Logbook VHS SM Mo 09

Logbook VHS SM Mo 09

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  1. 6th and last lesson of Corona short course on 6 September 2021

    Dear students

    We finished our short course on 6 September.
    We will go on when at least 8 people declare their willingness to vhs to continue.
    That can be done by mail or phone.

    With kind regards
    Your nice English teacher

  2. 5th lesson on 7th December 2020

    Hello together,

    Today it’s my turn again to summarize our last English lesson.
    Last Monday came only three students to our course in the VHS. But Rita and I attended the lesson online with our computers. Unfortunately the communication was not so good because we didn’t have a headset.

    First we checked Günter’s logbook entry. Our teacher Thomas found only some little mistakes.

    The next topic was grammar. Thomas checked our knowledge about present progressive and past progressive.
    Everyone of us had to say what he ist doing right now and had to report about the last week, the weekend and about his most impressiv holiday experiences.
    It was very interesting for us to hear, where the other students spent their holidays in the years after the political change and what is there to discover.

    Then we compared the results of our homework and solved the exercises No. 3 a, 3 b,
    4 a and 4 b on page 49 of our textbook.

    Our new homework is solving the exercises No. 3,4 and 5 on page 51.

    Have a nice week. Enjoy the third weekend in Advent together with friends or your family with a glass of mulled wine and cookies by candelight.

    I hope we’ll see us healthy next year.

    There is no lesson on 14th December.

    Yours Beate

  3. 4th lesson on 23rd November 2020

    Dear classmates,

    In this lesson we were only four students. But Beate and Waltraud were with us online at the webinar.
    Waltraud bought a headset and the quality of communication was realy very well.
    Than we checked Rita’s logbook entry.
    After that we compared the homework.
    The headline of the lesson was: tell about your first holiday. The most of us spent it at the Baltic Sea either with their parents or in a summer camp.

    We dealt with past progressive at the Grammer section and described the picture at page 127.
    Here is the new homework in the textbook on page 51 No. 1.
    Have a look at your e-mail account. Thomas will send us some new worksheets.
    Have a nice weekend and stay healthy!
    Yours Günter

    Please note:
    No lesson on 30th November, next lesson on 7th December.

  4. 3rd lesson on 16th November 2020

    Dear classmates,

    Outside it’s a typical day in November, grey heaven and it’s just a bit drizzling. Best preconditions to write our logbook.
    Here my report:
    On Monday afternoon there were only five members of our course in the classroom. The other ones step by step arrived online by using there tablets or computer. But this arranged itself a bit difficult. We all still have to learn to use the digital technology right.

    As often we first spoke about our weekend experiences. Because of “ Corona“ most of us spent the time more or less near their home; except Ursula Sch. . She did a hiking tour on the “ Malade- hiking way“ round “ Hohe Geba“.

    We continued the lesson with our homework. Therefor we listened to the audio cd 1b on page 45 ones more and answered the questions.
    With that we finished Unit2 and changed to Unit 3. Its topic is “ Travel and transport“.
    First we had to discribe the pictures on page 47 and in addition we answered the question about the longest journey we have ever made.

    Don’t forget to do the homework for our next lesson! You find it on page 48. Please read the text and solve no 1a and 1b below!
    Wish you all a nice week and stay healthy!

    Yours Rita

  5. 2nd lesson on 9th November 2020

    Hello, dear classmates
    Today it’s my turn to do the logbook entry.
    We started our English lesson with sparkling wine and chocolate donated by Evelin.
    What could the future look like in 20 years was Thomas question.

    There were different opinions – E-busses or trains without a chauffeur, robots in factories etc.
    In the meantime, Udo und Beate have logged in the vhs-cloud and can take part in the lesson.
    After that we checked Günter’s logbook entry.
    Then we compared our homework, textbook page 45 and 46.
    Finally we solved the exercises 1a on page 45 and 2a / 2b on page 46

    The homework for the next lesson is on page 45 / 1b.
    Please listen it and take notes.
    See you next week on Monday 16th November at 4.15 pm.

    Yours Ursula

  6. 1st lesson on 2nd November 2020

    Hello together,
    the first lesson of this course began with a glass of sparkling wine, donated by Rita.
    We checked Evelin’s logbook entry. There were only a few little mistakes on it.
    Since Ursula HM wasn’t her last lesson so we repeated the exercises on worksheet „Test Yourself“.

    Here is the new homework in the textbook on pages:
    43: listen the CD 1/46,
    45: No. 2b and
    46: read the article „Ask the Travel Doctor“ and do No. 1b.

    Have a nice weekend.

  7. 20th lesson on 27th october 2020

    Hello friends,
    It’s my turn to report about last Monday. Once again we were only a small group of students.
    First we were invited by Günter for a glas of
    sparkling wine.

