloud because our teacher said " it seems easier than it really is "
by reading on page 99 we experienced some facts about Scotland
furthermore we wrote a dictation
Friede was allowed to write with the notebook
don't forget checking your email, the new homework is attached as a file
we are so hardworking every week ,I believe we've earned a second break ☕️🍔
till next Monday, yours Udo

17 th lesson on 19 th January 2015
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 20.01.2015, 15:57
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Dear English students,
this is the summary of our last lesson. First Sigrid gave us a short report about her " wellness-weekend" near Passau. Then it was going to be serious. We repeated the comment, Andrea has written last week. After that we checked our homework. Everybody read his own text of the dialoge. After breake we wached an interesting and funny video about " future". It will be our next topic in Unit 6.
And here comes the homework for next week: textbook, page 88 - number 2 and 2a and page 90 - number1 ( homestudy).
Best wishes to Antje and Sybille for next week! Antje is going to stay in " winter-wonderland" Antholz, and Sybille is going to have fun with her grandchilds. So both not will be in our class on Monday.
Until then, have a nice week!
Yours Rita

16th lesson on 12th january 2015
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 13.01.2015, 10:41
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
Dear Students! Yesterday 10 clock: a short report.
After a short smal tooke we readed and translated on page 83 the text, which was our homework. Then we worked on page 84 from all numbers.
On page 85 we readed and we translated a text on the Aran Islands.The numbers 2 and 3 on page 86 we worked then. The homework until the next meeting is: page 86 number 4!
Next lesson is on Monday 19.01. at 9 o'clock. not to be missed.
Bye, bye Andrea !

15th lesson on 5th January 2015
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 06.01.2015, 09:26
E-Mail: Udo_info@gmx.de
Dear colleagues,
This is a short summary of our last lesson.
First we wellcomed the New Year.
We spoke about our resolutions and wishes.
After that we repeated some things of the last lesson.
We read in our textbook and finnished the current lesson.
The homework until the next meeting is:
Read both texts on page 83.
Don't forget the appointment change.
Next lesson is on Monday 12.01. at 10 o'clock.
Bye, bye Udo !

14th lesson on 15th December
From: 14th lesson on 15th Decembre (Gast)Date: 18.12.2014, 19:19
E-Mail: schafts@gmx.de
Hello dear students,

we repeated the pronouns in the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.
Then we saw, how Mr. Been stole a turkey and a Christmas tree from Christmas fair and decorated his flat. A lady came many hours later. He gave her a goldsmith publicity brochure with most expensive ring but he gave her only a cheapest ring and didn't made a marriage proposal. We drank mulled claret and relished the best biscuits.

I wish you nice Christmas-time and New Year's Eve.

Yours Sigrid

13rd lesson on 9th Dezember
From: Sibylle (Gast)Date: 09.12.2014, 16:53
E-Mail: sibylle.hoffmann@gmx.de
Hello together,

Friede told us, that Andrea is ill. We wish her good improvement and hope to see her next week.

Here is my report about our last lesson.
At first we compared our homework. All of us read the dialouge on page 78 with different parts. Antje and Jörg translated this dialouge very well. After that we listened to ten questions that were asked in a clothes shop. We wrote on who has asked them- a shop assistant or a customer.
Thomas explained us the possessive pronouns and adjectives. We practiced these on page 79 / 4a, on page 80 and on page 81 / 3 and 4.
And here is our homework: page 80 exercise 2 and page 81 exercise 5.

I wish you a nice week and I hope to see you all next Monday.

All the best

12th lesson on 1st December
From: Friede-R. (Gast)Date: 09.12.2014, 11:19
Dear friends ! Congratulation!
The most students have understood, when we have to say some and when any.Our teacher
explained and exercised longtime. I'm afraid I'll forget. But you are younger.
After the break we saw a funny English film about this problem.
Now we have to say:YES WE CAN !
The homework is an page 78, nr.2 a +b.

11th lesson on 24th November
From: Friede-R. (Gast)Date: 25.11.2014, 20:13
Dear friends!

Last lesson I have understood what are "intelligent mistakes".! make so much
mistakes in my report because you shall learn to say it better. I can make many mistakes!!
Now I'll write about the last lesson:
The first time we corrected my report - many nice mistakes!!
Then our teacher explained again if we must say any or some.
We can learn more in our grammar collection on page 22.

The next time we wrote an dictation .Rita wrote good by PC. She must often switch loud,
because we didn't understand. Ursulas (Sibylles?) dictation was also very good and the teacher gave her a pigstamp.
We find our homework on page 77, n r 5
Many fun !


10th lesson on 17th November
From: Friede-R. (Gast)Date: 18.11.2014, 14:18
Dear friends!
I want to report you on the last lesson.

We were all together and we wanted learn English,but also talk about yourselves.
The break was to short for private talks , but there was enough time to laugh often.
First we works about the homework longtime.When we have to say any and when some ?

Some students want to learn more about this problem next lesson
The teacher answered us, what means 's in various texts.

