Logbook VHS SM Do 18

Logbook VHS SM Do 18

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  1. 11th lesson on January 16,2020

    Hello dear classmates and dear teacher Thomas,
    On Thursday we were 10 students and our teacher.
    We missed Brigitte, Eberhard and Jeanette.

    – We drank sparkling wine. Thank you very much, Thomas!
    – We ate sweets. Thank you, Katrin and Frank!
    – We had fortune cookies. We translated the messages. It was very difficult!
    – We read Alexander´s logbook entry. The logbook entry was perfect.
    – We listened, read and translated the dialogue on page 48.
    – We answered questions about the dialogue.
    – We spoke about the text on page 63.

    Our new homework:
    – page 49 exercise 5a
    – page 51 exercise 1
    – page 51 exercise 3
    Don´t forget your worksheets. We will need them.

    Best regards

  2. 10th lesson on December 19, 2019

    Dear classmates, dear teacher Thomas
    On Thursday we were 10 students and our teacher.
    It was our last lesson this year. The next lesson will be on Thursday 9th January.

    We checked the homework, read Frank’s Logbook entry, repeated verb forms in simple past and past participle.
    Practice makes perfect.
    At the end of the lesson we got ready for the Christmas season. Thomas had brought two stories for us. These were „John´s Christmas“ and „Goldilocks and the Three Bears“.

    After the lesson we drove to the Greek restaurant. There Gabi had reserved places for us. It was a nice evening with delicious food and nice classmates.

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


  3. 9th lesson on 12th December 2019
    Yesterday we were 7 students and our teacher thomas. Many of us were missing. There were clockwise Katja and Alexander, Jens and Andrea, Manuela and my wife Katrin and of course me. At the beginning, teacher Thomas played a quick guessing game. Who is faster in translating German into English. Teacher Thomas won. Then we checked the homework. Then we worked on the tasks on the worksheets. It was simple past and present.

    Our homework is task 11.4 and task 11.5 on worksheet unit 11.

    Katrin and I will see you in the new year.
    Have a nice party next Thursday and enjoy it.
    Maybe we think of you. In order not to bore you. I finish my comments.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Katrin and Frank

  4. 8th lesson on 5th December
    Dear classmates and teacher Thomas,
    Last lesson we were 11 students. We missed Brigitte, Eberhard and Frank.
    We started with Manuelas` logbook entry.
    Then everone speak about things, for example:
     ten trinks
     ten chlotes
     ten warm meals
     ten vehicle
    and other thinks

    We compared our homework.
    Then we works on the page 42 and 46 and all on the page globetrotter A: Travel

    The new homework is: the Page GLOBETROTTER A: TRAVEL
     Number 3a ( Countries in English, German name )
     Extension (English word, German word )

    The next lesson is on thuesday 12rd december.
    I wish you a nice week and do not drink so much mulled wine.
    Best regards Katja

  5. 7th lesson on 28. November 2019
    Hello dear classmates and teacher Thomas,
    last lesson we were 10 students. Katja, Ramona and Jens were not present. Jens was skiing in the mountains.

    We started with the Logbook entry from Katrin.
    Then we compared the homework.
    We listened the text to Nr. 41.2a and Nr. 41.2b and found the answer. We read and translated the texts on page 43. After that we solved the tasks 1 and 2a on page 45.

    The new homework is the Nr. 41.3a and Nr. 45.2c. The next English course is on 5th Dezember.

    I wish you a nice week, Manuela

  6. 6th lesson on 21 November

    Dear classmates and teacher Thomas

    On Thursday we were 10 students in the course. We missed Anke, Manuela, Jeannette and Andrea.
    Brigitte and Eberhard had Birthday. There was sparkling wine, minced meat, Gherkins, Little Snacks an chocolates. It was very delicious and we had a lot of fun. Thanks a lot for this. Then we read the logbook entry form Heike. We compared our homework and read again the worksheets Unit 37 and 38. At the end we did a quiz: „What is my Job?“.

    The homework is on page 42 number1. Do not Forget the new worksheets from Thomas, please.
    See you next Thursday.

  7. 5 th lesson on 14th November
    Dear classmates and teacher Thomas,

    On Thursday we were 12 students in the course. We completed the sentences on the worksheels from Thomas. We read, translated the text. We inserted the words in the Expercises 37.1 -37.5 and 38.1 -38.3.
    We talked the Logbook entry.
    The News homework is the nr. 37.2 of the worksheels and booking s. 38 nr. 4 Intructions, s.39 Quiztime riddles.

    Best wishes Heike

  8. 4th lesson on 7th November

    Hello dear classmates and teacher Thomas,

    on thursday we were 10 students in the course. We compared our homework and we read, talk and listen to the story of Molly Malone from Dublin.
    As new homework, we should fill in the worksheets from Thomas’s email and learn vocabulary.
    I wish you a nice Week and see you next lesson
    Best wishes Anke

  9. 3st lesson on 24th October

    Dear classmasters and teacher Thomas,

    we remember the lesson of the 24.10.2019.
    12 students visited the lesson. We welcomed Andrea, Katja and Thomas. We ate together finger food and drank together rotkäppchen sekt. We read the text from page 28 several times. The pice of homework are S. 32 fife sentence and A1 + A2.
    We meet us for 4th lesson on Thuesday 7th November. Many greetings from Jeannette

  10. 2st lesson on 17th October 2019

    Dear classmates and teacher Thomas,

    yesterday visited 11 students the course. We missed Alexander and Katja The lesson started with comparing our homework. We repeated dialogues and vocabulary from past lessons after that. Time passed quickly. As new homework read the dialogue on page 32 of our book and answer the questions about the dialogue under number 1a please.

    I wish you a nice week and see you next Thursday.

  11. 1st lesson on 26th September

    Dear classmates and teacher Thomas,
    we started the new English cours with 12 students.Olaf has finished the English lesson in Schmalkalden.

    We welcomed three new fermale students.Here name is Anke,Manuela and Janette .They comes from Steinbach Hallenberg.
    In the first part of the lesson we tell about togehter from us.Everyone talked about his job and hobbys and where he goes on vacation.
    In the second part we wrote a test.

    Our homework is the completion of the test paper.
    The next lesson is on 17 th october 2019
    I wish you a nice weekend

  12. 20th lesson on 13 th June 2019

    With today’s lessons our course will be finished.This is a pity, because we understand each ofher very well.
    But maybe we will continued learning English with the teacher Thomas. We have learned a lot but there are many things we don’t know.

    Today we had a long lesson.We started at 5 pm and finished at 7:15.There were 8 students and our teacher Thomas.Ramona is on holiday on the Wörthersee in Austria.Jens was working in Vienna.
    We started with the logbook entry of Alexander.

    Then we compared the homework and completed page 31. On page 29 , we practiced questions and answers. That was funny.
    We started to solve the worksheet of unit 5. Tasks 5.4 and 5.5 can be completed voluntarily.
    See you next Thursday at 6:30 pm for our closing party.
    Meeting point is the car park at Rewe shopping center.
    Until then Gabi

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