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16th lesson
From: Sebastian Eff (Gast)Date: 10.06.2019, 09:29
Good morning all together

Here’s my short report of our last lesson on Tuesday. At first we read Mandy’s logbook entry. Next we worked in our book on page 46 we did the tasks 1a till 2c.
Our homework is on page 46 number 3a and on page 48 number 1a

See you tomorrow

15th lesson on 28th of May
From: Mandy Eck (Gast)Date: 02.06.2019, 10:48
E-Mail: fox.eck@antenne-sm.de
After our last but one and last lesson I ask myself: Would I ever understand the brilliance of grammar?
I should do it like in the Songtext "Both sides now" by Joni Mitchel: Look it from both sides now!
But I am difficult for searching the brilliance of grammar. I prefer to enjoy the brilliance of the text. Please not translate just enjoy!
"Bows and flows of angel hair,
and icecream castles in the air,
and feather canyons everywhere
I´ve looked at clouds that way.
But now they only blocked the sun,
they rain and snow on everyone.
So many things I would have done,
but clouds got in my way. …"
I wish you friendly clouds.
Best regards

14Th lesson on 21fst of May
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 23.05.2019, 15:45
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
Dear students
First we read Manuels logbookentry . After that we improved the mistakes.
Then we compared our homework. Everyone talked about his hobby.
Then we solved the tasks on page 41. Page 42 is our homework.

Have a good weekend.
Best regards

No Title
From: Manuel Klette (Gast)Date: 19.05.2019, 18:21
E-Mail: Kletto88@freenet.de
Dear students

I hope you have a great sunday and enjoy the nice weather.
Here is a little summary of our englisch lesson last week.
First we read the logbook entry from Elke and search for mistakes but we found nothing!
After that we compared our homework.
An than we worked on the sheed unit 32 and completed the sentences with ,should‘ and learned to use it .
And last we worked in our book on page 40 number 1a.
Our homework ist in the book on page 40 no. 1b and on worksheet no. 4.

Have a good rest sunday an we see in two days.

Best regards

12th lesson on 11th of May
From: Elke Danz (Gast)Date: 11.05.2019, 18:22
E-Mail: e.danz@gmx.de
Dear classmates,
today is a rainy day so I have enough time for my logbook entry. Here is my report of our last lesson.
At the beginning we compared our homwork on the worksheet. We practiced the use of Past simple and Present perfect. Next we read Phillip's logbook entry.Then we worked in our book on page 36 No.1a and b. We listened to three customers in an airport shop who described different things. After that each of us tried to describe an item and the others had to find out what it was. Next we read the text on page 43 "The Airbus A 380". Finally we did exercise No.3a on page 37.
Our homwork: Please print out the attachement Thomas sent us by e-mail and bring it to the next lesson. On page 37 No.3b write four travel tips for the group "People who want to save money".
And on page 37 No.5a and b.
That's all for today. Have a good time and see you next Tuesday!
Best regards Elke.

11th lesson on 16th April
From: Philipp Rommel (Gast)Date: 06.05.2019, 16:28
Dear Students,

I hope you had a great time.
Here's a short summery of the last lesson.

At first we compared our homework. Then we worked on the sheet unit 20 and lerned something about the present perfect. We applied it to different exercises on the sheet and in our book on page 35.

Our homework for tomorrow is on the sheet which thomas sent by mail.

See you tomorrow

lesson no. 10
From: Constanze Endter (Gast)Date: 15.04.2019, 18:03
E-Mail: constanze.endter@gmx.de
Dear students,

I hope your weekend was nice.
In our last lesson we worked in our book on pages 30-31. Then we heard and translated the text “A high-flying job” on page 32.
Our homework for tomorrow is page 35 no 1 and 4. Please don’t forget the sheet (unit 20). Thomas sent it last week per mail.
Some of us can’t be here tomorrow. They will enjoy the easter holidays. So I wish you a lot of fun.

best regards

9th lesson on 2nd April
From: Mandy Eck (Gast)Date: 08.04.2019, 17:37
E-Mail: fox.eck@antenne-sm.de
Dear students,

first we compared our homework, questions and aswers from a text about an auctioneer.
Then we read a text about congestion charge in Central London.
After this we practiced Present perfect and talked about our Hobbies and interests.

Our homework is on page 29 No. 3c and page 30 No. A+B.
Sorry for the late lookbook entry. We had a suddenly infection in the whoole familiy.

See you tomorrow.

8th lesson on 26 th March 2019
From: Sebastian Eff (Gast)Date: 01.04.2019, 17:54
Hello all together
At first we compared our homework. Then we read the logbook entry from Birgit. After that we read the letter on page 23. Next we did all the tasks on page 24 and on page 25 the tasks 2 and 3.

Our homework is on page 28 read the text and the tasks 1a to 1c.

See you tomorrow

7th lesson on 19th March 2019
From: Birgit Krech (Gast)Date: 21.03.2019, 21:34
E-Mail: birgitkrech@web.de
Dear Students,

First we read Andrea's logbook from the 6th lesson. Then we checked the homework. We listened, read and translated a text about foundings in the 18th century. The story was very sad.

After, every student talked about their special object. Then we worked on "Now I can" in our book on page 22/23. For example, I can say what I've got and how long I've had it. Finally, we worked on the worksheet which we have got from Thomas. We translated sentences from English to German and the other way around.

Our homework is on worksheet number 14.
I wish you a very nice time. See you next week.

Best regards Birgit.

6th lesson on 12th March 2019
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 14.03.2019, 10:00
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
Dear students, first we compared the homework.
After that we talked about the last look book entry and its mistakes.
We worked in the book page 18 the numbers 2 to 2b and on page 19 the numbers 3a - c. The number 3d is homework. The text about the violin was read by our teacher. On page 20 we edited all the numbers. You can already read the text on page 21 in preparation for the next lesson. I wish you a nice weekend and a good start in to the week. See you.

