Logbook VHS SM Mo 18

Logbook VHS SM Mo 18

9 Gedanken zu „Logbook VHS SM Mo 18

  1. 9th lesson on 20th January 2020

    We started our lesson with reading the logbook-entry from Regina. After this everyone tell us something about his or her best friend. It was very interesting.
    Then we worked on unit 4. We read and translated the dialogue 2.
    We learned the usage of questions like :“What sort(kind) of…?“, or:“How often do you…?“.
    Then we builted the family tree of Rob’s family.
    In the last time of our lesson we looked a nice and funny video.

    exercise 1c on page 78 „your family tree“

  2. 8th lesson on 13th January 2020

    Our english class started with champagne reception
    in the new Year. It was a donation from our teacher.
    He checked our homework
    „Someone in my family „.
    Each student told about a member of his family.
    We began with Step 2 and worked through Step 3-
    Dialog 2

    Many thanks to our „nice English teacher“ for the sparkling wine. Also a big thank you to Sandra and Stephan for the delicious sweets. I hope I haven‘t forgotten anyone.
    Everything tasted great.

    exercise 2b on page 71 oder
    exercise 3a on page 71

  3. 7th lesson on 2nd December 2019

    On last Monday we began to read and translated the information from Dagmar. She and her daughter were not able to come.
    Then we worked on units 3 and 4. The titel of unit 4 is „Family and Friends“. Everyone told the class about their families.

    We learned a lot of new vocabularies, for example grandson, granddaughter, nephew, niece and
    mother-in-law. Then we read and translated the dialogues 1 and 2.
    We also learned the usage of simple present „he ,she“ and object pronouns. Then we formed sentences with him, her and it.
    Dear Sandra, thank you for the chocolate. We were very happy. 😋

    exersise 3a on page 67
    exersise 1 on page 68
    exersise 2a on page 69 and 59.5 on page 129

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  4. 6th lesson on 25th November 2019

    On Monday we worked again on unit 3.
    We began to read the homework. Everyone told the class about a town at a lake. It was very interesting.
    Gertraude read the logbook last week.
    We read and translated the dialogues 1 and 2.
    We learned the usage of simple present „I“ and „You“.
    Then we formed sentences with it.
    (Do you like….? Yes, I do. or No, I don’t)
    Everyone asked the teacher for specific utensils. 😀
    We learned the difference between „walk“ and „work“ and also formed sentences.

    Homework: exersice 2 and 4a on page 59

    Have a nice week.

  5. 5th lesson on 18th November 2019

    We began with unit 3 and translated the dialogs one and two. Than everyone of us read the text. We learned to speak about places in town and we practiced the pronunciation of f, V und w.
    „Do you have a Problem?“ and different answers were the next .
    And we learnd the difference between „on time“ und „in time“

    homework: exersice 2b on page 49.

    Have a nice week!

  6. 4th lesson on 11th November 2019

    At the beginning of our lesson we repeated many vocabularies of the second unit.
    Then we worked again in unit 2.
    1. We read the dialogue 3.
    2. We repeated the days of the week and
    talked about their meaning.
    3. We heard the different pronunciations of
    – th-.
    4. Finally we read and translated the text
    „The Lake District”.

    Homework for next Monday:
    Complete Unit 2!

    Have a nice week!

  7. 3rd lesson on 4th November 2019

    Today we worked in Unit 2 „In town“
    1. We read the dialogues 1 and 2.
    2. We repeated the English Alphabet and
    we spelled our first- and surnames.
    3. We repeated the numbers and the
    4. We learned when we use a or an (an
    comes before a,e,i,o,u).
    5. We repeated the plural of nouns.

    Homework :
    Complete Unit 2!

    Don‘t forget: The last lesson of this year is on the 2nd December!

  8. 2nd lesson on 28th October 2019

    On Monday the 28. Oct. 2019 was our second lesson.
    We were ten students. Anybody told about oneself.
    “ Where do you live ? , What do you do ? , Tell about your family ……. „. We repeated unit one of the book „Network now – starter“

    Homework : to busy with unit two of „Network now – starter“

    See you on next Monday. Have nice time.

  9. 1st lesson on 21st October

    The new course is started!
    The first lesson was on Monday the 21. Oct. 2019.
    We were nine students and one teacher.
    There were two tests : „What can you already ?“
    The times was running.
    The next lesson is on twenty eighth of October at six o`clock pm.
    See you on Monday. Have good times.

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