Logbook VHS SM Mo 18

Logbook VHS SM Mo 18

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  1. 21tst lesson on Monday 7 December 2020

    Unfortunately there was no entry in the logbook for our lesson on 7 December.
    Please note: We won’t have a lesson on 14th December and start again on January 11.
    Merry Xmas and a happy new year.

  2. 20th lesson on Monday 23th November 2020

    Last Monday we started our lesson with 5 students and our nice English teacher. Holger and Nico were still at work and couldn’t come.
    At the beginning we got sweets from Gertraude. Thanks very much.

    Then we read and translated Elena’s logbook entry. She was praised for her detailed entry. We learnt how the words „industriouns“ and „made“ are used in the English language. We also repeated the use of the apostrophe and how it is written (without spaces). We learned the difference between voluntary (adjective) and voluntarily (adverb).

    At the beginning of the beautiful advent season we talked about baking. Our teacher wrote some different English names for pastries on the blackbord.
    For example:
    Torte =fruit cake, gateau, tart
    Plätzchen = biscuit,cookie
    Kuchen = cake

    After that we compared the homework. All students read their entries on the tasks on the exercise sheets. Our nice teacher was happy with us.

    The resulting blackboard picture was uploated to the VHS cloud by our teacher. Thomas gave us the link for this via WhatsApp.
    Now the lesson was already over.

    Workbook p. 40, No. 1a
    Listen 1/52 What’s my job?
    p. 41, No. 2a
    Listen 1/53-54 Meeting for a meal

    See you Monday 7th Dec
    Have a nice weekend

    Please note:
    No lesson on 30th November, next lesson on 7th December

  3. 19th lesson on Monday 15th November

    Hallo together,
    last Monday we started our lesson with seven industrious students and our nice English teacher.
    We compared and translated our homework.
    Then we worked with the new exercise-sheets Unit 37 and 38 and learned about
    there is /there are, there was / there were, there is / it is, there has been / there have been, there will be
    and we did exercises No. 37.1, 37.5 and 38.2

    We also read und translated Holger´s logbook entry and repeated the questions “how much / how many”.
    Then we listened all thogether the pub quiz and did exercises on p. 37, 38 and 39 in our workbook.

    Thomas made a quiz with us about generall knowledge. There were questions for example:
    Who was first in space? (Yuri Gagarin)
    What is Marylin Monroe´s real name? (Norma Jeane Mortenson)
    Who landed first on the moon? (Neil Armstrong)
    It was funny.

    Thanks to Waltraud for the chocolate candies, thank´s to Stephan who runs again the stairs down and up, to open for me the door
    and thank´s to Holger for borrowing Ina´s Workbook.

    Workbook page 38, No.4
    Exercise sheets p. 85, No. 37.2, 37.3, 37.4; p. 87 No. 38.1 (voluntary)

    Have a good time,
    see you next Monday, Elena.

  4. 18th lesson on Monday 9th November 2020

    Sorry for my late entry. But it was a lot of work this week and not so much time.
    In our last lesson we started the new class. We were able to welcome a new classmate. Her name is Elena Klinger. After the organizational part they all introduced themselve again. That took up much of the hour.

    Then we read and translated the logbook entry from Sandra. Now the lesson was already over.
    I wish you a nice Sunday and see you on Monday.

    Page 38, No. A and B

  5. 17th lesson on Monday 2nd November 2020

    It was the first Monday in November and all the students were present.
    At the beginning we got sweets from Waltraud, so we could start with our lesson.
    We read Sabine‘s logbook entry.
    Then we compared the homework.
    In our book we completed all the tasks on page 35.
    On the next page we learned more about „Molly Malone‘s“, the local Irish pub.
    Anna, Susan and Tom, some students from our reading text, went there.
    We also talked about our favourite restaurant.
    Finally we heard the traditional Irish song“ Molly Malone“. Our teacher was very happy about it. Now the homework for the next Monday was clear:

    Listen to the song and sing it loudly at home!!!

    Have fun with it!


    Another homework:
    page 37, task 3a

  6. 16th lesson on Monday 26th October 2020

    Our teacher and students asked me about a newspaper article with a bride and groom. The persons in the article were my son and my daughter-in-law. I spoke about the party. The bride wore a bright wite dress, my son a dark blue suit. We had a fantastic dinner in the restaurant „Viba“ in Schmalkalden. All guests were very happy and had a lot of fun. It was a wunderful wedding party.

