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19th lesson on 16th May
From: Alexander (Gast)Date: 12.06.2019, 16:58
Dear classmates and dear teachter Thomas

Now we have one lesson until the end of this course.
Time passed quickly again. Time passed quickly and we learned so much again in these 19 lessons, unbelievable.

The focus was to introduce hemselves and others, talk about likes and dislikes, talk about jobs and about our activities in the week and the weekend.

In the last lesson Thomas asked us to Ascension Day.
He wanted to know what we did on this holiday.
We checked the homework and Katja's logbook entry.

The highlight was the meal of minced meat, rolls, onions and cucumbers.
Katrin had brought it. She had her birthday, her 30th, I believe.

Present were Heike, Katrin, Ramona, Katja, Gabi, Brigitte, Thomas, Eberhard, Jens, Frank and Alexander.

The homework for the next lesson is on page 31 number 2 and 4.

Don´t forget to bring along 3 pieces.

Best regards

18.th lesson on 23.rd May
From: Katja (Gast)Date: 25.05.2019, 17:36
Dear classmates and dear teacher Thomas

In our last lesson we were 10 students and our teacher Thomas.
Olaf was not there again. He can not come anymore , but he come tot he final dinner
in the restaurant Queste on 20th June.
In our last lesson was a lot of prezel sticks and groundnutflips.
They are delicious.
At the lesson Thomas asked us many questions.
We read the dialog on the page 28 and compared the homwork.
Our lesson was longer.
We could see a film in english language about a buisness meeting with breakfast.
This was funny, but was so hard to understand.
We need much to learn.
Our next lesson is on 06.th June and our homwork is :
page 29 / 1a
page 30 / A1
page 30 / A2

I wish you happy Ascension Day and do not drink excessively

See you

17th lesson on 16th May
From: Frank (Gast)Date: 17.05.2019, 20:36
Dear classmates and dear teacher Thomas.
Before I forget, I make my entry now.

First the interesting news:
We were 9 students and our teacher Thomas in our last lesson on Thursday. Teacher Thomas had his birthday. There was sparkling wine. Jens sang a birthday song. And we sang with him. Happy birthday Thomas. Olaf was not there again. Katja could not come too. She had a film date in Sülzfeld. I forgot what the name of the movie is. Alexander said that Katja plays in a beer garden scene.
We'll be 45 minutes longer next week. One lesson had failed. We'll do the others 45 minutes later.

Now the lesson events:
First Katrin's logbook entry was read out. Alexander did it. Then we checked the homework. For this we needed a lot of time. It was a lot of homework. For the last 20 minutes, we worked on pages 26.

Our new homework is: the dialogue on page 28 and the task 2a and b.

See you next week. We are together longer.

16th lesson on 9th May
From: Katrin (Gast)Date: 13.05.2019, 20:08
Dear classmates and dear teachter Thomas

In the last lesson we were 10 students and our teacher Thomas. Olaf was missing.
First we translated Heike's logbook entry and checked the homework.

We read and translated the dialouge on page 21.
Then we worked on page 22, 23, 24 and asked each other about personal information (name, address, mobile phone number, email address).

The homework for the next lesson is:

page 22/Starter (talk about a person)
page 23/2a (my personal profile)
page 24/2.

Until Thursday and best regards

15 th lesson on 25 th April
From: Heike (Gast)Date: 28.04.2019, 10:11
Dear classmates and teacher Thomas

We were 6 students and our teacher Thomas in the last lesson.

We talked about page 18 -Personal Details and E-Mail addresses.
We worked page 19 - The Airport, nr. 3-5a and Selfstudy nr. 1 and 3.

The homework for the next lesson is: page 20 nr. 2, 4 and page 21 At the Lost Property Office to listen and translated verbal.

The next lesson is on 9 th May, not 2 nd May.
Have a nice time. Heike

14th lesson on 11th April
From: Gabi (Gast)Date: 23.04.2019, 14:24
Dear classmates and dear teacher Thomas

At the last lesson, we were 10 students and our teacher Thomas.
Olaf could not again come again, he had a bisiniss appointment.

We started with the homework, compared and improved it. Then Jens read the logbook entry of Alexander. We worked on page 17 and solved the tasks.Then we talk about words and their emphasis, e.g article , museum, director.
On page 18 , we learned how to fill in the Landing Card and solved task 1 a. Page 24, we completed task 1.

Ramona read step 3 on page 25. It was about using Mr, Mrs, and Miss use.
There was no homework and nobody wanted to write the logbook entry.
We said goodbye and wished us a nice Ester.

I'm writing now the logbook entry, to remember of our last lesson.
I wish you all a nice time until the next lesson Gabi.

Hello Thomas
Can you please write my entry in our logbook ? I'm not at home.
I can not come to the next lesson. I'm on the road with friends. We walk along the Rennsteig.
Have a nice lesson.

13th lesson on 4th April 2019
From: Alex (Gast)Date: 10.04.2019, 22:17
Dear classmates and dear teacher Thomas
Our English school year will end soon.
We will have 8 lessons left.
What do you mean - we want to do a small celebration in a restaurant?
If yes - where?
You can think about it and we'll talk about it tomorrow.

In the previous lesson, we were 10 students and our teacher.
We discuss the logbook entry of Gabi and our homework.
After that we practiced subject pronouns.

