Logbook VHS SM Mi 18

Logbook VHS SM Mi 18

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  1. Hello friends of the English language,
    here is the summary of our last lesson:
    first Sebastian and Joachim introduced themselves to us new members of the course. Then we read the logbook entry and checked our homework. We remembered how to construct English sentences with “nicht wahr” and talked about questions about subjects and objects. At last, we read the letter from Rachel on page 10.
    There was no homework for the next time.
    See you on Wednesday evening!
    Have a good time!

  2. 1st lesson on 22 September 2021 – start of new course

    We started with a new course. Our course say “ Welcome Sabine, Edda, Elena and Heike ”
    We filled out various forms.

    Next we introduced our selves and we did various small exercises for beginners.

    The homework is on the extra sheet nr. 2.

    Important: Please bring for the next course the book “Network Now A2.1”.
    Best regards

  3. 8th lesson on 02th of Dezember 2020

    Hello together,
    we have evaluated Mandy’s text.

    then working page 31, Have to and must edited,

    Apostrophes HA. 4a. page 37 worked through

    page 123 and page 125

    Homework is on page 38 no. 2 and 3
    beautiful 2nd advent

  4. 7th lesson on 25th of November 2020

    Hello together,

    nearly I have forgotten the lookbook.
    Last lesson we got to know a lot of new vokabulary. All to take notes so I hope to memorize something.

    Homework is on page 37 no.3d + 4a.

  5. 6th lesson on 18th November 2020

    Hello together,
    we will start our class with a little conversation, for example about the coronavirus and its effects on human existence.
    After that we checked our homework „Spot the mistakes“, which wasn´t easy.
    We also worked on exercises 1a to 2a in the book Unit2 Step3 and on page 38 A/B. Grammar: „don´t have to“ and „mustn´t“.
    At the end we were escorted out of the building by the caretaker (facility manager).

    Homework: Book page 37 numbers 3a – b and page 38 number 1

  6. 5th lesson on 11.11.2020

    Just in time for the beginning of the carnival season we started our English course. In a small circle of the best students we could extensively discuss the topic „neither and either“. Examples were explained and deepened by some exercises.

    Please read the exercise – „Spot the mistakes“on our worksheet, chapter D.
    It wouldn’t hurt you to learn some irregular verbs again ;-)!
    And it wouldn’t harm either to read the email from your nice English teacher.

  7. 4th lesson on 4th November 2020

    Another week has passed … I’m not sure, but I think we should work on assignments c and d as homework. I sent the worksheets via WhatsApp.
    Good luck!

  8. 2nd lesson on 14 Oktober

    This week it’s my turn to write our logbook.
    Unfortunately i can’t find my worksheet and notes of our last lesson 😳 I know it is a petty excuse but it isn’t a excuse. I hope another member of our course can help me.
    Thanks a lot and see you on Wednesday.

  9. 1st lesson on 7th October 2020

    It was the first lesson from our new course and Thomas wasn´t be nice to me, was he?
    We listened the text „World Job Watch: An OSHIYA“ from our book and practised question tags. With question tags you check information.
    Please print our homework from Thoma´s mail and edit page 34 on the book.

    See you

  10. 16th lesson on 23rd September 2020

    Unfortunately nobody was able to write the logbook entry.

    „Homework“: For our last lesson on the thirtieth of September you could bring your laptop so that I can show you our VHS Cloud.
    And don’t forget to bring some time and money as we want to go to the Greek restaurant after the lesson.

    Teacher Thomas

  11. 15th lesson on 09.09.2020

    It was the first lesson after a long summer break.
    The teacher read a little storry to us. Then he explained the unknown words. After that the students told about their experiences of the summer holidays.
    In the second part of the lesson we read a text from a newspaper called Spotlight and learned a lot of useful phrases. The students who weren’t present to that lesson read the text in the WhatsApp Group, please.

    Homework: Red the article Ordering Food and complete the task number 2 on the same page.
    We’ll meet again on 23.09.2020.

  12. 13th lesson on 17 June 2020

    We started the course with the partial resume of Bholaram Das – „Back to school- at 100“. We read, translated the text and answered questions 1a and 1b on page 28. After we dealt with „Relative pronums (that / which, who, where)“. Here we worked on page 29, numbers 2 to 4a.

    Homework for the next lesson (07/01/2020): page 31 number 1 to 2 and don´t forget the worksheets 92 to 97
    PS: Afterwards dinner together.

    See you next week.