    Then we started our official lesson. We read and translated the logbook entry from Franzi. She was not able to come that day. After that we compared the homework for the lesson. Then we worked in our book. Our teacher wrote the eight most widely used question words on the blackboard.
    We practiced together, for example:
    Who is she? Where does she live? How often does she see him?

    Then we asked the other students questions beginning with: Do you ……?
    When someone answers: Yes, I do…we find out more information with the next question. For example:
    Do you do sports? Yes, I do.
    How often do you do sports?

    It was very funny.

    page 33, task 5b (3-4 sentences each),
    page 34, task B 2,
    page 35, task 2 + 3

    Stay healthy.
    See you next Monday.

  7. 15th lesson on Monday 19th October 2020

    Last monday we started again with this loobook for the online lessons.
    It wasn’t easy to set up.

    Then we translate ina’s entry.

    Then it went on in our book and we talked again about the words always, usually, never, sometimes and often to consolidate them again in our head.

    We missed Gertraude and hope that she will soon be healthy again.

    I hope you all set your clock one hour back?

    I wish everyone a nice sunday.

    Homework : page 32 taske 1a and b

  8. 14th lesson on Monday 12th October 2020

    Sorry for my late entry. I had a lot of work this week and the time was passing too quickly.
    We started this lesson by repeating weather words and we compared nouns and adjectives.
    Then Thomas introduced us the school cloud and we set it up on our cell phones.
    That took a long time.

    Afterwards we read Regina’s logbook entry and translated it.
    After that the lesson was already over. So we only had a short time to check our homework.

    Have a nice Sunday!
    See you tomorrow!

    Homework: page 29, task 4b

  9. 13th lesson on Monday 5th Oktober 2020

    Sorry, unfortunately I was late for the lesson and the teacher had to walk the many stairs again. Franzi (or was it Sandra?) has pepped up us all again with sweets. Thanks very much from everyone.

    Today we repeated the Present tense simple .

    The formation of the verb forms of the 3rd person:
    Most verbs add -s to infinitive
    I work –> he works
    I stay –> he stays

    But verbs ending in consonant +y change y to i and add -es (y –> ie)
    I cry –> he cries
    I hurry –> he hurries

    Verbs ending in -s, -z, -ch, -sh or -x: add -es to infinitive
    I miss –> he misses
    I watch –> he watches

    To be has three forms in Present tense -am, -are, -is.

    The Present Tense Simple is used for:

    1. Regular actions, signal words are:
    usually, always, normally etc.
    2. Generally valid statements:
    „The sun rises in the east.“
    3. Several actions in a row.
    „He sits down, drinks a cup of tea, and then begins to read.“
    4. Future events that have already been determined by a timetable or something similar.
    „The train leaves at 7 o’clock.“

    We read Gertraude’s logbook entry and checked the homework. We also practiced a lot without the book, which is much more difficult.

    Have a good week and see you next Monday
    Don’t forget to be on time because we’re using a
    different entrance.
    Best wishes

    Homework: page 31 , task 4,5,6
    page 29, task 4a learn the several jobs

  10. 12th lesson on Monday 28th September 2020

    As we came in the classroom there were many words on the blackboard. These words have different meanings but similar pronunciation. We get to know all these words, for example; Flour -Mehl and flower- Blume or bury-begraben and berry- Beere. This was sometimes funny but a little bit difficult.

    We read Stephans lokbook entry from 21st September 2020.
    Then we had a look at the homework for today. The dialog on page 28 was the basis for the tasks 1a and 1b on the same page.
    We practiced how to say whats the time in several ways and did some exercises out of the book.

    Have a good Day of Unity and a nice Sunday.
    Greetings until Monday

    Homework: page 31, task3, page 30, task A1 and A2

  11. 11th lesson on Monday 21st September 2020

    Sorry form my late entry. The time is running and the work to much.

    It was a beautiful late summer day. We were a smal group – five students and our teacher. It was a short lesson – two school hours.
    In the start of our lesson we read and translated Gertraude’s and Nico’s messages. Then we lalked about the difference of “ I read – I am reading, she plays – she is playing, we go – we are going, …. “ .

    Thomas told about the 12 main tenses in the English language. Well, a very difficult area for us young students. Afterwards we listened five descriptions of our teacher’s job. We spoke about the use of the words “ seldom until never“. After that we visted unit 2 step 1. We listend the dialog and read it together. At the end of the lesson was the blackbord very full with words, phrases and sentences. Thomas had a lot of work with cleaning it. After the lesson was already dark outside.