The homework for the next lesson is: page 15 number 5b and the PDF of Thomas.

Best regards

12th lesson on 28th March 2019
From: Gabi (Gast)Date: 02.04.2019, 20:20
Dear classmates and dear teacher Thomas
There is my logbook entry from Thursday the 28 th of March.

Today,we were 10 students and the teacher Thomas. Olaf didn't come,he had an appointment at the fair in Erfurt.

The lesson started with the logbook entry of Eberhard.We read and translated it. He always makes it very good and next time it is his turn.

Then we checked the homework.Everyone wrote some sentence about himself and herself, the family, the hobbies or the home.

With a listening task, we finished the page 13 in the book. Teacher Thomas surprised us again with a worksheet. It was about subject and object from of pronouns. We completed tasks 1, 2 and 4 on the worksheet. On the page 14 of the book, we translated the dialogue, listended to it and repeated the sentences.

The time was over.
Now the homework
Tasks 1 a and 1 b on the page 14

On the worksheet the tasks 3 and 5
I wish you a lot of fun with the homework

See you next Thursday,best regards Gabi

11th lesson on 21th March 2019
From: Eberhard Eck (Gast)Date: 24.03.2019, 19:17
E-Mail: eberhard.eck@eck-drehteile.de
Hello dear classmates and teacher Thomas !

In the last lesson we were 10 students,Heike was ill.
We compared the homework and improved my logbook entry from 14th March.
My mistake is in the sentence construction.Nobody is perfect.

We lerned the use this/that/these/those.
We completed the sentences on the work sheet papers .

For exmaple:
-Look at those birds
-Exuse me,is this seat free
-These plates are dirty
We use" this" (singular) for one object nearby.
We use "these"(plural) for many objects nearby.
We use "that" (singular) for one object in the distance.
We use "those"(plural) for many objects in the distance.

We worked an page 11 Nr.4 Grammar
and page 12.
We practiced the use of this/that/these and those.

We have following homework:
page 11 Nr.5a (5 sentences)
page 12 Nr.B2
Have a nice week and read my phon entry.

10th lesson on 14th March 2019
From: Eberhard Eck (Gast)Date: 17.03.2019, 11:38
E-Mail: eberhard.eck@eck-drehteile.de
Hello together !

I write this Logbook on Sunday morning.
The weather is cloudy and I have time.
In the last lesson we were 9 students.
Jens is in ´the mountains,he is skiing.
Come back healthy.
Olaf is still sick.Get well soon.

We compared a lot of homework.
My answer was of the question:
"What was the best thing in this course"-"We eat minced meat together,really good."-

We learned in Unit 6 many words and phrases,for example:
-Get well soon
-Thanks for everything
-Have a good journey
-You´re welcome
-Did you enjoy your stay.

In my opinion was the course A1 Starter important and fun.
We read successively in the new book A1 the section "Nice to meet you" and worked on the page 10 and 11.
We transladet the text on page 25 -"Anna´s from Canada"-.
We learned new words in the text.
They are standing in the glossary.

We don't have new homework.
That´s all for today.

Have a nice weekend.
Best regards from Eberhard.

9th lesson on 7th March 2019
From: Eberhard Eck (Gast)Date: 09.03.2019, 19:17
E-Mail: eberhard.eck@eck-drehteile.de
Hello dear classmates and teacher Thomas.

In the last lesson we were only 8 students.
Olaf and Gabi didn't come to the lesson,they are ill.
That's a pity that they weren't come. Get well soon.

Our homework was a report about a visit in a tourist attraction, somewhere in our country or in another country.
Everyone read his experience.
It was very interesting.
We had mistakes in the sentences,teacher Thomas improved.

We learned the use of "used to be.
For example:this house used to be a shop.
Then we read and translated the text page 120 and 121.

We got following homework:
page 118/3 and 5
page 121/logic puzzle
page 122/all tasks

Nice weekend,see you next lesson.

8th lesson on 28th February 2019
From: Eberhard Eck (Gast)Date: 02.03.2019, 17:47
E-Mail: eberhard.eck@eck.drehteile.de
Dear teacher and classmates,in the last lesson on 28th February we were 9 students and our teacher Thomas. Olaf is still ill.We wish him good recovery.

In the first part of the lesson wrote Brigitte vocabulery about clothes to the blackboard. The teacher helped us.
Afterwards we compared the homework,wrotes a short reply from Rob to Ken and translated the E-Mail to Helen.We wrote too a short E-Mail to our teacher.My E-Mail acted about the COC Skijumping in Brotterode last weekend.

We continued to practice,for example:
-We hat a lot of fun,the negation is
-We didn`t have a lot of fun.
-I did Yoga,the negation is
-I didn`t do Yoga. And so on.

In conclusion we heard the dialogue of page 117: New facts !
We should write one or two new facts about each topic.
We talked about the new information.

Our homework for the next lesson: Page 116/1a.
I say: Helau and wish you a good Carnival.

7 th lesson on 21th February 2019
From: Silke Luther (Gast)Date: 26.02.2019, 22:38
E-Mail: silke.luther1968@hotmail.de
From :Jens Date26.02.2019

In our last lesson we were 7 students and our teacher Thomas.
Brigitte Eberhard Alexander and Olaf were missing. Brigitte and Eberhard played music. Alexander was in Fulda and Olaf was ill. The special guest of the lesson was Egbert. He had birthday last week. We drank a glass of sparkling wine and eat minced meat with rolls and bread.

