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21st lesson on 10th Match 2015
From: Stefan (Gast)Date: 11.03.2015, 16:31
Hello all together

Here a brief summary of our last lesson in the new building. First, we talked about different Topics, for example the winter sport and what's new in the various towns or villages.
And of course we talked about the new building, the Opinions are divided.
Then we did some exercises from Thomas.

And what a luck, there are no homework for the next lesson.

See you next time

20th lesson on 10th February 2015
From: Andrea (Gast)Date: 14.02.2015, 13:53
Dear English students,

Here is my report about our last lesson:
There was Sebastian's birthday. We wished him health, a happy life and of course success in learning English. He invited us for delicious cakes and drinks. Thank you!

In our speaking part we talked about what happened during our winter break, in which events and performances we took part and which private events took place.

We also spoke about the move of the VHS to another place. That's why our last lesson in this building is next Tuesday and there isn't a lesson on the 24th of February and on the 3rd of March. Unfortunately, there isn't a new building/room fixed, but I'm sure we will get informed in time.

Then we read and translated an article by Donna Ashby (Network 3, page 97).

We can be happy - we haven't got any homework for next Tuesday. So we can relax and enjoy the weekend.

I wish you a nice time.
See you healthy and in good mood next week!


19th lesson on 27.01.2015
From: Heike Fr. (Gast)Date: 30.01.2015, 16:58
Hello all together

in the first part of our English lesson we checked the homework. We spoke about phrasal verbs.

After the break we get some material from Thomas, "The words you need - 50 important adjectievs".

Don´t forget: Our next lesson is on 10th February! In the next week are holidays!

Have a nice time.


18th lesson on 20.01.15
From: Heike Fu. (Gast)Date: 26.01.2015, 19:50
Hello all together,

first we congratulated Heike and we had a delicious meal.
In the first part of our lesson we spoke about what happened between Christmas and New Years Eve and we checked the homework.

Then we did som exercises from Thomas.

Our homework is: Please print some material from Thomas' email and find 5 examples for phrasal verbs.

See you on Tuesday.

17th lesson on 13th January 2015
From: Stefan (Gast)Date: 17.01.2015, 16:54
Hello all together

Here a brief summary of our last hour.

First, we talked about different Topics, for example the winter sport and the next summer holyday.

Then we did some exercises from Thomas.

The homework for the next lesson is the puzzle page 98 (exercise 1) and on the pages from Thomas exercise “C”

See you next lesson

16th lesson on 6th January 2015
From: Andrea (Gast)Date: 09.01.2015, 17:03
Dear English students,

On Tuesday was our first lesson in 2015.We wished each other all the best for the New Year, health, luck, wealth and of course success in learning English.
Our nice teacher invited us for a glass of champagne. Thanks for that.
The first topic was speaking as usual.
We spoke about our Season's holiday experience and what we have done, the Christmas gifts and other events. For example: different sports competitions.
It was interesting to hear in which different ways our class-mates celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve.
Then we did exercises:
Network 3, page 96, no.1, 2a-b, 3, 4.

There isn't any homework for the next lesson. I hope you will be happy about it!

I wish you a nice weekend.
See you on Tuesday!

15th lesson on 16th December 2014
From: Andrea (Gast)Date: 21.12.2014, 14:17
Dear friends of the English language

On Tuesday was the last lesson before our holidays.
First we checked the homework. The next part was speaking, like always.
And what was the topic?
Of course, Christmas time. For example, if we already have bought all gifts, what will we eat at these days and how will we spend Christmas time in generally?
The last part of the lesson was reading and translating of a quite interesting text about Christmas customs in England and their history.
Then we had a lovely dinner in the Greek restaurant. The sportive members of our group walked to the restaurant and the others used the car. It was a nice stay at the restaurant with friendly staff and a lot of interesting talks.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a good start of the New Year.
I'm glad to see you at our next lesson on the 6th of January 2015.

Stay healthy and enjoy the holidays!
Your Andrea

14th lesson on 9th December 2014
From: Stefan (Gast)Date: 14.12.2014, 15:23
Hello all together

Here is a brief summary of our last hour.
First, we talked about different Topics with our new classmates. Then we did the exercises on page 92 -94.

Because the homework I’m not quit secure. I think it was on page 95, exercise 4.

More important is our annual Christmas party at “Metaxa” on 16th of December. Don’t forget.

See you.

13th lesson on 2nd December 2014
From: Heike Fr. (Gast)Date: 04.12.2014, 18:07
Hello together,

Here is the report about our last lesson.

First we congratulated Andrea. Her birthday was last Friday.

We would like to welcome our new classmates.
They told about their families, profession and hobbies.

After the break we completed Christmas and New Years cards.
We read and talked about the different forms of Christmas wish.

I wish you a nice weekend.
See you an Tuesday.


12th lesson on 25th November
From: Andrea (Gast)Date: 26.11.2014, 23:13
Dear friends of the English language,
This is my report about our last lesson:
Unfortunately, only a few students could take part.
During the first hour we talked a lot, for example about the weather in Schmalkalden and the villages around.
We learnt that sometimes Heßles can be a very foggy place.
A classmate gave a short report about his trip to Styria and what happened during his mother-in-law birthday party.
And our teacher showed how to learn and sing an English Christmas song without knowing the language.
It was very funny.
After the break we compared our homework, read the dialog on page 92 and translated this text.
We also did exercises with comparison adverbs of manner and practised “Before you go on...” (page 91)
And now the homework:
page 92 no. 2a and 2b

I wish you a nice week and hope to see you all next Tuesday.
All the best,

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