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11th lesson on 14th January 2019
From: Waltraud (Gast)Date: 16.01.2019, 18:54
Hello dear classmates,
Hope you remember our last English lesson. If not I'll try now to give a short summery. But it may be I've also forgotten something since last Monday.
But I'll give my best.
We had to read two logbook entries, one from Edith and Elfie's. There were only some little mistakes. But that was no problem. A good way to learn is to learn from the mistakes.
Than we compared our homework. One exercise was how to use “since” and “for”. In addition we should describe our home. Udo began, but everybody had to tell us from their house, how long they've been lived there, is there a garden around or not and so on.

But there was also something new at the last lesson. New – okay, let's say a new repetition. The keyword is “phrasal verbs” and its a very difficult topic. Exercise, exercise, exercise is the slogan.
I think, you must feel it, you can't learn it like grammatical rule, you can't memorize.

Our homework is on worksheet Unit 137, no. 137.4.

Have a good week and a nice weekend until we see us again.

The next lesson on Monday, 21st January , starts at 16.15 pm.

Best regards

10th lesson on 7 January 2019
From: Elfi Lachmund (Gast)Date: 08.01.2019, 11:57
Hello dear friends,

Like every year, we started the first lesson in the New Year with the same procedure - Thomas sponsored sparkling wine.
Than all classmens reported about their christmas days and about their new year eve. We had not to exercise grammar. We read and translated a story from a worksheet,was given us by Thomas.
At the end we worked with a another worksheet and there were exercises to practise talking about sales,shopping and department stores.
Here is our homework for the next lesson. Textbook page 49 no.4 to 6.

Have a nice week, see you on Monday at 9:00 am.

9th lesson on 19 December 2018
From: Edith Baier (Gast) (Gast)Date: 21.12.2018, 15:28
E-Mail: buchholtz-ernst@t-online.de
Hello dear classmades,

here is my report on our last English lesson before the Christmas holidays.

There were cookies on the table and for each of us a small sip of sparkling wine.
Unfortunately, Beate was missing.We wish her all the best.

First we delt with idioms and how to translate them from German into English.
Thomas gave each of us five small cards with three translations of one German idioms.But only one translation was correct on each card.
We had to find out this one.We had much fun with it.

Then each of us told how we will celebrate Christmas. Are visitors coming or you are at home along? What will we eat for Christmas? Have we bought all the gifts already? What do we give to our children?

Afterwards we checked the logbook entry of Beate. It was okay.
Then we checked our homework.
Worksheet Unit 12 nr.12.1 and 12.2 .
The tasks nr.12.3 and 12.4 have been solved in the class.

At the end of the English lesson we dealt with the worksheet Unit 11 and the letters A,B,C and D.

As homework it makes sense to look at the worksheet again.
When do we use "since" and when do we use "for"?

I wish you Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year. Stay healthy and take care of yourself.

The next lesson will be on Monday 7th January 2019 at 9 am.

Best regards
Yours Edith

8th lesson on 10th December
From: Beate Rümker (Gast)Date: 11.12.2018, 14:55
Hello together,

Let me summerize our last English lesson.
First we dealt with Günter's logbook entry. It was short, concise and there were few mistakes.

Then we compared our homework and repeatet which things, machines and furniture you can find in the kitchen.

The next topic was "if-sentences" on worksheet unit 38. This was difficcult for some of us and me too.

At the end of the lesson we worked with worksheet unit 12. We made the exercises 12.1 and 12.2..
The rest is our homework.
I wish all a nice third Advent. And don't forget:
the next lesson will be on Wednesday
19th December at 9 am.

Best regards
Yours Beate

7th lesson on 3rd December 2018
From: Günter (Gast)Date: 08.12.2018, 10:34
Hello fans of our English course,

At this Monday we were only 7 students, four of us weren't present.
Everybody told what happend last weekend in the family or in the region.
Then we checkt our homework.
In this lesson we repeated Type I and II coditionals. Udo perfectly knew the rules of this.
Only the if-sentence is at the beginning a comma is following.
Don't forget the new homework No. 1b, 1c and 2a at page 46/47 in our book.

Have a nice 2nd Sunday of Advent.

We'll see on Manday at 9.00 a.m.


6th lesson on 28th November
From: Rita Dellit (Gast)Date: 28.11.2018, 16:53
E-Mail: ritschidellit@web.de
Hello dear classmates,

This is the short report of our last lesson.
First we started with coffee, cake and sparkling wine donated by Ute. She celebrated her birthday the day before. Then we checked our homework. Therefor we used the worksheet Thomas posted us. We had to translate sentences from German in to English and reverse.

After that we got an other worksheet. Some of us had to read the text;" Somewhere at sea". It wasn't difficult to understand the story. The first part of our homework for next Monday you can find on the reverse side of this worksheet: page 15, nr.: 1b " Build a dialouge"!

