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10th lesson on 13 June
From: Thomas (Gast)Date: 12.06.2019, 19:21
- The last two lessons on 29 May and 5 June had to be cancelled.
- Today we had some small talk.
- We did Unit 99 (If I go..) about if-clauses Type I.
- We worked on page 109 and did some exercises on page 111.
- Homework: Unit 99 on the copies: ex. 99.1 and 99.3 and page 110 completely.
- We will start again on 21st August .
Have a nice holiday!

9th lesson on 22th May
From: Thomas (Gast)Date: 22.05.2019, 19:31
We spoke about Number 29
We worked on page 108
Homework: page 11, No. 1 and 2.
Please bring Unit 99 Grammar book.

8th lesson on 8th May
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 08.05.2019, 19:29
We spoke about 1st May.
We learned sth about Conditional clauses.
We read the text "Number 29" and did some exercises.
Homework: NW Break 2, page 3, No. 1c

NOTE: No lesson on 15th May

7th lesson on 24th April
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 24.04.2019, 19:32
We spoke about our Easter events.
Homework: Read the text "Number 29" and do the exercises on page 5 from 1 to 3
No lesson on 1st May!

6th lesson on 17th April
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 17.04.2019, 19:33
We checked the homework (Unit 62-Pronouns)
We worked on page 106 (will)
Homework Unit (work sheet) 28 1-3

5th lesson on 10th April
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 10.04.2019, 19:33
We finished Unit 5
We started Unit 6, ex. 1a and 1b
Homework: page 105,2; 107, 2 and worksheet 62.2., 62.3. and 62.4

4th lesson on 3rd April
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 03.04.2019, 19:30
We checked the homework, had some small talk.
We worked on page 98 and 99, No. 3a.
Homework: page 100, No. 1 and 2

3rd lesson on 27th March
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 27.03.2019, 19:29
We checked the homework and had a look at possessives.
We read on page 97 about Shakers.
Homework: page 98 2a

2nd lesson on 20th March
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 20.03.2019, 19:34
We started comparing the homework on an extra sheet and had only few problems with Past and Present questions.
Then we read two texts on pages 94 and 95.
Homework: page 96, 2 and 3

1st lesson on 13th March
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 14.03.2019, 08:03
Hello together
We had our first lesson after the winter break.
Ute and Renate were new.
Ralph and Joachim were missing.
We introduced ourselves.
We started a little test.

See in the WhatsApp group for it.
See you next week

19th lesson on 5 Dec 2018
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 05.12.2018, 19:26
We checked the homework on the worksheet page 13 from Network Break 3, topic: Future and Past.
We read the texts on page 90 and did exercises 2a and 2b and 3a on page 91.
Homework: page 93, ex. 1 and 2

See you next week.

18th lesson on 28 November
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 28.11.2018, 19:17
Hello together

We had an interesting, exciting, motivating and never boring lesson. Afterwards we were interersted in reading a new story (will be sent to the three missing students Antje, Joachim and Danny by email.)

Homework for all:
worksheet page 13, no. 4

For the people who missed the lesson: please do exercises 3a and 3b on page 12.

See you next Wednesday

17th lesson on 21 November 2018
From: Danny (Gast)Date: 28.11.2018, 13:10
E-Mail: a.hirschleb83@web.de">da.hirschleb83@web.de
Hello everyone,

in our last lesson on Wednesday our Teacher Thomas talked with us in a very difficult English.This was demotivated for me.

Than has been better. we read and translated a story , "Nice to see you Bill".It was a Thriller about how Bill came to the job of a manger. And his former Boss would kill Bill. But Bill cames before and killed his former Boss.
It was a interessting story.

After that we make exercises about the text.
The homework is of our exercise sheet numer two and three. It is not difficult, I hope so.
Now I am on the end of my entry and we see us next week.
I am sick on this week.