We read the story on side 74 in differents roles. There where some difficults words.
Sorry, I can't say our homework.
We see us
Friede- R.

9th lesson on 10th November
From: Antje (Gast)Date: 11.11.2014, 07:05
E-Mail: antjeendter@t-online.de
Hello dear Friends,
in our last lesson we celebrated Sigrid’s Birthday belated. She has baked an onion tarte for us and she has given different drinks. It was very delicious! Much thanks for that, Sigrid!

After we got to know new possibilities to learn the English language. First we brought our cell phones on the newest state and later we established an English-group in WhatsApp. Udo is our administrator. Almost all students are already a member!
Later we loaded the program Pons on our mobile phone and worked with it. Here there are a lot of different excersise! It’ll help us to improve our English.
Please, don’t forget to check your emails.

Thomas would like to send the homework.

See you next week, have a nice time!

8th lesson on 3rd November
From: Ursula (Gast) (Gast)Date: 03.11.2014, 20:21
Hello dear friends of english language.
Here is a short summary of our last lesson.
We started the lesson with the text Sigrid had written in the logbook last week.
Then we readed and translated the homework.
We had written the story of Kath and Robs day in Dublin.
Dont forget your mobile phones.
Have a nice week.

7th lesson on 27th October
From: From: Sigrid (Gast) (Gast)Date: 28.10.2014, 17:06
E-Mail: schafts@gmx.de
Hello, dear students,
today we controled our h0mework-exercises about do/did/done. Than we spoke about us and our family hobby's. We learned and checked vocabularys after 15 minutes.
The homework: We read the dialog on page74 and answer points 2a and 2b. We want to work with - Google - ,don't forget your mobile phones.

See you later,


6th lesson on 20th October
From: Rita (Gast)Date: 21.10.2014, 10:16
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello, dear friends of English language,

here's a short summary of our last lesson.
First Thomas told us a lot about "Modal Auxiliariers" and he wrote all of them on the board.

After that, we translated the text Andrea had written in the logbook last week.
Then we compared our homework, textbook page 72.

After the break, Thomas started a new grammer exercise. We needed pages 5 and 6 for it, our teacher had sent them us by computer last week.

Here we had to find out the different between: Make/ made/ made. At last we have spoken about exerciese 5: do/ did/ done.

Finally we have seen a short film. He gaves us a good impression about "Shopping in London" and/ or, " How to celebrate a wedding day" !? Great!!

And here is our homework for the next week:
English Vocabulary in Use, page 5, exercises 5.1 to 5.4 .

Have a good time! See you next week, Rita

5th lesson 13th october
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 14.10.2014, 07:56
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.ded
Hello dear English students,
you were all in the English class. Because of that, it was nothing to write home about. But I will try. First, Thomas asked about the bicycle accommodation in the Gillersgasse.

We translated the last log entry and then we checked the homework. We readed and translated the text and we compared the results of the puzzle. Then we talked about our commute.

Then, we worked with the textbook, page 71 and talked about Idiom. Then we readed and translated the text on this page. ThenThomas toiled us with grammar: adverb. We should work on four sets. Then, we worked with the textbook, page 72 number 2 and 6.

And here is our homework for the next lesson: textbook, page 72 number 1,3,4 and 5.

Thomas has also sent the pages for the next lesson, you please print it out. Have a nice week! See you Monday, Andrea

4th lesson on 6th october
From: Antje Endter (Gast)Date: 07.10.2014, 07:52
E-Mail: antjeendter@t-online.de
Hello all together,
here are the topics our last lesson:
First, we checked the homework. It was the dialogue : viewing the flat. Almost all students have done the task! Thomas was amazed! Now, everyone could read his dialogue. We worked it until the coffee break.
Then, we worked with the textbook, page 69. The topic is Appointments. We completed the sentences on Nr. 2 and choosed the phrases to make, confirm, change or cancel an appointment.
And here the homework:
Please, read textbook Page 70 “ Feng Shui” and on the same page solve the crossword “Puzzle Corner” (It’s not difficult!)

Have fun with this and I hope to see you all next week in our course.

3rd lesson on 29th september
From: Sibylle Hoffmann (Gast)Date: 01.10.2014, 18:32
E-Mail: sibylle.hoffmann@gmx.de
Hello dear English students,

Thomas was glad to see all students on Monday, nobody was absent.

First Andrea gave us a small report about a theatrical performance on the weekend. The title was: "Metteur-what is it?"
She told something about the content and the actors.

After that Jörg reported about his trip to Kiew. He worked there on behalf of the company Arnold.
Then we compared our homework in the textbook page 105.
We read and translated the text. We also heard a dialouge between Sue and Conny and completed task 1 on page 66.

Thomas gave us a lot of information about if-sentences and auxiliary verbs.
And last but not least we solved task 2 on page 68.

And here is our homework for the next lesson: textbook, page 68 number 4

I hope you have good ideas for an interesting dialouge.
Have a nice week!