Best regards

5th lesson in the 5th of March 2019
From: Manuel Klette (Gast)Date: 10.03.2019, 17:54
E-Mail: Kletto88@freenet.de
Hello students,
I hope you enjoyed your weekend!
I will give you a little summary of our last englisch lesson! We lerned something about the tense ,present perfect‘
Also we learned how to use the words for, since and ago and do a lot of exercises about this!
Our homework for the next lesson is on worksheed exercise 19.5.
I wish you a chilling sunday!

Best regards Manuel

4th lesson on the 1st of March
From: Elke Danz (Gast)Date: 01.03.2019, 20:04
E-Mail: e.danz@gmx.de
Hello everyone,
here is my report of the last English lesson.
At the beginning we read Phillip's logbook entry. Then we compared our homework in the English book on page 13. Next we read and translated the text on page 14 "Britain's oldest fridge" and we did the tasks 1a,b and c to the text. We discussed the difference between for and since in present perfect. Then we asked each other to find out who had the oldest and the newest shoes, mobile, car... and we practiced the use of present perfect.
Our homework is on page 15 No. 3c and on page 17 No. 3 and 4. Thomas sent us an e-mail. Please print out the attachement and bring it to the next lesson.
I wish everyone a nice weekend!
Best regards Elke

3rd lesson on the 19th February 2019
From: Philipp Rommel (Gast)Date: 24.02.2019, 19:23
Hello together, I hope you had a nice Weekend.
In our last lesson we talked about our Family. We have learned the difference between have and have got.

Our homework for the next lesson is on page 13 Number 3,5 and 6.

I wish you a nice evening and a good start in to the week. See you.

Best regards

2nd lesson on 12th February 2019
From: Sebastian Eff (Gast)Date: 16.02.2019, 20:43
E-Mail: Uhrmacher-eff@web.de
Hallo all together

Here’s a short summery of the last leeson.
At first we compared the homework.
Then we all read a e-mail in our new book.And then we edited tasks 1.a till 2.a. The homework for the next week are on page 13 “Selfstudy numbers 1 and 2”

I wish you all a sunny Sunday and a good start in the new week.
See you on Tuesday
Best regards

1st lesson on 5th February 2019
From: Constanze Endter (Gast)Date: 11.02.2019, 17:51
E-Mail: constanze.endter@gmx.de
Dear Students!

Last week began our new class. Some students know each other from the last class. But we also welcome four new students. We introduced ourselves. Everyone told about his family, hobbies and job. Then we translated short sentences and practiced singular and plural. Our homework are part 2 no.3a and part 4 no.3a on the sheets.

Now I wish you a nice evening. See you tomorrow.

Best regards

20th lesson on 15th Jan. 2019
From: Mandy Eck (Gast)Date: 28.01.2019, 18:29
E-Mail: fox.eck@antenne-sm.de
Dear Students,
I've almost forgotten to write the logbook entry. Our two children had birthday and there was a lot to do. But I look forward to the dinner with you tomorrow. Our homework is page 121 No.3 and No.1a, b, c on the sheet.
Best regards

19th lesson on 8th january 2019
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 14.01.2019, 07:22
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online,de
Dear students, I hope you had a good weekend. In our last hour we first talked about how we spent the holidays. Then Thomas asked who attended the course again and what we want to do at the end.We compared the homework and worked on page 114 in the textbook. The song on page 115 we listened to. It was terrible. On page 116, we continued working and speculating about the people in the future. Under 1a we worked with going to and listened a presentation about Zurich. We filled out the Topic. Our homework is on page 118 number 1. Then see you tomorrow Andrea

18th lesson on 11th Dec. 2018
From: Birgit Krech (Gast)Date: 17.12.2018, 20:49
E-Mail: birgitkech@web.de
Dear Students,

Last Tuesday was the last lesson before Christmas. Were are only four student. We were called out a lot. 😃

First of all everyone spoke about their plans for Christmas holidays.

Then we reviewed the tenses: Present, Past, Future.
After that we learned how to make an appointment, for example a dental appointment.

Then we read the text “False teeth”. It was very interesting. We learned that the Queen wore fake teeth for official appointments. She filled the gap in her teeth with fabric so that she would look more attractive. And George Washington, the first president of the United States, was famous for his false teeth. They were made from the teeth of animals and people.

Homework is on page 114 “language study” Nr. B and “selfstudy” Nr. 2 and 3. The next lesson is on January 8., 2019.

Now I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Best regards Birgit

17th lesson on 04th Dec. 2018
From: Elke Danz (Gast)Date: 09.12.2018, 10:25
E-Mail: e.danz@gmx.de
Dear students,
in our last lesson we were five students.
At the beginning of the lesson we compared our homework. We had to complete an e-mail on the worksheet, which we have got from Thomas. Every student had to read his sentences. Then we studied Andrea's logbook entry. Next we worked in our book on page 108 to 111. We listened and read the dialoue on page 108. We practiced once again the futur with "going to" and we talked about our plans for the futur.
How nice, we have no homwork for the next lesson!

Have a nice weekend and best regards from Elke

16 th lesson on 27 th Nov.2018
From: Andrea (Gast)Date: 03.12.2018, 15:34
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
Christmas gifts

Hello together!
In our last lesson we talked about which Christmas gifts we already have or when we start with which to buy. Then we checked the homework. Then we solved the other side of the homework sheet.
Thomas had an English test with us and we solved the listening tasks and chose the right answers. The last page is our homework.

Please excuse my late entry. Had a lot to do.
See you tomorrow Andrea

15th lesson on 20th Nov 2018
From: Constanze (Gast)Date: 26.11.2018, 21:18
E-Mail: constanze.endter@gmx.de
Hello together

In our last lesson we learned more vocabulary and several translation for some words. An example is the german word "Schloss". There are two meanings in the English language...castle and lock.
For our homework we have received a test from Thomas.
Now I wish you a nice evening and sweet dreams. See you tomorrow.