  13. 12th lesson on 3rd of June 2020

    Hello guys,
    this is a short summary of our last lesson:
    We checked different basic vocabulary and our homework. We listened to “An exclusive hotel” and took notes of the hotel´s location and facilities.
    We watched the film “A bank robbery”. The exercises for the film were carried out successfully.
    And last but not least, we started unit 2 in our book.

    The homework is on page 28 number 1 and 2 and on page 26 write a similar blog about your home town.
    It was a nice evening. We laughed a lot in this lesson! 😊

  14. 11th lesson on 27th of May 2020

    At the beginning of the first lesson after the break due to the coronavirus we talked about this and that.
    Afterwards Mark gave some insights about his journey to New Zealand.
    Subsequently we did a few exercises on page 20 of our textbook concerning comparatives and abbreviations. Furthermore we read and translated the text on page 21.

    Homework is Nr. 1 and 2 on page 24.

  15. 10th lesson on 11th March 2020

    In our class which was three lessons long yesterday we wrote a test and checked it afterwards.
    It was a bit tricky but nevertheless we succeeded.
    In the last part of class we watched a video about „A visit to Scotland“.

    As homework, we should complete tasks 1, 3 and 4 on page 20.
    See you again on 25th March for 2 lessons. There is no lesson next week.

  16. 9th lesson on 4th March 2020

    At the beginning Thomas had a few translation tasks for everyone. afterwards we read Mandy’s logbook entry. Then we worked in our book on page 17 task 6 page 18 completely and on page 19 we read and translated task 3a.

    Our homework is on page 19 No. 4b and 4c.
    Wisch you all a nice Sunday.
    See you on Wednesday

  17. 8th lesson on 26th February 2020

    I think it was an exhausting lesson. First we checked our homework with Active and Passive. It was a little bit complicated. We listened and solved tasks on page 15 in our book.
    Then we showed the Video „At the Party“. There we have learned something about Present Perfect.

    My first idea for a suitable songtext was „It must have been love“ by Roxette. But it wouldn´t been suitable, becouse I haven´t been in love with grammar.
    I can´t remember on homework.

  18. 7th lesson on 05th February 2020

    We started the lessons with small talk, for example with ski jumping in Brotterode.
    Then we listened to and read the text in the book on page 14 „The Chicken Hotel“.

    We solved task 1 on page 17. Afterwards we checked our homework on page 14 number 1b.
    Now the Grammer part on page 16 with passive Present and passive past folllowed.
    Then we worked on worksheet zunit 42 number 1 and 2.

    Homework for the next lesson (26-02-2020):worksheet unit 42 No 42.3

  19. 6th lesson on 29th January

    We started our lesson very concentrated and with great attention. Our first topic was among others the difference between – „than and then“.

    Most of the time we needed to check the homework on the additional worksheet „network Now 2.2 – Unit 1“ the points 3 and 4. Here we worked very intensively on the differences between the past and the Present Perfect.

    We noticed that it was not so easy to ask questions and vice versa.
    We have to do better here. Therefore it is necessary that everyone works on their worksheet again. ( and again )

    Homework: Page 14, read the text again – The Chicken Hotel. Afterwards the task 1b. On the weekend everyone should look at the vocabulary on page 153 and of course learn the vocabulary.

    That will be the best way to improve our English skills.

  20. 5th lesson on 15th January

    It was the first English lesson in the new year. We talked about the last public holidays. After that we did a exercise number 1 and 2 on a worksheet and on the other side number 3 and 4 is homework. Afterwards we watched a video. Than we treated and exercised the different forms of the time from the past. It wasn’t easy.
    In addition we had a lot of fun.

  21. 4th lesson on 18th December

    Unfortunately there was nobody here to write the logbook entry. I thought we had entrusted Ralph with that rewarding task.

    If I can remember well we read a Christams fairy tale before we switched to „Queste“ where we had a really relaxing and amusing evening, didn’t we?
    Next lesson: 15th January from 6 to 8.15 pm

    Your nice English teacher

  22. 3rd lesson 4th December
    We had many nice conversation about different themes, for example Christmas with the family, Christmas decoration, Christmas meal …. Holiday about the Christmas days and New Year.
    We controlled the homework. In a new sheet Unit 57 we have read and added the nr. 57/1. Our homework is on the sheet Unit 57 nr. 57/2 and 57/3.
    We have been watching a movie about the different works a security woman/guide in Guggenheim museum.