Kind regards

16th lesson on 14 November 2018
From: Danny (Gast)Date: 20.11.2018, 22:17
E-Mail: a.hirschleb83@web.de">da.hirschleb83@web.de
Hello together

The winter has begun. It is really icy and I hate this weather. This is my first entry in the new course. here are only men in contrast to the course on tuesday. There are only women and I.

Now I will tell you what we done on Wednesday. At first I had to write a exam if I may stay here. I just passed. After that we made exercises to some and any. Than we had make quiz about geography. And our last task was to correct the sentences of a letter.

This is the end of my entry and we see us tomorrow.
I hope the weather will be better.

Kind regards

15th lesson on 7 November 2018
From: Mario (Gast)Date: 08.11.2018, 08:28
E-Mail: mario.witter@web.de
Short summary of our lesson from 7.11.2018.
Before we started to study grammar, Mark told us about his holiday in Taiwan.
Here we could learn how difficult it is when the suitcase disappears on the flight. We also found the harassment of monkeys during the bicycle tour funny. Afterwards we dealt with the homework. The focus was on the translation of words. The next step showed us that there were still gaps in our education - infinitive and past. In our exercises I would like to recall the word – false teeth.
Johann could work best yesterday when Thomas had not helped him. That was amazing and showed his efficiency.
Irregular verbs. It cannot harm us to repeat them again and again!
Homework Page 90 Numbers 1a and 1b

14th lesson on 24 October 2018
From: Thomas (Gast)Date: 24.10.2018, 19:33
We spoke a lot and worked with an old book:
Network Now A1 Starter.
We welcomed a new student. His name is EE and he comes from a nice village called SH.

Moreover we learned a lot about "something", anything" and "nothing"

Our homework: Check your email!
Don't forget: There's a public holiday next week.

See you in a fortnight.

13th lesson on 17th of october 2018
From: Ralph (Gast)Date: 23.10.2018, 17:09
We repeated the exercises from the previous lesson and talked about various topics. As a homework, the processing of the sheet is to be done, which was already sent by Whattsapp

12th lesson on 10th of Oktober 2018
From: elke schleicher (Gast)Date: 12.10.2018, 13:17
E-Mail: elkeschleiche@gmx.de
We talked about this and that. We read and translated the extra sheet : A day in my life €“ He has the key. Richard Hamilton has his own company. On his car stood: Hero, Locksmith, Domestic & Commercial Locks, Emergency Enrtry , Keysafes and a phone number . We got information about: learning curve, last resort and Sod's law.

We compared the homework on an extra sheet.

Homework: learn the new vocabulary from the worksheet.
Have a nice week

11th lesson on 26th of September 2018
From: Antje (Gast)Date: 09.10.2018, 21:49
Our bicycle specialists talked about their last bicycle tours longer than 20km.
We translated different sentences from German into English. We compared the homework. We read the extra sheet with will/shall 1 with explanations and solutions.
Our homework is on the extra sheet number 21.2 to 21.4.
The next course starts on 10th of October.

10th lesson on 5th September 2018
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 05.09.2018, 19:31
We compared the extra sheets on page 36 and 37.
We did some Grammar in our book on page 88.
Homework: page 89, No. 3 and 4

9th lesson on 29th of August 2018
From: Gunnar Ludwig (Gast)Date: 02.09.2018, 22:17
In the 9th lesson we talked about a small talk about the meaning "either and neither". Afterwards we talked about "moduls verb".
Afterwards we practiced 'Typical Errors of Learners with German as Mother tongue'.
Homework: extra sheet p.36 number 1a and 1b.
I wish you success

8th lesson on 15th of August 2018
From: Antje Walter (Gast)Date: 15.08.2018, 21:57
Today we were a little group. We had an interesting lesson with a lot of information about this and that. We listened to a phone call on PC and we wrote this text in our book.
Important: Our next lesson is on 29th of August in Sandgasse.