Best regards

14th lesson on 13th November 2018
From: Mandy (Gast)Date: 18.11.2018, 18:07
E-Mail: fox.eck@antenne-sm.de
Hello together,
in our last lesson we learned more ways to tell it in Present and Future.
Homework ist on page 108 No.1a+b.
Saturday night I was happy to be the driver. The other party guests tasted Mescal, a Mexican brandy from agaves. You must take some special salt (from cutted worms and chily) on your hand, than you drink the Mezcal and than you must bite in a disc of orange. The special salt was very sickening.

Kind regards

13th lesson on 6th November 2018
From: Danny (Gast)Date: 11.11.2018, 19:18
E-Mail: a.hirschleb83@web.de">da.hirschleb83@web.de
Hello everyone,
It was a great soccer weekend. Do you know the Borussia Dortmund sensationally defeated Bayern München. It is incredible.
Now I will tell you what we have done in our last english hour.
We learn a new tense, the future.
We made exercise to this tense. There are two different shape. At first you can say "will" and the other shape is to say "I`m going to". I think I understand it. now I will make our Homewor on page 105 the number 3b and 3c.
I wish you a nice rest weekend an we see us on tuesday, maybe.

Kind regards

Dear students
From: Danny (Gast)Date: 05.11.2018, 21:04
E-Mail: a.hirschleb83@web.de">da.hirschleb83@web.de
Hello everybody,

I hope did you have a nice weekend. For me was this weekend just to short. No matter new weak new round.
In our last lesson we finished the Unit five and we started with the Unit 6.
We read an Email from Anna. She wrote that she want a presentation about her family. She is a little bit nervous and asked dave if he can read it. After that we solved the exercise and tick the true sentences.
Now I am on the end of my entry.
Homework is on page 109, exercise 1-5.
Thank you see you tomorrow.

Kind regards

Dear students
From: Danny Hirschleb (Gast)Date: 21.10.2018, 17:38
E-Mail: a.hirschleb83@web.de">da.hirschleb83@web.de
Hello together.
Today was a very beautiful sunday. The day includes many sunny hours but in the morning, it was very cold. I hope everyone have enjoy the day. In our last lesson we had to write a difficult exercise. We had to translate many sentences from german in english and vice versa. I had many problems with this task.
I believe I have to learn more English vocabularies.
I hope on Tuesday it will be better.
Thank you and now I still wish you a nice sunday.
See you on tuesday.

Kind regards

10th lesson on 9th October 2018
From: Danny Hirschleb (Gast)Date: 15.10.2018, 21:42
E-Mail: a.hirschleb83@web.de">da.hirschleb83@web.de
Hello together.

In our last lesson tuesday we were reading the text "England by bus". These text include one interessting details. For example in England, people over sixty can travel free on all buses after 9.30 am. I think this very good. In England start the live with sixty years. After that we had to solve many exercises about grammar.

I don`t like grammar because I don`t understand it. I hope it will be better tomorrow.
This is the end of my entry and now I will make our homework.
Page 96, No. B and page 97 read 2 tests

Thank you see you tomorrow.

Kind regards

9th lesson on 25th September 2018
From: Mandy Eck (Gast)Date: 04.10.2018, 17:22
E-Mail: fox.eck@antenne-sm.de
Dear students,

Last lesson we learned more about irregular verbs, but after that Thomas Simon showed his real nature:
His cruel device,
his blood like ice,
this test paper could kill,
our pain, his thrill.
I tried hard to answer the quenstions, but I´ve forgotten too many words and phrases.
I relaxed until today to write only one English word.
Homework is page 95 No. 4a.

Best regards

Dear students
From: Danny Hirschleb (Gast)Date: 24.09.2018, 18:31
E-Mail: a.hirschleb83@web.de">da.hirschleb83@web.de
These are the adventure of "my lovely english course"
We write the year 2018.
Startime six p.m. on the twentyfourth september.
Our mission is to learn new english vocabularies and to try to speak this difficult language.
Our commander "Thomas Simon" gave me corporal "Hirschleb" the responsibility of our logbook.
This is my fourth entry and now I will tell you what we done in our last lesson on tuesday.
At first we had to form the adjectives in the comparative and than in the superlative. After that we answered question of " traveling by bus".

Dear Mandy don`t forget the homework.

Thank you see you tomorrow, maybe.

Kind regards

Dear students
From: Danny (Gast)Date: 17.09.2018, 01:45
E-Mail: a.hirschleb83@web.de">da.hirschleb83@web.de
on tuesday was our second lesson after the summer holidays. I came late. We started with difficult words for example liver, kin and gingerbread. I don`t like liver. After then we read and translated the text "could you tell me the way,please" To translate the text was easy for me but to create a description by myself was hard for me.
I was glad that I did not turn it off.
And now I am at the end of my entry.

Best regards

Dear students
From: Danny (Gast)Date: 09.09.2018, 20:15
E-Mail: a.hirschleb83@web.de">da.hirschleb83@web.de
Hello together,
In our first lesson after the summer holidays, we have spoke about our activities. I was only working. I have forgot what my fellow students have done. I remember me that mandy told to us she had visiter form america. It was a black man and he don`t spoke the german language.Then we read and translated the text from the unit five, phone calls. In connection of this we answered a few questions of the text.
That was it what i can write about our lesson. Thank you, see you on tuesday.

Kind regards

Dear students
From: Danny (Gast)Date: 24.06.2018, 16:28
E-Mail: a.hirschleb83@web.de">da.hirschleb83@web.de
on Tuesday was our last lesson before we go in our summer holidays. We had to translate the vocabulary of the unit three. Then we started with the unit four. In this lesson there are many words that I didn`t know before. It was about the topic of vegetables. After then we read and translated the text of "the gift shop". Our teacher thomas explained us the name "gift shop". He told us it has nothing to do with poison but it comes from the word give.

I wish you all nice summer holdidays and we will meet again in September.
Until then, let it go well.