    We have to read Waltraud’s logbook entry from the second-to-last lesson.

    page 28 no. 1a and 1b
    page 31 no. 1

    See you on Monday – have a nice weekend

  12. 10th lesson on 14st September 2020

    In our last lesson we first saw the apologies of those students who were absent. Franziska can only participate again from October. Ina and Holger were in the holiday and Nico had a lot of work.
    Then we read and translated the logbook entry from Nico.

    Our teacher had brought same phrases with him – mainly about football. The different language expressions in English and German were funny and intersting.

    After that we worked very concentrated. All the students made a personal profile – about work, family, likes and dislikes, languages and free time – book page 23, no. 2.
    We asked our teacher about his work – book page 23, no. 3.
    We answered the questions about the „Test yourself“ – book page 24.
    We read and transleted the texts about the cities Ottawa and Canterbury.
    We learned the difference between the titles Mr, Mrs, Miss and Doctor in the english language – book page 25

    Page 23, no. 3 – whrite a short description of your teacher’s job
    Page 26 – Now me Portfolio complete

    See you next Monday

  13. 9th lesson on 7st September 2020

    Our first 3 hour lesson after the summer break is over and the team was almost complete again!
    Unfortunately, Franziska was absent, but Helena replaced her.
    We met Mr. Snuggles, Oliver Brown, and Alun Burton.

    In addition, everyone should now be able to fill out a landing card, because that was our main topic!
    Always have a good flight!
    Emails and airport symbols were of course also well practiced.
    See you on next Monday. Have nice time.

    No result, our teacher was unexpectedly distracted

  14. 8th lesson on 31st August 2020

    In our last lesson we compared our timetable. Then we read and translated the logbook entry from Sandra. We were not so many students and so everyone was part of the conversation.

    After that we compared the homework for the lesson. Then we startet a new lesson, step 3 “ At the airport“. We practised some exercises, for example: „I have an umbrella with me when it didn’t rain, but I didn’t have an umbrella with me when it’s rain. Or: “ I eated mince meat, but I didn’t eat onions.“ The lesson was quickly over.
    And so we came home early.

    Homework: Page 18, no.1b and 1c

  15. 7th lesson on 29th June 2020

    Today we were a very small group, four students and our teacher.
    Some of us are already on holiday. Also
    Stephan, he wrote Waltraud an interesting holiday report from the Baltic Sea. We were very happy about it and we answered him.
    After that we read and translated Sabine’s logbook entry, as always.

    Of course, we also read our homework. It was a report about our hometown, our family and our interests.
    Then we worked in the book on page 14 (,,In the break“).
    We were very diligent and so we could go home earlier. 😉

    – p. 17/5 and 7

    Now we go into the summer break.
    See you again on 31st August 2020!
    I wish everyone a good time!

  16. 6th lesson on Monday, on 15th June 2020

    Our lesson was only two hours long .
    We started our lesson with the translation of many unknown words on the blackboard. It wasn‘t easy, but very funny.
    Then we read and translated the logbook from Franzi. She wasn‘t able to come that day.
    We formed sentences with „this“ and „these“ and „that“ and „those“.
    Waltraud and Nico talked about their nice hometowns Steinbach-Hallenberg and Breitungen. They were very diligent. It was very intresting.

    We learned many new words. For example „folder“, „cabinet“, „lightswitch“, „chalk“, „ruler“, „socket“ and so on.
    We all laughed a lot. 😀

    exercise 5a on page 11
    read the dialogue on page 14

    See you on Monday, 29 th of June
    Best greetings from Sabine

  17. 5th lesson on Monday 8th June 2020

    Last Monday we finished our old bookUnit 6.
    And we started with a new lesson in our new Book.
    We read a text in the book and translated it.

    when reading in english we had to make sure that we take a short break between two words. In our thoughts we had to put a comma.
    It was not always easy to pay attention to.

    I apologize for the late entry in the look book.

    I wish you much fun again in the English course for this Monday.
    And always listen to the teacher.

    greetings your Franzi

    exercise 3,5 and 6 on page 13.