We continued our lesson by working with the textbook at page 43 and 44. But before that we exchanged our experiences with the local newspapers. Then we solved all exercises at the two pages.

And here the second part of homework: repeat and learn vocabulary at page 45!
Have fun with it!

See you next Monday at 9 o'clock.
Bye then, yours Rita

5th lesson on 20th November
From: Evelin Schumann (Gast)Date: 22.11.2018, 09:44
E-Mail: schumann.evelin@gmail.com
Hello dear friends,

Today it's my turn to report about our lesson on Tuesday.
Once again we had something to celebrate, Edith's birthday. There were coffee and cake and not even sparkling wine was missing.
In the first part we spoke about different topics. Waltraud told us from her holiday with her friend and

Thomas asked about our preparation for Christmas and New Year's Eve, There were some good ideas for Christmas presents and for good feasts. Furthermore Thomas wanted to know whether we liked winter or summer. After our discussion we reviewed Edith's logbook entry and then the homework.

Last but not least we completed a worksheet. We managed only the front page. The back page was assigned to complete at homework.

All classmates who did not attend this lesson will receive it by email from Thomas.
Our next meeting will be on Monday at 9 a clock.

Have a good weekend!
See you then on Monday.
Yours Evelin

4th lesson on 12th November
From: Edith (Gast)Date: 16.11.2018, 20:03
Hello dear classmates,

As usual a short review of our last lesson. At the beginning of our lesson we were only 6 classmates. Ursula from Steinbach-Hallenberg had an important appointment. Rita was visited by her son and his family.

Waltraud was traveling with her girl friend. Beate,Evelyn and Udo came later, they were stuck in traffic jam. Elfi told us about her holiday in South Africa. We listened to her with interest. We also learnd a few new words: boulder, penguin, ape,brewery.

Our homework for the last lesson was in the textbook on page 40 no.6
The theme was: Saying what happened ? Each one told us what special events he remembered. These were events that are not forgotten. Afterwards we dealt with the logbook entry of Ursula Sch. This was very detailed and as always without mistakes. The time goes fast.

Here is our homework for the next lesson. Textbook page 41 no. 3 to 6.
Have a nice weekend.

See you next Tuesday at 3.30 pm.

Yours Edith

3rd lesson on 5th November
From: Ursula Schellenberger (Gast)Date: 06.11.2018, 17:40
E-Mail: ursche@gmx.de
Hello dear classsmates,
Let me summarize what we dealt with in our last lesson.
Our teacher started with some words and their different pronunciation, for example tear (Träne) and tear (reißen), sword, Worcester, Reading (an English town) and some other ones. Every of our students who came a little bit later had to pronounce these words that were to be seen on the blackboard. But none of us succeeded in prounouncing all these words correctly.

After that we read and corrected the logbook entry by Ursula H.-M. It was short, but the most important facts were included.

As we have been practising past progressive and past simple for some weeks Thomas gave us some German sentences to translate into English with these grammar constructions. Besides we also practised the using of prepositions.
The homework on page 42 was checked afterwards.

The next exercise was more demanding for us. We listened to three short English stories and retold them in English (exercise at page 38, number 1d).

To practise the English everyday language we dealt with the On-Board Train Emergency Instructions and the following exercise below it. Additional to this subject was the next exercise on page 40 number 4a. We listened to a phone call and ticked the correct phrases.
There are a lot of everyday emergencies that can happen to you! Look at exercise number 5. Some of us told their experiences with such situations. Waltraud experienced a burning car during her holiday in Spain, Günther a car breakdown because of a defect ignition with his Trabi and Ursula Sch. also a car breakdown on a motorway almost at night.
To get to know other experiences with everyday emergencies by our classmates this will be our homework for the next lesson (number 6 on page 40). Write down your story!

Last but not least Beate told us how she spent the bank holiday on 31st October. She went by tour bus and looked at some towns in the east of Germany like Templin, Boizenburg, Wittenberg and the Goitsch dam.
But the very last subject Thomas brought in: his hiking tour from Metzels via Wasungen to Schmalkalden. We spoke about the location of the Panoramaweg in Wasungen from where he postet a photo on Wednesday.

You see there was a lot to do during our lesson. My report can´t be shorter therefore.
Our next lesson will be on next Monday, 12nd November at 2.30 pm. And don´t forget: the next but one lesson will be on Tuesday, 20th November also at 3.30 pm.

Have a nice week!

Yours, Ursula Sch.

2nd lesson on 29th October
From: Ursula H-M (Gast)Date: 30.10.2018, 18:20
Hello dear classmates

0ur last lesson started with some vokabulary and with either, neither and both.
Then we checked Waltraud's logbook entry.
In bedween there was sparking wine from Evelin's birthday.
At the end of the lesson we compared our homework worksheet no 5 - Past simple -
We read the text and translated it.

Here our homework for the next lesson:
Textbook page 42 A1 A2 B1 B2 and C.

Have a nice week
See you next Monday at 2.30 pm

Yours Ursula

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