Kind regards

3rd lesson on 5 June
From: Constanze (Gast)Date: 09.06.2018, 18:38
E-Mail: constanze.endter@gmx.de
Dear students,

our last lession was not easy for me.
We wrote a vocabulary test with short sentences. Then we read and translated the logbook entry by Andrea. Dear Andrea, you did it well, I understood everything. At last we read and translated 2 texts from our book and heard the song by Molly Malone. Now we know her story.

Our homework for next tuesday are the vocabulary from unit 2.

I wish you a nice sunny weekend.

best regards

Andrea Svoboda
From: 7th lesson 29th May 2018 (Gast)Date: 30.05.2018, 14:48
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
At our lesson yesterday we were fat again complete. Only one was missing. Mandy was the first time with us. Giit and Thomas talked about their holliday and Mandy introduced herself. Then we short introduced Constanze and Danny to the students they did not know yet. We repeated grammar and vocabulary and heard two dialogues from Unit 1. We heard a text and wrote down weightings. As a homework we should learn the vocabulary of Unit 1 to write a dictation next lesson.
Have a nice week! See you next Tuesday.
Best regards Andrea

1st lesson 22th May 2018
From: Birgit Krech (Gast)Date: 27.05.2018, 10:29
E-Mail: birgitkrech@web.de

Dear students,
last Tuesday was our first lesson after the Easter holidays. We were 6 students. First we welcomed Constanze und Danny. They were in our class for the first time. They introduced themselves. They told us about their professional career. That was very interesting. Now they both work in the same company. After that they talked about their family and what they like to do in their spare time. That was very detailed, because our teacher asked them a lot of questions. Then the other students talked about themselves. Unfortunately, there was no time to hear how our teacher Thomas spent his holidays. The lesson was over. But we'll ask him a lot of questions in the next lesson. 😄
We don't have homework.
Have a nice Sunday! See you next Tuesday.
Best regards Birgit

5th lesson 20th March 2018
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 24.03.2018, 18:01
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
Dear students,
in our last lesson we talked about the past weekend and I told about my trip to Sri Lanka. After that we checked the homework and everyone reported his most beautiful and terrible his journey. Then we looked briefly at a text in the book and decided to rather finish the lesson and go to the Hopfengarten. After a cozy evening with food and drink, we went home.Next Tuesday we have our last lesson. Until then greetings Andrea

4th lesson on 13th March 2018
From: Rita Bader (Gast)Date: 19.03.2018, 08:29
E-Mail: rolf@nico-bader.de
Dear students,
in our last lesson we talked about the past weekend and our longest journeys about cars end motorbikes.Then we translated Helga's logbook entry and she reported about her trip to Egypt,whitch was verry relaxing.
next we checked the homework to page 94, 2a. on page 95 we read and translated, that pensioniers in England can travel free from the North of England to the South.
Our homework is on page 95:what was our best and the worst journey we can remember,and we should read the text on page 97.
Best regards. See you next Thursday

3rd lesson 6th March
From: Helga Gleis (Gast)Date: 07.03.2018, 17:17
E-Mail: helga.gleis@web.de
Hello dear classmates,
at the beginning of the lesson, Rita talked about her great journey to Peru. We heard a lot of interesting things about the country, the people, the sights, the mountains, the Swimming Islands etc. It was fantastic.
Then we read and translated Elke`s excellent logbook entry and repeated work sheet unit 23.
Next we checked the homework on page 92.
We worked on page 94 number 1a - 1 c.
Our homework: page 94, 2a
page 96 2 and 3

See you next week and have a nice weekend.
Bye, bye Helga

2th lesson 27th February
From: Elke Danz (Gast)Date: 03.03.2018, 19:48
E-Mail: e.danz@gmx.de
Dear students,
In our last lesson we were 4 students again. First we read and translated Dianas logbook entry. Then we worked on the worksheet Unit 23, which we have printed. We repeated the use of the auxiliary verbs be/have and do in present and past tense. Then we did the exercices on the worksheet Unit 23, No. 23.1, 23.2 and 23.5. Next we checked our homework in the book on page 93. We listened to the CD and completed the sentences No.4. After that we listened what Anna reported about Ottawa and we completed in exercice No.5 the superlative forms.
It was an exhausting lesson last Tuesday!!!

Our homework: Worksheet "Unit 23", No. 23.3, 23.4, book on page 92 No. B2.
Have a nice weekend and see you next Tuesday!
Best regards, Elke

1st lesson on 20th February
From: Diana F. (Gast)Date: 25.02.2018, 13:31
Dear students,

in the last lesson we were 4 students and our nice english teacher, Thomas. Michael & Andrea were ill. I hope it get better.
Helga & Rita were in they holidays last tuesday.
In the last lesson we repeated the verbs "have" and "be" in the different tense.
It was new although already learned.

After that we checked our homework comperative and opposite and complete the sentences.
Than Birgit talked of her English App.
Unfortunately I must go before the lesson finished, because I had a parents'evening in the school.
Our homework are page 93/1,2,3 and 6.
I wish you a nice sunday and the ill people get well!
See you next tuesday, bye bye Diana.

21th lesson 13th Februay
From: Birgit Krech (Gast)Date: 18.02.2018, 15:15
E-Mail: birgitkrech@web.de
Hello students,
I hope you 've had an amazing week. What did we do in the last lesson?
First we read and translated Michael's logbook entry. Then we checked our homework.
Next we looked at comparative forms. We worked on unit 87 and unit 88 on the worksheet. But didn't finish. Numbers 87.2, 87.3, 88.2 and 88.3 is our homework.
Last, we worked in our book on page 88.
At the end of the lesson, we went to the restaurant "Maykels"? We ate, drank and talked about interesting things. It was a nice evening.
Have a great start in the new week and see you next Tuesday.
Best regards