First we talked about our homework .We translated the entry in the logbook .Then we started with the lesson .We talked about the Lake District News and wrote an email.

The homework for the next lesson : Page 113/2d and Page 115/5

Best regards Jens

6th lesson on 14th February 2019
From: Katrin Wingess (Gast)Date: 18.02.2019, 20:10
In the last lesson we were 10 Students and our teacher Thomas. Alexander came later. Olaf was ill.
He was kicked by an horse. We hope he get well soon.
First we checked the homework and Jens read the logbook entry form Frank.
Then we had the dialogue on page 112 translated and read and we completed that page.
At the end of the lesson we worked on tasks on a worksheet. It was not easy.
Our homework is: completed the worksheet.
Have a nice week and best regards

5th lesson on 7st February
From: Frank Wingess (Gast)Date: 11.02.2019, 19:27
In our last we were few students. only Gabi and Eberhard, Katja and Alexander, Heike and I were there and of course teacher Thomas. That we were notmany, had different causes. Olaf could not come because of the weather. It was crash ice on the road on Thursday. Ramona and Jens had other causes. Our Egbert had Birthday last week. He was 60 years old. Why Brigitte was not there, I don't.

Last Thursday we first checked the homework. Katja has a lot of Tasks made. then we maked unit 6 step 2.rnTheme: what did you do?
Thomas was as Always very entertaining.

The homework is: page 111 /5b and page 112 dialogue

See you, bye

4th lesson on 31st January
From: Eberhard Eck (Gast)Date: 03.02.2019, 12:22
E-Mail: eberhard.eck@eck-drehteile.de
Dear students and teacher Thomas,

in our last lesson we checked the homework in the book. We had a lot of homework. For example: The students wrote about their trips to many towns in Germany and Europe. It was very interesting.

I wrote about my Visit in Vienna in the last autumn.
We learned some regulare and irregulare Verbs and heard dialogues page 108 and page 109.
We answered the Visitor questionnaire to questions 1-7.

Our homeworks for the next lesson Page 109 2c and 3b.
Try to get six positive answers for the questions to the teacher.

3rd lesson on 24th January
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 31.01.2019, 17:41
Dear students and teacher

We checked our homework and repeated vocabulary.
We read "A note in the guest book" and completed sentences.
We wrote "The Simple Past" with did or didn't.
We read the Language study page 106.

Homework is page 105 ex.2d or 3b 4-5 sentences and page 107 ex. 4a-5

See you next week.

17th January 2019
From: Olaf Günther (Gast)Date: 23.01.2019, 12:13
E-Mail: ol.guenther@googlemail.com
In our lesson were 9 students and our teacher Thomas
I cam later, because we had winter again in Thüringen
The students controlled the homework from the last lesson.
When i came back we got the dialog page 104
Our homework for the next lesson
Page 104 1c,1d,1f
Se you on Thursday

First lesson on 10th January 2019
From: Ramona (Gast)Date: 14.01.2019, 20:01
Dear classmates, dear teacher Thomas,

On the thenth of January was our first lesson in 2019.

We were nine students.
Olaf did not come, because the weather was very bad. There was a lot of snow on the road.
Egbert has finished the English course. That's very sad. We always had a lot of fun with him.
We missed Bernd and Renate. Where were they?
We have a new student. Her name is Heike. Welcome Heike!

First we drank sparkling wine on our health. Thank you, Thomas!
Then we ate minced meat, liver sausage and rolls. Thank you, Frank!

After that we wrote a big test. Everyone had some mistakes.
That was not good! We must learn, learn, learn !!!

We have a lot of homework: page 100 number 1 – 7 and
page 102 complete

Have a nice week.
We will meet on Thursday.

Best regards

Last lesson 2018
From: Egbert (Gast)Date: 31.12.2018, 16:19
Dear students and dear teacher Thomas,

sorry, but I forgot the logbook entry!

This is the last entry for this year:
In the last lesson of 2018 we were 9 students and our teacher Thomas.
We did not have much time to learn, because we wanted to go to the Greek restaurant.
First we checked the homework.
Then we worked on page 98 and 99.
At seven o'clock we went to the restaurant.
It was a very beautiful evening. The dinner was delicious.

The next course starts on the 10th of January.

I wish you a nice New Year's Eve and

Greetings from Egbert

20th lesson on 6th December 2018
From: Alex (Gast)Date: 07.12.2018, 15:41
On Thursday we were 10 students and ouer teacher Thomas.
It was the second last lesson this year and it was Saint Nicolas Day. Many students brought a delicious surprise. There were cookies, Weihnachtsstollen, mulled wine and small Gifts.

Of Course we learned again a lot of English. For exemple "be" in Present and Past or the words to Dates, months and plural forms.

The homework is: page 96 number one, two and three.

The next lesson is on the 13th of December. After we go to the Greek in Haindorf. Gabi can drink an "Ouzo" more. Because she lives around the corner

See you next week!
Best regards

19th lesson on 29th November 2018
From: Brigitte (Gast)Date: 01.12.2018, 20:31
Saturday, first december 2018

Hello friends, unfortunately it did not work to send the email to the blog. That's why I'm trying this way now. Here come the homework. Please answered on page 91 the number two c and on the pages 92 and 93 the numbers one, three, four a, four b and six.