2nd lesson on 22th september
From: Antje (Gast)Date: 23.09.2014, 07:55
E-Mail: antjeendter@t-online.de
Hi everybody!
here is a short summary of our last lesson.
First we read and translated the texts on page 65. Than we think about what we choose if we would have won the first price in this competition. It was very interesting!
Second we repeated and practiced the application of “can” and “must” in if-sentences (textbook, page 66, nr. 3). We ‘ve forgotten a lot of things in the holidays!
Finally we looked an video with Russel and Jane in the driving school. It was instructive and very funny, as always!
The homework for the next week: textbook, page 105
Have a nice day! See you Monday,

1st lesson on 15.09.2014
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 16.09.2014, 10:25
E-Mail: Udo_info@gmx.de
Hallo everybody!
The new school year has started already last week.
We have new students again.
First we welcomed them.
Then we chatted a bit about us.
After that we discussed the events of the previous weekend especially the election results.
We repeated topics from our textbook of the last year.
New homework : page 65, PANORAMA read and translate, page 66 number 2

See you on Monday (22.09.), Udo.

23rd lesson on 6th May
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 12.05.2014, 10:14
E-Mail: Udo_info@gmx.de
Hallo everybody!
First we welcomed a new pupil.
Short we introduced ourselves to him.
After that we repeated vocabulary.
As usual we worked with our textbook, too.
There are no homework today.
Don't forget the worksheet to conditional sentences topic.
See you on Tuesday (20.05.), Udo.

22nd lesson on 28th April
From: 22th lesson on 28th April (Gast)Date: 01.05.2014, 14:44
E-Mail: schafts@gmx.de
Hello students,

we told, what we had done on Easterholidays. Than we learnt rules and regulations in the swimming pool and sauna. We spoken about objekts in the flat.
The homework page 58/2 and page 60/2a and 2b.
Our next lesson on 6th May.

See you later Sigrid

21th lesson on 15th April
From: Antje Endter (Gast)Date: 15.04.2014, 13:49
E-Mail: antjeendter@t-online.de
Hello everybody,
after 5 weeks, I’m back from wedding, christening and holiday. So, it was very nice to see you!
Here now the summary of our last lesson:
First we checked the homework. After that we worked with our textbook pages 56, 57 and 76. We describe, how our holiday flat should looks like, heard a phone call and wrote a small text about. Futhermore we debated the application from must - don’t have to - mustn’t.
Homework page 57/ 4b, 4c
Our next lesson will be on Monday, 28. April.
Best wishes for the Easter holidays for all! Have a nice time.
See you soon.

20th lesson on 7th April
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 11.04.2014, 08:00
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
Hallo Students,Sorry for the late entry, I was sick.In the last hour we have only made translation exercises. In the book we were working on page 52, 53 and 54. I then told with pictures of my trip to South Africa. The homework is page 56 number 2, 2a and 2b. On Tues I can not come. Have fun!

19th lesson on 1st April
From: 19th lesson on 01.04.2014 (Gast)Date: 04.04.2014, 19:58
E-Mail: schafts@gmx.de
Hallo students,

Andrea talked about her holiday in South Afrika. Sigrid spoke about crash between train and car in Niederschmalkalden. We read about health: Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture.
We heard what Samuel Simson did for his health to become 100 years old.

Homework: page52/2 and 4

See you later

18th lesson on 24th March
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 28.03.2014, 09:16
E-Mail: udo_info@gmx.de
Hallo everybody,
this is a short summary of our previous lesson.
First we did a little vocabulary test.
We repeated terms and idioms.
After that we wrote a little dictation.
Then we worked with our textbook.
We read and translated texts.
At the end of the lesson we saw a
video with our best friend Russel again.
See you on Tuesday (01.04.), Udo.

Lesson from 17th March
From: Sigrid Date:19.09.2014 (Gast)Date: 19.03.2014, 20:10
Hallo students,
we spoke about Tania's future. Then we learnt,wWhen we use Present simple or progressive on page 48 number 1 and page 49 number 3. We heard an interview page 49/4 and saw a Telekolleg film how Mr. Russell built a desk. The DVD and CD were very nice.

Homework: page 49 number 5.

See you next lesson Sigrid.

16th lesson on 11th March
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 16.03.2014, 10:31
E-Mail: udo_info@gmx.de
Hallo everybody,
What did we do last week?
First we had a little vocabulary test.
After that we checked our homework.
Then we worked with our textbook.
We read and translated texts.
One of us wrote a text on the computer.
This time there is no homework.
See you on Monday, UDo.

15th lesson on 3rd March
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 05.03.2014, 10:31
E-Mail: udo_info@gmx.de
Hallo everybody,

this is a short summary of our last lesson.
First, the teacher asked us several questions.
The topic was the last hour.
After that, we worked with our textbook.
We read and translated texts.
Furthermore we also reviewed adverbs and adjectives.

At the end we saw a video of the popular category: ‘learn English with Russel’

New homework: book page 45 number 4 and 46 2,2a

Now a little bit of motivation
You know, to speak English isn’t really easy.
But an Englishman has this problem every day.
Please don’t forget, next lesson is on Tuesday 11th March.

