Logbook VHS SM Di 18

Logbook VHS SM Di 18

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  1. 2st lesson on 6th October

    Hello together,

    For our second English lesson we were all reunited. Swetlana, Sabine and Birgit met for the first time and introduced each other. Then we compared our homework on the worksheet.Have and have got were our theme on the back.Then we read some texts from the textbook again because Swetlana is new to our class.

    Our homework is on the page 45 No.1b.Have a nice weekend and have fun with my mistakes.

    See you next Tuesday.
    Best regards Andrea

  2. 1st lesson on 29th September

    Hello together,

    Our new English course started last Tuesday. We were only 4 students and we welcomed Swetlana, a new student. First Swetlana introduced herself. Then each of us asked her a few more questions. Swetlana wanted to know a lot about the other students too, so we told her something about us.

    At the end Thomas gave us some worksheets and we did No.1 on sheet 1.
    Our homework is on the same worksheet No. 2a, 2b and 3a.
    Have a nice weekend and see you next Tuesday.
    Best regards Elke

  3. 20th lesson on 8th September

    Hello together,
    Sorry, I’m writing in the logbook so late. I was very busy last week, and on the weekend I was at a family reunion (cousins of my husband) in Freyburg/Unstrut….
    In the last lesson we were only three students, Elke, Heike and myself.
    What dit we do?

    First, we read Sabine’s logbook from the 6th lesson. At the beginning, Thomas asked me what I did during my Summer holidays. Then we read and translated Sabine’s logbook entry. After that, we checked the homework. We spoke about our hobbies and interests that we have. Finally we learned the use of reflective verbs.

    Our homework is on page 42 „Test yourself“.
    I wish you a good start in the new week. See you next Thursday.

    Best regards Birgit

    Remember! Sabine reserved a table for our last lesson on 15th September/ 7.15 pm at the restaurant „Thüringer Hof“ in Struth-Helmershof.

  4. 19th lesson on 01st September

    Hello together,

    this was the first lesson after the big summer holidays. We were only four students, two of us unfortunately hadn`t time to join the group.

    At first we spoke about our holiday-activities.
    After that we compared the homework for the lesson.
    We discussed about the difference between the students, especially in fast modification of times and also about school in corona-times.

    We edited on page 38 no 4- a radio quiz- and on page 39 we heard about funny questions, passengers asked the cabin crew.
    At least we noticed on page 40 what we learned until now in this lesson.

    Homework: Page 40 no 1b

    Have a nice Sunday,
    see us next week,

    P.S. I´ve booked a table for our last lesson on 15th September/ 7.15 pm in the restaurant „Thüringer Hof“ in Struth-Helmershof .

  5. 18th lesson on 7th July 2020

    Hello all together,

    this ist the last logbook entry before the long summer break. But that doesn’t matter, we will certainly enjoy the summertime.

    What did we do yesterday? We had to take a test on vocabulary and grammar we have learned. That took quite a lot of time. Then we compared our results and our nice English teacher Thomas gave us some explanations and notes again. Of course, however, we talked about the homework. Besides, we did some exercises on page 36 and read the text about the Airbus A380.
    Our homework for the next time is on page 38 no. 1,2 and 3.

    I hope we will see each other by good health on September, the 1st.

    Have a perfect time with great experiences!
    Best regards

  6. 17th lesson on 30th June 2020

    Hello together,

    It has been a while since the last hour.
    I had a lot to do and no longer remember what we were talking about at the beginning.
    Next we compared our homework. Then we read the text in distributed roles and did the exercises on pages 32 and 33.

    We edited our grammar problems with the present perfect and past simple on page 34. On page 43 we read step 2 and on page 35 we solved tasks 1, 2 and 4.
    And what was your homework? I think page 35 number 3 and 5.