Our last practice lesson was funny again. Olaf hat a surprise for us this time. He brought everyone a coffee cup and a pen. I hope that his car no longer squeaks, but purrs and buzzing. It's now running smoothly.

Lastly, I want to wish you a nice first Advent.
See you next Thursday.
Best regards from Brigitte

18th lesson on 22th November 2018
From: Katrin (Gast)Date: 25.11.2018, 17:35
On last Thursday we were 11 Students an our teacher Thomas. Renate and Bernd missing.

It was time for a birthday party too. Eberhard and Brigitte had birthday at the last week. They had minced meat with rolls and bread. We drank sparkly wine on their well.

Then we start our English lesson. We checked the homework and completed the page 89. Then we learned and repeated the difference between "Would you like" and "I'd like" with a work sheet.

After that we read the logbook entry of Olaf. Then we had the dialogue on page 90 listened, read and translated.
News: Olaf had a new car. It does squeak yet.

Our homework for the next lesson:
it is page 90, Nummber 1a

Have a nice week
Best wishes from Katrin

17th lesson on 15th November 2018
From: Olaf (Gast)Date: 20.11.2018, 22:28
E-Mail: ol.guenther@googlemail.com
In our lesson we were our teacher Thomas and 11 students.
Last week s the English lesson started without celebration.
We stated with the dailogue 2.
We head and translated the dialogue.
Then read everyone students the dialogue.
Then we controlled the homework from the last lesson.
Our homework for the next lesson.
Page eighty-eight 1-3
See you on Thursday

Best regards from Arnstadt

16th lesson on 8th November 2018
From: Eberhard Eck (Gast)Date: 10.11.2018, 18:29
E-Mail: eberhard.eck@eck-drehteile.de
Dear classmates and teacher Thomas,

I´m a new classmate in yours class.We have every Thursday lesson.
In the first time of the lesson we learned the Public holidays in Germany.Thats was very interesting.For example:In Germany is on 3th Oktober a Public holiday.But in Malta is on 21th September Independence Day.
In Germany we have Catholic and Protestant Public holidays. In Malta they have only Catholic,for example on 29th June Feast of St.Peter and St.Paul.The Catholic church in Malta is very rhich.

In the next time of lesson we compared the homework of page 82 and page 83.I had by the Numberlogy the Number 6,it`s ok.
At the Homework "Number magic"we learned add,subtract and muliply.The total Number was magic.

In the last time of lesson we learned the difference of "I like and I`d like".
We read the text on page 86.Now we can go to restaurant and we say:I`d like a bit beer please.

We have a lot of homeworks,the following page:
-84,write and answer the questions
-86,order takeaway
-87,Dialog 2a and 2b
-89,Nr.2a and 2b

Have a nice weekend
until Thursday

Best regards

15h lesson on 1st November 2018
From: Ramona (Gast)Date: 04.11.2018, 20:20
E-Mail: ramonaundegbert@t-online.de
Dear classmates, dear teacher Thomas,

here is my logbook entry:
On Thursday we were 9 students and our teacher Thomas.
Katrin and Frank were on vacation.
Renate and Bernd helped Renate's daughter. They also couldn´t attend the lesson.

First we compared the homework on the worksheet. Then we checked the homework on page 80 number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6.
We heard the text on page 80 number 5 and completed the sentences.
Then we read and translated the complete page 81 and page 83.

Our homework:
- page 82: Find your personal number!
- page 83: Number magic!
Have a lot of fun with it!

See you on Thursday!

Best regards

14th lessin on 25th October 2018
From: Katja (Gast)Date: 25.10.2018, 21:08
Dear teacher and students,

today's lession were very interesting.
There were two new students there: Brigitte and Eberhard August Eck.
There tested our lession.
They make Music together.

Bernd and Renate missing
All other students were there.
First we all introduced ourselves. Then there was a little test.
We did not to control the last homework.

Our homwork is the complete the little test.

until thursday

13th lesson on 18th October
From: Frank (Gast)Date: 21.10.2018, 14:44
We were nine students and teacher Thomas in the last english lesson. Egbert came later. His Job doesn't finish. Ramona and Gabinwere not here. Ramona was on a future taining. Gabi is on Holiday in Cyprus. The english lesson started with a test. my result was not so bad. Then we controlled the homework. And we spoken about Ken's and Rob's Family. Our new homework is on page 80, Number 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 6.
See you next Thursday.

12th lesson on 11th October
From: Alex (Gast)Date: 11.10.2018, 21:10
In the last lesson we were 9 students and our teacher Thomas.
Renate and Bernd could not come to class.

Jens brought extra sausage for Bernd because he does not eat minced meat.
Jens had his birthday at the end of September. He sponsored the delicious dinner.
With good food, English lessons are a lot of fun.

We had a lot of homework. Much time went by talking about the homework.
Then we wrote a little test and started the exercises on pages 76 and 77.

The homework for next time:
Page 77 number 2 and number 4 a + b.

Let's do it and see you next Thursday!