7th lesson on 27th of June
From: Gunnar Ludwig (Gast)Date: 29.07.2018, 19:06
On Wednesday was our last lesson before we go in our summer holidays. We made a little small talk and we spoke about the world championship and the success of the German team. Following this, on page 87, we performed exercises 2a to 4a.
Homework: Vocabulary exercises from the unit 5
After class we went for dinner in the restaurant zum Grünen Tor. Here we also met the actor Peter Sodann.
Nice summer holidays to all, until 18.08.2018 meet again.

4th lesson on 6th of June
From: Antje Walter (Gast)Date: 10.06.2018, 22:20
We made a little small talk and we spoke about the world championship in Russia. Then we read on page 86 text "Starter" and we solved some exercises. Our homework is on page 87 number 3 and 4 and on page 89 number 2a. Teacher Thomas sent an extra sheet about "used to (do)" for some practise.
Have a nice week.

3rd lesson on 30th of May
From: Mark (Gast)Date: 04.06.2018, 13:26
We talked about this and that.
Afterwards we did some exercises on page 84.
Homework is on page 86. Read the text "Starter" and tick number 1a.

20th lesson on 7th of March
From: Elke Schleicher (Gast)Date: 08.03.2018, 17:03
E-Mail: elkeschleicher@gmx.de
Last Wednesday evening we checked the homework - Network Now A2.1 at page 80, number 1and 2. After that we read and translated the text on page 81: giving the right signals, spoke about body languages and we ticked the correct information on page 81. Afterwards we read and translated Step 2 and Step 3 on page 81.
Finally we listened the CD 2/48 and answerd 4 questions. We got a worksheet- Test Paper 4, we solved number 1 at the end of the lesson.
Homework: worksheet number 2, complete the table.
Have a nice week.

19th lesson on 27th of February
From: Elke Schleicher (Gast)Date: 01.03.2018, 20:17
E-Mail: elkeschleicher@gmx.de
First we had a repeat of Unit 26 with can, could and be able to. After then we make a little small talk and checked the homework: Exercises 26.2 and 26.4. We read and translated the text Unit 27 and spoke about the grammer of : can, could (do) and could have(done).
Afterwards we solved excercises number 27.1 and 27.3 - 27.4.
Finally we heard and translated the text on page 77: Spirals
Homework: Unit 27, number 27.2 and on page 80 number 1 and 2
Have a nice week

18th lesson on 21th of February
From: Elke Schleicher (Gast)Date: 22.02.2018, 20:37
E-Mail: elkeschleicher@gmx.de

Hallo all together, what a cold and windy weather today.
In the last lesson we had a small talk about the Olympic Games, ski jumping in Brotterode, biathlon and Europeen Cup in football with Bayern Munich.
Afterwords we repeated the learning cotroll about different questions.- test Paper 1.
Then we looked at the text Unit 26- read and translated together and spoke about using: can, could and able to. Moreover we solved the exercises 26.1, 26.3 and 26.5.
The homework is on page 77 – Spirals-read and translate and exercises number 26.2 and 26.4.
Have a nice week.

17th lesson on 14 Feruary 2018
From: Elke Schleicher (Gast)Date: 18.02.2018, 11:24
E-Mail: elkeschleicher@gmx.de
First we had a learning cotroll about different questions.- test Paper 1, you can look at Whats App. After then we make a little small talk and checked the homework on page 73, number 6 and heard CD 2/40-41.

We read and translated the text and solved excercises on page 76 number 1-4. Afterwards we read the text „Glasses 4 U“ on page 74 and solved excercises number 1a-1b, than we worked with a partner and make a appointment with optican’s receptionist. Finally we had a dialogue to by glasses.rnWhich strategies do you pursue, if you don’t understand some things correctly? You can ask the person to repeat it with: Pardon?, or: Sorry?, or: Sorry I didn’t hear that? or: Could you say that again please?, or : Could you repeat that please?

Homework: Page 77- read and translate and moreover Mr. Thomas will be send some excercises with e-mail.

Have a nice week!

