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13th lesson on 3th June
From: Ursula H-M (Gast)Date: 04.06.2019, 21:22
Dear classmates,

Today it's my turn.
Here is my logbook entry of our last lesson.
First Thomas asked each of us how we spend Father's Day and the weekend.

Well, some of us went to a concert, others used the nice weather to hike or visited his friends and our teacher drove his bike to the Ellenbogen to the "Eisenacher Haus".

After that we checked Beate's logbook entry.
It was very detailed. She also gave us an explanation about the difference between puppets and dolls.
The lesson was over quickly, so we couldn't compare our homework.

We see you again on Wednesday 12.06.19 16:15

I wish each of us nice Withsun.
I hope I'll see you all healthly again.

Yours Ursula

1th lesson on 27th May
From: Beate Rümker (Gast)Date: 27.05.2019, 18:06
E-Mail: familie.ruemker@googlemail.com
Dear classmates,

Today it's my turn to write the logbook entry of our lesson today. First we looked together with our teacher Thomas at the timetable of our next lessons. We musn't forget they will start at 4:15 pm.
We have found in this context : The longer the days the faster the time is running!

The next topic was the election on Sunday. Everyone had to tell when and where he was voting. And there was also a special task for Udo: In the next lesson he'll have to report on all translations of 'Wahllokal' he found.

The next subject was Udo's holiday in Traben -Trarbach near Cochem at the Mosel. This area is known for the cultivation of tasty wine like Riesling.
Our Teacher told us he prepared a cycling tour on the Ascension Day to the "Rhönhäuschen" at the weekend.

Next we had a look on the logbook entry by Ursula Sch. . It was detailed and excelent as always. Waltraud got also a special task: She'll informate us about the polling stations in Breitungen and the different spellings of “youtube” in the next lesson.
We also dealt with a sentence of Evelin's logbook entry the week before (So that we continue enjoy learning ….
It was the day of special tasks. I'll have to speak next week about the difference between puppets and dolls.
As usual we compared our homework. We repeated also the word an phrases of Unit 9 in our textbook and learned with worksheet Unit 31 the different possibilities to use “have to” and “must”. We solved exercises 31.1 and 31.3. Exercises 31.2 and 31.4 are our homework.
So, I hope I didn't forget anything. And you don't forget the new time of beginning next week.

Have a nice time! I hope I'll see you all healthy next Monday.
Yours Beate

11th Lesson on 20th May
From: Ursula Schellenberger (Gast)Date: 21.05.2019, 17:14
11th lesson on 20th May

Dear classmates,

Weather was a great subject to start our lesson with on that day. In this connection Thomas explained the use of the words 'concern', 'regarding' and 'according'.

Then he told us that he had the laziest weekend he had ever had. His computer didn't work so that a lot of data were lost and he was busy with it all day. But some of the data he was able to rescue. How lucky!
Ursula H.-M. mentioned he should rather have taken part in the 'Rennsteiglauf'.
But this wouldn't have solved his big problem.

After that Thomas wanted to know what methods we use to listen to music. Some of us use youtube channel to listen to special music. Some other ones use a new technique like streaming(?), no idea what it is!
And some of us agree in using the „old“ radio or CD player.
Fact is that musical technique will change again and again!

As there are always made grammar mistakes during our talks Thomas used the chance to explain the position of adverbs of frequency in sentences.
According to this question - What were you doing when the rain started? - once more he explained the use of the progressive forms.

The logbook entry by Evelyn was our next topic. Logbook entries are always helpful for learning English because of the mistakes that must be corrected. There was one special sentence that caused us quite a headache. Finally I got the task to translate it until the next lesson. But Thomas posted a link that will be useful for it. Thank you!

In the last part of our lesson we checked our homework that included comparative for one thing and our report about a place we know well for another.
Elfie was impressed by New York, Waltraud liked Weimar, Edith described Krakau, Evelyn experienced Dresden, Beate spoke about Berlin, Ursula H.-M. liked the sights of Weimar, too, Rita gave a report on her last weekend and Ursula Sch. told her impressions on the Alps in Switzerland.

To avoid being bored this week here our homework for the next lesson:
On page 75 no. C, on page 76 no. A,B,C.

Looking forward to seeing you next Monday on the same place and at the same time (9 o'clock).

Have a nice week!

Yours Ursula Sch.

From: Evelin Schumann (Gast)Date: 16.05.2019, 08:16
E-Mail: schumann.evelin@gmail.com
Dear classmates,

On Wednesday we had a quite hard program. First everyone wanted to congratulate Thomas to his birthday and so we had the opportunity to drink a glass of sparling wine.
Thomas wanted to know how long we used to work and who is still working from us.

Then we admired Udo's logbook entry, short and diverting. The 3.item we took care of was the homework in unit 105 exercise 3.
Furthermore we tried to get on with the comparison unit 106. For this we solved exercises 1 and 4.

The exercises no. 2,3,5 are one part of our homework.
So that we continue enjoy learning Thomas started the work with the English book page 72 no. 3a,3b,4a and 4c and page 74 B2 and C.

Here you will find the second part of the homework (page 72: 4b, 4d).

I hope you will have a lot of fun with it!
See you on Monday at 9 o'clock.

Yours Evelin

9th lesson on 13th May
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 14.05.2019, 13:23
Dear friends of cultivated english conversation
Two times english lesson this week, as usul on Monday but on Wednesday as well.
Here's the Monday's brief summary.