Best regards

11th lesson on 4th October
From: Gabi (Gast)Date: 09.10.2018, 21:26
Today 7 studens came to the English lesson and our teacher Thomas was here, too.
Katja and Alexander were on holiday. Renate and Bernd had something else to do. But Olaf came back today. He was not here for a long time. He made an Apple pie for us. We ate cake and drank coffee while Egbert and Olaf did knowledge test.
Then we read the logbook entry of Jens.

We checked the homwork. The dialogue on page 74 was read and translated. We talked about task 1c on the page 74 and said how often we do the things. Now we continued working on page 75. We listened to the dialogue, read and translated it. Then we solved task 2a. Listend to on interview 2b and underlined the right words from 1 to 4.

The time was fast Over.

We then went to the homework.
Page 74 task 1d.
On the page 74 task 1d write to the pictures 2-3 sentences and on page 75 task 2b number 5-7 complete.

That's not enough ! Please complete the Tasks 1-2-3 on page 76, says Thomas !
I think you also have a lot of fun with our homework.

See you on Thursday.

10 th lesson on septemper 27th
From: Jens (Gast)Date: 02.10.2018, 21:18
In our last lesson we were 9 students and our teacher Thomas. Egbert ,Olaf and Bernd were missing. Renate 's daughter took part in lesson for Bernd. This time there was no birthday party. We started with the English lesson right away. First we translate the entry in the logbook. Then we talked about our homework. Our teacher Thomas then checked our knowledge with Test. The homework for the next lesson: Page 74 Number 1,1a,1b I wish everyone a nice day of German unity .Best regards Jens

9th lesson on September 20th
From: Bernd & Renate (Gast)Date: 24.09.2018, 23:01
Dear classmates,

Last week's English lesson started with the celebration of Gabi's birthday. She had prepared delicious salmon snacks as well as minced meat with rolls and cheese and grape sticks. We all enjoyed a glass of sparkling wine together. We love all the little birthday parties and all the good food ☺ Everyone but Olaf was in class that day.

Afterwards we started our lesson by learning about different adverbs of time (yesterday, today, tomorrow). We also read and translated Renate's logbook entry.

Then we talked about differences in British and American English and about how one German word can have two different translations.

Later on we corrected our homework on page 73 (4a, 4b, 6). Then we worked on a work sheet and learned more about how to ask and answer questions. We tried to complete the sheet on our own and then we presented our results and compared them.

Our homework is to complete number 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 5 on the same work sheet.

See you all again on Thursday!

Renate & Bernd

8th lesson on 13th Sept 2018
From: Renate Rüdiger (Gast)Date: 19.09.2018, 15:11
Dear classmates,

Our last English lesson was on Thursday, September 13th. Except for Olaf the whole class as well as our teacher Thomas Simon were present. The last ones to arrive were Renate and Bernd.

Last week’s homework was to write a short description of personal information and hobbies about our teacher. Every student presented his/her homework. All of the results were very entertaining. Afterwards we completed the tasks on page 72 and numbers 1 to 3 on page 73. We learned about how to ask questions and how to find out more about our families and friends. We always enjoy the relaxed and fun atmosphere in our classroom.

Our homework for the next lesson are numbers 4a, b and 6 on page 73. As always, time flew and when our teacher received an important message he had to leave immediately.

See you tomorrow!

Kind regards,
Renate & Bernd

7th lesson on 6 September 2018
From: Frank (Gast)Date: 07.09.2018, 21:18
Yesterday was the first meeting of our English class after the summer break.
All students came except Olaf. Olaf is in Switzerland. He visit his daughter. Even teacher Thomas was there.
Katja and Alexander had their birthday during this time. They surprised us with a supper.
There was minced meat, bread rolls and accessories. (Difficult drinks) Various drinks served us.
It was nice and was very good.
Our teacher Thomas walked from Schmalkalden to Bad Salzungen.
He said it was boring. I do not know when that was.
Ramona broke her foot five weeks ago. She is not running nice. Her Husband Egbert help her a lot. We wish her all the best.
Holiday stories were not told. Jens has reported from New York and from an artist.
Next week we'll meet again on Thursday.
Until then. And think about the homework. Our homework in the summer was on page 71, number 3a. The summer was very hot und dry.

5th lesson on 14 June 2018
From: Ramona (Gast)Date: 18.06.2018, 21:14
Dear classmates, dear teacher Thomas!

In our last lesson we talked about the homework on page 68.

We missed Renate, Bernd and Jens.
Renate and Bernd were in Bad Liebenstein and Jens was in New York.
Renate did a lot of homework. She sent it to us on the mobile phone.

We worked on page 69 and 70.

Our homework for the next lesson:
-page 70 number 1C
-page 72 number 1
-page 73 number 2

See you!
We meet at school on Thursday (21-06-2018) at 6 p.m.
After the lesson we go to the restaurant „Grünes Tor“.

Best regards

4th lesson on 7 June 2018
From: Olaf (Gast)Date: 14.06.2018, 18:39
It was Katrin's birthday. We drank sparkling wine and ate snacks. Today we were six students and our teacher. E. and R. were on holiday with their grandchildren. We talked about the homework of 31 May 2018. All students translated the homework.

Our lesson passed very quickly. Next week we will talk about our homework on page 68.