See you next lesson,

14th lesson on 25th February
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 28.02.2014, 18:40
E-Mail: udo_info@gmx.de
Hello everybody,

this is a short summary of our previous lesson.

First, we discussed some date changes.
Then, we checked the last homework.

We did a little vocabulary test again.
We worked with our book on the topic of verbs, adverbs and adjectives.

New homework: page 45 number 6
I wish you a nice weekend.
See you next lesson,


13th lesson on 5th February
From: Sigrid (Gast)Date: 14.02.2014, 22:32
Hallo together,
we heard the talk from James und Kath about their job and answered the questions.
We talked about our jobs and whether there were interesting jobs.
We read the page 38 and talked about Aviatophobia.
We heard the two cds and answered phrases that James and Kath had and wrote sentences about the conversion between the two
New homework is to read the page 39,42 and 44.
See you soon. We will meet is on 25th February

12th lesson on 3rd February
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 07.02.2014, 13:35
E-Mail: udo_info@gmx.de
Hello everybody!

What did we do last week?
First we had a little vocabulary test.
After that we checked our homework.
It was a bit difficult because we shouldn't use any documents.

Then we solved some problems from the English book.
Furthermore we saw a video which played at an airport.
It included the use of present perfect progressive tense.

New homework: English book page 40, number 1 and 4
I wish you a nice weekend.

See you on Monday.

11th lesson on 27h January
From: Sigrid (Gast)Date: 28.01.2014, 20:24
Hallo dear students

We spoke about our homework: the oldest barmaid - Rini - the job of Tim and Nina Zagat and our dream job.
We saw the film about the music professor and learned about the difference of the past tense and present perfect.

Our homework for next lesson is:
Page 34 number 2, 3,5

See you later!

10th lesson on 20th January
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 23.01.2014, 10:54
E-Mail: udo_info@gmx.de
Hello everybody,

this is a brief summary of our previous lesson.
First, we checked the homework.
As usual we discussed current problems too.

After then we worked in groups of two.
The topic was the use of modal verbs.

We repeated the grammar on the subject of present perfect examples.

In addition we saw an educational film with typical British humour.

The new homework is:
- Page 32 number 4
- Page 33 Panorama
Please, read both texts.

Hope, see you next lesson.
I wish you a nice week, Udo.

9th lesson on 15th January
From: Oskar (Gast)Date: 16.01.2014, 16:12
E-Mail: oskar.bube@t-online
Hello together

The content of the lesson
1. We learned vocabulary for appearance and character.
2. We checked the homework.
3. We read and translated into Network2/Page 28
4. We listened and wrote a little text
Homework: Page 30 number 2; Office objects page 31; read e-mail from teacher
See you next lesson

8th lesson on 8th January
From: Sigrid (Gast)Date: 08.01.2014, 11:14
We spoke about our Christmas time and the presents we got from our children, grandchildren and Partners. We talked about the delicious Christmas meals we prepared or ordered in Restaurants. after that we translated some sentences and questions in the present perfect.

Homework: Page 28, No, 2, 2a and 2b

It's Christmas
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 24.12.2013, 09:31
E-Mail: udo_info@gmx.de
Hello everybody,
today it's Chritmas Eve.
Christmas is probably the most festive time of the year, a season of gift-giving and celebration. Howsoever you will celebrate it, I wish you a Merry Chritmas and a Happy New Year.
Hope I see yuo healthy and full of dynamism to our next lesson in 2014.
Warm greeings to you all, Udo

6th lesson on 11th Dec 2013
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 13.12.2013, 10:29
E-Mail: udo_info@gmx.de
Hello everybody !

First we spoke about the last homework again because some students were absent last week. Next we checked the current homework. We also worked with our English book. The job was a little dialog in groups of two. New homework is: unit 2 page 26 number 1,2 and page 27 number 3,4. You know next lesson is the last one before Christmas. We've planned a little party.
Don't forget to bring along plate,fork and knife.
You should also be well-prepared for some Christmas songs That's all today.

Warm greetings to you all, Udo

5th lesson on 4th Dec 2013
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 06.12.2013, 16:53
E-Mail: udo_info@gmx.de
Hi, everybody!

The good news is: It's St. Nicholas Day today. I'm sure you all behaved well throughout the year, didn't you?

The bad news is: There is new homeworks even so.
- page 26 , 2 step 1 language study

Last lesson we repeated grammar rules especially the tenses.
As usual we checked our homework first. Finally we saw a little videoclip again. To cut a long story short: there were three applicants for only one position.

That's all, see you next week

4th lesson on 27th Nov 2013
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 04.12.2013, 00:46
I'm afraid we forgot to write the logbook this time

3rd lesson on 20th November
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 24.11.2013, 13:17
E-Mail: udo_info@gmx.de
Dear students,

this is the summary of our last lesson.
First we learned a few new words about the topic of needlework.
Then we wrote an e-mail to Heidi who sadly has to leave our course.
We checked the homework and worked with the course book too.
We finished the lesson with a short humorous
video about driving school.