  18. 4th lesson on 25th May

    Our first english course at coronatime was on May 25th.
    It was a short lesson. Super, All students are alive and well. Sabine, Guido und Nico were missing. I have a message from Sabine, she will be back on Monday after Whitsun.
    Our Teacher surprised with a test of our knowledge.
    The results were then compared.
    Conclusion: we still have a lot to learn.
    But we will not give up. Have a nice week.
    See you on Monday on June 8th.
    I’m sorry, for the late log entry.
    on page 118 exercices 1,2,3,5

  19. The 2nd lesson of our English course was on the 9. March 2020

    It was a short lesson – two school Hours.
    There was a new student in our class – wellcoms Waltraut.
    First we read and translated the logbook entry of Franziska. Then we compared the homework of the last lesson. After that we read and translated the dialogue „Goodbye“. We learned a lot of phrases around „Goodbye“. Afterwards we watched the articles about the Ambleside Marathon in the newspaper „Lake District News“. At the end we wrote an email from Ken to Rob. On next Monday we have a long lesson again.
    Have nice weekend, see you on Monday at six o‘ clock.

    homework: exercise 2d on page 113
    all exercises in the right colum on page 111 (5a/b and 6)

  20. 1st lesson on 2nd March 2020

    we started with the second course.
    It was very interesting again.
    In our course three new students were added, their names are Nico, Ralf and Kay.
    Teacher asked us students about our private life.
    All students talked about it.
    The teacher asked later questions about each student.
    Then we worked again in Unit 6.

    Sorry for the late entry.

    exercise 1,2,3 on page 100
    and exercice 2 on page 111

    I wish a nice weekend!

  21. 14th lesson on Monday 24th February 2020

    Our last lesson was on Monday before Shrove Tuesday, the German carnival celebrations. We brought pancakes and Sandra some different bottles of sparkling wine, so our tongues were loosened.

    We started our lesson with reading and translating the logbook entry of Holger. After that we spoke about our homework. Everyone talked about their favorite foods and drinks.
    Than we repeated some words and phrases.
    Afterwards we continued working in unit 6.
    We had a lot of fun this lesson. It was our last lesson of this course. So next Monday we start a new.

    Homework: page 105 no. 3b, 5 sentences
    page 106 no. 3
    page 108 no. 1b and 1c

  22. 13th lesson on Monday 17th February 2020

    In our last lesson we were 8 students and our nice English teacher.

    We started our lesson by reading and translating the logbook entry of Sabine.
    After that we spoke About our homework. Then we continued working in unit 5. We practicesed the exercises on pages 98,99 and 100. So we closed unit 5.

    Now we began with unit 6. First we read and translated the dialogue on page 104. It was a very interesting conversation about Muncaster Castle. The most fascinating Information was that ghosts live there.

    After that we spoke about the National Trust. We read and translated the flyer from Muncaster.
    At the end we spoke about a note in a guest book. We found out how one family spent their day out in Muncaster Castle.
    Thank you for the sweets. It was a very beautiful English lesson on Monday. Have a nice time. See you next Monday.
    Homeworks: S. 98 Nr. 1a
    S. 99 Nr. 3a
    S. 100 Nr. 2
    S. 102 the whole side

    Please note

    Just one thing, don’t forget, the next Monday is Rosemonday. So we will bring some pancakes with us. Greetings from Breitungen

  23. 12th lesson on Monday 10th February 2020

    It was a very stormy day. We were 7 students and one teacher.
    We started with the homework. All members of our course told about a person with a lot of skills.
    After that we translated the first (1st) and the second (2nd) dialog “ After the Marathon“. We had a lot of fun with the words „comfortable“ and „uncomfortable“. We learned the months and to say the date. We practised the use of was/was`t and were/were`t.

    We had little, nice sweets on the table during the lesson. Thank you, Sandra!
    Take care, have nice time. See you next Monday.

    Homework:all exercises until the end of page 97

  24. 11th lesson on 3th February 2020

    We start with the translation of the lookbook entry what Ina wrote Last week.
    Then said Holger something about film last week. He had 5 minutes.
    After that we continued to work in our book Unit 5.

    We had to split up into groups.
    Everyone had to ask what you like to eat and what not like.
    We learned the difference between when we use I like and when I‘d like.
    We learned that can and can‘t be the same for everyone.

    I wish everyone a nice week.


    exercise 1 and 3 page 88
    exercise 3a page 91
    exercise what you want page 93

  25. 10th lesson on 27th January 2020

    We startet our lesson with the homework “ My family tree „.
    Each student talked about his family tree. It was very interesting.
    Then we worked on unit 4. We heard telephone informations about the National Gallery.