I wish you a good time. See you next Thursday.
Best regards

3rd lesson on 31 May 2018
From: Gabi (Gast)Date: 04.06.2018, 21:03
Today we were 9 students and our teacher Thomas.
Bernd and Carola were ill. What's up with you Renate?

It was a hot day. In the classrom stood the air.The windows were opened,which was very good.
The teacher started the lesson with sentences,that we translated into English.Then we checked the homework. All students talked about their family. Egbert translated the dialogue on page 67. Then we heard the dialogue in English and repeateded it. The tasks 2a-2b-2c-2d on page 67 had been completed and the time was over.

The homework for the next lesson is on the page 67 tasks 3a and on page 68
the tasks 1-2-3.

See you on Thursday, same time, same place.
See you soon and best regards from Gabi

2nd lesson on 24th May 2018
From: Katja (Gast)Date: 28.05.2018, 12:14
Dear teacher and students,

I, Katja has some homwork:
the entry in the loogbook. That is always hard.
Our last lession was on 24-05-2018.
All students were there, but Bernd and Carola were missing. Both were ill.
Olaf gave his debut in our class with sparkling wine.
We read the dialogue on page 66 and we spoke about our homework from page 66 number 1a and 1b. We learnt new things , for example : many words of family members.

Our homework for the next lession is :

- page 66, number 1c
- page 67 reading the Dialogue 2

See you on Thursday : KATJA

21 lesson on 22 March 2018
From: Jens (Gast)Date: 01.04.2018, 17:17
Last but not least:
My lookbook entry - 22nd of March 2018.

All students were present.
We drank sparkling wine of Ramona´s birthday.

Thomas read Egbert´s perfect lookbook entry and Egbert translated the entry.
After that, all the students read their sentences about their hometowns.
It was very interesting. For example:
Breitungen: There is a beach, but there aren´t mussels.
Schmalkalden: There are a lot of restaurants, but there aren´t guests.
Rosa: There is a bike way behind the village, but there isn´t a highway.
Schwallungen: There is a tennis club, but there aren´t good players.

We checked the homework on page 62.
And we worked on page 64.

Our homework for the next lesson: complete page 64.

At 7:15 p.m. we went to the restaurant.
We ate and drank something, for example: tomato soup, salad, beef steak or burger.
It was a very nice evening!

Dear teacher Thomas,
enjoy your holiday and have a lot of fun!

Dear classmates,
enjoy the time without the English language!

See you on 17th of May 2018 at 6 p.m.
Have a nice time!

I wish you: HAPPY EASTER.
Greetings from Jens

20th lesson on 15th March 2018
From: Egbert (Gast)Date: 17.03.2018, 23:03
Our last lesson (from the first part) is next week. We are unhappy!
But the new course starts in May. That's nice!

And now the lookbook entry of last Thursday:
- Jens was skiing.
- Renate and Bernd had an important date.

- We read and translated the logbook entry from Frank.
- We talked about our weekend and our weekend activities:
* Gabi had guests. She cooked and baked.
* Katrin was ill on Saturday. Frank did a lot of housework.
They were at the theatre on Sunday.
* There was a concert at the church in Schmalkalden.
Alexander and Katja were there.
* My wife and I were at a men's contest. There was no winner. Everyone was great!
We cycled on Sunday.
- We checked the homework.
- We worked on page: 60, 61, 62 and 124.

And now the homework for next week:
* page 61 number 2b: Write five sentences about your hometown!
Use the phrases: There´s a…, but there isn´t a…
There are …, but there aren´t…
There are two …
* page 62 number 3, 5, 6 and 7

See you next week.
We meet at school on Thursday (22-3-2018) at 6 p.m.
After the lesson we go to the restaurant “Maykel´s”.

Best regards

Second entry to the 19th lesson
From: Frank (Gast)Date: 12.03.2018, 07:04
E-Mail: f.wingess@gmx.de
Jens was not there. Was or is in New York.
That idea came to my wife.
End of the entry.

19th lesson on 8 March 2018
From: Frank (Gast)Date: 11.03.2018, 08:43
E-Mail: f.wingess@gmx.de
Our last lesson was on the 8. March. The 8. March is the International Womens Day. There were pralines and it was a lot of. Then we spoken about the last Logbook entry from Alexander. Katrin read it. Then we checked the homework. Then had to answer questions about our life. For example: Where do you was Born? or Where do you go in the School? then had to answer questions about our life. Later, Renate asked our teacher also difficult questions. Our homework for next thursday is on page 59 number 4a + b and number 5 + 6.
See you.

18th lesson on 1 March 2018
From: Alexander (Gast)Date: 04.03.2018, 20:58
E-Mail: alexroemhild@web.de
Hello dear classmates,
on March 1st weh ad our last English lesson in "VHS Eduard Weitsch"
Besides Renate and Bernd, all students and of course our teacher Thomas were present.
Ramona missed the first minutes at the beginning of lesson, but she was excused by her husband Egbert.

In our lesson first we read and translated Katrin`s excellent logbook entry.
Then we checket the homework on page 54. We talked about our interest sports, for example cycling, swimming, walking, skiing or running. Katrin and Frank sometimes cycle relaxed along the river Werra about 30 km. Ramona and Egbert cycle also, but with theirs e-bikes, until the Mommelstein. Thomas doesnt't have a e-bike, but he also cycles a lot of. He comes with pure muscle power on Mommelstein. He's a good sportsman. Gabi and also Jens like skiing.

