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20th and last lesson on 13th June
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 14.06.2016, 09:56
We had our last lesson today and worked on pae 73 (Unit 4/2)

The course shall be continued in November

13th lesson on 25th April
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 25.04.2016, 17:43
We did: page 52 to 56
Homework: 54, 2 and 3
55 2a, 2b, 3, 6b 7

Beginners' course after 5 x 2 lessons on 15th February
From: Thomas Simon (Super-Admin)Date: 20.02.2016, 00:20
Sorry, it's a real beginner's course so it can still take some time before the first entries will be made here.