    After that we read and translated the text about English Pubs on page 81.
    Then we spoked about lucky and unlucky numbers in different cultures.
    Finally we startet with lesson 5 and read the dialogue 1.
    At the end of our lesson we watched another film about a restaurant visit.

    unit 4 / page 84 “ all about me“

  26. 9th lesson on 20th January 2020

    We started our lesson with reading the logbook-entry from Regina. After this everyone tell us something about his or her best friend. It was very interesting.
    Then we worked on unit 4. We read and translated the dialogue 2.
    We learned the usage of questions like :“What sort(kind) of…?“, or:“How often do you…?“.
    Then we builted the family tree of Rob’s family.
    In the last time of our lesson we looked a nice and funny video.

    exercise 1c on page 78 „your family tree“

  27. 8th lesson on 13th January 2020

    Our english class started with champagne reception
    in the new Year. It was a donation from our teacher.
    He checked our homework
    „Someone in my family „.
    Each student told about a member of his family.
    We began with Step 2 and worked through Step 3-
    Dialog 2

    Many thanks to our „nice English teacher“ for the sparkling wine. Also a big thank you to Sandra and Stephan for the delicious sweets. I hope I haven‘t forgotten anyone.
    Everything tasted great.

    exercise 2b on page 71 oder
    exercise 3a on page 71

  28. 7th lesson on 2nd December 2019

    On last Monday we began to read and translated the information from Dagmar. She and her daughter were not able to come.
    Then we worked on units 3 and 4. The titel of unit 4 is „Family and Friends“. Everyone told the class about their families.

    We learned a lot of new vocabularies, for example grandson, granddaughter, nephew, niece and
    mother-in-law. Then we read and translated the dialogues 1 and 2.
    We also learned the usage of simple present „he ,she“ and object pronouns. Then we formed sentences with him, her and it.
    Dear Sandra, thank you for the chocolate. We were very happy. 😋

    exersise 3a on page 67
    exersise 1 on page 68
    exersise 2a on page 69 and 59.5 on page 129

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  29. 6th lesson on 25th November 2019

    On Monday we worked again on unit 3.
    We began to read the homework. Everyone told the class about a town at a lake. It was very interesting.
    Gertraude read the logbook last week.
    We read and translated the dialogues 1 and 2.
    We learned the usage of simple present „I“ and „You“.
    Then we formed sentences with it.
    (Do you like….? Yes, I do. or No, I don’t)
    Everyone asked the teacher for specific utensils. 😀
    We learned the difference between „walk“ and „work“ and also formed sentences.

    Homework: exersice 2 and 4a on page 59

    Have a nice week.

  30. 5th lesson on 18th November 2019

    We began with unit 3 and translated the dialogs one and two. Than everyone of us read the text. We learned to speak about places in town and we practiced the pronunciation of f, V und w.
    „Do you have a Problem?“ and different answers were the next .
    And we learnd the difference between „on time“ und „in time“

    homework: exersice 2b on page 49.

    Have a nice week!

  31. 4th lesson on 11th November 2019

    At the beginning of our lesson we repeated many vocabularies of the second unit.
    Then we worked again in unit 2.
    1. We read the dialogue 3.
    2. We repeated the days of the week and
    talked about their meaning.
    3. We heard the different pronunciations of
    – th-.
    4. Finally we read and translated the text
    „The Lake District”.

    Homework for next Monday:
    Complete Unit 2!

    Have a nice week!

  32. 3rd lesson on 4th November 2019

    Today we worked in Unit 2 „In town“
    1. We read the dialogues 1 and 2.
    2. We repeated the English Alphabet and
    we spelled our first- and surnames.
    3. We repeated the numbers and the
    4. We learned when we use a or an (an
    comes before a,e,i,o,u).
    5. We repeated the plural of nouns.

    Homework :
    Complete Unit 2!

    Don‘t forget: The last lesson of this year is on the 2nd December!

  33. 2nd lesson on 28th October 2019

    On Monday the 28. Oct. 2019 was our second lesson.
    We were ten students. Anybody told about oneself.
    “ Where do you live ? , What do you do ? , Tell about your family ……. „. We repeated unit one of the book „Network now – starter“

    Homework : to busy with unit two of „Network now – starter“

    See you on next Monday. Have nice time.

  34. 1st lesson on 21st October

    The new course is started!
    The first lesson was on Monday the 21. Oct. 2019.
    We were nine students and one teacher.
    There were two tests : „What can you already ?“
    The times was running.
    The next lesson is on twenty eighth of October at six o`clock pm.
    See you on Monday. Have good times.

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