- first we spoke about the last week's local and worldwide news
- personal activities was the next topic
- after that we discussed the last homework
- than there was an analysis of Edith's logbook entry
- this time we did a short break as well
- finally we dealt with worksheet no. 105 (It contains grammar rules and exercises to the subject "comparison")
- homework is no. 105.3 at the same place

see you tomorrow
bye yours Udo

8th lesson on 6th May
From: Edith Baier (Gast)Date: 07.05.2019, 18:06
Dear classmates,

Here is my logbook entry of our last lesson.
First we talked about the weather.The question was, is it normal for it to snow in May?
We remembered us that this often happened.
We talked short about the final exam in the last week. For some students it was to heavy. But there were also other opinions.The topic is difficult.

Then Thomas asked each of us what we had experienced in the last both weeks.This was very interesting,because each of us had different experiences.
Afterwards Thomas explained the correct application of "lend and borrow" and of "bring and take".
As in every lesson,we checked the last logbook entry.
Rita had written the entry very good.
Then we checked our homework.
The theme was: California - a superlative state.

In the lesson we treated the comparison of adjectives on page 71 and did some exercises.

Now to our homework to Monday 13th of May:
Page 71 no. 2c The superlative quiz and page 73
PRACTICE no. 1 Natural landmarks
no. 2 Places in a town or city
no. 5 Grammar: Comparatives and

We start again at 9 o'clock next Monday.
Fun on your homework and a nice week.

Yours Edith

7th lesson on 25th April
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 29.04.2019, 17:59
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello together,

It's just raining, good time to do the weekly logbook entry. Here it is.

As often we started our lesson with small talk. The subject we talked about were our Easter experiences. Because of the great weather some of us did a short journey, the others hiked to somewhere or else met relatives and friends at home. Our teacher for exampel did an extremly hiking tour on Rennsteig.

Then we had a look at the logbook entry of Waltraud. She tried hard but as always Thomas found some mistakes.
The next topic was our homework: "family tree". We had to solve exercises two and three at the so named worksheet. Finally we read and translated the text " Penguin Now" and solved task 6. With that we finished our light-hearted tour of April Fool`s jokes and besides we learned something about phrasal verbs, too.

No lesson without homework: read the text in our book on page 70 and solve nr1on page 71.
Remember, our next lesson will be on Monday 6th of May, at 9 o’clock!
Have a nice week!

Yours Rita

6th lesson on 15th april 2019
From: Waltraud (Gast)Date: 24.04.2019, 23:08
Dear classmates,
First I wish all of you happy and sunny Easter-days.
And now let's look back to our last English lesson. First we talked - like every week - about our last Weekend and the cold weather. the most interesting theme brought Evelyn. She was in Leipzig and there she had a very important mission. She was shopping with her daughter in law to-be. They were looking for a wedding Dress for the young woman. but it was difficult. The Bride couldn't decide which kind of dress she really likes - ashortone or a Long one. A white one should it be - that's clear. Oh yeah, that are problems. But Evelyn is very relaxed. She bought her Dress for the marriage of her son in June already some weeks ago. It's a nice long black dress. Ans I#m sure she will be a very good looking mother in law. And I#m also sure the bride will find the right dress for the most beautiful day in her life.

Now to the next topic of the lesson. We read some April-Hoaxes - About a left handed burger, a spagetthi-tree and About a simple trick to turn an black-and-white-TV into a colour ones.

But now seriously again. We repeated phrasal Verbs, adjectives and Adverbs and made some practicle exercises.

At the end of the lesson we talked about family relations. Thomas gave us a sheet with a familiy tree. Our homework are the exercises 2 und 3 at this sheet.

So and now enjoy the Easter-weekend with your Family and/or your friends.

See you on Thursday, 25th April, at 9 pm.

Best regards

5th lesson on 8 April 2019
From: Günter (Gast)Date: 11.04.2019, 09:22
Dear classmates

Here is my logbook entry of our last lesson.

Ute left our course because she has to care for her husband. He is ill. What a pity. We wish her a stressless time.

We checked Elfi's logbok entry. There were some little mistakes, but it wasn't a disaster.

The main content of this lesson was the repetition of phrasel verbs.

We read and translated "The glory of the garden-centre", written by Cilin Beaven. It was a very interesting story.

About the homework look at "April Fools", page 31, No. 3
and in our book page 65, No. 1-6 (exept No. 2).

Have a nice week. Until Monday at 9.00.

Yours Günter

4rd lesson on 1st April 2019
From: Elfi Lachmund (Gast)Date: 03.04.2019, 13:09

On Sunday the time was switched and so we were really awake on Monday morning.

First everyone reported about past weekend. Thomas described his bicycle tour through the Rhön.
Then he asked a student to read out Ursula’s logbook entry, it was without error.

After that Günter and Ursula correctly read the homework. Grammar was the next part we dealt with the worksheet 101.The adjectives and adverbs "well/fast/late, hard/hardly " The exercises 101.1, 101.3 and 101.5 we have completed.

A worksheet was us given by Thomas. On the back we found "Phrasal verbs in this article". Günter read out these verbs.

A homework assignment is to learn these phrasal verbs, and as a second homework we should do exercises 101.3 and 101.4 from worksheet 101.

I would like to remind you, that you print out "April Fools" and bring it to the next hour.

Have fun with homework
Yours, Elfi

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