    Since Beate took part by vhs-cloud from home, we repeated the procedure for the access to vhs-cloud. After that Thomas gave us a worksheet for testing ourself. It was quite difficult. Subjects were plural forms and the using of articels, determiners or pronouns. Futhermore we had to fill in gaps in an English text.

    The last exercise should be our homework.
    In the second part of the lesson we read Waltraud’s logbook entry, which was worthy of a journalist. Since Waltraud pointed out the trouble about the word „use“ Thomas explained it once again.

    See you next week.
    Yours Evelin

  8. 19th lesson on 19th October 2020

    Hello dear classmates,

    You remember? I’m Waltraud und I was so glad to see you again last monday. Unfortunately there were only three other members of our class at the course. But it was good for me. So Thomas could explain ones more how to use vhs-cloud. By the way he sended some more material to this subject on tuesday via WhatsApp.

    But now to our last lesson. After practicing how to get an access to our virtual classroom we read Ursula’s logbook entry. It was very detailed and nearly without any mistakes – so we know Ursula Sch.. Thomas picked only the verb „use“ and its use in the meaning of „gewöhnen an“: to get used to doing something. If you wanted to know more about it ask Thomas. I can’t explain it in detail.
    The time passed quickly. At the end of the lesson we had a look at our English book on page 40. We tried to remember about the life of Bholaram Das. Some weeks ago we’ve read a text about the oldest student in India.

    And here is the homework for the next week. Please test yourself on page 42 in our textbook, number 1 (Language elements) and number 2 (Reading and writing). Wish you a lot of success!
    Next lesson is the last one of this course. Dont forget to inform Ms Seiferth that you will go on learning English until the end of the year.

    Have a nice week.
    Best regards

  9. 18th lesson on 12th October 2020

    Hello dear classmates,

    Our last English lesson was quite different than the other ones we were used before.
    We all brought our labtops or tablets. Thomas wanted us to log into the vhs-cloud so that we would be able to join a video conference of an English lesson or an English course. Furthermore we would be able to take the work sheets out of the cloud.

    Good idea! But the procedure was more complicated than expected. Why? Each of us worked with a quite different device and system. It was not so easy to lead each student to the same initial condition. But Thomas succeeded! Finally we all had the access to the vhs-cloud.

    Then we tested a video conference. First Günter left the room with his labtop. We all switched into the video conference, and it worked. Then there was another attempt with Beate. She also left the room. And it worked again! What a pleasure when Udo appeared on the screen and was to be heard, he was at home.

    That’s a good possibility of taking part in the English course from home. Corona, we are ready to withstand – at least in the English lessons!

    No homework for the next lesson on Monday 19th October at 4.15 pm!
    You needn’t bring your labtops or tablets again.

    Have a nice week yet!

    Yours Ursula Sch.

  10. 17th lesson on 5th October 2020

    Dear classmates,

    After we had entered the classroom and taken off our masks we started with sparkling wine and cookies, treated by Ursula H.-M., our English lesson.
    Because of a “ Günter-ism“ in our last logbook entry ( back page) Thomas first explained the different meaning of those words like : back, front,and front page.
    As often our teacher continued with small talk to different subjects, such as our experiences at the day of German reunification and our opinions to the last “ Tatort“ on Sunday evening.
    In addition Thomas told us about his hike tour around Oberhof, Gehlberg, Mönchshof and back to the start.
    Then we looked on Günthers‘ logbook entry and worked with worksheet “ Five important conversations in English.“ We read and translated this text and had something to smile by reading funny phrases of J. Klopp.
    On the back we got some helpfull tips how to ask for directions.

    Please print worksheet page 30/31, as well and read the text on both sides.
    If you own a laptop or tablet, bring it to our next lesson please.
    Wish you all a nice week!

    Yours Rita

  11. 16th lesson on 28th September 2020

    Dear classmates

    Last lessen we were only 5 students.
    First we checked Udo’s logbook entry. He tried to use the dictation funtion and it works.

    Then Ursula H-M reported about her 4 days bicycle tour to Randesacker on Main. The hotel where she and her husband slept, was the basis for the daily tours. They also did a guided sightseeing tour in Würzburg.

    Because it was a rainy weekend there weren’t any outdoor activities:

    – Udo worked in his office and crashed his computer – what a pity.
    – Evelin celebtated her granddaughter’s 1st birthday. She will grow in a bilingual family as her mother is an Ukrainian.
    – Beate was not interested in watching football, so she did some works in the flat.
    – Günter digitalised a long play record from „The Kinks“ in wav- and mp3-formats.

    The new homework is on the worksheet „Klopp-ism“ and backpage 29 „Directions“.
    Please read it.

    I’m looking forward to see you on Monday 5th October 2020, 16.15 p.m.