The new homework is:
find out 15 things (better 20) in context with driving school or traffic.
Furthermore in our book on page 24 number 3a and 25 number 3b.

See you next lesson,

2nd lesson on 11th November
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 14.11.2013, 08:04
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
First we checked the homework. Then we worked with a partner the number 4 on page 22. Our Homework: Page 24 number 3

1st lesson 4th November
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 05.11.2013, 10:54
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
First we checked the homework. Then we talked about the English grammar forms to the German. On page 21 we read and translated the text. Our Homework: Page 22 number 2 and 3

24th lesson 14th October
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 15.10.2013, 09:18
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
First, we translated the text on page 18 abotu the Maple Hotel and heard number T1 / 7
Then we wrote down the questions.
After that we translated and read the texts on page 19.

We answered the questions on page 19 below and Udo got a bee for good translation.

We listened to L1/14 on page 20.

Homework: on page 20 number 1, 3 and 4

See you again on 4th November for the new course!

23rd lesson on 7th october
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 11.10.2013, 20:16
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
First we talked about the homework. Then we heard the number 3 Seite17.Unsere homework are: Page 18 Nummer2 hotel information and read translated and read page 19 and translate!

22nd lesson on 30th september
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 03.10.2013, 15:24
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
We first talked about the homework. Then we translated the dialogue page 14 and read it. We wrote a dictation with the summary of the text of the dialog. Our Homework: Page 15 number 5a, page 16 Language study and number 2 of the homework.

21st lesson on 23rd September
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 24.09.2013, 18:39
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
First we spoke about the homework.
In Network 2 page 124 we worked on grammar check number 13, on page 13 number 4 and before you go on (page 13).

The homework is:
page 14: read the dialog "Making holiday plans" and number 2a!
page 12 - "Language study"

20th lesson on 16th September
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 17.09.2013, 18:34
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
First we spoke about the homework.
In Network 2 page 11 we worked on number 2d, 3and 3a and number 3c

The homework is:
page 12 - "Language study"

19th lesson on 9th September
From: 19 th lesson 9th septembre (Gast)Date: 15.09.2013, 15:07
E-Mail: ast.savo@t-online.de
First we spoke about the homework.
Then we went on page 6 on the teachers pages.
We started in the new book Network 2 on page 10 and read the text from the letter and listened to number 2a.

Our homework : page 7 on the teachers page and number 2c in network 2.

18th lesson 2nd September
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 05.09.2013, 07:44
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
First we spook about our holidays.
Then the teacher gave as pages 2-9 from Network Break Starter and the
homestudy is pages 4+5.

17th lesson on 1st July
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 07.07.2013, 21:51
We met for breakfast in Aue Center at 8
In the lesson we worked with Network Break 1

We will meet again after the summer break on
2nd September at 9 am!

Have a nice holiday!

15th lesson on 10th June 2013
From: An drea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 12.06.2013, 08:35
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
First we checked the homework and then we went on with page 18 number 2 and 3 and on page 19 number4(11-25), then the pages 20 and 21. Our new homework: pages 24 and 25 , the text on page 28.

14th lesson on 27th May 2013
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 03.06.2013, 08:32
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
First we checked the homestudy and then we went on with Network Break.

13th lesson on 13th 2013
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 15.05.2013, 08:15
E-Mail: ast.sv.@t-online.de
First we checked the homestudy and then we went on with page 12 and 13 number 3 and 4 in the network break.

The teacher gave as pages 14-17 from Network Break 1.

The homework is network break page 16 and 17 number 2a to 5.

12th lesson on 6 May 2013
From: Andrea (Gast)Date: 07.05.2013, 23:35
First we checked the homestudy and then we went on with Network 1 page 100 number 3 and 4.
Then on page 101 number 1, 2a and 2b.

The teacher gave as pages 10-13 from Network Break 1.
The homework is network 1 page 101 2c and network break page 10 and 11 number 2b to 5.

11th lesson 30th April 2013
From: Andrea (Gast)Date: 02.05.2013, 12:03
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online
First we checked the homestudy and then we checked the homestudy from network 1 unit 6- step 2 grammar translation.

Then we worked in network break page 6-9 (part 1+2).

The homework is page 6 part 1 number 3a(2) and part 2 page 9 number 1c+d.

10th lesson 22nd April 2013
From: Andrea (Gast)Date: 25.04.2013, 08:17
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
First we checked the homestudy. Then we listened to the text on page 98 number 3 and 104 number 5. The teacher gave as a page with numbers to do. We made number 1 a,b and c, and the other page is the homework.

