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2nd lesson on 18th March 2019
From: Ursula (Gast) (Gast)Date: 20.03.2019, 12:07
Dear classmates

This is my report from our last English lesson.
First we started with coffee, cake and sparkling wine. Günter celebrated his birthday.
Then we compared our homework in our textbook page 60 B and C.

After that we checked Udo's logbook entry. It was a very nice report.

Words and Phrases at page 61 was the next exercise. Thomas asked questions and we translated them.

Language learning at page 62 was the next topic.

At the end we works with worksheets Unit 140 / Phrasal verbs 4 on / off.
We read the text and solved the exercises.

I would like to point this out our homework comes as an e-mail attachment by Thomas.

I wish you a nice week
See you on Monday at 4.15 pm

Yours Ursula

1st lesson on 13th March 2019
From: Udo (Gast)Date: 13.03.2019, 12:14
Dear classmates,

This week it's my part to give you a short review to our last lesson.
Main topic is still chapter 7 in the coursebook.
It deals with vocabulary of food and drink in combination with using the Present perfect or Past simple.

But first we celebrated the last week's birthday children Beate and Günther traditionally with sparkling wine and cake.
Meanwhile we had a short chat about the current awful weather.
As usual we had a look on the logbook entry and spoke about the news.
We spoke about this and that and there was enough time to made some mistakes, too.

After that we solved some exercises from the textbook.
You'll find the current homework on page 60.
It's number B and C.
At the very end of the lesson, Thomas said: "It couldn't harm to have a look on page 61 in our textbook".

There, there is a short summary of the important words and phrases.

Have a nice week.
See you soon, yours Udo.

17 th lesson on 4th March 2019
From: Edith Baier (Gast) (Gast)Date: 05.03.2019, 08:19
E-Mail: buchholtz-ernst@t-online.de
Dear classmates,

Here is my report of our last English lesson.
We met for lesson on the Shrove Monday. Udo brought pancakes, a traditional Shrove Monday pastry.
Ursula donated coffee, tea and a glass of sparkling wine for each of us.

Then everyone told us how they experiensed the last week.
It was canival since Thursday last week.
After that we dealt with Beate`s logbook entry. There were hardly mistakes.

In connection we checked our homework from page 55 no. 2a and 2c. The homework was no difficult and we have a lot of fun.
On pages 56 and 57 of out textbook we talked about the topic "Food and drink".
On page 57 is our first homework to solve, no.2 "Ordering food and drink" and no.3 "Problems in a restaurant".

On page 58 "Grammar" we have handled and solved the task under A1, A2, B1 and B2 in the lesson.

Our second homework can you find on page 58 letter C "Round up".
We wish father Waltraud a good time in South Africa.

For Ursula we cross our fingers for the upcoming operation.

Wish you all a good week.
See you again next Monday at 4.15 pm.

Best regards from Edith

16 th lesson on 18th February 2019
From: Beate Rümker (Gast)Date: 19.02.2019, 13:51
E-Mail: familie.ruemker@googlemail.com
Dear classmates,

Here is my report of our last English lesson. First each of us told how he spent the week and the weekend.
The weekend was very sunny with temperatures about ten degrees above zero. So anyone was outdoor for a walk or a stroll.

Then we dealt with Evelin´s logbook entry. There were almost no mistakes.

The next topic was the repetition of the worksheet Unit 139 "Phrasal verbs with out". In connection we compared the homework exersices 139.3 and 139.4.

This was grammar enough for all of us. So we finished the lesson with reading in our textbook at page 54. There we learned something about food, drink and baking.

Our homework are the exercises 2 a and 2 b at page 55.

I hope I will see you all next Monday at 4.15 pm. Wish you a nice and healthy week.

Best regards from Beate

15th lesson on 11th February 2019
From: Evelin Schumann (Gast)Date: 13.02.2019, 16:59
E-Mail: schumann.evelin@gmail.com
Dear classmates,

I'm sorry for the delay! But we were in Dresden on Thuesday and Wednesday. On Monday our report about the weekend was very short. Because of the bad weather nobody went for big walks. Thomas wanted to know whether we celebrate the Valentin's day and if we give presents to our partner.
Rita's logbook entry was our second assignement. There were only some little mistakes.

The main work was the story about "Miss Vivian" in Spotlight 2/15. It took a long time to read and translate it. So we had not much more time for the grammar. We took care of Phrasal Verbs with "out" in Unit 139 and filled in exercises No 139.1 and No 139.2.

No 139.3 and 139.4 shall be our homework.
Now I have to say Goodbye.
I hope you will have a nice week!
Our next appointment will be on Monday at 16.15.

That time you can sign in for the next course at Frau Seifert.
Yours Evelin

14th lesson on 4th February
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 06.02.2019, 16:22
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello together,

Today it's my turn to give you a look back on our last lesson.

First we dealed ourself with the logbook entry from Ute. In this connection our teacher explained the difference between: " few and little" or "a few and a little".