20th lesson 6th February
From: Michael Kleine (Gast)Date: 11.02.2018, 20:21
E-Mail: lausemichel@web.de
Hello students,

last lesson we began with speaking about the weekend of each other. We talked about the meals of everyboy. Then we spoke about dumplings and how to cook it. After that we read and translated Grit's logbook entry.Than we checked our homework.
Now we started with unit 5. The topic is "Going to Kew". So we read the dialogue and translated it. After that we worked on page 86.
Our homework are the number 1 and 2 in the Selfstudy on page 89. In addition we got an email fron Thomas. Everybody has to print the attachment and bring it to the next lesson.
At last please don't forget our appointment after the next lesson at the Maykels.
Now I wish everybody nice Sunday evening.
See you next Tuesday

Bye Bye

19th lesson 30th January
From: Grit Dierich (Gast)Date: 04.02.2018, 12:04
E-Mail: ierich01@gmx.de">dierich01@gmx.de
Dear students,

at the beginning we checked our homework at page 80 and p. 82 in our book. All students read their homeworks.
Then we worked at page 83.
In 2 weeks (13.02.2018) we will celebrate the end of our English course. We will go to Maykels and eat, drink and talk.
This is a short version of our lesson, but there weren't so many news.
I wish the skiing people Birgit, Anja and Andre nice holidays and ski well!
Our homework is page 84 Nr. 1a and 3a.
See you next Tuesday. Have a good time.
Best regards

18th lesson 23th January
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 28.01.2018, 15:00
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
Dear students! Unfortunately, I can only make the entry today because I was sick. Fever and cold. So sorry. I hope I remember everything from the last lesson. At the beginning we read, translated and corrected Rita's look book entry. Then we wrote a dictation. Micheal had to go to the back of the table. We translated English into German and vice versa. The spelling was also checked. We compared everything on the blackboard. Then we worked on page 79 from the listening task under the number 1c. We listened und made a note of the things that Alun bought, how mach or how many he bought and what the things cost. Now we worked in pairs with the Text. Then we listened to the texts at number 2 and 3 on page 80 and chose the right answers. Our homework: Page 80 number 1 and page 82 complete. See you next Tuesday when I'm well again. Greetings Andrea

17th lesson 16th January 2018
From: Rita Bader (Gast)Date: 17.01.2018, 17:15
E-Mail: rolf@nico-bader.de
Dear students!

In our last lesson first we talked about our winter holidays and our interest in wintersports and skiing.
We heard a lot about DST (Daylight saving Time) in England and what we mean.
Next we read and translated Elke`s logbook entry. Than we checket our homework on page 76.
We heard from the CD on page 77 about "Maekets around the world" and read and translated the text. On page 78 we talked about shopping and what things we need to buy to cook a menu.
See you next Thursday!
Best regards Rita

16th lesson on 09th January
From: Elke Danz (Gast)Date: 14.01.2018, 10:21
E-Mail: e.danz@gmx.de
Dear students,
last Thursday it was our first lesson in the New Year and after the Christmas holidays. We had a glass of sparkling wine together as a welcome drink.
Then we read and translated Helgas logbook entry. Next we worked on the worksheet "Goldilocks and the Tree Bears". We had to complete the missing verbs (in the past tense) in the sentences. After that we worked in our English book on page 75, number 3a and 3b. We talked about "Online Shopping" and read and translated the texts on page 75 and on page 81 about this theme. We heard the conversation of a woman and a man about positve and negative aspects of "Shopping online".
Our homework: Page 76, number 1,2,3.
See you next Thursday!
Best regards, Elke

15th lesson on19th December
From: Helga Gleis (Gast)Date: 20.12.2017, 16:50
E-Mail: helga.gleis@web.de
Hallo together!
Yersterday was our last lesson in 2017. At the beginning we translated Birgit´s logbook entry. Than we checked the homework.
Everybody talked about their finest Christmas gifts in the childhood.
The teacher gave us a worksheet with the title "Little Red Riding Hood". We compledet, read and translated the story.
At the end of the lesson, we celebrated Christmas in the Greek restaurant. Santa Claus visited us. We sang all together Christmas songs and everyone got a little gift from him. Than we ate, drank and talked about interesting things. It was a very nice evening.
I wish you a quiet Christmas time and have a great start in 2018!!!
Best regards

14th lesson on 12th december
From: Birgit (Gast)Date: 15.12.2017, 21:08
E-Mail: birgitkrech@web.d
Dear students,
In the last lesson first we read and translated Anja's entry in our logbook. Then we checked the homework.
Thomas gave us worksheets. We read and wrote on these worksheets.
Topic of Unit 83: a lot about much or many.
Topic of Unit 84: (a) little or (a) few. But we didn't do all exercises.
Unit 83 No.2 and 3 and Unit 84 No.3 and 5 are homework.
Last but not least we wrote sentences to say what the Supermarket signs mean.
Dears Friends, please remember: on next Thursday is our Christmas party in the Greek Restaurant.
Have a nice time.
Best regards Birgit

13th lesson on 5th december
From: Anja (Gast)Date: 10.12.2017, 13:12
Dear english friends,

Hurra it´s wintertime, the snow is falling. but we can´t skiing here, especially not in Oberhof. Then we shut better go on the Christmas market on the wineplace Hirschen an drink some hot white wine ore we learn english at home.
We learned in the last week interessting and important things about foodshopping on page 71 to 74.
Our homework are on page 73 Nr. 3 and 5.
I want to remain all of you that next week is our Christmasparty at the Greecerestaurant.
Best regard Anja

12th lesson on 28th November
From: André (Gast)Date: 03.12.2017, 18:47
Dear students,
It es Sunday evening.
I haven´t forgotten to write the logbookentry.
We had a beautiful weekend, but a little bit stressful, because it was raftsman chrismasmarket in our hometown Wernshausen.
We had to prepare a lot before and after the show.
But many people came to us and had a great time.
Last week we did some more exercises in the step 2 "At the farmer´s market" and we read the diolog together on the page 70.
Our homework is on page 69 Nr. 4 and on page 72 Nr. A1.
Have a great start in the week and see you next Tuesday.
Best regards