9th lesson on 15th April 2013
From: udo (Gast)Date: 16.04.2013, 22:47
E-Mail: udo_info@gmx.de
- First we checked the homestudy.
- Then we started with step 3.
- a few new vocabulary (eat and drink)
- Next we spoke about healthy eating.
- Our new homework: step 3, page 96, number 4 (shopping list for a typical dinner in your district)

8th lesson on 8th April 2013
From: Svoboda (Gast)Date: 10.04.2013, 11:22
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
First we checked the homestudy from the teachers paper. Then we read the text: Where will yuo be? on page 92.
Then we started with step 2b page 92, 3(a+b) on page 93. page 94 Languaga study and on page 95 number 3+4

Homework: page 94 number 2, page 95 number 5 und see on our mail from the teacher.

7th lesson on 2nd April 2013
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 03.04.2013, 08:10
First we checked the homestudy exercises which we had done at home.
Then we did some listening tasks ("Before you go on").
Next we started with Step 2 (Dialogue) and wrote the dictation (Antje was on the laptop)

Homework: See email sent by teacher

6th lesson on 25th March 2013
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 26.03.2013, 07:49
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
We checked the homestudy. Then we went on with page 89 number 2c to number 4.
We spoke about the differences of the words like and would like on page 90.

Homework: number 3,5,6 and 7 page 91

5th lesson on 18th March 2013
From: Svoboda (Gast)Date: 20.03.2013, 14:48
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
5th Lesson 18 th March 2013
We read the homestudy. Then we went on page 87 and we asked about food and drink. Then we read and translated the text number 2 page 88.
Then we looked a film.
Homework: 2a page 88 and 2b page 89

4th lesson on 11th March 2013
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 11.03.2013, 14:03
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
We read the Homestudy. Then we went on page 83,read the text and translated. We worked number 1and 2. On page 84 we worked number1 and 2.

Homework: page 84 number 3 and 4, page 86 number 3 the first part

3rd lesson on 4th March 2013
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 05.03.2013, 13:45
We repeated in the Homestudy of Unit 5 step 2.
We worked from step 2 number 3c to the end and then we went on with the Homestudy page 81.
Then on step 3 we did numbers 1 and 2.

Homework: 2c on page 82

2nd lesson 5th Feb 2013
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 07.02.2013, 11:05
we wrote,readed and translated texts
-we practiced conversation between the students
-last but one homework
-a few new vocabulary


-U5,St2,homestudy, Nr.2 (p.80)
-learn vocabulary

Much fun, see you an 04.03.2012 next time

Your writer

First lesson (new course) 29-01-2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 31.01.2013, 11:59
We welcomed the newcomers:
Antje Endter,Ernst Fröhlich and Oskar Bube
The newcomers and the "old" students introduced themselves.

Nice weekend!
Your logbookwriter

24 th lesson 22-01-2013
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 23.01.2013, 15:20
-A new laerner in our course: ANDREA SVOBODA, she lives in SM an works in a Fairtrade- Shop,
-Homestady:U5 St.2 dialog "Interesting places", -2a, 2b (p.78)
- today: 2c, 3 (p. 81) there is there are... and Nr.5
-U5 Language and culture, St.2 British flags and "in" and "on" (p.85 )
-Homework U 5, St. 2 Homestudy, Nr.6 and 7

See you again next lesson!

Yuor logbookwriter

23 th lesson 15-01-2013
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 17.01.2013, 13:21
-First: homework last lesson
- we learn a few new words
-U 5, homestudy study, St.1, Nr.4-6, before you go on & speaking practice (p.77)
- erxercices: text from beamer (our teacher), we read,write and translate, we provide positive and negative answers

Now homework:
U 5, "Far and near" S.2, Nr.2, 2a & b

Much fun!

Your writer+Horst

22 th lesson 08-01-2013
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 09.01.2013, 14:39
We have a new client in our class: SIGRID from Nieder-SM, welcome!

-First: Dialogue" An evening for the tourists", read & translate
-U 5, St. 1, 2a-d, 3a & b
- exercises with signal words

U5 St. 1: - language study (grammar p.76)
- homestudy St.1, 2 (p.76) and 3 (p.77)

Much fun!

Your writer

21 th lesson 11-12-2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 22.12.2012, 14:57
It´s my last comment in this year!
-first:homework last lesson: role-play:getting a hotel room
-different forms: from "will" to "like"
now we celebrate Christmas.we have sung Christmas songs,tried cookies and drank mulled wine.
Homework to next:
U5,St.1,2 dialog (p 74)

Now. my wishes for all:
Merry Christmas, many gifts,and enjoyment of the Christmas roast!
Happy new year and good luck!
Your writer

20th lesson 04-12-2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 07.12.2012, 11:29
-phonetics-pronunciation of loud (p.136)
-irregular verbs
U4,St.1-3,2 role-play,we work in pairs, wrote questions and answers, next time evaluation

p.70 and 71 read
and puzzle to solve!
That´s all!