    Our next lessons is on the 18th of December. From 7 p.m. we have a Christmas dinner in the restaurant “Queste”
    I wish you a nice time until then.

  23. 2nd lesson on 27 November
    Hello everyone
    We started our lesson with a short introducing round for the new members of our course.
    Than we edited the Tasks on worksheet No. 49 .later we read Number A on worksheet Unit 50.
    The homework is exercise No. 50.1 on the same worksheet. The next lesson on Wendesday will be going 45 minutes longer.
    See you

  24. 1st lesson on 20th November 2019

    It was for me the first lesson with your big group.
    Everyone had to introduce themselves. So I listened many very interesting stories.
    Unfortunately I have no time for a more poetic text, because my husband is in the Hospital and I am responsible for kids, house and dog.
    On Wednesday I will be late. I have a date with my doughter´s teacher.

  25. 21st and last lesson on 13th November

    Today was a wistful, but also a fun lesson. We ate a lot of sweets. And we had to say goodbye to Renate and Mark, hopefully only for a short time. Nevertheless, we were released with homework the after hours:
    Book page 11 Task 4b and Worksheet 49 Tasks 49.3 and 49.4.
    Good luck!

  26. 20th lesson on 6th November 2019

    We started our new book on page 10 and looked at „who questions“.
    Moreover we read the rules on page 12 and did 3 exercises on page 13
    Homework: page 12 A2 and B2 in our English book.
    And don’t forget to check your email. I sent you four copies to print.

    See you for our last lesson in this course next week, 13th November.
    Our new course starts as scheduled on 20th November.

  27. 19th lesson on 30 October 2019

    Dear students

    We had again a very demanding lesson with only 4 students. So it was often our turn.
    We read the text „Money, money, money“ on our worksheet and did the grammar and vocabulary exercises on the back page.

    As a homework please check your emails.

  28. 18th lesson on 23 October 2019

    We had an interesting, demanding but yet a relaxing lesson IMHO.
    After finishing a relatively easy translation exercise we went to our regular pub and had some nice meals and drinks together.

    Our homework is to read the text „Money, money, money“ and solve ex 2a.
    The text can be found in the WhatsApp group.
    See you on 30th October

  29. 17th lesson on 16th October 2019

    At the beginnig we talked about this and that.
    Afterwards we made some translations on an extra sheet from the 25th of September.

    Finally we did some grammar exercises in our old book, because no one had brought along the new book, except of Gunnar.

    Homework for the next week is „Exercise 2“ on page 143 in our old book.
    Next week (23th of October) we’re going to meet as usual in our room on the fifth floor in the VHS-building at 6 o’clock p.m. Subsequently we will have dinner at the pub „Maykels“ at 7:30 p.m.

    I have to mention, that I wasn’t able to reserve a table so far, because „Maykels“ is closed until the 20th of October. But I will do my best to manage it on the 21st of October.
    Wish me luck! 🙂
    (If there is no free table for the next Wednesday I will get in contact with Thomas to find out our alternatives.)

    See you.

  30. 15th lesson on 18th September

    firstly: We organized the next dates of our English lessons.
    secondly: We checked the homework from the last lesson.
    thirdly: We used the book A2.1 page 181 exercise 2 and we listened to a conversation.

    Than we had to decide which answer is correct.
    fourthly : After that we talked about the first day at work of a new colleagues in our firm. In addition we used the book on page 121 exercises 1a and 1b.

    fifthly: The homework is on pages 121 exercise 2a and 3b.

  31. 14th lesson on 11th September

    In the first part of the lesson we talkend about different forms of „werden“. Some appear as an auxiliare verb and are in the future. Other appear as full Verbs and can be in the present and in all the other forms of time. We explained this with examples.

    In the Second Part we worked in the Book. We Reader and translated the text on page 112. We compledet some tasks on page 113 and 114. Than we readet and translated the text „Yard, feet and inches“ page 119 and talkend about the different measures.
    Lastly, we talked about the different meanings of adjektives, for example „big or tall“.
    Homework: page 118 number 1 and 3

  32. 13th lesson on 04th August 2019

    We started the lesson with a relaxed conversation over the last weekend. After that
    we worked on the text on page115 (The wrong present). We listened, read and translated text.
    Finally, we worked on page 112, chapter 6, step3, numbers 1 to 2a.
    Homework: on page112, No.2b and on page 114 A + B

  33. 12th lesson on 28th August 2019

    In our last lesson we discussed possible answers to interesting questions from Mark’s online course.
    Please read as a homework the text on page 115 of our book.

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