11th lesson on 21th November
From: Grit (Gast)Date: 25.11.2017, 10:42
Dear students,

first we welcomed Danny who was back from Japan. We talked about his trip to Japan. He told us that he travelled allone as a backbacker for 5 weeks. He saw a lot of interesting things there. It was his third time in Japan. He also met a woman who could speak a little bit German.
Then our teacher Thomas promted us the vocabularies about fruits and vegetables.
Danny translated the dialogue "The gift shop" on page 66, then we read it and solved the tasks number 1 and 2a.
We practiced grammar: a and an and some and any.
We salved task 2b on page 67 and talked about presents for parents, childrens, grandchildrens, colleagues and neighbours. We also solved A1, A2 and B1 on page 68.
Our homework is on page 68 nr. B2 and page 69 nr. 2.
Thomas sent us an email with grammar to us. Print it, please!
I wish you a good time. See you next Tuesday.
Best regards,

From: Thomas (Gast)Date: 21.11.2017, 17:53
E-Mail: iws@online.de
1 und ich

GHz und

10th lesson on 14th November
From: Michael (Gast)Date: 19.11.2017, 19:51
Dear students,rnFirst, I've to apologize me. I had not enough time to write the logbookentry earlier, because I rebuild the house of my parents.rnAt the beginning of our last lesson, we checked our homework. It was the complete page 64 in our book. Everybody red their answers and we talked about it.rnThen it was the end of unit 3.rnSo we repeated a few new words and phrases. After that our teacher Thomas checked our vocabulary. He said some german words and who had to translate it.rnAt last we started with unit 4. The topic is "Shopping". We wrote down many fruits and vegetables. Then we translated these. Now everybody had to talk about his shopping. Where and how often they usually go shopping. rnAt the end I've to remember all of you at our christmas party on 19th of december. We want to go to the greece pub i " Haindorf".rnSo that's all.rnI wish yo all a good sunday evenning and a good start in the new week.rnBest regards

9th lesson on 7th november
From: Andrea (Gast)Date: 12.11.2017, 19:05
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
Dear classmates, first an apology from me. I forgot that I should write the lookbook. So now about the last hour. First we talked about Diana's entry and corrected the mistakes. Afterwards everyone read their homework, my special event. We heard many interesting stories, a party in Leipzig, a holiday in the USA or a great birthday. Then we worked in the book on page 62 number 1 and 2. Number 3 was a listening exercise. Then we read and translate on page 63. As a homework we should fill in the page 64 in the book. Have a nice weekend! See you next Tuesday.
Best regards Andrea

8th lesson on 24th October
From: Diana F. (Gast)Date: 31.10.2017, 20:55
Hello everyone, last tuesday we talked about the holiday from Michael, Helga and Elke. Then we spoke about the story "the tatto" on page 59 an all students read the text and translated it in German. Continue we employed us with imperative and with "do`s and don'ts". In the last lesson Thomas dictated words to us in German and after that we translated in English. Then we listened to cd an wrote details about events from Alun's past. As homework we have to do page 61/1b. So, I hope I don't forgot everything, see you on the next lesson on tuesday the 7th November and wish you a nice week. Bye Diana

7th lesson on 17th October
From: Elke Danz (Gast)Date: 20.10.2017, 22:12
E-Mail: e.danz@gmx.de
Hello everyone, last Tuesday it was our first lesson after the long summer break. We were 7 students. First we talked about our summer vacation and everyone told of his or her experiences in different countries. It was very interesting. Then we worked in our book on page 58. We repeated "Imperativ" and "Past Simple".
Our homework: Page 58 1,3 , on page 59 read the text "The tattoo".
Have a nice weekend! See you next Tuesday.
Best regards Elke

5th lesson 23th May
From: Andrea Svoboda (Gast)Date: 29.05.2017, 14:44
E-Mail: ast.svo@t-online.de
Hello everyone,Unfortunately, Excuse me, I did not manage to enroll. In the last lesson we worked in the book after we had talked about the holiday of Ascension. We read the text on page 52 and talked about the weather. We worked with Gramathik page 54. Our next Lexion tomorrow is the last before the summer holidays and we go to the Maykels after the Lexion. Until tomorrow dear greetings Andrea

2th lesson on 02th May
From: Elke Danz (Gast)Date: 05.05.2017, 13:57
E-Mail: e.danz@gmx.de
Hello everyone,
in the last lesson we were 10 students. At the beginning of the lesson we checked our homework, exercises on the worksheet, and Helga's logbook. Then we did some exercises to "warm up". We had to write down 10 things you can read and 10 different jobs in a short time, about 2 minutes for each group of words. After that we repeated Unit 1 in our book. Thomas had to find out, if the levels of the students of the new course are different.
Homework: Thomas gave us a worksheet again and we have to do the exercises on it.
See you next week!
Best regards Elke

1st lesson on 25th April
From: Helga Gleis (Gast)Date: 28.04.2017, 21:10
E-Mail: helga.gleis@web.de
Hallo together
and welcome all students to our new English course!
It was the first lesson in the new rooms at "Sandgasse". Now, we were 12 peoples, 8 women and 4 men. Birgit and Christina weren´t present: we really missed you. When do you come back? At the beginning of the lesson all students introduce themselfs. Everybody talked about their family, their children, their grandchildren, their profession, their hobbies and so on. It was very interesting.
Homework: Our teacher gave us a worksheet with some exercises about vokabulary from Unit1.
See you next week!

20th lesson on 21th March
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 25.03.2017, 17:43
Dear students,
this is my logbook entry last for the time being, and I write him himself, because my mind writer has vacation. The last Tuesday we heard first something about the ski vacation from Markus. Then we discussed the logbook entry of Christian. Afterwards we controlled the homework. We worked in our textbook and heard from CD. We translated a text and read him alternately in the group. To the topic "Weather" we learnt new words. We discussed again the regular and irregular verbs.
Our homework:
Unit 11, work sheet p.33, No. 11.1 + 11.2
I wish you a nice and restful week-end. We see ourselves on Tuesday.