  12. 15th lesson on 21st September 2020

    Hi guys,
    I’ll try the dictation function.
    So that we have something to correct again next week, my computer is writing a few sentences now.
    What did we do on Monday?
    First we spoke about Evelin’s logbook entry.
    “ What happened last week?” was the next topic.
    Suddenly the conversation was about cars.
    There are lots of different opinions on this.
    But, as we realised is there plenty of choice.

    What car is now the best for you?
    Well, that’s quite difficult but everybody has to decide it themselves.
    Fact is if you want to buy a new car, you can order lots of extras in addition.
    But don’t forget the more extras the more expensive finally.
    That’s why I’m going to drive my good old car for a few more years.

    After that we checked the homework.
    Then we worked with the form number 94.
    Because the lesson was almost over we couldn’t do all the tasks.

    The current homework is on form 94 the tasks 2,3,4.
    Have a nice weekend.
    We’ll see you again next Monday.
    Yours Udo

  13. 14th lesson on 14th September

    Dear classmates,
    The last lesson on Monday was the first for me in this course. So I didn’t know what you learnt about apostrophes the first two times. Günter repeated it for the three students who weren’t there.

    Our first topic was Beate’s logbook entry as usual.
    She had one interesting expression for us: „throw a look back“. Thomas found it better to say take a look back.
    After that we heart Rita’s report about her bicycle tour and Thomas‘ impressions from the Main-bicycle-way.

    The homework on page 37 and 39 was the last big part. Everyone told what kind of books they like.

    The homework for the next lesson you will find on page 37 no. 4b „A hidden message“. This task is a riddle, one part on page 123 and the other one on page 125.
    I’m looking forward to seeing you next Monday.

    Yours Evelin

  14. 13th lesson on Monday, September 7th

    Hello together,

    Let’s throw a look back at our last English lesson. First we read in our textbook many interesting facts about books and libraries.

    Then our teacher tested our short-term memory with vocabulary and idioms in this text.
    In connection with it Thomas repeated the use of Gerundium and the the apostrophe’s spelling by the Genitive in the English language.

    After that we solved the exercises no. 3b, 3c, 4 a – 1,2 on page 37 and no. 2 and 3 on page 38. We also checked our homework.

    And no lesson without a new homework:

    Please solve no. 3e, no. 4 a – 3 on page 38 and have a look at page 39 – languages of the world -. That’s all!

    I’m looking forward to seeing you next Monday at 4.15 pm.

    Yours Beate

  15. 11th lesson on Monday, July 13th

    Hello together

    Here is my logbook entry of our last lesson.
    It was the last lesson in this school year.
    First we reveled in memories.
    Everyone could still remember GDR-times well, especially the cars and mopeds,that were driven at the time.
    Many of us drove Trabant or mopeds as Schwalbe, Star, SR2, Sperber.
    But then the political change came and other cars were bought.

    After that we checked Ursula’s logbook entry.
    Than we worked with worksheets Unit 31 and 32.
    Exercises 31/3 32/2 and 32/3 are our homework.

    At the end we solved exercise 1b on page 36 in text book.
    It was an interesting afternoon.
    Have a nice time.
    Our next lesson starts on Monday, 31th August at 4.15pm.
    I’m looking forward seeing you all again.
    Yours Ursula

  16. 10th lesson on Monday, July 6th

    Hello dear classmates,

    It’s my turn again to summarize our last lesson.

    Our teacher started with a lot of questions on our shopping habits – a subject of our every day life.
    We spoke about the green market in Schmalkalden and who goes there to buy vegetables.
    We continued speaking on the supermarkets some of us do the shopping in.

    Another subject was the photo of a town Thomas posted some days ago. It was difficult to recognize what town it was. But after a closer look at it I suspected that it must be Wasungen.

    Then Thomas wanted to know how many refugees are living in Niederschmalkalden. Evelyn was the responsible proband for this question as she is living there.

    No lesson without the check of the logbook entry! Günter did it. It was OK but there were some little mistakes that stole into it.

    And now the homework check! The first part dealt with the text „Jobs“ and question tags on page 33. In the second part we were to write some sentences on our former jobs and our responsibilities.
    It was interesting to hear once more what the class mates were responsible for in their jobs.

    Then we went on practising the question tags in the exercises A, B and C on page 34 of our textbook.
    Finally we solved exercises 4 and 5 on page 35.

    Imagine, there is no homework to do for the lesson next Monday!
    Only print the sheets Thomas posted and bring them to our next lesson.

    Next Monday will be the last lesson before the summer break. We’ll start at 4.15 pm.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Yours Ursula Sch.

  17. 9th lesson on 29th June

    Dear classmates,

    In this lesson we talked about what happend in the last two weeks. Thomas spent some days in the Rhön region. He was surprised how many people were hiking in this coronavirus time.
    An Udo spent a nice week south of Leipzig on a beautiful lake. It was a former brown coal opencast mining. There was also a beach for his dog.