Beautiful second advent to all!
Your writer

19 th lesson 27-11-2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 28.11.2012, 13:14
-First: few new words
- last homework: read and translate MGM and BB (p.64/65) and U4 St.3, 4
- U4,St.3,4a listen and write comments (+ or./.)
-U4,St.3, 2 conversation "The way to tobacco-museum"
-U4 St.3,3 "what were their holidays like"
-"communicatiing by mail", order mail answers (p.69)

U4,St.3 homestudy, 1 (p.66) and
- "test yourself 2" (p.72), nr.3 and 4

Yours sincerely

18th lesson 20-11-2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 22.11.2012, 13:28
-First hour:Exercises: students were writing on the board, the teacher spoke/read, we listened/read/wrote and translated, irregular verbs
-thereafter:-U4, St 3,2

- U4, St.3,4 " A very big hotel"
- The MGM -read, find differences- -Panorama read also, two parts "B&B" and "Motel"

Nice time and have fun!


17th lesson 13-11-2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 16.11.2012, 16:21
I'm a bit late this time, sorry!

Today:U 4,St.2, 3b,2d,3,3a,4 (p.61), 2a,b on p. 60, on p.62 "Simple past with irregular verbs", on p.63,4 - that´s all for today

on p. 61 3c "Retell the receptionist´s story"
on p.62, 2 "Anita´s journey"
on p.63 ,3 "Regular or irregular" and 5 and last "Before you go on.."

So much fun and nice WE!
Yuor writer

16th lesson 09-11-2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 10.11.2012, 12:15
-First: Communcation between our teacher and learners. Repetition: Teacher speaks and we translate these.
-next: last homework
-today: tenses
- U 4 St.2,2 dialog "Here´s the key" -Homestudy: U 4,language and culture St.2 read (p.67)
and U 4 St.2 ,2c "Write the questions"

Much fun!

Your writer!
HorstrnAttention:next lesson: Thu, 13-11-2012rn

15th lesson 16-10-2012
From: Annette (Gast)Date: 18.10.2012, 17:48
U 4 TRAVEL- p.56 No 2 "to book a hotel room" and No 2
- Grammar past simple with regular verbs p.57, No 3
exercises No 3a,3b,3c and p. 58 language study
p. 58 No 2 and p. 59 No 3,4,6

Our next lesson is on 06/11/2012 at 09:00 am.

Happy holiday!
Yours Annette rn

14 th lesson 09-10-2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 11.10.2012, 10:54
E-Mail: hp40schubert@web.de
-U 3, St. 2 "Before you go on" (p.49)
"Speaking practice" exercises
with "did"
-U 3, St.3 Nr.2 countries and currencies
Nr.3 "A letter...." (p 50)
- Panorama: read and translate-opinions
2 opinions for Euro
- Listen and read: currency rates to US Dollar (exercises)
- U 3 St.3 Homestudy Nr 1-4, we did these in lesson
- U 3 St. 1-3 Nr.3 and 4(p.54), nr.3 was a bit difficult

Last the Homestudy to next lesson:
- Answer for questions from letter (Nr. 3b, p.50)
I wont much fun!

Your writer

13th lesson 02-10-2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 03.10.2012, 17:21
E-Mail: hp40schubert@web.de
Unit 3, Step 2, Nr.2, 2a-2c on p. 46
Nr.3, 4, 4a (p. 49), language study (Unit 3, Step 2 on p. 48)
Exercises: Simple Past (material from our teacher No. 12 (1-5)) and No.17 Irregular verbs, back to textbook: Unit 3, Step 2
Homestudy No.6

Homework for next lesson:
Unit 3, Step 2, Homestudy No. 4 (p.49)

A lot of fun and a nice holiday!
Your writer Horst

12th lesson on 25-09-2012
From: Annette (Gast)Date: 27.09.2012, 15:26
E-Mail: annettespindler@gmx.de
Our lesson:
control of homework p.44,2

Unit 3 / Step 1
grammar was/were - p.43,3a-c,4
"Sherlock holmes at work" p.45, no 3,4,5
ordinal numbers and birthdays with practical exercises p.45 (L1/31,32-34)

email from teacher with attached file Dictation and p.46 no 2

The lesson on 2nd October will start at 8.30 am! And the lesson on the 23rd October will be delayed.

See you on next tuesday at 8:30 am !

Yours Annette

11th lesson 18-09-2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 20.09.2012, 11:54
E-Mail: hp40schubert@web.de
Our lesson today:
U.:2 English at work 1 :1. conversation between partners, 2a A visit to a company, we wrote the phrases in the 4 parts of conversation, 2b Exercises "what is more formal?"
magazine 1, the language quiz and special reports (p.39) , as well as Learners Letters
u.:3 money, we learn English notes and coins, s.: 1 1-2c
homestudy: exercises "why and how" learn we English (p38) , u:3 s.: 1 , 2 matching
that´s all!

Happy create!
Our logbookwriter

From: Horst (Gast)Date: 12.09.2012, 12:43
E-Mail: hp40schubert@web.de
our course was complete today, all have a lot of power on holiday now!
First later congratulation to Heidi
She celebrated her round birthday a few days ago !
Now about the work:
homework last lesson:
p.34. nr.1 -3
tasks of today:
p.34, nr.4, exercises 1-5
p.36 nr.1,2,4 we adapt the text an exercise role -play between two partners

homework to next lesson:
nr. 6.4 and 6.5 (paper from our teacher)
p.40, nr.2
Have fun!