19th lesson on 14th March
From: Christian (Gast)Date: 20.03.2017, 19:35
Hi guys. First of all I have to apologize. I've forgotten to write the logbook entry. I hope you can forgive me my mistake. Next I have to put something right, the entry last week was not from Markus, it was from me. He asked me to take it over because he could not make it. Because of his fathers Birthday and his tour to Austria. So I wrote it, make a few mistakes and everyone thought it was from Markus. Last lesson we started to read and translate the entry. Then we translated a few sentences. We worked in our book and with worksheets. The themes were regular and irregular verbs, was/were and also simple past. Sorry, I don't know the homework for tomorrow. But I know that Susanne reserved a tabe for the 28th March 8p.m. at Maykels.
See you tomorrow, good night!

18th lesson on 7th March
From: Markus (Gast)Date: 12.03.2017, 12:27
Hi students, it's sunday, really nice weather and i sit here and try to write my next entry. On Friday my Father had his 60th birthday, so it was a very big party at yesterday. Thats why I'm also a little bit tired. But after the lunch I have to be fit again because then I go to Austria in the ski vacation. My friends were already on Friday, but I wanted to celebrate the birthday. At our last lesson we spoke about Michael's entry, it was a really good entry. After that our nice teacher ask us some questions about our weekend's. I cant remember what everyone did but i know that michael were on the Thuringian exhibiton and now i know that charlotte and ute are sisters. I wish you a nice lesson at the next tuesday, also without me. Have a nice Sunday...bye, bye!

17th lesson on 28th February
From: Michael Kleine (Gast)Date: 05.03.2017, 13:47
E-Mail: lausemichel@web.de
Hello students,
First I have to say SORRY. I've forgotten to write the logbook entry after the last lesson on Tuesday. So I'll write it today on Sunday. I hope it's not to late.
We started the last lesson with a little bit of champagne, which was sponsored by Andre and Anja, because of their birthdays two weeks ago. In addition of carnival, Udo and Ute brought some "german donuts". So it was a sweet evening.
Now to our English lesson:
First we heard the logbook entry from Anja. Then we checked our homework. It was the hole page 44 and number 2c on page 45 in the book. So we spended much time to speak about it. After that we worked in the book at page 46. It was about traveling. At the end of lesson we wrote a little test. Mr Simon gave us some words and we had to translate them.
Our homework is reading the new text at page 48 and make number 1a and 1b.
So that's all.

Have a nice Sunday afternoon and see you all at Tuesday.

16th lesson on 21st February
From: Anja Siegmund (Gast)Date: 26.02.2017, 19:07

Dear friends of the English language,

last Tuesday we talked about Grit´s logbook entry.
We discussed about many interesting things in her text.
Then we checked our homework.
We worked in our book in the unit 2 about the topic “language and culture” and we got to know the travel office “Globetrotter” on the page 44.
This has been really important informations for us; for the life.
Our homework is page 44 “The page for me and about me” and of page 45 unit 2c and 3a.
Our next lesson is the Carnival-Tuesday. Let us make a little party with a red nose and a funny hut.

Hellau and good bye Anja

15th lesson on 14th February on St. Valentine's Day
From: Grit Dierich (Gast)Date: 16.02.2017, 22:46
Dear students,
our lesson on Thuesday we started with "Cheers" of Udo's Birthday.
Then we talked about last weekend: ski jumping in Brotterode, biathlon in Hochfilzen (Christian was for 4 days in Hochfilzen, 1 day in stadium and the other days on track) and about carneval, because Silvia is dancing in the carneval club.
Then we read and translated the logbookentry from Andre and we checked our Homework (page 42 nr. 1).
Later we read in our book about PUB, translated and taked assignment. At the end from the lesson we wrote a dictation.
Our teacher Mr. Simon sent the homework per e-mail to us.
Have a nice time. Every Thuesday I will think of you until we will see us on 28 march 2017 again. Please send me the tasks and homeworks.
Bye, bye

14th lesson on 31th January 2017
From: Andre Siegmund (Gast)Date: 13.02.2017, 20:40
E-Mail: siggi.wernshausen@t-online.de
Hello students,
in the last lesson we checked susen´s logbook and the homework.
Our teacher asked us about the time.
Then came the group game. What´s my job?
I found many new friends.
They were: baker, brewer, actor, butcher, doctor, astronaut, captain, gardener und surgical nurse.
We had a lot of fun.
Tuesday evening I am in CCS. There they play “shadowland”.
We meet next week. Learns beautifully.
By by Andre

13th lesson on 24th January 2017
From: Susanne Epler (Gast)Date: 29.01.2017, 17:32
Hello students,

in the last lesson we checked Lotti´s logbook and the homeworks.
The themes of Thomas were quiz and dictation.
We worked in our books, page 37, tasks 3a, b, 4, 4a, and c. In task 4 the topic was "There is/are, There was/were", which was continued on page 38. But bevor was a quiz with 10 questions, where i had only 3 right ; ).
On page 38 we worked on A, B, 1, 2, 3 and 4, we heared and spoke a lot.
On page 39, there was a comical riddle with comical answers.
And finally we wrote a dictation, which could not be finished fast enough, because we all wanted to go to the pub "Maykels". There we had a nice rest evening with food and drink.
The homeworks for the next lesson is in your mail.

Bye bye

12th lesson on 17th January 2017
From: Charlotte Meis (Gast)Date: 20.01.2017, 12:41
E-Mail: lotti.meis@gmx.de
Hello! Every Tuesday we have a meeting in the Volkshochschule. We learn English with fun and joy. Last Tuesday to beginning we checked Ute`s logbook entry, after that we checked our homework. We worked with our book Step 2. Our little homework is Unit 7 number 7.3 and 7.4. After next lesson we went go together in the pub "Maykels". Susanne reserve places for us. We look forward to this evening. Best regard and a nice weekend. Charlotte

11th lesson on10th January 2017
From: Ute Ullrich (Gast)Date: 13.01.2017, 20:08
E-Mail: ute_ullrich@yahoo.de
Dear students,

at the beginning of the last class we examined Udo's logbook entry.
We discussed the homework.
Markus was very diligent, he had worked more than the other.
We started unit 6 with present simple negativ.
At the end of the lesson was question time.
Don't forget your homework.