    Then we read Rita’s logbook entry. Some little mistakes were at it.
    We compared our homework, dealt with the worksheet no. 52 „Question tags“ and solved the exercises 52.1, 52.2 and 52.3.
    The new homework is at page 33 no. 2c and 3b in our book.

    Let’s meet on 6th July, 4.15 p.m.

  18. 8th lesson on 15th June

    Dear classmates,

    That’s the summary of the subjects we dealt with in our last lesson.
    First we tooke a closer look on the logbook entry written by Evelyn. In this connection Thomas explained the slight difference between “ maybe“ ( adverb) and „may be“ ( verb). Then we compared our homework on worksheet no 92.

    In addition we read the text on worksheet no 93 and practised some exercises to improve our skills with “ Relative clauses“. In this place you can find our first homework ,as well. Please solve no 93.3 on the worksheet!

    The last part of our lesson we spent together with a young man from Japan. He realy has got an unusal job. Therefor we used the textbook on page 32. Hiro Yamamoto works as an “ oshiya“- a „pusher“. Nobody of us have heard about a job like this ever. The story performed a smile on our faces.
    So it won’t be difficult for you to solve the second part of homework: textbook page 35 no 2 and 3.

    Because our teacher is on holiday next week we’ll meet again on Monday, 29th of June , at 4.15 p.m.

    Have a nice time!
    Yours Rita

  19. 7th lesson on 8rd june

    Hello friends,
    Here’s my overview about the course on Monday.
    After the correction of Udo’s logbook entry we compared the homework ( page 29/2a,page 31/3 ).
    Then was grammar time. We minded with who,that and which in relative clauses on the worksheet unit 92.

    First we solved the crossword on page 123 in our textbook. Next we worked on page 30, 31 (exercise 4,5 ) and 29 ( exercise 4a).
    Finally we completed exercise 92.1 and 92.4 on the worksheet.
    The homework serves to deepen this subject (grammar unit 92 exercise 92.2 and 92.3 ).
    See you next week.
    Yours Evelin

  20. 6th lesson on 3rd June

    Dear classmates
    This is a short report on the last lesson.
    First we spoke about what we did on Whitsun.
    Because of the great weather was outdoorness the order of the day.
    Many of our group were on the way with their bikes or did a hiking trip.
    There was a lot to spoke about.
    Especially the different bikeways in our region was a topic.

    We read and translated Beate‘s logbook entry, as well.
    It was nine times out of ten🙂!
    We worked on with our textbook and were deeply impressed on an article about a man who still studies at the age of hundred years!
    Hats off!

    No lessons without homework.
    So, let’s manage no. 2a on page 29 and no. 2 on page 31.
    Bye for now.
    I’m looking forward seeing you next Monday.
    Yours Udo

  21. 5th lesson on 25th May

    Hello together,

    Here is my report about our first Englisch lesson after 10 !!! weeks Corona break. So it was a great part of our lesson how each of us spent this long time. The most important thing was health protection. Everyone observed the hygiene rules and organized the every day life new.
    Social contacts were restricted and now we were very glad to continue our course.

    As usual we dealt with the last logbook entry by Ursula Sch. . He was excellent as always.

    The next subject was our homework – exercises 1 and 2 on page 24 of our texbook. Then we read steps 1,2 and 3 on page 25.

    We also looked back on a story about a chicken hotel in Cornwell and learned something about web addresses.

    The time past quickly and so our teacher Thomas gave us the homework:
    „ Write an internet blog about your hometown!“

    The next lesson will be on Wednesday the 3th June at 9 am. I’m looking forward to see you all then.

    I wish all classmates nice Whitsun.

    Yours Beate

  22. 4th lesson on 9th March, 2020

    Hello dear classmates,

    Today it’s my turn again to summarize what we dealt with in our last English lesson.

    Right now after entering the classroom our teacher started with a small talk on the traffic situation in our area. In this connection he told us a little bit about his traffic violations and the charges.
    The next subject concerned flat hunting in Schmalkalden and how difficult it is to find an appropriate new flat.
    Other subjects were the starting of the garden season and bike activities.

    As there were three „birthday children“ last week, Beate, Günter und Ursula Sch., we listened to their report on their birthday parties. Of course we continued or rather will continue these parties in our course. I started with sparkling wine and small cakes. Next Monday it’ll be Beate’s turn and one week later Günter’s. You can be sure that we won’t forget anybody’s birthday in this group!

    Other popular subjects were sports and the last „Tatort“ thriller from Sunday.
    It was also interesting to learn how long the TV time a week of some of our students on average is.

