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2017 VHS SM Thursday 18

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17th lesson on 15th November 2018
From: Olaf (Gast)Date: 20.11.2018 (Yesterday), 22:28
E-Mail: ol.guenther@googlemail.com
In our lesson we were our teacher Thomas and 11 students.
Last week s the English lesson started without celebration.
We stated with the dailogue 2.
We head and translated the dialogue.
Then read everyone students the dialogue.
Then we controlled the homework from the last lesson.
Our homework for the next lesson.
Page eighty-eight 1-3
See you on Thursday

Best regards from Arnstadt

16th lesson on 8th November 2018
From: Eberhard Eck (Gast)Date: 10.11.2018, 18:29
E-Mail: eberhard.eck@eck-drehteile.de
Dear classmates and teacher Thomas,

I´m a new classmate in yours class.We have every Thursday lesson.
In the first time of the lesson we learned the Public holidays in Germany.Thats was very interesting.For example:In Germany is on 3th Oktober a Public holiday.But in Malta is on 21th September Independence Day.
In Germany we have Catholic and Protestant Public holidays. In Malta they have only Catholic,for example on 29th June Feast of St.Peter and St.Paul.The Catholic church in Malta is very rhich.

In the next time of lesson we compared the homework of page 82 and page 83.I had by the Numberlogy the Number 6,it`s ok.
At the Homework "Number magic"we learned add,subtract and muliply.The total Number was magic.

In the last time of lesson we learned the difference of "I like and I`d like".
We read the text on page 86.Now we can go to restaurant and we say:I`d like a bit beer please.

We have a lot of homeworks,the following page:
-84,write and answer the questions
-86,order takeaway
-87,Dialog 2a and 2b
-89,Nr.2a and 2b

Have a nice weekend
until Thursday

Best regards

15h lesson on 1st November 2018
From: Ramona (Gast)Date: 04.11.2018, 20:20
E-Mail: ramonaundegbert@t-online.de
Dear classmates, dear teacher Thomas,

here is my logbook entry:
On Thursday we were 9 students and our teacher Thomas.
Katrin and Frank were on vacation.
Renate and Bernd helped Renate's daughter. They also couldn´t attend the lesson.

First we compared the homework on the worksheet. Then we checked the homework on page 80 number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6.
We heard the text on page 80 number 5 and completed the sentences.
Then we read and translated the complete page 81 and page 83.

Our homework:
- page 82: Find your personal number!
- page 83: Number magic!
Have a lot of fun with it!

See you on Thursday!

Best regards

14th lessin on 25th October 2018
From: Katja (Gast)Date: 25.10.2018, 21:08
Dear teacher and students,

today's lession were very interesting.
There were two new students there: Brigitte and Eberhard August Eck.
There tested our lession.
They make Music together.

Bernd and Renate missing
All other students were there.
First we all introduced ourselves. Then there was a little test.
We did not to control the last homework.

Our homwork is the complete the little test.

until thursday

13th lesson on 18th October
From: Frank (Gast)Date: 21.10.2018, 14:44
We were nine students and teacher Thomas in the last english lesson. Egbert came later. His Job doesn't finish. Ramona and Gabinwere not here. Ramona was on a future taining. Gabi is on Holiday in Cyprus. The english lesson started with a test. my result was not so bad. Then we controlled the homework. And we spoken about Ken's and Rob's Family. Our new homework is on page 80, Number 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 6.
See you next Thursday.

12th lesson on 11th October
From: Alex (Gast)Date: 11.10.2018, 21:10
In the last lesson we were 9 students and our teacher Thomas.
Renate and Bernd could not come to class.

Jens brought extra sausage for Bernd because he does not eat minced meat.
Jens had his birthday at the end of September. He sponsored the delicious dinner.
With good food, English lessons are a lot of fun.

We had a lot of homework. Much time went by talking about the homework.
Then we wrote a little test and started the exercises on pages 76 and 77.

The homework for next time:
Page 77 number 2 and number 4 a + b.

Let's do it and see you next Thursday!

Best regards

11th lesson on 4th October
From: Gabi (Gast)Date: 09.10.2018, 21:26
Today 7 studens came to the English lesson and our teacher Thomas was here, too.
Katja and Alexander were on holiday. Renate and Bernd had something else to do. But Olaf came back today. He was not here for a long time. He made an Apple pie for us. We ate cake and drank coffee while Egbert and Olaf did knowledge test.
Then we read the logbook entry of Jens.

We checked the homwork. The dialogue on page 74 was read and translated. We talked about task 1c on the page 74 and said how often we do the things. Now we continued working on page 75. We listened to the dialogue, read and translated it. Then we solved task 2a. Listend to on interview 2b and underlined the right words from 1 to 4.

The time was fast Over.

We then went to the homework.
Page 74 task 1d.
On the page 74 task 1d write to the pictures 2-3 sentences and on page 75 task 2b number 5-7 complete.

That's not enough ! Please complete the Tasks 1-2-3 on page 76, says Thomas !
I think you also have a lot of fun with our homework.

See you on Thursday.

10 th lesson on septemper 27th
From: Jens (Gast)Date: 02.10.2018, 21:18
In our last lesson we were 9 students and our teacher Thomas. Egbert ,Olaf and Bernd were missing. Renate 's daughter took part in lesson for Bernd. This time there was no birthday party. We started with the English lesson right away. First we translate the entry in the logbook. Then we talked about our homework. Our teacher Thomas then checked our knowledge with Test. The homework for the next lesson: Page 74 Number 1,1a,1b I wish everyone a nice day of German unity .Best regards Jens

9th lesson on September 20th
From: Bernd & Renate (Gast)Date: 24.09.2018, 23:01
Dear classmates,

Last week's English lesson started with the celebration of Gabi's birthday. She had prepared delicious salmon snacks as well as minced meat with rolls and cheese and grape sticks. We all enjoyed a glass of sparkling wine together. We love all the little birthday parties and all the good food ☺ Everyone but Olaf was in class that day.

Afterwards we started our lesson by learning about different adverbs of time (yesterday, today, tomorrow). We also read and translated Renate's logbook entry.

Then we talked about differences in British and American English and about how one German word can have two different translations.

Later on we corrected our homework on page 73 (4a, 4b, 6). Then we worked on a work sheet and learned more about how to ask and answer questions. We tried to complete the sheet on our own and then we presented our results and compared them.

Our homework is to complete number 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 5 on the same work sheet.

See you all again on Thursday!

Renate & Bernd

8th lesson on 13th Sept 2018
From: Renate Rüdiger (Gast)Date: 19.09.2018, 15:11
Dear classmates,

Our last English lesson was on Thursday, September 13th. Except for Olaf the whole class as well as our teacher Thomas Simon were present. The last ones to arrive were Renate and Bernd.

Last week’s homework was to write a short description of personal information and hobbies about our teacher. Every student presented his/her homework. All of the results were very entertaining. Afterwards we completed the tasks on page 72 and numbers 1 to 3 on page 73. We learned about how to ask questions and how to find out more about our families and friends. We always enjoy the relaxed and fun atmosphere in our classroom.

Our homework for the next lesson are numbers 4a, b and 6 on page 73. As always, time flew and when our teacher received an important message he had to leave immediately.

See you tomorrow!

Kind regards,
Renate & Bernd

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