15th lesson on 24 January 2018
From: Elke schleicher (Gast)Date: 26.01.2018, 19:09
E-Mail: elkeschleicher@gmx.de
First we had a learning cotroll about twenty different questions. After then we make a little small talk and checked the homework on page 69, number 4 and 5.
We read and translated on page 68 „Present progressive“ and solved exercises A-B and on page 70, number 1a-1b. Afterwards we read and translated on page 81-Step 2 and fill out the 3 boxes.

The homework is on page 72 read and translate, number 4 to 6.

Thomas will send some material with e-mail in the attached file „ A-003 to B004.pdf“

Have fun with it. See you next lesson.rnBest regards Elkern

14th lesson on 17 January 2018
From: Antje (Gast)Date: 21.01.2018, 22:07
We make a little small talk and checked our homework.
We read and translated the text “An artist at work” and we solved excercises relating the text on page 67. Afterwards we worked on page 68 “Language study” and page 69 number 1 and 2.
Our homework is on page 69 number 3, 4 and 5.
Have a nice week!

13th lesson on 10 January
From: elke (Gast)Date: 13.01.2018, 11:23
E-Mail: elkeschleicher@gmx.de
Hallo all together, what a bad weather today. Unfortunatly we don’t have any snow.rnFirst we checked the homework on page 62, number 1and 2. Then we looked on page 63, Step 3: GB and the UK - read and translated. rnWe had a smal talk about the text.rnAfter that we heard CD 2/25: Topic Republic of Ireland and Nothern Ireland.rnLas,t the teacher gave us a extra work sheet. We checked part 5, number 3a and 3b. We fill out the missing words from number 7-25, spoke about reflexive pronouns (myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ouerselves, yourselves and themselves).rnHomework is: page 66 read and translate, page 67 number 1a -1b.rnSee you next lesson.rnElkernrn

12th lesson on 3 January
From: elke (Gast)Date: 07.01.2018, 14:37
E-Mail: elkeschleicher@gmx.de
On Wednesday we had the first lesson in 2018. First everyone talked about their New Year's Eve party and reported of their plans and projects for 2018.

Then we looked at the text on page 60, read and translated it together with number 1-1c and 2, on page 62 we listened to and answered number 3.
We worked with the partner on page 124 and 126 and answered, what you can do in the free time on an island.
We were unlucky to get some homework on page 62 number 1 and 2. It was a nice evening.

We laughed a lot in this lesson! 😊.

11th lesson on 13 December
From: Joachim (Gast)Date: 13.12.2017, 18:38
First we spoke about her, their and your.
Then we read Elke's logbook entry. We learned that there's a difference between first (erstens, zuerst) and at first (am Anfang). We also spoke about collocations, e.g.
- watch TV
- do an exercise
- solve a task
- speak about, talk about
- do and check the homework
- learn and remember new words
- read and translate a text, a dialogue

Then we looked at the text on page 59, read and translated it together.
Moreover we dealt with the language study on page 58.
After that we studied Unit 85 from the Grammar book about some and any.

We were lucky not to get any homework.
Don't forget!! Next week we are meeting in the Maykel's at 6 pm.

10th lesson on the 5th of December 2017
From: Elke Schleicher (Gast)Date: 09.12.2017, 10:14
E-Mail: elkeschleicher@gmx.de
From : Elke
At first, we checked the homework - a woork sheet, it was a voluntary task. Then we solved the exercises on page 56, number 1c,1d and read and translate the text " A gift of hope". We spoke about number 3, at page 57, when did you say: some-, every-, or no-. We learnt to use participle I + II.
The homework is on page 59 "A cool heart?- read and translate.
Mr. Simon sent an E-Mail with some material, please print it and bring it next time.
Have a nice weekend!

8th lesson on 29 November 2017
From: Antje (Gast)Date: 26.11.2017, 22:19
No entrty this time??

7th lesson on 22 November 2017
From: Antje (Gast)Date: 26.11.2017, 22:14
At first we checked the homework. Then we solved the exercises on page 54 “Language study”.
In between we had time for same small talk. The teacher gave us an extra sheet with the story “Nice to see you, Bill”. We read and translated this text and we solved its exercises.