    And then we came to the point: logbook entry by Ursula H.-M. There were only some little mistakes to correct. Thomas said:“Super!“ And so did we all!

    We continued the lesson with the homework check on the worksheet 106. As there were some exercices about comparative on the worksheet left we did them.

    We kept on working with our textbook on page 21. There was a story about a man that spent one night in a five-star hotel in London without paying for it. Don’t copy – it’s risky doing it!
    First we listened to this text on a tape then we read and translated it. After that we compared this accomodation with that one in a chicken hotel. Surely you agree to prefer the Plaza!

    And now our homework: Please do exercises no 1 and 2 on page 24 of our textbook.

    Have a nice week!

    See you next Monday at 4.15 pm.

    Yours Ursula Sch.

  23. 3nd lesson on 2th March2020

    Dear classmates
    Here is my report on our last English lesson.
    As always, Thomas started with a little small talk.
    Who saw the soccer game in TV last week?
    What was happend in the football arena?
    How was the weather like?
    What kind of heating do you have-gas or öel?
    Is the temperature in our living room 20 or 24 degree?
    Then we talked about siblings, nephews and nieces.

    We had something to celebrate too – Udos birthday. There was sparkling wine and cake. It was delicious.
    Thank you, Udo

    After that we checked Günters logbook entry.
    And now we compared our homework in the book page 19 / 4c and on worksheet unit 105 comparison 1.

    At the end of our lessonwe read and translated on worksheet unit 106.
    Our homework is on worksheet unit 106 1 / 3 / 5

    To seeing you next Monday at 16.15.
    Have a nice week.
    Yours Ursula

  24. 2nd Lesson on 24th February 2020

    Hello together,
    In this lesson we were only five students. Where the others k.o. after the carnivalparties? I think no. There are many reasons not to go to the lesson.
    First we read Waltraud’s logbook entry. Thomas said you can see that Waltraud is a jounalist. And we could see:
    Once a journalist, always a journalist (according to the proverb: Once a liar, always a liar)
    Then we compared our homework.
    The topping in this lesson was „Couch surfing“. We spoke about advantages and disadvantages from this form to spent one night or more in an other town.
    In the gammarpart we worked with the worksheet 105 „Comparison“.

    Our homeworks are in the book on page 19 no. 4c and on worksheet unit 105 no. 2 and 3.

    Yours Günter

  25. 1st lesson on 17th February
    Hello dear reader,

    welcome to my logbook entry. It’s the same procedure as every week and I’ll do my best.

    So let’s have a look to our last lesson on 16th February. Our group was complete – the first time for month. Seven women, two men and our teacher. And we could also welcome a new member. Her name is Gabi. She’s retired like all others in the team. She used to be a teacher for German language and sports and now she is teaching foreign students in German language – but only some hours a week.

    Back to our lesson. First we were going to practice smalltalk. Thomas ask Evelin to tell us something about the bakery “Hess” – about the quality of rolls and bread and about opening times at the local branch in Schmalkalden. Evelin told us there’s a young baker in the third or fourth generation of this craft producer with a great obligation (engagement?), but – may be – there ar some problems to find the right shop assistants.

    Another subject we told were hotlines and the different – mostly bad – experience we gained.

    Last but not least Thomas touched on the subject carnival. Udo had to tell what’s going up there in Wasungen. Udo is sure there will be some crazy days again. But most of us aren’t very interested in carnival parties. Some people like to watch the parade in Wasungen or the carnival speech on TV.

    The logbook entry written by Rita was very good. Thomas found only one or two little mistakes.

    All students did their homework. We compared the results at the end of our lesson.

    And here ist the new homework: textbook page 18 number 2b and Page 20 number 4.
    Please print des worksheet 105, 106 and 107 and bring them to the next lesson on monday 24th February at 4.15 pm.

    I can’t be there, sorry. But I wish you much fun and success.

    Best regards

  26. Last lesson on 10th February

    Dear classmates,

    Let me give a short overview of our last lesson in this course.
    We started with the logbook entry written by Udo. He did a great job and hided only tiny mistakes in his text.

    Then Günther was asked to summarize his memories about the video-clip ( Guggenheim museum) we watched one week ago. In addition we did small talk about our weekend experiences and the topical subjekt: BREXIT.

    After a short break we fell on to practise grammar. We repeated the different tenses of Passive by using the worksheets 42/ 43/ 44. Some of us already solved this exercises month ago. The other ones can do it on their own way if they want.

    At the end of our lesson we looked in our textbook, page 18 and solved task 1a.
    No lesson without homework, here it is: textbook page 20 no 1/ 2/ 3.
    We are going to start our new course next Monday at 16.15 o’clock.
    I’m looking forward to seeing you all again!