Your logbook writer!

9 th lesson 04-09-2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 06.09.2012, 20:22
E-Mail: hp40schubert@web.de
Lesson: compared homework:
p.30 "right word"; p.31, Nr.3 & 4, p29 "famous persons",

today:months and seasons (excercises),
p32 e-mailform Claudia to Anita (read, translate and listen new informations),
p 33 "tourist hotspots" (read, translate and which pictures to which text and location), exercises (material from our teacher),

homestudy for next time:
p.34, 1 -3

I hope we'll be complete next lesson, today we were only the half of the clients.
A nice time!

Our logbookwriter

8th lesson 17-7-2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 20.07.2012, 13:04
E-Mail: hp40schubert@web.de
-homework last lesson:"words in right order"
-directions: north, west...p.27
-excersises with "too"
- grammar 4, 4a-c p.25
-dialog step2,p.35
dialog 2,p.28 and 2a-c, grammar 3a,3b p 29
-language study questions p.30,nr.4 p.31
homework to first lesson after the summer braek:
nr.3c "famous people" p.29 3-4 sentences with "probably"
- homestudy step2 nr.1 p.30 and nr. 3+5 on p.31
a nice holidays for all in our course

your logbookwriter

7th lesson on 10.07.2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 11.07.2012, 15:03
E-Mail: hp40schubert@web.de
- grammar "Simple Present" p.11 (material from our teacher)
-negations with "do"

language study, step 1 , Complete sentences with "do" or "don´t"
and No. 6 and 7 on p. 27

Bye and see you in the last lesson before the summer break!
Your logbookwriter!

6th lesson on 03.07.2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 04.07.2012, 11:53
E-Mail: hp40schubert@web.de
p. 18,Nr. 4a and 4 (personal profil-listen,translate and new words)
panorama listen and read and translate (different people speak different accents and dialects of English) p.21, step 3 "The UK and Ireland"rn-p.22, Nr.2 and 5
from everyone to something- adverbs of frequency

Homestudy for next lesson:
p.24 dialogue

Next coffee will be made by ANETTE from Viernau

Your logbookwriter

5th lesson om 26-06-2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 27.06.2012, 11:38
E-Mail: hp40schubert@web.de
-first: homestady last lesson (Nr.3-6 on p.16/17
-"before go on"- listen and speak numbers(p.17)
- listen and write sentences with "too"
- questions and answers with "haven´t/hasn´t got"
-excercise 7 P.17 "this or that"
-"Bingo" a few examples
- English alphabet listen and repeat
- spell of words (1-3, p.18)
-erxcercises listen and write addressis Nr.1 St.3 on p. 20 and questions on answers of Elvis (2 same page)

Homestudy to next lesson is: Nr. 3 and 4 on p.20

Attention please:Next coffe will cooke Daniela!
Many greetings!rn

4th lesson on 19-06-2012
From: Horst (Gast)Date: 19.06.2012, 20:37
E-Mail: hp40schubert@web.de
-First we solved homestudy lesson(L) 1, step (St.) 2 (p.16) “True or False”
-Then we exercised, how to say it phone numbers (L 1, St. 2: 3, 3a and b (p.14) -Then we went to the next page (15) , 4"Grammar “have got/has got”
-Then followed 4a and b,
-next 4c- the questions beginning with have got (a questionnaire),p.15 too
- also (L.1, St.2. language study), we exercised with ”have got/havn´t got” (p. 16)
-we listened and wrote , what Claire has got or hasn´t got (p.17)

Homestudy for the next lesson are (H., St.2: 3 “What they´ve got” (p.16) and 4 “ What´s the correct verb” and 6 “a, an or any” (p.17)
Much fun with it!
Last, but not least a very important information for all:
The next coffee will ne presented by Renate!

3rd lesson an 11.06.2012
From: Horst Schubert (Gast)Date: 12.06.2012, 16:19
E-Mail: hp40schubert@web.de
- we welcomed the last student of our group
- he introtuced himself
- our teacher was talking about the content of network and user instructions
- Unit 1 ,Step 1 Homestudy 2 and 3(from last lesson)
-Unit 1, Step1, 2d vocabulary
- 3a and 3b
- Language study, Step 1
- Grammar: "can or can´t"
- once Homestudy 4 and 5
- Unit 1, Step 2 Talk about the family

Homestudy Step 2 , 2"true or false"

2nd lesson on 05-06-2012
From: Your nice English teacher (Gast)Date: 09.06.2012, 12:29
- We welcomed new students
- Everybody introduced themselves
- Unit 1, Step 1, Dialogue
- to be and short answers

1st lesson on 08-05-2012
From: Your nice English teacher (Gast)Date: 08.05.2012, 15:39
- First short test: What we already know (was wir schon wissen)
- Einstufungstest
- Pronouns (A1-02)
- Reading (Richard Burton)

- Please get Network 1 (ISBN-13: 978-3526504276)