The homework is number 3a an the extra sheet “Working with words”.

It was a nice evening. We laughed a lot in this lesson! 😊

From: johann (Gast)Date: 18.11.2017, 11:00
In the last lesson we read the story "Your holiday problems" on page 52.rnOn page 53 we practiced No 2 (Grammar" have to / don't have to) 2a (danger in the mountens) 2b ( you`re not allowed to ) ,3a ( vocabulary) and 3b ( now to say it ) .The homework are the numbers one, four and five on page 55.

4th lesson on 8th of November 2017
From: Ralph (Gast)Date: 14.11.2017, 20:24
E-Mail: ralph.wey@gmx.de
I almost forgot to tell you the homework for tomorrow. Homework is 52/1a and 52/1b.

lesson on 1th of November 2017
From: Elke Schleicher (Gast)Date: 02.11.2017, 19:52
E-Mail: elkeschleicher@gmx.de
This time we were only 4 students to these lesson.
First we had a learning controll:
- vocabulary
- irregular verbs
- clear question
- right verb forms
- words to express the
After that was homwork controll over use of must, mustn't, don't need to, on page 73, number 1-5.
Finally ,we deal with the different meaning of "us".
Homework: siehe Whats App and
Step 2, on page 22, number 1a and 3a.
Have a nice weekend!

2nd lesson on 25th October 2016
From: Antje (Gast)Date: 29.10.2017, 20:18
We made small talk and we introduced about us. Our homework is on the extra sheet Unit 31 the number 4 and 5.

First lesson after the summer break
From: Mark (Gast)Date: 22.10.2017, 16:20
We talked about our holiday activities.
Afterwards we did some exercises with "must", "mustn't" and "don't need to".
No homework.

Last lesson on 3th May
From: Antje (Gast)Date: 09.05.2017, 11:37
We have translated various terms and different irregular verbs in Infinitive, Past simple and Present perfect. Later we went in restaurant Maykels. Our new course start on 10th May. Have a nice time.

19th lesson on 19th April 2017
From: Mark (Gast)Date: 24.04.2017, 21:27
At the beginning we talked about our Easter activities. Afterwards we discussed the differences of some words and phrases, e.g. "whereas/while" and "at all/as well as". Subsequently we did several grammar practices with "must/mustn't" and "should/shouln't". Then we listened to a news report about a sauna championship in Finland and completed a couple of associated sentences. At the end we dealt with some vocabulary concerning "first aid".
Homework is 32.1 and 32.4 on that extra sheet called "Neues Dokument.pdf".

16th lesson on 5th April 2017
From: Paul (Gast)Date: 16.04.2017, 13:10
At the begining we transleted newspaper articels from german into english. After that we compare the homework. At the end of the lesson we made some exercises about sauna (p. 48).

15th lesson on 15th March 2017
From: Antje (Gast)Date: 16.03.2017, 21:38
We translated different interesting newspaper articles from German into English, for example “More and more old people go by car” or “Pokemon Go play at church”.
Later we checked our homework. And then we made different exercises on page 45.

Our homework for next week is page 45 number 3a.
Have a nice weekend!

14th lesson on 8 March 2017
From: Gunnar (Gast)Date: 11.03.2017, 15:43
We started the lesson with a smalltalk about the weather, cycling and traveling by plane. Then we checked our homework and worked in our book on page 41 number 2b- 3b, page 42 number 1 (testyourself). Next homework: page 42 number2.

See you next week!

13 lesson on 1st March
From: johann (Gast)Date: 06.03.2017, 20:11
E-Mail: jburian@freenet.de
We started with a warm up about our hobbies.
After than we repeated the "Airport vocabulary" on page 38.No 1.
After than we filled out the gaps at Page 38 No 2 / 3 and 4.
On page 40 we listened to exercise 1a and then we answered the questions.