    Bye then

  27. 16th lesson on Monday 3rd February 2020

    Hello together
    The good news first:
    Almost all course participants could come this time, despite the flu epidemic!
    What did we do in the last lesson?
    First we talked about the events of the previous week, as always.
    The next point was a look at Evelin’s logbook entry.
    As She did a good job it was quickly done.
    Everybody loves and uses shortcuts!
    Because of that our teacher explained us the important ones.

    Then we compared the homework.
    After that there was a little discussion of the last worksheed because a few ambiguities.
    Finally we watched a video on the subject of „how to use passiv constructions“.

    The new homework is:
    textbook on page 16 no A,B,C and on the next page no 5 and 6

    Bye for now.
    See you next Monday at nine o’clock in the morning!!!
    Yours Udo

  28. 15th lesson on 27.01.2020

    Hello Friends,

    It’s already Wednesday and I have to write our weekly report. We were a little group on Monday – only four students and the teacher. But we worked hard. First we analized the football results from the weekend. Then we heard the homework-riddle by Udo and Günther. The third thing that we have done was the correction of the logbook entry by Ursula. Nobody expected many mistakes and it turned out to be true.

    After that we took care of the homework on page 14 no. 1b and on page 17 no. 1,2,3.
    You ask yourself what about grammar.
    Of course we repeated some problems, particularly the passive on page 15 (no. 2a,b,c,3).
    Last but not least we got a worksheet and solved task 1, 2 and 3. Thomas is going to send you this as an email.

    Our homework is no. 4a on page 15 and no. 4 on the worksheet.
    I’m looking forward on next Monday.

    See you then.
    Your’s Evelin

  29. 14th lesson on Monday, January 21st , 2020

    Dear classmates,

    Here’s my report on our last English lesson on Monday.

    As often Thomas started with a questioning about the sports results of the last weekend. But unfortunately some of the interviewees had no idea about that. In this connection vocabulary was repeated.

    The new football place in Steinbach – Hallenberg and its sponsors and if it made sense to name a place, a street or building after a living person were other themes to talk on. Furthermore we spoke about brunch in the Nougat Restaurant.

    Evelin should tell about the highlights in Wernshausen but there weren’t any.
    Then we reckoned the distance between Breitungen and Schmalkalden and between the market place and the Aldi-Shop in our town.

    Beate’s logbook entry about our last lesson was the next subject. Beate can be proud of it because there were only some little things to correct.

    And now finally grammar again! First we checked our homework on worksheet 49, no. 3 and 4. It dealt with the word order in questions.
    On worksheet no. 57 we trained the correct use of the words „make“ and „do“ in exercises 1, 2 and 3.
    Then we continued our lesson with step 2 of unit 1 in our textbook on page 14. The first task was to tell about our last holiday. Some of the group did it.
    From this part we went over to reading a crazy story about a chicken hotel. Unbelievable what ideas people can have! But it seems to be a market gap.

    And now there’s only the homework left to tell you.
    Please, do exercise no.1b on page 14 and exercises no. 1, 2 and 3 on page 17. And don’t forget to read the text of Step 2:“ Pets“ on page 25.

    It was a nice lesson again with a lot of reasons to laugh.

    That’s all for today! See you next Monday at 4.15 p.m.

    Have a nice week!

    Yours Ursula Sch.

  30. 13th lesson on 13th January

    Hello dear classmates,

    Today it’s my turn to summarize our last Englisch lesson.

    First we spoke about winter sports events last weekend. Thomas asked Ursula H.-N. how many guests she had in connection with the Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof. He also want to know which food and what sorts of beer she offered.

    Then we talked how each of us spent the weekend.

    After that we checked Ursula’s logbook entry. Thomas found only few mistakes.

    And then the invitable came:
    „Grammar exercises“ .
    We dealt with the use of get ( unit 56) and subjekt and other questions (unit 49) on our worksheets.

    The homework ist nr. 49.3 and nr. 49.4 .

    I hope I forgot nothing.

    Best regards until next week

    Yours Beate

  31. 12th lesson on 6th January 2020

    Hello dear classmates,

    Here is my logbook entry of our last lesson.
    It is the first logbook entry in 2020.
    At the beginning , Thomas greeted us with a glas of
    sparking wine and wished everyone a happy New Year.
    And usual Thomas started with a short small talk.
    How each of us had spent the christmas time.
    Some went to church Service. Other were eating with
    their family or visited their children and family members.

    At the end we compared our homework
    „Translate the sentence into Good English“
    Attention, please to bring worksheets 56 / 57 to the next lesson on Monday 13th January at 16.15 pm.

    A good start to the New Year wish you

  32. 11th lesson on 16th December 2019

    Hello dear classmates,
    It was the last lesson before Christmas so some of us had appointments and couldn´t come. We were only 5 classmates.
    Udo surprised us with a homemade boot make of cookies. We were very happy and praised your great work.

