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10th lesson on 13 June
From: Thomas (Gast)Date: 12.06.2019, 19:21
- The last two lessons on 29 May and 5 June had to be cancelled.
- Today we had some small talk.
- We did Unit 99 (If I go..) about if-clauses Type I.
- We worked on page 109 and did some exercises on page 111.
- Homework: Unit 99 on the copies: ex. 99.1 and 99.3 and page 110 completely.
- We will start again on 21st August .
Have a nice holiday!

9th lesson on 22th May
From: Thomas (Gast)Date: 22.05.2019, 19:31
We spoke about Number 29
We worked on page 108
Homework: page 11, No. 1 and 2.
Please bring Unit 99 Grammar book.

8th lesson on 8th May
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 08.05.2019, 19:29
We spoke about 1st May.
We learned sth about Conditional clauses.
We read the text "Number 29" and did some exercises.
Homework: NW Break 2, page 3, No. 1c

NOTE: No lesson on 15th May

7th lesson on 24th April
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 24.04.2019, 19:32
We spoke about our Easter events.
Homework: Read the text "Number 29" and do the exercises on page 5 from 1 to 3
No lesson on 1st May!

6th lesson on 17th April
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 17.04.2019, 19:33
We checked the homework (Unit 62-Pronouns)
We worked on page 106 (will)
Homework Unit (work sheet) 28 1-3

5th lesson on 10th April
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 10.04.2019, 19:33
We finished Unit 5
We started Unit 6, ex. 1a and 1b
Homework: page 105,2; 107, 2 and worksheet 62.2., 62.3. and 62.4

4th lesson on 3rd April
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 03.04.2019, 19:30
We checked the homework, had some small talk.
We worked on page 98 and 99, No. 3a.
Homework: page 100, No. 1 and 2

3rd lesson on 27th March
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 27.03.2019, 19:29
We checked the homework and had a look at possessives.
We read on page 97 about Shakers.
Homework: page 98 2a

2nd lesson on 20th March
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 20.03.2019, 19:34
We started comparing the homework on an extra sheet and had only few problems with Past and Present questions.
Then we read two texts on pages 94 and 95.
Homework: page 96, 2 and 3

1st lesson on 13th March
From: Teacher (Gast)Date: 14.03.2019, 08:03
Hello together
We had our first lesson after the winter break.
Ute and Renate were new.
Ralph and Joachim were missing.
We introduced ourselves.
We started a little test.

See in the WhatsApp group for it.
See you next week

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