Then we learned to say if we have thinks or not, for exemple I have a bike or I dont`t have a car. At end of lesson we stardet Dialogue 2 on page 57.

Our homework is number 1 and 2 on page 58 and number 2 on page 59.
See you next Thursday.
Best regards,

17th lesson on 22nd February 2018
From: Katrin (Gast)Date: 25.02.2018, 18:27
E-Mail: f.wingess@gmx.de
The week has finished. On Thursday we saw us the last time. All of us there, ten students and teacher Thomas. At first Thomas read the logbook entry from Gabi. Egbert was the translator from English to "pink German". This was very funny. Then we spoke about our homework. My husband Frank read the homework in English. We started the third unit with step two. We have worked the completet page 52 and 53. And we have made the language study on page 54. We talked about our problems with safe, pin codes, credit cards, flate tires. Also we talked about things on the table in front of us, for example mobile phone. We started with "to do" sentences. Our new homework for the next Thursday is on page 54 the numbers 1, 2 and 3. Have an nice time in the next week. And hold yourselves warm. We will see us on Thursday. See you later.

16th lesson on 22nd Feb 2018
From: Gabi (Gast)Date: 17.02.2018, 12:05
The English lesson on 8 February

In our English lessons we were 8 students and our teacher Thomas.
Bernd had a problem with his teeth. Renate went with him to the doctors. We wish him a good recovery.

The mood was really good. It was carnival, everyone had a hat on. That was very funny. We congratulated Egbert and drank on his health.
On the table were snacks and drinks. Thanks to Ramona and Egbert.

We learned, ate and drank in our lesson. We talked about the homework. Everyone had to write a text about his or her village or town. The teacher read the texts and we translated them. We had good results and got grades. Alexsander translated the entry in the class book of Renate. Then we talked about the homework on page 50 number 1 and 2. The email on page 50 has been completed and translated. The teacher read questions and we repeated them. It was about the word �ther�s�. On page 51, we solved task 2b, listened to dialogue 10 on task 4 and added the information. Then we did task 6.

The homework for the next lesson is on page 51 task 2b and on page 52 we have to read the dialogue.
See you next lesson on the 22 February. Until then have a nice time.
Greetings from Gabi

15h lesson on 31st January
From: Renate (Gast)Date: 08.02.2018, 09:11
On February 1st we had our last English lasson. All students were present. After a quick chat we presented our homework and corrected our mistakes.

Once we we were done we started unit 3. Ramona translated the text from the first page of the unit without mistakes. As a group we finished the exercises on page 48 of the workbook. We learned new vocabulary and talked about different possibilities to spent our free time in our home towns. We practised the numbers 11 to 20 — we counted backwards as well. We translated the dialogue on page 49.

It is our homework to solve exercise number 3a on page 49 as well as exercises number 1 until 3 on page 50.

Best regards,
Renate & Bernd

PS. We will not be able to make it to class tomorrow. Bernd has an important dentist appointment with a specialist and we won't be back until late at night. But we see you soon! Take care until then.

14th lesson on 25th January
From: Renate (Gast)Date: 31.01.2018, 06:37
On Thursday the 25th of January our last English lesson took place. We were almost complete except for a classmate.
Katrin brought delicious minced meat rolls. There were the matching drinks. Thanks again to Katrin for the successful surprise.

After a brief casual conversation, we started the lesson. We compared the homework on page 42 43. Then we read the text The lake District on page 44 individually and then translated it together. The words degrees celcius and district initially pose some difficulties in pronunciation.
Then we worked together on the first section on page 45.

As homework we should solve the picture puzzle on page 45. In addition, we should edit and complete the complete page 46 in the workbook.

Greetings from Schwallungen. We look forward to seeing you next Thursday,

Renate and Bernd.

lession from 18.01.2018
From: Katja (Gast)Date: 22.01.2018, 17:51
E-Mail: katjagratz@web.de
Hello students and teacher Thomas !

In our last lession , we talked our homework and tested our skills in unit 1 and 2.
We can now already a little English grammar and many new words.
We learned to say where we come from, we can say in English the time and days of the week, we can explain the way, we can order in a restaurants drinks, write a postcard in English or the English Alphabet and much more.

Exept Renate all students were present. We hope Renate had no problems on the road.
Alexander can't come to the next lession. He has a Job in Erfurt.

our homewrk :

Page 42, Number 1
Page 42, Number 2
Page 42, Number 3
Page 42, Number 4
Page 42, Number 5
Page 42, Number 6

Good luck Katja

12th lesson on 11th January 2018
From: Ramona (Gast)Date: 12.01.2018, 20:06
Bernd is ill. He couldn't come to the lesson. We wish him all the best.

All the other students were at the classroom.
In our lesson yesterday we translated the lookbook entry from Frank and Katrin and we checked the homework.rnWe compared "a" and "the".

We say "the" when it clear which thing or person we mean.
We played the game: "What´s the word?". Renate was the winner. All the other students and I were very bad.
Our teacher Thomas was unhappy. We too.
We must learn, learn, learn!!!

We repeated the days of the week.
And we spoke the "th". I think it´s awful. We don´t need it. We are the people from class "A1.Starter".
We must learn new words not the "th"!