    After checking Günthers logbook entry we compered our homework.
    In the lesson we solved all of tasks on page 11 to 13.
    Our homework is on page 12 no. B2 and on page 11 no.4b.
    Note at 4b!
    As in task 4a we should describe the city with a riddle.

    Udo sending you a worksheet. Please print it and bring it next time.

    I wish for you that all your Christmas wishes come true. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    See you on 6th January at 16.15.

    Best regards

  33. 10th lesson on 9th December 2019
    Dear classmates
    We read Waltraud’s logbook and found the hidden mistakes. And we had a reason to laugh.
    Then we spoke about our level of education. Thomas asked, if we had a plan B in our education. But all of us carried out the plan A.
    We started unit 1 in the new textbook „Network Now A2.2“.

    About the question „What kind of places do you like going to on holiday?“ we could choose between the sea, the landscape, the modern city and the medieval town.
    I prefere holiday at the beach.
    The main topic in step 1 was a story about the Britsh unspectacular town it was a twin town to Walt Disney World of Florida, USA.

    Our homework is on page 10 no. 1b and page 13 no. 1, 2, 3.
    I remind you of: the lesson at 16th December begins at 16.30.
    Have a nice 3rd Sunday of Advent.

  34. 9th lesson on December 2nd 2019
    Dear friends,

    Now it’s my turn to entertain you at the beginning of our lesson. I’m sure you’ll find some funny mistakes in my text. I’ll do my very best to give you a reason to laugh. You know: Laughing is healthy.

    And a glass of alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) drink every monday is good for health too. So we had sparkling wine at first sponsored by our „freshly baked“ grandma Evelin. She sent us such a nice foto from her granddoughter Sophia some days before. We wished all the best for the little girl, her parents and the grandparents.

    Then we talked about the last weekend and the chrismas-time. Who was already visiting a chrismas-market, who bought which chrismas-gifts or what is the traditional chrismas-meal – that were the questions Thomas asked the classmates.

    As usual we had a look at the current logbook entry. Rita did a very good job. There were only one or two little mistakes.

    After that we compared our homework. We had to solve some tasks on a worksheet, but we did some mistakes. Thomas explained patiently the use of „have“ as verb and as helping verb.

    In our text book we read about old wives‘ tales and talked about our experiences with some advises from our mothers and grandmothers. Another point were agony aunts in newspapers.

    So we get at the end (or: we reached the end?) of our textbook. Our last homework in this book is at page 100 „What would you advise the newspaper readers with their problems?“

    In our next lesson we start with the textbook „Refresh Now A 2.2“. There is a text about Micky Mouse on the first pages. Please do that as a homework too.

    The next lesson is on Monday December 9th 2019. And don’t forget – it begins at 4.15 pm.

    Have a nice time!
    Best wishes

  35. 8th lesson on 25th November 2019

    Dear classmates

    Let me give you a short summary on our todays lesson. If I didn’t write it today,I might forget most of the details!
    Remember: „If“ sentences of the first and second class/ category was the main topic this Monday.
    But first things first.

    As usual Thomas started with a short small talk. We exchanged our opinions about Olympic Winter Games 2030 in the middle and south of Germany. In addition we spoke about our own sporting activities.
    Then we had a look on the logbook entry of Udo and compared our homework in textbook page 97.

    Now we reached the main topic of our lesson: “ if“ centences with: will/ would/ could/ might . For this we used worksheet no.38 where we solved several exercises.
    Furthermore we had to solve some other tasks our teacher gave us on worksheet: “ Network Refresher A2″.

    You find the first part of our homework on its rear side.
    Please complete the sections D/E/F/ there.
    The second part you’ll find in our textbook on page 99, section A.

    That’s all for today.See you next week at the same place and time.

    Bye then

  36. 7th lesson on Monday 18th Novembers , 2019

    Good afternoon dear classmates

    What did we work last lesson?
    First we spoke about the current topics of the previous week.
    After that we had a look at Ursula’s logbook entry.

    As always there were constructive suggestions for improvements.
    But Ursula did a good job.
    Than we checked the homework.
    There were no problems.
    The textbook is our constant companion every lesson.
    In chapter 11 there were still a few tasks to solve.
    That was done quickly.
    We also dealt with a news article that Tomas had brought along.
    The story describes one working day in Rodger Black’s life.
    He works as a fitter and welder in a local brewery in Brisbane Queensland.
    A really infomative report but lots of unspeakable technical vokabulary as well.
    Then it got easier again.

    We continued with chapter 12 in our textbook were you also can find the new homework.
    It’s on page 95 number2 and page 97, ex. 1,2 and 3

    Bye for now!
    Have a nice week.
    See you soon yours Udo

  37. 6th lesson on Monday, 11th November 2019

    Hello, dear classmates
    This is my report on your last lesson.