Homework is No 2a on page 40
Best regards JB

12th lesson on 22nd February 2017
From: Ralph (Gast)Date: 28.02.2017, 19:55
E-Mail: ralph.wey@oerlikon.com
Please excuse the late comment. Our homework is page 38/1+2.

11st lesson on 15th February 2017
From: Paul (Gast)Date: 20.02.2017, 16:49
At the begining, we talked about sport, the weekend an ohter things. Then we maked some exercises on page 32-35. It was about Prestent perfect and past simple and about planes. Homework is to learn the vocabulary from Unit 2 Step 2 and 3.

10th lesson on 01st February 2017
From: Antje (Gast)Date: 07.02.2017, 21:15
1. We compared the difficult homwork including the tenses present perfect and past simple.
ex.: Tom lost his key ( past simple)
but now he has found it. (present perfect)

2. Afterwards our group talked about their favorite subjects at school and their favorite teachers.

3. Later we talked about our the sportive activities.
For next lesson we haven´t homework. Just learn the new words. On 8th February we have winter holiday.

We see you on 15th February again.

9th lesson on 25th January 2017
From: Mark (Gast)Date: 29.01.2017, 11:11
In our last lesson we started with some translations from german to english. After that we checked our homeworks. Then we practiced the use of irregular verbs. Afterwards we read the text "Have you ever flown with...?" on page 32. We did some excercises concerning that text. Hereupon we dealt with tenses "Present perfect" and "Past Simple". At the end we deepened the use of those tenses with some exercises on an extra sheet of paper. Last task was to complete the missing verbs in number 13.3 on that extra sheet.

But we didn't had the time to check that exercise because time was running out.
To finish with exercise 13.3 therefore is part of our homework. Further homework is number 13.1 and 13.2 on that extra sheet of paper.

8th lesson on 18th January 2017
From: Gunnar (Gast)Date: 22.01.2017, 22:16
We started our 8th lesson unit with a smalltalk about the hobbies and which states around Germany. Afterwards, we discussed the last homework and worked on pages 29 to 30 in the book.
Homework is page 30 B and page 31 nr. 3 and 4

7th lesson on 11th January 2017
From: Ralph (Gast)Date: 13.01.2017, 16:52
E-Mail: ralph.wey@oerlikon.com
In our last lesson, we talked about cross-country skiing in the region and translated some sentences into German and English. Our homework is page 29/3c.

6th lesson on 4th January 2017
From: Johann (Gast)Date: 09.01.2017, 20:46
E-Mail: jburian@freenet.de
Hi ,
last lesson we talked about last Christmas and New Year time.
We have edited unit 2 / step 1.
The homework is page31 / No 1.
Until Wednesday

5th lesson on 14th December 2016
From: Antje (Gast)Date: 24.12.2016, 11:57
Hello together ,
our last English lesson in 2016 was a short lesson. We read an extra exercise sheet and translated it. We found the answers to the following questions:
Why are robins associated with Christmas?
Where does the word carol come from?
When was celebrating Christmas illegal in Britain?
Afterwards we made a Christmas Dinner in Maykels.
We will see each other on 4th January 2017.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

4rd lesson on 7th December 2016
From: Paul (Gast)Date: 13.12.2016, 17:45
At first we talked about cristmas partys and other things. After that we checked the homework. Then we read and translated the tex from page 21 and made some exercises. The homework is on page 24/1;2.

3rd lesson on 30th November 2016
From: Mark (Gast)Date: 07.12.2016, 17:21
At first we talked about the upcoming christmas partys. Then we checked our home work from the last lesson. After that we did some grammar exercises on pages 13 to 19. Topics of those exercises were "simple past", "present perfect", the difference between "since and for" and things like that. At the end we did some readings and vocabulary trainings.