Then we checked the homework we original had to do for the week before: worksheet 138 no 138.2 and no 138.4. In addition we had to describe our neighbour in the opposite.

At last we compared the homework in our textbook page 51" Holiday accomodation". We solved the exercises A;B andC.

After a short break we turned our focus on an other subject: " Small talk"at page 52. At the end we repeated some words and phrases from Unit 6.

Attention,to learn them is a part of our homework for next week!
Furthermore Thomas gave us a new worksheet. In preparation of our next lesson, please take a look at pages 46 and 47.

Don't forget to look in your e-mail account.Thomas posted some material.
That's all for today.

See you next Monday at the same place and time.

Bye then

Yours Rita

13th lesson on 28 th January
From: Ute Mudra (Gast)Date: 31.01.2019, 21:05
13 th lesson on 28 th January

Hello dear classmates,

Her is my report oft the last English lesson. As always first we talked about our activities on last weekend.The weather was bad , it rained or snowed, the temperature was about the
freezing point. So we all were relaxing at home.
Next we read ´the report of Ursula. It was very good, but our teacher neverless found few small mistakes. Then we studied and translated the story „ After along wait“ about
Oliver Jamie. He is an owner of 30 restaurants around the world and sells further pans
und dishes too. Past that we started the grammar on the worksheet138 with the
Phrasal verbs2. We tried to fill in the exercises 138.1 and 138.2.
The exercises 138.2 and 138.4 are our homeworks , additionell still in our English book
on page 55 the section A,B, C.

Have a nice week and much fun with the homework !

Attention! The next lesson is very long. Think of food and drink !

Yours Ute.

12th lesson
From: Ursula Schellenberger (Gast)Date: 25.01.2019, 11:36
E-Mail: ursche@gmx.de
12th lesson on 21st January, 2019

Hello, dear classmates,

Here is my logbook entry of our lesson on last Monday. Let´s remember!

Because it was very cold with temperatures below zero during the last days we started with a small talk about the temperature in Schmalkalden and the surrounding area. We were astonished about the temperature differences.

We went on talking on some sports events at the last weekend and the results. Unfortunately there were only a few ones who were informed about it.
After that we checked Waltraud´s logbook entry. Well done! There weren´t any bad mistakes.

Then we checked our homework for that lesson that dealt with phrasal verbs. We had to complete some sentences and to fill in a noun or pronoun. The word order in this grammar construction
wasn´t quite clear yet and so Thomas had to explain it once more.

As we don´t like grammar so much our teacher continued the lesson with an article by a British writer in the journal „Spotlight“. In this text the author writes about personal electronic devices, for instance smartphones, iPads, iPods and similar ones and their extreme use nowadays. The names of them remind us of fruits. Therefore the writer sometimes writes ambiguously. And so some sentences weren´t easy to understand at once.

Last but not least we had to translate a test paper. As we didn´t finish it the last part of it will be our homework. We are to describe our neighbour from opposite (in our English lesson), not the place where we live how it is demanded in the paper.
And furthermore take a quick look at another article: „After a long wait“.
Have much fun with it!

Our next lesson will be on Monday, 28th January, at 4.15 pm.

Have a nice week!

Yours, Ursula Sch.

11th lesson on 14th January 2019
From: Waltraud (Gast)Date: 16.01.2019, 18:54
Hello dear classmates,
Hope you remember our last English lesson. If not I'll try now to give a short summery. But it may be I've also forgotten something since last Monday.
But I'll give my best.
We had to read two logbook entries, one from Edith and Elfie's. There were only some little mistakes. But that was no problem. A good way to learn is to learn from the mistakes.
Than we compared our homework. One exercise was how to use “since” and “for”. In addition we should describe our home. Udo began, but everybody had to tell us from their house, how long they've been lived there, is there a garden around or not and so on.

But there was also something new at the last lesson. New – okay, let's say a new repetition. The keyword is “phrasal verbs” and its a very difficult topic. Exercise, exercise, exercise is the slogan.
I think, you must feel it, you can't learn it like grammatical rule, you can't memorize.

Our homework is on worksheet Unit 137, no. 137.4.

Have a good week and a nice weekend until we see us again.

The next lesson on Monday, 21st January , starts at 16.15 pm.

Best regards

10th lesson on 7 January 2019
From: Elfi Lachmund (Gast)Date: 08.01.2019, 11:57
Hello dear friends,

Like every year, we started the first lesson in the New Year with the same procedure - Thomas sponsored sparkling wine.
Than all classmens reported about their christmas days and about their new year eve. We had not to exercise grammar. We read and translated a story from a worksheet,was given us by Thomas.
At the end we worked with a another worksheet and there were exercises to practise talking about sales,shopping and department stores.
Here is our homework for the next lesson. Textbook page 49 no.4 to 6.

Have a nice week, see you on Monday at 9:00 am.

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