    First our teacher wanted to know, how each of us had spend the weekend.
    The most of us prepared their garden for the winter.
    When does baking of the Stollen and biscuits, was the next question.

    Then we checked Evelins logbook entry. All was OK.
    The next part was the grammar on the worksheet 21 with will and shall. We read and solved the
    exercises 1-4.
    The new homework will be on page 89 4 / 5 / 6.

    I wish you a nice week
    See you on Monday at 9 o’clock
    Yours Ursula

  38. 5th lesson on Monday, 4th November 2019

    Hello, dear slassmates
    Here is my report on our last English lesson. The first topic was the logbook entry of Beate. It was written very well. But Thomas found some mistakes as always. Next we read the text on page 84 and compared task „B“, our homework. Then Udo read the words on page 85. The 3. subject was the usage of „going to“ on page 79 and on the worksheet Unit 20. We managed to finish all four tasks and changed to page 80 „How to make an appointment“ exercises 4a and b.
    After that we dealt with „How you can keep in touch“ on page 86. We practised what we had learned with the exercises 1, 2, 3 on page 89. On page 91 A, B, C we read interesting things about „English then and now“ and about Shakespeare . Furthermore we found out how to predict the future on page 92 A and C. Since we worked so much, we didn’t get a homework.

    Thomas is going to send us the worksheet 21 and you should print it and bring it to the next lesson.
    Have a nice week
    Yours Evelin

  39. 4th lesson on Monday, 28th October , 2019

    Hello dear students,

    Let me summarize our last lesson. As usual we started with the logbook entry of the lesson
    in the week before. Elfi did it and she did only some little mistakes.

    Some students had an other appointment last week. So we repeated , what we dealt with, in
    the third lesson.
    Then we checked our homework. The highlight was a report of Talitha Linehan about lard.
    This old food is making a comeback in the modern cuisine.

    And what would be a lesson without grammar? The topic was the „ Future with going to“ on the pages 82 and 83 of our textbook. Please bring with you the worksheets unit 20 about this theme next week!

    The sections A and B on page 84 are our homework.

    The next lesson will be on Monday, 4th November at 9.00 a.m.!!!

    I hope I’ll meet you all healthy again then.

    Yours Beate

  40. 3rd lesson on Monday,21th October,2019

    Hello, dear classmates,

    We started the lesson with a glass of sparkling wine. It was sponsored by Evelin ,because she had birthday.
    Because some students were not there in the second lessen we repeated Unit 117 and also the exercises on page 235. Then we checked our homework- worksheet “Part 5” no.3b.
    Ursula´s logbook entry was perfect as always.

    We were told by Thomas the application of the question words “ when, who, what, which “. When we have to use “to do” in the question? This is what we practice whith exercise 4 no. 1-6.

    To do the exercise 7-18 Thomas once again explained how to use “ some-, any-, no- “.
    The exercise 19 -25 from page 31 are our homework. In addition we should also read the text “ Lovely lard” from the worksheet.

    I wish you some sunny autumn days and see you on Monday
    Yours Elfi

  41. Second lesson on Monday, 14th October, 2019

    Hello dear classmates,

    As our teacher Thomas has been on holiday in South Tyrol for two weeks we postponed our second lesson after summer break to the 14th October. Let me summarize what we dealt with in that lesson.

    It’s clear: first we spoke about holidays. Who has ever been in South Tyrol? Almost all of us have been there during the last 30 years. It’s a wonderful region for hiking as well as for skiing.

    After our excursion to South Tyrol we checked our homework – questions on the story “Just another day“. In this connection we repeated grammar constructions of verbs and adverbs. It`s always amazing how quickly we forget!
    Thomas handed out another story to us in order to consolidate the use of verbs and adverbs. The title was “Over the border“. Besides we had to correct some statements to this text.

    Another subject of our lesson was the difference in using the words „like“ and „as“ that we practiced with the help of another worksheet (Unit 117). Sometimes it is good to use these words by feeling.

    Exercise no. 117.2 is one part of our homework. The other part is to do on the worksheet „Part 5“, no. 3b.

    Our third lesson will be on next Monday, 21st October. But attention: We’ll start at 4.15 p.m.

    Have a nice week yet!

    Yours Ursula Sch.

  42. 1st lesson on 23.09.2019

    Dear classmates
    I was glade to see you again to our new English course. It’s a pitty Edith left the course. But we got a new student. Her name is Eva. We introduced each other.

    At the beginning of the lesson we drank a glass of sparkling wine. It was sponsered by Efli becauce she had birthday in July.

    We translated an article about Francis and Carole. It was a mysterious story. But it was Carole’s birthday surprise to her husband Francis.
    Our next lesson will be on 14. October 9:00 am.
    Yours Günter

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