I wish all a nice weekend, till the next Tuesday.

10th lesson on 3rd January 2017
From: Udo Holland-Jopp (Gast)Date: 08.01.2017, 18:24
E-Mail: udo.holland_jopp@yahoo.de
Dear students,

on the last Tuesday the first lesson was in 2017.
We welcomed ourselves with "happy new year".
Thomas, our nice teacher, surprised us with a round champagne.
At the beginning of the lesson we discussed Michael's logbook entry.
In unit 5A-C (NNA1) we learnt the simple present at examples. In addition we carried out the exercises 5.1-5.3 in which given texts were completed.
In the textbook, , s.32, "Weekends", we read alternately the text 1/35 "After class" and translated it. In exercise 1a we ansered given questions, in 1b we formed short sentences from available parts of sentences and words.
In exercise 2 we heard a text from CD and selected questions and phrases.

Homework: NN A1, unit 5, exercises 5.4 and 5.5

Best regards and a nice start in the new week, Udo.

9th lesson on 20th December 2016
From: Michael Kleine (Gast)Date: 01.01.2017, 19:09
E-Mail: lausemichel@web.de
Hello boys and girls.

First, I wish a happy new year to all of you.
The last lesson was the last before Christmas and it was also the last in 2016.
We didn't work with our books. We got two sheet of papers with a text of Christmas Trivia from Mr. Simon. Reading wasn't so difficult like translation. This was really hard.
After the lesson we all went to "Maykels", a small pub in town, for our little Christmas party. It was a nice time with some drinks and food.

Best regards till next tuesday.

8th lesson on 13th December 2016
From: Christian Jung (Gast)Date: 15.12.2016, 19:23
Hey guys, good evening!

This is my first logbook entry. Last Tuesday at first we spoke about the entry from Markus, after that we checked our homework.
Then we worked with our book and started the Unit two. We solved some tasks on the pages 27,28,29 and 31. We also read, translated and listened to a conversation from Anna and Susan. At last we learned how to say the correct time.
Next week at first we will meet at the "Volkshochschule", afterwards we want to go to the Maykels Pub for a little Christmas Party. There we can drink some beer or wine, eat some steaks or burgers and entertain us about many funny things.
At the Wernshäusers, meeting point is 5.55pm at the train station.

Best regards, have a nice week, see you, Christian.

7th lesson on 6th December 2016
From: Markus Berndt (Gast)Date: 12.12.2016, 21:33
E-Mail: markus.berndt@knotti.de
Hello boy's and girl's,

to beginning the last lesson, we checked our homeworks! Following we worked in the book on page 22,24 and 25. The different tasked, we released they with help the CD or the CD-Player.

To the end, we read the text from Ottawa and Canterbury in English. Then translate in German

Good night Markus

6th lesson on 29th November 2016
From: Silvia Kehr (Gast)Date: 02.12.2016, 12:23
E-Mail: lutz-kehr@t-online.de
Dear students,

on the last Thuesday we checked our homeworks the last week. We had to use the right pronouns.
We worked in our book to step 3 - At the Airport - on page 18 and 19. We talked about the signs at the airport und filled out a landing kart. Then we made email and website Addresses. We talked about our longest holiday trips.
Our homework is page 20 at the workbook.
Bye Silvia

5th lesson on 22nd November 2016
From: Anja Siegmund (Gast)Date: 24.11.2016, 17:34
We talk about likes and dislikes. We practiced about the personal pronouns and its forms. We worked in the book on page 16 an 17.
Our homework is worksheet A1 01 an A1 02 an of course the last vocabulary.
We meet us possible on the christmasmarket in wernshausen on saturday or next tuesday.
Bye Anja

4th lesson on 15th November 2016
From: Andre Siegmund (Gast)Date: 20.11.2016, 18:33
E-Mail: siggi.wernshausen@t-online.de
Our teacher suddenly asked us the vocabulary. That was a shock. We heard a lot about CD, that is not so easy. We have diligently practiced the important problem this and that. That was difficult. But since we are diligent and wise, we can do it at the end of the evening. We practiced the pronunciation in chorus, I could not think of it four weeks ago. Soon we become professionals because we are so clever and so hard working.

Our homework is:Vocabulary. Workbook page 17 no. 5 and 6.
I`m happy. Bye. Andre

3rd lesson on 8th November 2016
From: Grit Dierich (Gast)Date: 09.11.2016, 17:50
Dear students,

yesterday was our third lesson. At first we said hello to each other and
congratulated the new grandparents Anja and Andre on their grandson Richard. We raised our glasses in a toast to Richard.
Susanne read her logbook from the last week in english and german and we talked about it. Our teacher gave us some tips and corrections. Susanne got mark two😊.
Then we checked our homework from last week (page 10 no.  1a to 1c). In our book we we worked on page 13 no. 2 to 5.

Our homework is: Worksheet No. 5 task 2a and workbook page 13 No. 6.
I wish you a good week and see you next Tuesday again.
Bye, bye!

2nd lesson on 1st November 2016
From: Susanne Epler (Gast)Date: 01.11.2016, 22:15
Dear students
today was the 2nd lesson of the English course.
At first we spoke, controlled and corrected the home works at the last week.

After that we met our english book with all capitals and appendix.
Last but not least we heard and translated a dialog between Susan, Anna,Tom and Dave out of step 1.

Homeworks of our goooood teacher Thomas were to complete task from 1a to 1c.
Bye bye and see you next Tuesday.

1st lesson on 25th October 2016
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 25.10.2016, 23:48
That was the first day of our new course and the last entry of our teacher.
We were welcomed and introduced ourselves to each other. That lasted more than an hour because we were 12 students.

Homework: Complete the test the teacher gave us.