    Have a good time with the beautiful weather and see you next Tuesday!
    Best regards Andrea

  7. 16th lesson on 16th June 2020

    Hello together,
    It’s my turn again to report about our last lesson.
    How nice, we welcomed Andrea to our course!
    First Andrea indroduced herself, becauce some of the students didn’t know her yet. After that we read Birgit’s lookbook entry. There wasn’t much to correct.

    Next we compared our homework. We had to write 5 sentences about our hobbies and interests. Then we worked on pages 30 and 31 in our book. We listened to a radio report about the top eight cars which were sold at auctions.

    At the end we listened to a telephone conversation between Gill and Tina and we did task No. 6.

    Our homwork:
    Read the text on page 32 „A high-flying job“ and do No.1a on page 32 and on page 35 No.1.

    After a break of two weeks we will meet again next Tuesday for our English lesson.
    Have a great time!
    Best regards, Elke

  8. 15h lesson on 9th June 2020

    Hello together,
    last Thursday we were only three students: Elke, Sabine und myself. I came late (7 minutes) but not too late. Our teacher has already begun the lesson.
    What did we do in the lesson?
    First we learned the different applications of the word “auch”; in English too or also or neither.

    Then we read an translated Sabine’s logbook entry. Sabine wrote in detail about last lesson. Next we checked our homework.
    Then we did an interview. We asked each other the journalist’s questions.
    Finally we looked at grammar “Present+ever/never”. So worked on page 29 No.2a “Are you like James Bond?” We had anther interview with a partner. We asked our partner for example “Have you ever drunk a martini cocktail?” or “Have you ever been to Monte Carlo?”.

    Well, our homework is on page 29 No.3c and on page 31 No.1 and No.2.

    Have a nice time. Se you next Tuesday.
    Best regards Birgit

  9. 14th lesson on 02nd June 2020

    Hello together,
    last Tuesday we were only three students: Birgit, Jan and myself. What did we do in this lesson:
    First we read the logbook-entry from Heike.
    She has written very well. There were only minor corrections- for example:
    -> …and so we had to talk about a lot of things
    or another possibility
    -> …and so we had a lot to talk about.
    Some vocabulary from the text:
    unfortunately= leider/ by the way= übrigens/ almost= fast.

    We also read again the logbook entry from Carolin from the lesson on 10th March. We spoke about some sentences, for example (e.g.=exempli gratia)
    ->…one shouldn`t put off or postpone s.th.= means „man sollte etwas nicht verschieben“.
    She wrote about
    ->…increases= means s.th. gets expensive and
    ->…comparison: e.g. of adjectives and adverbes.
    And the difference of:
    ->…to see somebody walking and
    ->…to watch a film.
    Finally we started a new topic on page 27 about cars and planes. We talked about our cars and how do we get to the VHS.
    Our homework is to read on page 43 and also the text on page 28. As well the tasks 1a/ 1b/1c.

    Have a nice Weekend, we’ll see us Tuesday.
    Best regards

  10. 13th lesson on 26th May 2020

    Hello dear lover of the English language,
    Yesterday we met the first time after a very long break because of Corona. And so we had to talk about a lot. Unfortunately, we didn‘t talk only in English, because our English knowledge was a little bit rusty.
    So we talked about the situation at schools, where two of us work, and how we survived the long time of lockdown. By the way we had to sit in a distance of 1.50m and had to use a mouth-nose -protection outside the classroom.
    Oh, I almost forgot, yesterday a young man called Jan joined our course. He is a student here in Schmalkalden and he also wants to improve his English.
    There isn‘t any homework for the next time.
    I‘m looking forward to next Tuesday.
    Have a great time and stay healthy.

  11. 12th lesson on 10th March 2020

    Hello my dear students. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. I hope you are well and you are healthy. I am glad that our lessons start again. One shouldn’t put off homework for long? I’m right After my notes, in our last lesson we talked about the current work situation. Then we read Elke’s entry in the logbook. We talked about comparisons of adjectives and adverbs (increases in petrol prices). Together we saw an entertaining film about Lost and Found. I wish you a good start. I hope I can be back soon.