Our homework:
- page 38 number 1 and 3
- page 39 number 2 and 4

And the sentence of the evening:
"I think the best day of the week is Thursday."
Then we will meet again. Bye.

11th lesson on 04. january - the first lesson in the new year
From: Katrin und Frank (Gast)Date: 09.01.2018, 18:56
E-Mail: f.wingess@gmx.de
Present were Teacher Thomas and nine students.
At first we started the New Year with champagne and biscuits. Then has Alexander read to us the Story of Goldilocks and the three Bears. He has brought the verbs into the right tenses.
After that, we did all the tasks on side 33. And discussed the definite article "the".
Our homework is complete page 34 and page 35.

See you the day after tomorrow.

10th lesson on 21st December
From: Jens (Gast)Date: 06.01.2018, 20:59
In our last lesson 2017 we were in the restaurant "Hopfengarten".
We read and translated the story of "Little Red Riding Hood". It was very funny.
After that we ate and drank something.
I ate a steak without salad and drank beer. It was very delicious.

Thank you Alexander, it was a very good idea to go to the restaurant "Hopfengarten".
It was a very beautiful evening!

I wish you a happy new year!!!

The last lesson before the Christmas holidays
From: Alexander (Gast)Date: 17.12.2017, 17:58
E-Mail: alexroemhild@web.de
Today were in the classroom:
our teacher Thomas, Gaby, Jens, Katrin and Frank, Ramona and Egbert, Katja and Alexander.
For exemple, we practiced dialogu 1 on page 32 and speak the English Alphabet.
Next week we will meet at 6 pm in the Restaurant "Grünes Tor - Zum Hopfengarten".
I think, we will have al lot of fan.

See you next week.

8th lesson on 7th December
From: Egbert (Gast)Date: 07.12.2017, 20:55
Today were in the classroom:
- our teacher Thomas
- Katrin and Frank
- Katja and Alexander
- Ramona and Egbert
- Jens
- Gaby

The lesson was not boring, it was very interesting.
We talked about the "Portfolio".
It was very funny!

In our book we worked on page:
29/30/31 and 128

We learned the plural:

The homework for next week:
- page 30 number 1,2,3
- page 31 complete

See you in seven days.

7th lesson on 30th November
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 30.11.2017, 18:40
We were eight students today
We listened to 4 perfectly performed dialogues by ER, RL and JT, AR and KR, GH and FW and KW.
All got al lot of applause.

We worked on Test yourself 1

Our homework is:
page 26
page 29, Dialogue

6th lesson on 23.11.2017
From: Frank and Katrin (Gast)Date: 24.11.2017, 20:24
E-Mail: f.wingess@gmx.de
We were nine students and the teacher with name Thomas.
In the last lesson we control our homework from last week and vocables.
our lesson:
-page 19 dialogue 2
-page 19 number 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a
-page 21 number 4
-page 22 number 1a
-page 23 number 2a, 2b
We talked about Drinks and new persons in the guest house.

our new homework for next week:
-page 21 number 1, 2, 3, 5
-page 22 number 1b

I wish all of us a nice week.

5th lession on 16.11.2017
From: Katja (Gast)Date: 20.11.2017, 20:57
E-Mail: katjagratz@web.de
Dear students and teacher.rnI'm sorry for the late rnentry in the class book. rnIn the last unit we spoke about the last themes.rnrnNetwork Now English Book:rnPage 17rnPage 18rnPage 19rnrnHomwork for the next Thursday :rnrnPage 20 number 1rnPage 20 number 2rnPage 20 number 3rnPage 21 number 5brnPage 21 number 6rnrnAlex has done his import task.rnThe lession take place on the 21.12.2017 at the Restaurant " Zum Hopfengarten" in the street Weidebrunner Gasse.rnrnBye Katjarn

4th lesson on 9th November 2017
From: Ramona (Gast)Date: 09.11.2017, 21:56
We were six students and our teacher Thomas.
Jens is skiing.
Bernd, Renate and Katja are working.

-We talked about the homework:
page 12 and page 13
-We learned new words (nearest, everything, road, snack, breakfast ...)

-Our lesson:
-page 14, dialouge 1
-page 14, ex. 1a,1b,1c,1d,1e,1f
-page 15, dialouge 2
-page 15, ex. 2a,2b,2c,2d,3a
-page 123 and page 126

- page 16, ex. 1, 2 and 3
- page 17, ex. 2 and 4

Alexander has an important homework. Don´t forget.

Have a nice week.

3rd lesson on 2th Nov 2017
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 02.11.2017, 22:28
We were 9 people today.
We repeated Step 1 and ompared the homework.
Then we went on with Step 2, dialogue 1.

- page 12, ex. 3
- page 13, ex. 1-3 and 5
- learn the new words (hungry, thirsty, tired etc.)

See you next week

2nd lesson on 26th Ocotber 2017
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 27.10.2017, 16:43
We welcomed three more people:
Bernd, Jens and Alexander

Then the book was introduced and we did the first exercises: Dialague 1 in U1S1 and all the exercises.
Homework: Extra 1+2
Homestudy 4a and b

1st lesson on 19th October 2017
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 24.10.2017, 19:56
Welcome to your logbook.
Here you can find the contents of your lesson and your homework.