2nd lesson from 23rd November 2016
From: Gunnar (Gast)Date: 26.11.2016, 20:49
First we practiued the vocablary from 1st unit. Then we worked on pages 9 to 14. We read and translated the dialogs on pages 10 and 14.
Our homework is page 12/B2 and page 13 nummer 3

1st lesson on 16th November 2016
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 23.11.2016, 12:21
We met for the new course with 7 people and are still waiting for Joachim to fill the course.
We introduced ourselves to the others and did an assessment test.

14th lesson on 28th september
From: Gunnar (Gast)Date: 04.10.2016, 21:22
Today we were a small group of student. We learned about present perfect and past simple. We worked on page 33; 2a and b, 3, 4a and b.

Homework on page 35; 3, 4 and 5.

12th lesson on 15th september 2016
From: Ralph (Gast)Date: 18.09.2016, 09:24
E-Mail: ralph.wey@gmx.de
Unfortunately, today only three students returned to class. We talked about our experiences of the last few weeks and edited the tasks 29 / 3C and 31/2 of our textbook. Homework Page 31 / 4,5,6 of the textbook.

11th lesson on 7th September
From: Gunnar (Gast)Date: 07.09.2016, 20:11
It was first lesson after the summer break.
We spoke about our holidays. One of us was in Scotland.
We worked on page 29, 2a and 2b, 4a and 4b.
Homework on page 31, 2 and 3.

9th lesson on 8th June
From: Uwe M. (Gast)Date: 08.06.2016, 21:05
E-Mail: u-u.meister@t-online.de
Today we answeredof Thomas question about the football European Championship in France.In this lesson we read and translated the text on page 21 Dr. Gillian Clark, Hospital and the letter fron Amelia Anne Cartwright.
Homwork: page 31/1 and work sheet page 12/1

8th lesson on 1st June
From: Joachim (Gast)Date: 01.06.2016, 20:03
We talked about football European Championship in France and Germany's chances.
We worked on pages 21 - 23 and 24/3
Homework: page 23/2a

7th lesson on 25th May 2016
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 25.05.2016, 19:26
In the lesson we worked in Unit 1, Step 3 on pages 18-20, read about a valuable violin and heard a story of a valuable pen.

The homework:
- page 20, No. 2
- page 21: read the text

6th lesson on 18th May
From: Michael (Gast)Date: 18.05.2016, 20:10
E-Mail: M.Feierabend80@gmail.com
First we started with a talke about the last weekend. During the lesson we did exercises with If sentens and will future.
Homework page 20 number 1

5th lesson on 11th May
From: Michael (Gast)Date: 11.05.2016, 19:50
Today we talked about the Men's Day and our activities.
Then we started with a grammar part: simple past and present perfect on page 16.
After that we did the exercises on page 15 to write notes.

Homework: page 19, 3a and 3b

4th lesson on 27th April
From: Uwe M. (Gast)Date: 28.04.2016, 21:20
E-Mail: u-u.meister@t-online.de
Today we were a small group. In the beginning we answered of thomas question about the news of the day.
We checked the home work at page 11/3b and page 13/2.
In the lesson we read and translated at Page 11/12/13/14/17 and page 25 step 2 "Don't throw it away!"

No lesson on Wednesday, 4th May 2016!!!

3rd lesson on 20thApril
From: Lucas (Gast)Date: 25.04.2016, 18:23
Dear students,

In the beginning of the lesson we talked about current news. After that we read and translated an e-mail at page 10 and built sentences based on this e-mail. At the next, we practised forms of „ have“ and „ have got“ with a partner.

Our homeworks are on page 11, number3a/3b and page 13, number 2.
No lesson on Wednesday, 4th May 2016)

2nd lesson on 13th April
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 20.04.2016, 11:40
We ctill couldn't work in the book because not everybody had it.
So we did the Einstufungstest A1.2.

1st lesson on 6th April 2016
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 08.04.2016, 17:15
Hello and welcome to the new English course!
We introduced ourselves and did the Network "Einstufungstest" with surprisingly good results.

Homework: Copy from Great A1
Get the new book: Network Now A2.1