    Best regards

  12. 11th lesson on 3rd March 2020

    Hello together,
    It’s my turn to do the logbook entry again. What did we do in our last lesson? At the beginning we read and translated Birgit’s logbook entry. Then we compared our homework on page 20. Next we worked in our book on pages 22, 23 and 24. We listened to the owner of the vase at the „Family Antiques Event“ and we read and translated an old letter.

    After that each of us talked about a personal special object. Next we worked with a partner. We had to discribe a lost item. On page 25 „Language and culture“ we read and translated step 2 and step 3. We listened to two people talking about one of the topics in this page.

    Our homework: Page 23 No. 2b
    Have a good time and see you next Tuesday!
    Best regards Elke

  13. 10th lesson on 25th February 2020

    Hello students,

    I hope you ‚ve had an amazing week. What did we do in the last lesson?
    First we read and translated Sabine’s logbook entry. Then we checked our homework among others we read and translated the text about a very valuable violin 🎻 that a man forgot on Train.
    Next we looked at Grammar „Imperative conditionals“ (Bedingungssätze) and
    worked on page 20 No. A and B. But exercise 1 and 2 is our homework.

    Then we read and translated a text with the Titel“Dr Gillian Clark, Historian“,
    a text about the Foundling Museum in London.
    Finally we worked on page 22 „Now I can“. Now we can:
    – talk about things about myself and my family
    – understand a simple letter or email about someone’s everyday life
    – say what I’ve got and how long I’ve had it
    – write simple notes.
    Is that true?

    Have a nice Weekend! See you next Tuesday.
    Best regards Birgit

  14. 9th lesson on 18th February 2020

    Hallo together,

    after 3 weeks of vacation I took part again in our nice english lesson. At the beginning Thomas ask me to tell about my „world-trip „ to Thailand.
    Afterwards we checked our homeworks, how to say it: writing notes for example for collegues, children, husband , a cleaner, and so on.
    We continued working on page 18, where the topic is:
    „filling in a lost item report form „.
    With the help of partner exercises we practised situations in the lost property office.

    I wish you all a nice weekend without storm and rain, especially for those who want to go to the carneval parade !

    HELAU and best regards 🤡
    Page 19- exercise 3A und 3B

  15. 8th lesson on 4th February

    Hello all together,
    unfortunately, the winter holidays have already passed. I hope you could enjoy it.
    I suppose that the week was a little too long to remember exactly what we did the last time. There was information about how to use the words like somebody, anybody, nobody and we listened to a tape to hear something about Mr. Williams. Of course there was even more.
    But now I tell you the homework: p. 15 no.3c, p. 17 no. 3 and 4.

    Have a nice weekend!
    Best regards

  16. 7th lesson on 28th January

    Hello together,
    Today is a rainy day and I have enough time to write in the logbook. Here is my short report of the last lesson.
    At the beginning we read Carolin’s logbook entry.
    Then we compered our homework on worksheet No.18.

    After that we worked on worksheet No.19. We repeated the use of „for, since and ago“ and we did exercises No.19.1, 19.3 and 19.5.
    At the end of the lesson we had to do some translations on another worksheet that we got from Thomas.

    Our homework is No.4 on this worksheet (Network Now A2.1. Unit 1) and on the worksheet 19 No.19.2. and 19.4.
    Have a good time and see you next Tuesday.

    Best regards Elke

  17. 5th and 6th lesson on 14th and on 21st January

    Dear students,
    last Tuesday we changed our class room. We always stay in room 4.02. (upper floor) .
    First we talked about Question tags. Our teacher gave us many example. After that we read a text on page 14, then we checked the homework in our book and did other exercises. Finaly we worked on worksheed which Thomas sent us by e-mail.

    Our homework for the next lesson is number 19.3 and 19.4 on the worksheet.

    See you on next lesson 28th on January 2020

  18. 4th lesson on 7th January

    On 07. January we had our first English lesson in the new year.
    Our teacher was so nice and had brought champagne and chocolate from that occasion.
    We talked about the last Christmas holidays.
    We did exercises on a worksheet.
    The next lesson is on the 21th of January.

  19. 3rd lesson on 17th December

    Hello all together,
    I hope you had a Merry Christmas and joyful time with your family.
    I enjoyed the time with my husband, my daughter, my son and my daughter-in-law. That’s why I’m writing in the logbook only today.

    What did we do in the last lesson? First we read Sabine’s entry in our logbook from the third lesson. Then we checked the homework. We listened, read and translated a text on page 10. It was an email from Rachel to her friend Lorna. Finally we worked in our book on page 11 and 12. We talkend about our family near and far and we learned the grammar of have and have got.
    Our homework is on page 13 number 1/2/3 and 5/6.

    Happy New Year. I hope you have a fantastic 2020 filled with much happiness.

    See you on Thursday, 7th Januar 2020.

    Best regards

  20. 2nd lesson on 10th of December 2019

    Hello together,
    my name is Sabine and I joined this course for the first time. That evening I met four very nice women and our charming teacher. At the beginning we introduced ourselves- for example: the place of birth, the place of residence, which job we have, whether we are married and how many children we have, and at least we are talking about our hobbies.

    After that we checked the last homework and read a text, from which questions had to be answered.

    Homework for the next lesson: Page 10/ number 1a+ 1b

    I look forward to our next meeting and wish you a nice 3rd advent.

    Many greetings
    P.S. there is no class on 14.o1./ 11.02./14.04./ 12.05.
    End is on 07.06.2020.

  21. 1st lesson on 3rd December 2019
    Dear students,
    my name is Heike. Last Tuesday I took part on this English- lesson the first time. We were only three women and our teacher Mr. Simon, of course.

    First we talk a little bit about ourselves. Thomas asked some questions and we tryed to answer. Then we had to solve some exercises on two sheets of paper, which we compared after that. The homework for the netxt lesson is reading the text on the other side of one of these sheets.

    Have a great time untill the day after tomorrow.
    Best regards

  22. 20th lesson on the 3rd September
    Hello together,
    Last Tuesday we were only four students. Here is my report of the last lesson. At the beginning we compared our homework. Then we listened and read the text in the book on page 52, „Your holiday problems – Our expert can help“. We did the exercises 2a, 2b and 2c in our book on page 53. We practised the use of have to, must, mustn’t and needn’t.
    We worked on worksheet „Unit 31“ which Thomas sent us by e-mail. Then we did on worksheet „Exercises Unit 31“ No. 31.1. It was not easy! Our homework is on the same worksheet No. 31.4. and in our book on page 55 No. 2 and 4. Please don’t forget after the next lesson we want to go to „Maykels“.

    Have a nice weekend!
    Best regards and see you next Tuesday

  23. 19th lesson on 27st August

    Dear studends,
    I hope you had a nice week and I wish you a sonny weekend!
    Here is a short summary of our last lesson. Three students spoke about their vacation, where they were and how it was! Then we checked the worksheet from the last lesson and the homework in the book. We worked in the book on pages 50 and 51.
    Our homework is numbers 1a and 1b on page 52.
    For that you have to read the text first.

    Best regards

  24. 18th lesson on 21st August

    Dear studends,

    I hope you had a nice and relaxing Weekend!
    Here is a short summary of our first lesson after the summer holidays! We spoke all about our vacation, where we were and how it was! After this we make a testpaper who we translate many vocabulary and sentences .
    At last here the homework of our last lesson before the summerholidays began ! It was in our book on page 49 number 4b and on page 51 number 2,3 and 4.
    I wish you a good end of working day and see us tomorrow!

    Best regards

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